Posted April 26th, 2015 by jshannon

It was odd not to see Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury at Seth’s side.


A buckle Bomb got Seth a two. Seth asked for the cage door to be opened but Randy stopped him. Seth, it was announced, was having issues with his legs. He threw Randy into the cage wall. By the way, the Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett match was cancelled because Daniel could not compete. Sling Blade by Seth. Seth yelled at Kane that Rollins didn’t need him. Seth flew off the top rope and Kneed Randy in the face. Randy stopped Seth at the top of the cage. Seth jumped off the ropes and fell into the Snap Powerslam. Seth went over the top but Randy held him by the hair. J and J Security tried to pull Seth down. Cageplex!1-2-Seth kicked out!Kane shooed Joey and Jaime away from the cage door. Seth got crotched on the top rope as Seth tried to climb out. Pedigree by Randy Orton! 2 count.Randy missed The Punt! Enziguri by Seth and then he demanded that the door be opened. Twisted Sister Backbreaker! Kane closed the door just as Randy went to walk out. Kane got knocked down. When he got up, he rammed the door into both en’s heads. Kane took out Jamie and Joey with a Double Chokeslam. Kane then Chokeslammed Randy and Seth! Kane threw Seth on top of Randy. 1-2-NO! Randy RKO’d Kane (legal) but then Seth laid out Randy with the RKO! Seth slithered out of the ring to retain!

Your Winner: Seth Rollins
Extreme Grade: 4.0

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