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The World Tag Team titles were on the line as The Addiction faced reDRagon.

Kaz and Daniels opened the show with a promo about building their legacy, over the years. Kaz discussed their early failures in going after the tag straps. The Addiction knew they had to “Slay the Dragon”

Roll the opening montage.

Steve “King” Corino and Kevin Kelly were in San Antonio, this week, to lead us through this great hour.

B.J. Whimer (w/Adam Page) vs Will Ferrara vs Caprice Coleman vs Moose
Four Corners Survival Match

Everyone did the Code of Honor Handshake, except Whitmer. Moose and Whitmer started the match. Whitmer messed with Moose with the Test of Strength. Tag to Will by Whitmer. Will wanted the Test of Strength but Moose declined. Will pushed Moose and got thrown into the corner. Will threw Haymakers but Moose pushed him away. Moose caught Will and flipped him over. Nice Dropkick by Moose. Whitmer tagged himself back in. Moose went out to the apron. Whitmer cracked Will in the face. Backbreaker by Whitmer. The fans called For Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs has been kicked out of The Decade at Supercard of Honor. Time for a quick break.

Whitmer was still in charge as the show returned. He laid out Will with a Kitchen Sink. Will escaped a Suplex and Moose got tagged in. Shoulder Tackles by Moose. Corner Splashes by Moose. Caprice took the tag and sent Will to the floor. Springboard Moonsault onto Whitmer and Will. Moose with the Flip Dive! Dang! Moose went to Spear Whitmer but fell to the Exploder Suplex. Whitmer and Will became legal and Will nailed the Code Red (modified Canadian Destroyer). Caprice got in the match and hit the One Inch Punch. No Hands Hurancanrana by Caprice. Sky Splitter by Caprice but Moose made the save. Caprice punched away on Moose. Wicked Clothesline Slap by Moose. 1-2-no. Moose hit the Spear on Caprice but Whitmer tagged himself in and B.J. took the cheap pin.

Your Winner: B.J. Whitmer
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Whitmer went off on Moose for being inexperienced and gullible. He called Moose a “Big Goofy B*st*rd”. RoH went to break before Moose could react.

Adam Page cut a promo about ACH (Attitude, Charisma and Heart). Never knew what that stood for, until now. Smile. Page talked about ACH losing to Alberto El Patron, Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles. Page accused ACH of being empty and hollow inside. Page made it clear that he wanted to run ACH out of the company. Page decided to burn ACH’s shirt. Before he did that, ACH came from the back. He ran down to the ring to look at a 2-on-1 situation. ACH sent both Whitmer and Page sailing out of the ring. ACH insulted Page for running off with Whitmer. ACH was determined to stay, no matter what anyone had to say. I so like this kid.

Adam Page vs ACH

Wild punches and ACH hit a vicious Dropkick. Page hit the floor. Whitmer distracted ACH and Page Clotheslined ACH, almost out of his boots. Ach escaped the Vertebreaker but still took a Back Elbow to the face. Corner Run Enziguri by ACH. Whitmer got up on the apron to stop ACH’s 450.0Whitmer spat at ACH. Vertebreaker!

Your Winner: Adam Page
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

Double Team Stomp Down on ACH. Matt Sydal rushed out to protect his tag team partner. The Main Event is next!

The Michael Elgin vs War Machine feud was highlighted. Elgin talked about reaching out to the Killer Elite Squad to find a partner. Who would it be?

The Addiction (Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels) vs reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly)
Ring of Honor World Tag Team Match

Code of Honor Handshakes. The match kicked off, just as soon as a few more commercials aired.

Daniels and O’Reilly opened the contest. Collar and Elbow took both men to the corner. Clean break. The crowd was seriously split in their support. Shoulder Tackle by Daniels. Fallen Angle with a Cartwheel into an Arm Drag. Bobby put Daniels in the Headscissors. Kick to Daniels’ chest. The 2nd one was blocked. Sunset Flip but Kyle turned it into the Cross Armbreaker Daniels quickly reached the ropes. Tag to Fish. Snap Suplex by Fish. Tag to Kaz. Double team on Fish. Kaz hit a nice Dropkick but only got a two count. Fish’s knee was heavily braced. Kaz dropped Fish onto the back of his neck. Kaz threw hard Forearms. Kyle put Kaz in the Cross Armbreaker, over the ropes. Arm Yank by Fish. Tag to Kyle.

Kyle focused on the bad arm. Tag to Fish. Springboard Senton by Fish brought his team a two count. Daniels got blasted. Double Whip but Kyle held the ropes. Running Knee Strike to Kaz’s spine. Snap Suplex and Float Over by Kyle. 2 count. Fish came back in and kicked away at the chest. Whip by Fish into a Corner Splash. Kaz fought out of an Exploder Suplex. Daniels got the tag and Fish was taken down. Saito Suplex by Daniels. Daniels with the DDT/STO combo on both Dragons. Blue Thunder Bomb by Daniels for another two count. Daniels flipped Fish out of the corner. Koji Clutch by Daniels but Kyle broke it up. Time for a final break.

Double Team by The Addiction. Fish barely kicked out of the pin attempt. Front Face Lock by Kaz but Fish got free. Next week, Tommaso Ciaampa will challenge Jay Lethal for the TV Title.

The Addiction continued their Double Teaming. Both Fish and Kaz kept throwing Forearms. Samoan Drop by Fish. Kaz tagged out, as did Fish. Kyle took down Kaz and then exploded with kicks, knees and a nice Leg Sweep. Double Team on Kyle, backfired. Cross Armbreaker on Daniels. Kaz stomped Kyle to try and make him let go. Kyle took the leg and put submissions on both Addiction members. Double Whip on Daniels. Daniels got Corner Splashed, numerous times, including one by Kaz. Sleazy Dragon Dance. Wild Double Team move set that was beyond words. Daniels escaped Chasing the Dragon. Sto and Flying Curb Stomp to both champs by Daniels. Springboard Cutter by Kaz but Kyle kicked out of Daniels’ pin at two. Double Team NEckbreaker but Fish made the save. Fish took down Daniels. Springboard DDT by Kaz. Ax and Smash by Kyle. Double Clotheslines took down Daniels and Kyle. All four men were down and stunned. ”This is Wrestling!” rang out. Kaz wanted the Buzzkill but felt o an Exploder Suplex. A member of the KRD was at ringside. Fish took out Kaz but he may have destroyed the leg. Uranage Slam by Daniels but he missed the BME. The KRD member hit the Superkick on Kyle. Celebrity Rehab to Kyle. 1-2-3!

Your Winners (and New Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions): Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.

After the match, the masked man was revealed to be…Chris Sabin! Daniels and Kazarian came to Sabin’s aid. It turned out that the KRD are Sabin, Daniels and Kazarian. Cool. Kyle was busted open with a shot from the belts.


–Jay Shannon

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