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This week, it was (almost) all about the Ladies. The Knockout title was on the line and a couple of new Knockout joined the division. Welcome to TKO…A Night of Knockouts! Plus, Kurt Angle defended his World title against Eric Young.

Kurt Angle strolled out to the ring, brandishing his World title. Josh Mathews was your announcer for this week. Taz has left TNA. Kurt discussed his upcoming title defense against Eric Young. He called out for Eric to join him in the ring. Kurt wanted to know “which” Eric Young he was going to fight. Eric admitted people have been calling him crazy his whole life. Eric said his outlook changed when his World title reign ended. People were talking in his ear and got his rolling down a slippery slope that was almost impossible to escape. Eric stopped when Kurt turned his back on him and gave him a free shot to smash Kurt. Eric told Kurt that Angle would be facing the “Real” and “Best” Eric Young.

Austin Aries came out to talk with both men. Aries had something to say that everyone would want to hear. Aries mentioned how Eric Young is a ticking time bomb that should not be trusted. Aries made it clear that he was taking the World Title shot, thanks to his Feast or Fired briefcase. Eric looked ready to explode. Kurt was totally confused.

Taryn Terrell cut a promo about how hard she has trained to face Awesome Kong.

Gail Kim vs Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne vs Brooke (Tessmacher)
Fatal Four Way to determine the Number One Contender

Madison jumped Brooke as Tessmacher made her way down the ramp. All Hell seriously broke loose. So…TNA went to commercial.

Madison blasted Gail and went to Suplex Brooke. Brooke blocked it and Love rushed over to help Madison. Brooke was Double Suplexed onto the apron. Brooke snapped Madison and Love over the ropes. Gail hit a Double Dropkick on Rayne and Love but it also sent Brooke sailing off the apron and into the steel barricade. Rayne and Love double teamed Gail but Brooke came back up. Love ran Brooke into the ring post. Love and Rayne took turns stomping on Gail. Double Lift Drop by Rayne and Love. Madison turned on Love and took her down. Rayne flew off the ropes and missed. Gail popped Rayne. Brooke came back in and hit an X Factor on Rayne. Love got involved and took a few Clotheslines and a Flapjack. Rayne drove Brooke’s face into her knee. Gail trapped Madison in a wicked Head Scissors. Love then placed Gail in a Figure Four Headlock. Brooke got free just after Brooke applied her own submission hold on Love. Rolling Neckbreaker by Brooke to Madison. Brooke headed up top and connected with a Savage Elbow to Madison. Gail hit a Top Rope Missile Dropkick to Love.

Gail caught Brooke with a Running Crossbody that took them both down. In fact, all 4 women were down and stunned. Love grabbed Brooke and took her down with a Uranage Faceplant. Eat Da Feet to Love. Rayne of Terror to Gail. Brooke School Girl’d Madison for a two. Brooke planted Madison with a reverse Protobomb.

Your Winner: Brooke
Impact Scorecard: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Drew Galloway and The Rising cut a promo about people “Standing Up”. They issued an open challenge to any member of the BDC that wanted to step up and face Micah.

Eric Young was asked about his feelings about the change in the World title match. Eric said everything was just taken away from him. No one could possibly understand where he was, right now.

The BDC came down to the ring for this wild challenge from The Rising. The Rising then came out in full force. MVP talked about Drew’s movement. MVP accepted the challenge, or so it seemed.

Mcah (The Rising) vs Kenny King (The BDC)

King jumped Micah before the bell. Snap Mare and Yakuza Kick and Knee Strike by King. Drew piqued King’s ankle and he and Eli were ejected from ringside.

King pounded away until Micha began to come back with punches and kicks. Whip by Micah but King flipped Micah up onto the top rope. Paradise Kick by King. The BDC attacked Micah as the ref was distracted. King came out and continued to beat on Micah. The son of Haku was in bad shape as King applied a Rear Chin Lock. King threw Micah down backwards. High and Tight Back Suplex by Micah. Low Ki urged his BDC partner on. King missed the Paradise Kick and Micah with a Dominator. MVP got up on the apron to distract the ref. Micah went up the ropes and Low Ki got involved. Jumping Kick to Micah’s head for a two. Enziguri to the back of Micah’s head. King then called for the end. He went for a Springboard move but Micah caught King and nailed the Samoan Drop.

Your Winner: Micah
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

The BED attacked Micah. That brought out the rest of The Rising. Homicide got involved with his night sick and took out Drew, Eli and Micah. They held Drew as MVP went out to get a metal pipe. It was an all-out mugging. Low Ki was given the metal pipe. Low Ki struck Drew with the pipe. Looks like Drew could use another ally. The BDC stood tall over the downed Rising.

Speaking of Kenny King, he is coming to Reno, NV to work with my friends at Reno Wrestle Factory on Saturday, April 25th. (The day this posts). I can’t make it to the show due to some previous obligations. Those guys will be putting on one amazing show at the RWF Training Facility. You can learn more by checking them out on Facebook.

Backstage, Drew Galloway cut a promo about how he was still standing. Drew issued a challenge for Hardcore Justice for a Steel Pipe on a Poll Match.

The Dollhouse made their entrance. Marti Belle and Jade came out acting all weird. They are seriously cute but weird.

Laura Dennis vs Jade of the Dollhouse

These chicks are just plain creepy. Laura Dennis has wrestled as Cheery Bomb in the indies. Arm Drag and Dropkick by Laura. Crucifix by Laura but she only got a two. Marti checked on Jade as the fans chanted “Cheery Bomb”. Knee Lift and clubbing blows by Jade. Gut Wrench Suplex Throw by Jade. She mounted Laura and pounded away. Jade shrieked at the ref. Shining Wizard variations by Jade. Fallaway Slam by Jade. Running Dropkick by Jade. Corner Mount Punches by Jade. Marti coached her partner and Laura Whipped the blue-haired girl. Back Elbows by Laura. The ref tossed Marti out after she got involved in the match. Marti rushed in and sent the ref into the ring post by kneeing the back. The Dollhouse double teamed Laura.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Laura Dennis
Impact Scorecard: 1.5

The Dollhouse attacked Christy Hemme for daring to announce the disqualification. They threw her into the ring steps and Jade Thrust Kicked Christy’s head into the ring steps. These women need to remember that Christy is a former Women’s champions and she just might bring the Dollhouse crashing down to its very foundation.

Eric Young was feeling really down when Kurt Angle sat down to talk with him. Kurt wasn’t sure what to say. Kurt swore he had no idea that Austin Aries was going to pull this Cashing In thing. Eric said he keeps getting pushed aside. Kurt tried to offer Eric another shot but Eric stated he wasn’t sure if he even wanted to be in TNA anymore. Eric walked off.

Magnus was in the ring to talk with the crowd. Magnus said tonight was about his fiancé, Mickie James. He asked Mickie to come to the ring. I had the honor of meeting Ms. James, last year, at the Mid-South Reunion Show and she is more lovely and personable in real life than any broadcast could present her as. She even got to see photos of my beloved horses, Lacey and Gracie. Smile.

Mickie talked about the roller coaster of the last month or so. Mickie discussed working with the greatest women in the industry. Mickie explained her son, Donovan, was the new purpose in her life. Mickie retired so she could be the greatest Mom that she could possibly be. “Thank You Mickie” rang out from the crowd.

James Storm strolled out from the back. Storm told Mickie that there was no crying in wrestling. Storm switched back into the old Storm, at least for a moment. Storm talked about what kind of woman his friend, Mickie, is. Storm got a “Mickie” chant going. Storm didn’t want to see Mickie go, and neither did the fans. Magnus stepped in and thanked Storm for his words of encouragement. Storm really pushed Mickie to stay active. Mickie begged Storm to not make this any harder than it already was. Storm realized that Mickie wanted to be the best mom but the fans really wanted her. Storm asked Mickie for just One More Time before she left for good. Mickie agreed to having one final match…but who would she fight?

Mickie and Magnus chatted, backstage. Magnus questioned Mickie’s decision to keep wrestling. She said it was just one final battle. Magnus agreed to support his fiancé. Davey Richards came up and warned Magnus to be wary of James Storm.

Manik vs Davey Richards

COlalr and Elbow to open. Manik worked the arm but Davey sent Manik sailing. Leap Frog into a Universal and Dropkick by Davey. Manik bailed out of the ring. Running Kick by Davey, from the apron. Davey came down and got Manik and threw him back in the ring. Davey Headbutted Manik and sent him to the corner. Manik dodged Davey and tried for the Cross Armbreaker. He got it but Davey was in the ropes.

Davey with hard kicks to the chest. Dragon Screw Leg Whip on the apron bu Manik. The Revolution watched the match, from the back. Manik tossed Davey back in the ring and Snap Mared Davey. Dropkick and Flip to he feet. Wristbreaker by Manik. Manik hit a Snap Suplex and then followed up with the Back Drop SUplex. Davey easily kicked out at one.

Manik spun the arm under and clamped on a Front Face Lock. Davey Elbowed his way free. Manik with the Cross Armbreaker over the ropes. Ouch. Manik went for a Springboard but Davey kicked him, on the fly. Multiple kicks by Davey. Manik and Davey traded hard kicks. German Suplex brought a 2 for Davey. Davey went up top and howled. He missed the Warrior’s Way. Manik went for the Dragon Suplex but Davey got free. Wolf Kick and then the Creeping Death to seal the deal.

Your Winner: Davey Richads
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Khoya and Abyss went after Davey Richards, after the match. Abyss slammed Davey onto the ring apron and then went to Chokeslam him on the ring steps. The Hardys made the save. Checkmate (Elevated Double Team Twist of Fate) on Manik. There is such a six-man match coming out of this.

Ethan Carter III had a huge announcement to make.

After a commercial break, Ethan came out. Tyrus followed him, carrying balloons. Tyrus looked cool in his full suit and hat. Ethan was ready to present his new “campaign”. The fans were booing the heck out of Ethan and screaming that he sucked. Ethan was ready to be a unifier. Ethan declared that he would be the next World Champion. Ethan rambled on about his 20-month winning streak. He bragged about beating all the Hall of Famers (Sting, Bully Ray and Kurt Angle). Yawn. He sputtered a bunch of meaningless statistics. Shut up, already.

Thank the Heavens, he was cut off by the arrival of Mr. (Ken) Anderson. Ethan told Ken to leave. Ken said Ethan has a bright future. Ken corrected Ethan that he wasn’t supporting him to become a World Champion…he should get involved in politics. Ken tipped over the podium and screamed at Ethan and told Ethan to earn the title not do it through politics. Ken gave a quick history lesson about taking many years to win his first title. Ethan went to attack Anderson and Ken took his lunch and ate it. Ethan barely escaped the Mic Check. Ethan headed for higher ground.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a Night of Knockouts?

A promotional piece aired about Taryn’s rise to Knockout Champion. It then switched to discuss the return of Awesome Kong and their upcoming war.

Awesome Kong vs Taryn Terrell
Knockout Title Match

Taryn was at the 6 month mark in her current title reign (184 days). Taryn took the stick and said she wanted a No-Disqualification Match. Kong, of course, agreed. Taryn tore into Kong but Kong just pushed her away. Taryn kept rushing Kong until Kong threw her out of the ring. Taryn rushed at Kong and got Stone Walled. Kong with a Giant Swing that sent Taryn into the ring barricade. Kong got a pair of kendo sticks and walloped Taryn with them. Taryn countered a Powerbomb. Kong tripped Taryn as she bragged. Tarn clutched her shoulder. Kong kicked Taryn away and went for a Huge Splash. She missed.

Taryn hit Clotheslines and a Dropkick to Kong. Taryn went to the top and flew with a Crossbody. 1-2-not yet. Taryn was getting frustrated. The fans screamed for tables. Taryn went under the ring and found one. Taryn had a tough time getting the table into the ring. Taryn slapped Kong in the face and grabbed a kendo stick. Taryn rushed the kendo stick into Kong’s throat. Marti and Jade (The Dollhouse) came out to ringside. Taryn ignored them and set up the table. Kong blocked eh Cajun Cutter through the table. Kong bounced Taryn’s face through the table. Jade and Marti attacked Kong. Marti and Jade helped Taryn put Kong through the table with a Suplex off the ropes. 1-2-3. That crap was just lame. Taryn shrieked that she proved that she beat Kong. Taryn admitted the Dollhouse members were her friends and they don’t lay nice. Taryn officially became a member of the Dollhouse.

Your Winner: Taryn Terrell
Impact Scorecard: 1.0

Austin Aries was asked why he wanted to cash in, tonight. Aries said he was the measuring stick and he needed to beat Kurt to prove himself. Eric Young came out and saw Aries. Aries apologized and said Eric could have the first shot, after he beat Kur. Eric walked away, dragging his luggage.

Magnus asked the camera crew to keep an eye on Mickie James. That is not going to sit well with Miss Hardcore Country.

Kur Angle vs Austin Aries
World Title Match

Before the match could star, Eric Young ran in and attacked Aries. He bashed Aries in the face with the Feast or Fired Briefcase. Eric hit a Piledriver, on the floor. Eric blasted a security guard as Eric hit a Piledriver, on the ring steps, to Aries. Kurt rushed down to pull Eric off Aries. Kurt told Eric to back off. Eric then jumped Kurt and slammed Kurt’s face into the ring steps, over and over. Eric stomped Kurt’s face into the ring steps. Eric removed Kurt’s protective knee brace. Eric spun his own shin guard and put Kurt in the Figure Four. Kurt was busted open.

Your Winner: Match Never Started
Impact Scorecard: N/A

Next week, Hard Core Justice will see The Revolution vs The Hardys and Davey Richards. Also, Drew Galloway will battle Low Ki. It might not be suitable for all ages, according to the preview.


–Jay Shannon

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