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This week, 8 teams fought to become the new World Tag Team Champions.

The program began by looking at why we are having this tournament and who will be involved. The Wolves had to give up the belts, due to injury.

James Storm and Khoya vs Matt and Jeff Hardy
Tournament Match, Round One

The Hardys were jumped before the bell. Matt and Jeff immediately fought back. Jeff rammed Storm into the corner as Matt blasted Khoya. Jeff sent Storm to the floor and kicked through the roes to send Storm into the barricade. Poetry in Motion on Khoya. Khoya picked up Matt, on the floor, and slammed him into the ring steps. Storm then sent Matt into the barricade. Storm rolled Matt back in the ring and stomped on Matt’s hand. Storm dug into Matt’s eyes and then punched away. Matt tried to fight back but Storm bashed Matt. Storm taunted Jeff to bring him running in. Khoya got the tag and Shouldered and Kneed Matt. Storm tagged back in and hit Knee Strikes. Snap Mare into a Rear Chin Lock by Storm. Code Breaker by Storm and Clothesline by Khoya. 1-2-mo.

Storm came back in and went after Matt. He kicked Matt in the head and teased Jeff by holding his brother just out of reach of the tag. Side Effect by Matt. Jeff begged for the tag but Storm held the leg. Matt dove to the corner and tagged out. Jeff with Flying Forearms and Inverted Atomic Drop and Dropkick. Storm caught Jeff by surprise with a shot to the mid-section. Tag to Khoya. Double Whip but Jeff came back. Storm accidentally hit the Last Call on Khoya. Twist of Fate to Storm. Jeff nailed the Swanton to Khoya to advance in the tournament.

Your Winners: Matt and Jeff Hardy
Impact Scorecard: 2.5 out of a possible 5

After the match, Storm went off on Khoya for daring to get pinned. He did kind of overlook the fact that it was Storm’s fault that Khoya was in a position to be pinned.

Jeremy Borash interviewed the Hardys. JB brought up that Matt and Jeff have never held the TNA World tag straps. Jeff mentioned that it has been over 8 years since the Hardys have held tag gold. Matt got the fans into a Hardy chant.

Impact looked back at how Eric Young attacked Lashley, after the Triple Threat Match, last week. Eric said he deserves a one-on-one shot at the World title. He let everyone know that he was on the way out to get his shot, next.

Eric came out wearing the new Kurt Angle T-Shirt. Eric demanded the microphone. He warned everyone that he was not a person to be messed with. Eric accused Kurt Angle of “Ducking” him. Eric was determined to go through anyone he had to, to get his title back.

Eric was cut off by the arrival of Kurt Angle. Kurt talked about Eric’s Social Media campaign. Eric was not afraid of Kurt. Eric knew Kurt could be beaten and hurt, real bad. Kurt felt Eric was a man obsessed by the belt. Kurt will battle Eric, next week, for the World title. Kurt was concerned about how Eric had gone over to the Dark Side (Darth Eric?). Kurt wanted to see the old Eric Young come back. Kurt turned his back on Eric to allow Eric to take a cheap shot. The mind games worked and Eric left the ring.

The BDC got up in Rock Star Spud’s face. Ken Anderson came in and stopped the baloney. Ken taunted Low Ki that Spud had beaten Ki, twice. Ken asked Spud if he was ready to fight. Spud was. Spud did agree that Ken had a big mouth (something the BDC accused Ken of having). Ken was ok with that.

Low Ki and Kenny King (The BDC) vs Rock Star Spud and Ken Anderson
Tournament Match, Round One

Anderson did his typical Drop Mic intro. The BDC jumped Spud as Ken finished his intro. Low Ki and King ripped Spud’s shirt off and Chopped away. King tagged in and pounded away and then nailed the Knife Edge Chop. King dropped down to mock Spud’s attempt to make a tag. King then got up in Ken’s face. That set up a double team on Spud as the ref tried to keep Ken in the corner. Low Ki tagged back in and stomped away. Spud tried to fight out of the corner. He almost made the tag but Low Ki Grapevined the leg and tagged King back in. King dug at Spud’s eyes. King ate a boot off the Whip. Spud dodged a Corner Splash. King stopped Spud cold with a Punt.

Low Ki came back in cracked Spud’s lower back. Low Ki ripped at Spud’s face. Spud is finally getting some hair back. Abdominal Stretch by Low Ki. Spud Elbowed the knee to get free. Hip Toss by Spud and Spud inched towards the corner. Elbow Drop, by Low Ki, prevented the tag from happening. King tagged back in and Scoop Slammed Spud. Spud with a School Boy but the ref was distracted. Enziguri by Spud. Both men inched towards their corners. Low Ki knocked Anderson off the apron and then they double teamed Spud. Ken Hip Tossed Spud to their corner. Tag to Mr. Anderson. He took out both members of the BDC. Ken launched Spud into a Hurancanrana on Low Ki. Spud was now the legal man. Low Ki slid a chair in. Spud hit the Underdog on Kenny King but Low Ki nailed the Warrior’s Way. King took the cheap pin.

Your Winners: Kenny King and Low Ki
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Ethan Carter III cut a promo about the upcoming tag team match. Bram cut off Ethan and told EC3 that he was unstoppable. Bram promised to unmask Tigre Uno. Ethan just wanted to win and Bram only wanted to hurt people.

Backstage, the BDC celebrated their win. MVP was seriously proud of his crew. MVP said they had some unfinished business. MVP wanted Homicide to fight Kurt Angle.

Ethan Carter III and Bram vs Tigre Uno and Jay Rios
Tournament Match, Round One

It is so sad that TNA hasn’t really used Tyrus (the former Brodus Clay) in anything other than a secondary position. I would love to see him turn on Ethan and let them feud.

Ethan and Rios started the match. Rios is a really small masked guy. HE worked over Ethan’s arm and tagged in Tigre. Nice Double Ream Dropkick by the new duo. Knife Edge Chop by Tigre. Step Up Enziguri by Tigre. Ethan went to the floor. Tigre flew over the top rope but got caught by Tyrus. Tyrus then hit a modified World’s Strongest Slam, on the floor.

Bram took the tag and pounded away on Tigre. Hard Whip and kicks by Bram. Back Stomps by Bram. Ethan took the tag and Snap Mared Tigre. Rear Chin Lock by EC3. Ethan talked trash to Rios and then went back to work on Tigre. Tigre kicked free and went for a tag. Bram got the tag first and stopped the tag. Eventually, Tigre got a tag. Rios with a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors. . Flying Knee Strike by Rios. Springboard Missile Dropkick by Rios. Bram went for a Back Body Drop but Rios landed on his feet and hit the Springboard Stunner. Ethan made the save. Tigre got in the mix and took out Ethan. Ethan bashed Rios in the back of the head with his arm brace. Bram nailed The Brighter Side of Suffering. Ethan tagged in to make the official pin.

Your Winners: Ethan Carter III and Bram
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Bram was ticked that Ethan stole the glory but Tyrus calmed him down.

Backstage, the Knockouts were waiting for a major announcement.

Kurt Angle was interviewed, backstage. He was asked about the situations with Eric Young and Homicide. Kurt hoped Homicide had good insurance because he was going to get the beating of his life. Kurt said he saw a bit of the old Eric Young and wanted to see that person, next week.

Christy Hemme brought out the Knockouts. Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell and Brooke Tessmacher came out to the ring. Christy announced that next week would be a TKO: A Night of Knockouts. The fans chanted “We Love Knockouts”. Love grabbed the microphone and said the show should be all about her. Gail snatched the microphone and told Love to “Shut the Hell Up”. Gil said the TKO program was all about what the Fns want. Madison stepped in and said mentioned how many times Love lost. Madison felt Gail was annoying about wanting to be a “Real Wrestler”. Christy stopped them and announced a Four Way Match: Angelina Love vs Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne vs Brooke to determine the Number One Contender Match. Brooke promised to bring a “Texas Sized *ss Whupping”. Christy said there would be new Knockouts, next week. Plus, Taryn will defend her title against Awesome Kong. Taryn said her passion would counter Kong’s strength and dominance. Tht brought out Awesome Kong. Taryn tore into Kong as the other Knockouts tried to keep them apart. That led to a major fight with everyone getting involved. Gail went after Kong. Taryn climbed up to and dove onto all the other girls with a Crossbody. What I appreciate about TNA is that the Knockouts are not all just Barbie Doll wannabes. Oh, they have their “Diva-ish” girls, but they have others that have their own look and feel.

The BroMans got ready for their match. Robbie E and Jessie seemed to be having issues. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries came up and quizzed Robbie about how well the BroMans were doing. They praised Robbie about being the “Better” Broman. Robbie bought into the baloney. Roode and Aires then went to find Jessie to mess with him.

Robbie E and Jessie Godderz (The BroMans) vs Austin Aries and Bobby Roode (The Dirty Heels)
Tournament Match, Round One

The BroMans had issues s who would start. Austi Aries took out both men and sent Robbie In to face Bobby. Front Drop Suplex by the It Factor. Aries. With the tag and the Miz/Morrison combo on Rbbie. Roode tagged back in and Snapped the head of Robbie. Robbie reversed Whip and Jessie tripped Roode. Jessie took the tag and stomped away on Roode. Standing Dropkick by Jessie. Jessie rammed Bobby into the corner. Tag by Robbie. Knee Lift to Bobby. Robbie with a Flying Clothesline off the ropes. 2 count.

Roode got to his feet and Elbowed free. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Robbie. 2 count. Jessie forced the tag. Robbie and Robbie went for the Whip. Neckbreaker by Roode to Jessie. Roode made the tag. Aries went off on both BroMans. He eventually rammed both of them together. Hesitation Dropkick to Robbie. Running Knee by Jessie. Gorilla Press Drop by Jessie. Jessie screamed for the BroDown (modified Hart Attack). Roode tripped Robbie. Discus Forearm by Aries. Aries with a Suicide Dive on both BroMans. Roode and Aries with the Double Team. Spinebuster by Bobby. Aries with the 450 Splash.

Your Winners: Bobby Roode and Austin Aries
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

The BroMans had a meltdown after the match. Jessie and Robbie poked and pushed each other. Jessie got his fill of it and the two went to Fist City. DJZ tried to break up the altercation but didn’t have a lot of luck. Jessie and Robbie both pushed DJZ away.

In the parking lot, Homicide attacked Kurt Angle. Homicide rammed Kurt into a pair of doors. Thrust to the throat of Angle. Kurt tried to fight back but Homicide bashed Kurt with a trash can lid and a chair. Homicide wanted the camera turned off. Time for a commercial break.

Kurt Angle vs Homicide
Non-Sanctioned Fight

The fight came out into the main arena. Kurt choked Homicide with Kurt’s jacket. Homicide fought back and dropped Kurt. Homicide bounced Kurt’s head off the ring steps but Kurt came back to do the same. Kurt punched away on Homicide and threw him into the ring. Homicide nailed a vicious Cutter. Homicide unlaced his boot but didn’t get it off as Kurt grabbed him. Up Kick into the nethers by Homicide. Homicide took his boot off but missed the shot. Kurt with a German and the Angle Lock. The leg was Grapevined. Kenny King and Low Ki rushed the ring to attack Kurt. MVP also got in the ring to watch the chaos and direct traffic. Blackout Kick by MVP to Kurt. MVP drove a chair into Kurt’s ribs. The Rising rushed down to even the score. MVP and Kurt were still In the ring. Eli Drake and Micah and Drew Galloway took the other BDC members to the back. Eric Young rushed in to stop MVP from hitting Kurt with the chair. Odd. MVP dropped he chair and walked away. Eric looked at the chair. Eric picked up the chair and stared at it. He then turned to look at Kurt Angle. Eric couldn’t bring himself to swing the chair. He dropped it and walked away.

A preview video aired about the Ultimate X match.

Before the main event, TNA ran a promo for the Dollhouse. Huh? Jade and Marti Belle are the members of this odd team.
Then Josh sent it to a TKO promo video.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs Low Ki and Kenny King vs Ethan Carter III and Bram vs Matt and Jeff Hardy
Four Way Ultimate X Tag Team Match for the TNA World Tag Team Titles.

After the introductions, everyone tore into each other. Punches and kicks flew like crazy. EC3, Bram and the BDC were thrown into each other. Hardy s and Dirty Heels stared each other down. They all went fist and fire on each other. Poetry in Motion on Aries but Bobby Clotheslined Matt. Jeff was then taken out. Whip Suicide Dive by Aries. TNA took a break.

We are back and the craziness continued. Ethan kicked away at Jeff. Matt was choked by Low Ki. Aries was sent to the floor. The BDC and Bram/EC3 slugged it out. It was a pretty even fight. Chop Fest between Ethan and Low Ki. Tyruss pulled the BDC members out. Ethan whined that he couldn’t climb the structure, due to the bad arm. He went looking for a ladder. They set it up but The Hardys stopped Ethan and Bram from using it. Matt and Jeff swung the ladder into both foes. The Hardys used the ladder against all their opponents. Matt and Jeff started up the structure, as did Kenny King and Low Ki. Tyus shook the entire structure and everyone fell. Tyrus got in the ring to attack both Hardys. Ethan turned to Tyrus to hoist him up. It was a warped version of Chicken. Aries with a Missile Dropkick to send both men down. Bram Clotheslined Aries. Bram ripped in Aries and tried to send Austin into the ladder. Blockbuster by Bobby. Bram was whipped into the ladder. Hesitation Dropkick by Aries, followed by the Spinebuster by Bobby. Aries and Roode worked together to get across the ropes. Homicide hit the Cutter on Roode. Side Effect by Matt to Homicide. Kenny King and Matt went up the ladder and threw Haymakers. Side Effect…off the ladder! Matt went back up the ladder but Low Ki jumped on the ladder. Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy was climbing across the structure. Jeff got to the belts. Matt climbed the ladders and got the belts!

Your Winners (and NEW World Tag Team Champions): Matt and Jeff Hardy
Impact Scorecard: 3.0


–Jay Shannon

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