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Smackdown in Moline, IL.

*The episode began with a memory of Verne Gagne.

*Backstage – Seth Rollins and J&J Security walked into an office. Rollins ran into Kane. They got into an argument. Rollins accused Kane of being jealous. Kane talked about making a man out of Rolins and announced a match between Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

*Roman Reigns came out.

*Recap of the Orton/Reigns versus Rollins/Kane match from Raw.

Reigns wished Ambrose luck in the main event against their “little brother” Rollins. Reigns talked about Rollins’s actions and said that he will bring the fight to Rollins and Orton. Kane came out, and he called for a referee.

Roman Reigns VS Kane –
They started the match. Kane kicked Reigns in the gut. Reigns threw some punches and kicks. Kane took Reigns down and threw him against a turnbuckle. He continued to dominate over Reigns. He charged at Reigns but was thrown over the ropes and out at ringside. Reigns followed him to ringside and took control. Kane turned things around and slammed Reigns on the announced table.

*Commercial break.

Kane was still in control of the match. He whipped Reigns to the turnbuckle, threw him down and made the cover but Reigns kicked out. Reigns retaliated with some punches, and the two men exchanged fists. Reigns delivered a Suplex on Kane. Reigns delivered more attacks. Samoan drop on Kane. Reigns set up the Superman punch but Kane caught him by the throat and delivered a chokeslam. He made the cover but Reigns kicked out. Kane called for the tombstone but Reigns escaped and delivered the DDT. Superman punch on Kane. Reigns charged at him but Kane got out of the way and left the ring. As he was walking to the back, the referee was counting him out. In the back, J&J Security and Seth Rollins were watching the match. The referee counted Kane out and awarded the match to Reigns.

*Backstage – Renée Young interviewed Rollins. Rollins mentioned that he never runs away from a fight and will always find a way to win on his own. He said that he will win the match against Orton and Roman Reigns on his own. He said that he does not need anyone including J&J Security but himself because he is the future and the future is now.

*Commercial break.

*Recap of the Damien Sandow and Curtis Axel segment from Raw.

Damien Sandow VS Curtis Axel –
Damien Sandow came out. As JoJo was announcing Damien Sandow’s entrance, Sandow playfully mimicked her. Curtis Axel came out as both JoJo and Sandow announced his entrance – Sandow mocking him. The match started and Sandow had Axel in a headlock. Sandow threw Axel out of the ring. He exited the ring and mimicked Axel at ringside. Both men reentered the ring, and Axel delivered repeated stomps on Sandow. He was taking control of the match. Things were turned around when Axel charged at Sandow to the corner but when Sandow moved out of the way, Axel hit his chess against a turnbuckle. Sandow took control of the match and delivered the You’re Welcome. He pinned Axel for the win.

*Backstage – Renée Young questioned Ryback about Bray Wyatt’s actions. He said that his message will not contain any big words but three tiny words – “feed me more”.

*Commercial break.

Ryback VS Luke Harper –
Ryback came out. Luke Harper came out. The two men locked up. Ryback had Harper in the headlock. He ran to the ropes and took him down. He made the cover but Harper kicked out. Harper took control the match with a few uppercuts and the headlock. Then Ryback became very dominant until Harper retaliated with the slap. Suplex on Ryback. As Harper was going for another Suplex, Ryback raised Harper up and delivered a Suplex on him. Ryback was pounding Harper in the corner but Harper nailed him with the power bomb.

*Commercial break.

After the commercial break, Harper was still dominant. He took Ryback down and made the cover but Ryback kicked out. He put Ryback in the lock but Ryback raised him up and slammed him down to break it. Ryback threw some punches. He delivered a bodyslam and then a bodysplash. As Harper tried to fight back, Ryback took him down. He was setting up the Meat Hook Clothesline but Harper fought back and nailed him with the super kick. Harper made the cover but Ryback kicked out. Ryback fought back and nailed Harper with the Meat Hook Clothesline. He hit him with the Shell Shock and made the cover. He pinned Harper for the win. The lights went out. After the lights went back on, Bray Wyatt appeared and attacked Ryback. He nailed Ryback with Sister Abigail.

*Commercial break.

New Day VS Cesaro & Tyson Kidd –
New Day came out. Fans kept chanting “New Day sucks”. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd came out with Natalya. Kofi Kingston started the match with Tyson Kidd. Kidd rolled Kingston over for a pin but Kingston kicked out. Two men grappled and twisted each other’s arms. Cesaro was tagged in. He nailed Kingston with an uppercut and made the cover but Kingston kicked out. Cesaro continued to dominate over Kingston. He made a few close pinfalls but Kingston would kick out. Cesaro tagged Kidd and lifted Kingston up in a Suplex position. Kidd leaped off with an attack on Kingston and made the cover but Kingston kicked out. Kidd worked on Kingston for a bit and tagged in Cesaro. Cesaro chased Kingston around the ring, and Kingston tagged Big E Langston. Cesaro took control and tagged Kidd. Kidd got hurt at ringside and New Day were in control of the match. Kingston was tagged in. Kingston climbed the rope and leaped off but Kidd delivered the double kick in the gut. As Kidd was crawling to his corner for a tag, Kingston tagged Big E. Big E knocked Cesaro off the ring apron and took control of the match.

*Commercial break.

Back to the match, New Day were working on Kidd. Kingston was going for the Trouble In Paradise but missed. Kidd finally tagged Cesaro. Cesaro took control of the match and delivered some aggressive moves on Kingston. He made the cover but Big E stopped the count. Big E was tagged in, and he delivered the Runaway Train on Cesaro. He made the cover but Kidd stopped the count. Cesaro performed the Big Swing on Big E, and Tyson Kidd delivered a kick on Big E. Kidd made the cover but the rest of New Day came in and attacked Kidd and Cesaro. The referee called for the bell to disqualify New Day.

*Backstage – Cameron and Summer Rae were talking backstage. They were talking about Naomi attacking Brie Bella. Nikki Bella showed up, and Summer Rae walked away. Nikki was confronting Cameron for talking about Brie and challenged her to a match.

*Commercial break.

*More videos of Tough Enough where shown.

Nikki Bella VS Cameron –
Cameron was in the ring. Nikki Bella came out.

*Naomi delivered an earlier backstage promo and said that Nikki Bella will have her dreams shattered.

The two women locked up, and Nikki took down Cameron. Nikki was in control of the match until she hurt herself when she leaped off the turnbuckle and Cameron moved out the way. Cameron was dominant for a while but Nikki gained momentum and delivered the Rack Attack on Cameron. She made the cover for the victory.

*Backstage promo of Prime Time Players. Darren Young was crying because The New Day are tag team champions. They brought out a New Day Be Gone box. Titus O’Neil demanded that their PTP shirts be put on WWE shop so they can make “millions of dollars”. They did a little Millions Of Dollars dance.

*Commercial break.

*Backstage – In the locker room, Dean Ambrose was getting ready for his match. Seth Rollins and J&J Security showed up. Rollins suggested that Ambrose back down because he has a title match at Backlash and felt that Kane made the match out of spite. Ambrose said that it “sounds good” but also said that he will see Rollins in their main event. Rollins was confused. But Ambrose explained that it sounds good humiliating Rollins, and he tuned out when Rollins said the other stuff. Ambrose walked away to prepare for his match.

*Recap of King Of The Ring matches.

Dean Ambrose came out.

*Commercial break.

Seth Rollins VS Dean Ambrose –
Seth Rollins came out with J&J Security. The two men locked up. Ambrose twisted Rollins’s arm back and had him down on the mat. He grabbed the other arm and twisted it around along with his hand. Rollins escaped and retreated to ringside to recover. Rollins reentered, delivered a kick and a few hits to Ambrose. He twisted Ambrose’s arm and took him down to the mat. Ambrose rolled up and took Rollins down. Rollins retaliated and was in control. Ambrose turned things around, and he chased after Rollins at ringside. He tried to intimidate J&J Security but was attacked by Rollins. J&J Security attacked Ambrose at ringside. Kane came out.

*Commercial break.

Rollins was still in control of the match with repeated stomps on Ambrose. Rollins clotheslined Ambrose. He tried again but Ambrose clotheslined him. Ambrose fought back with his jab-punch combination. He took Rollins down numerous times and delivered a running bulldog on Rollins. He climbed a turnbuckle and leaped off with an elbow drop but Rollins attacked him. Ambrose fought back, and Rollins retreated to ringside. Ambrose leaped out of the ring and took down Rollins. Both men ran to the ropes. Rollins attacked Ambrose but Ambrose returned from the ropes with the pendulum lariat. Ambrose was ready to Suplex Rollins off the top rope but Rollins turned it into a Powerbomb. The match went back and forth for a bit until Rollins kicked Ambrose hard in the face. He made the cover but Ambrose kicked out. Rollins accidentally knocked Kane down at ringside when Ambrose pushed him into Kane. Rollins went to ringside to check on Kane. Ambrose climbed the turnbuckle and leaped off and took down The Authority. Kane was ready to chokeslam Rollins. He caught Ambrose in a chokeslam hold and was close to chokeslamming both men. The referee ordered Kane to stop. Then, Kane threatened to chokeslam the referee. Ambrose pushed Kane to the ringpost. Then, he was pushed to the steel steps by Rollins. Rollins threw Ambrose in the ring and delivered Dirty Deeds on the Lunatic Fringe. He made the cover for the win. Kane was ready to attack Rollins but he attacked Ambrose instead. Rollins, J&J Security and Kane started stomping on Ambrose. Reigns came out. He nailed Kane with the Superman Punch at ringside. He entered the ring and took down J&J Security. Kane was ready to chokeslam Reigns and Ambrose. The two former Shield members escaped from the chokeslam. Ambrose delivered the pendulum lariat on Kane. Reigns took Kane down with the Spear. Ambrose and Reigns stood triumphantly in the ring.

My thoughts –
I love the intense power struggle between Seth Rollins and Kane. I believe that this will lead to either Kane leaving The Authority for good – or The Authority giving Rollins the boot. In Rollins’s short interview, he mentioned that he does not need anyone to help him win. Based on that, it is possible that he may get kicked out of the Authority. I did not expect Ryback to be the guy that Bray Wyatt was talking about all this time. Going back to his recent promos, it does make sense that Ryback would be his next target. I do expect this to be a great feud – maybe not at the level of Wyatt/Ambrose or Wyatt/Undertaker but it does have the potential. I look at this feud as good versus evil. Ryback embraces positivity with his belief in the law of attraction. And we all know how evil Wyatt can be. I do see this feud going beyond Payback. The main event was fantastic. I love the matches that Ambrose and Rollins put together. I was not too thrilled about the outcome but it was still a treat to watch Ambrose and Reigns stood together in the ring as brothers at the end. – Lisa Williams

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