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Welcome to San Antonio, TX. Ring of Honor presented several outstanding matches, this week.

Steve “King” Corino and Kevin Kelly were our announce team.

Donovan Dijak (w/Truth Martini) vs Dalton Castle

RoH showed how Dijak cost Castle the TV title, a few weeks back. Castle is well, unique. I’m thinking Rico meets Goldust (without the face paint). Castle had his two male companions with him. The ring was flooded with streamers. On the Code of Honor Handshake, Castle waned his hand kissed. Jeez. Dijak pushed him away.

Go Behind and Slap to the butt by Castle. Dijak took Castle to the corner but “The Peacock” avoided Dijak and struck a pose. Drop Toe Hold and Ride by Castle led to several Knee Lifts. Flying Knee by Castle but Dijak pushed out of the Bulldog. Dijak went down and Castle bashed Dijak in the back of the head with several Headbutts. Castle with the Low Bridge. Dijak rushed in and got thrown out the other side. Dijak jumped back in and got dropped with a huge Clothesline. The top men ended up on the floor and Dijak stalked his foe. Donovan with the In and Out to reset the count. Dijak sent Castle into the barricade. Castle with an amazing Hurancanrana as Dijak went to throw Castle into the ring. Crash and Burn Suicide Dive to Dijak. Ring of Honor went to break.

We are back and Castle was somewhat in control. That came to a dead stop when Dijak Suplexed Castle into the corner. Dijak dropped a knee and tried for the pin. 2 count. Twisting Swanton by Dijak. Truth ran around the ring to celebrate. Catle repeatedly slapped the thighs. Big Boot to Dijak’s face. Dropkick by Castle but Donovan would not fall. Crossbody by Castle but Dijak caught him. Castle got free and busted Dijak in the mouth. Dead Lift German. Wow! “That was Sweet” rang out and I have to seriously agree. Knee Lift into a Vertebreaker position. Dijak escaped. Castle with an Inverted Airplane Spin and launch to get the two. Truth held Dijak’s ankle to avoid a 2nd Dead Lift German. Feast Your Eyes by Dijak.

Your Winner: Donovan Dijak
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Truth threw aside Castle’s companions. Castle grabbed Truth with the5-on-2 Claw! Low Bridge to send Dijak out of the ring. Break Time.

War Machine (Hanson an d Raymond Rowe) vs Andy Dalton and Ken Phoenix

Code of Honor Handshake. Rowe blasted Dalton in the mouth and War Machine connected with Fallout.

Your Winners: War Machine
Honor Roll Ranking: 1.0

Samoa Joe cut a quick promo to push his Samoa Joe t-shirt and some DVDs.

The Fish Tank (with guest-Jay Lethal)

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly insulted the Texas crowd and then flipped the script to praise the San Antonio crowd. They bragged about how dominant reDRagon has been. They also talked about Jay Lethal’s extended reign as TV Champ. Kyle did mention about forcing Jay Lethal to tap out. Jay and Truth Martini came out to talk. Jay is the longest reigning TV Champion in the history of Ring of Honor. Jay admitted he tapped out but it was in a 3-on-1 match. Jay let Kyle know they would be meeting in a few days in Minnesota. Jay only came out to push his latest DVD release. Kyle and Bobby took shots at how bad the DVD was. Truth showed how he modified the TV title to make it a World title belt. Bobby couldn’t believe that Truth would do that. Bobby reminded Truth and Jay that Jay Briscoe was the true World Champion. Lethal had a hissy fit about hearing the Briscoe name. Lethal insulted Briscoe’s parentage. That brought out Jay Briscoe. He was ready to rip Lethal a new one as wide as Highway 95.

Briscoe took the stick and then hit Lethal in the face with it. The two swung wild at each other. The slugfest fell out of the ring and went to the back. Yeah! Suddenly, the KRD rushed the ring and attacked reDRagon. There were three men in the red masks. It couldn’t be The Kingdom, because they are in Japan. Bobby Fish’s knee was tweaked on the attack.

B.J. Whitmer cut a promo about ACH. Whitmer didn’t like that ACH was getting the breaks instead of Adam Page. Page spoke up and said he was determined to get rid of “Albert”.

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs Cedric Alexander

Code of Honor Handshake. Elgin called for a Test of Strength. Elgin stepped out of it to mess with Cedric. Collar and Elbow and they ended up in the ropes. Knife Edge Chops back and forth. They went move for move until Elgin kicked he ribs of Cedric. Universal but Cedric blocked he Hip Toss. The two men ran into each other and neither moved. Dropkick by Cedric. Elgin came back with an Inside Out Clothesline. Elgin went for an F5 like move but Cedric escaped and Dropkicked Elgin to the outside. Crash and Burn. Cedric went up top but missed Overtime. Cedric blocked a German and rolled up Elgin for a two. Low Bridge by Elgin and Cedric ended up on the apron. Somersault Leg Drop by Elgin. 1-2-not yet.

Elgin dropped Cedric with a wild Haymaker. Jawbreaker by Cedric. Spin Kick and Tornado DDT attempt by Cedric. Elgin blocked it and hit a Slingshot Twinging Slam. Elgin tossed Cedric out to the floor. The ref started the count as Elgin went out the opposite side. Cedric hit a couple of Knife Edge Chops and a hard Forearm. Discus Forearm by Elgin. Cedric seemed out cold. RoH took another break.

Elgin tried for the Powerbomb but Cedric turned it into a Back Body Drop. He two rolled back into the ring. Cedric unloaded on Elgin with Forearms. Cedric rebounded off a Whip with Forearms. Sunset Flip by Cedric failed. Elgin went to drop down on Cedric but Alexander slid out of the way. Elgin revered a Whip. Cedric went for the Three Amigos but only got two. Elgin Back Elbowed Elgin. Roll Through and Crescent Kick by Cedric. Cedric with an A.J. Styles-like Springboard Clothesline. 1-2-Kick Out.

Enziguri by Elgin into a Springboard Code Breaker. Cedric hit a Michinoku Driver on Elgin but couldn’t’ get the three. Elgin blocked the Back Drop Suplex. Cedric missed the 540 Kick but Elgin was able to nail the Lariat. Could be…might be…Denied. Cedric blocked the Dead Lift Suplex and hit Dropkicks into the corner. Wow! Cedric went up for Overtime. Cedric decided to try for a 2nd Overtime. Elgin got the knees up. 540 Kick by Cedric. Cedric missed the Disaster Kick and Elgin did a Warrior’s Way variation to Cedric’s back. Big Boot into a modified Michinoku Driver. 1-2-NO! Lumbarjack by Cedric. 1-2-foot on the ropes. Cedric missed a kick and ended up straddled on the top ropes. Elgin Clotheslined Cedric off the ropes. Cedric with a Jumping Enziguri that led to a Frankensteiner. Elgin rolled through and hit a regular Powerbomb and then the Elgin Bomb.

Your Winner: Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

Elgin screamed at everyone that he was focused on making “the boys” pay for the sins of their leaders. He claimed he is a Killer and any opponent that faces him will have dug their own grave.


–Jay Shannon

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