Posted April 15th, 2015 by 1Wrestling News Team

From Bert Prentice:

When I finally made the decision to promote what by many will consider the biggest show of my life , the first call I made was to Jerry Lawler and he said yes. The second tandem I asked were the Hardy Boys and they said yes.
I am still contacting talents that have worked for me throughout the years, but I am ready to make our initial announcement. I really want to honor Jerry Lawler’s 40th year in the wrestling business in a huge way. It also marks my 50th year since I started selling programs as a 6 year old kid walking up and down the bleachers selling photos and programs for 50 cents at Joe Dusek’s wrestling events throughout Iowa. I really want to make this a night to remember for Jerry and especially all of the wrestling fans that have ever bought a wrestling ticket. Jeff Hardy told me that his one wish he really had that he had never gotten to do was wrestle the Rock N Roll Express, it was his dream growing up, I am proud that I can deliver that for him as well. I am also thrilled to be hosting the show at the 4,350 seat Oman Arena in Jackson, Tennessee. we picked that location so Memphis, Nashville, Mississippi and Kentucky fans would have a central location to come to. This is going to be way more than a wrestling show, it is going to be a Southern Wrestling Experience like no other. The Oman Arena for many years had weekly wrestling featuring Jackie Fargo, Tojo and the whole gang! You feel the history the second you step inside. It is my honor to bring you this event, it’s official title will be called LEGENDS AND LEGACIES. For now, for your sneak peak, it’s Jerry’s 40th and Bert’s 50th, but truly for me it is celebrating The KING and his legacy and giving all of the up and coming stars a platform to leap to the next level from. All of our regular fans at all of the stops we make have first shot at the $35 ringside seats. There are only 350 of them available. Privately inbox me if you are wanting any. The tickets go on sale at the Carl Perkins Center in Jackson on May 1st. General admission seating is only $15.00.
I sincerely hope you will make plans to big a part of this amazing event. The only other official match we are announcing at this time is SABU vs. The Colorado Kid- Mike Rapada. There will be regular updates on the USA Championship Wrestling page and a special website is being built just for this event.

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