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Smackdown in Dallas, Texas

Daniel Bryan came out.
*Recap of the Daniel Bryan/Sheamus match on last Smackdown.
Bryan talked about winning the Intercontinental title was one of the highlights of his career. He said that defending the title makes it meaningful.  He continued to talk about Sheamus.  He then talked about Bad News Barrett. Bad News Barrett came out to the ramp and reminded Bryan that he gave him the Bull Hammer. Sheamus came out to the ramp and said that they will give Bryan a “European-style arse kicking”.   As Barrett and Sheamus were walking to the ring, Dolph Ziggler came out and talked about Sheamus’s appearance.  He challenged Barrett and Sheamus to a fight.  Big Show came out to the ring.  He bragged how he won the battle royal at Wrestlemania.  Roman Reigns came out.  Hell broke loose as Ziggler, Reigns and Bryan were fighting Barrett, Big Show and Sheamus.
*Backstage – Tyson Kidd, Cesaro and Natalya were heading to the ring.
Tyson Kidd and Cesaro VS New Day -
The team of Tyson Kidd, Cesaro and Natalya came to the ring.  New Day came out. They received boos from the crowd. Big E Langston was trying to hype up the fans and give a motivational speech. However, the fans continued to say “New Day sucks!” Kofi Kingston started the match with Tyson Kidd. They grappled each other.  Cesaro was tagged in, and he took control of the match.  Kidd was tagged in, and Kingston was able to turn things around. Big E was tagged in.  The team of Cesaro and Kidd were dominant in the match. Cesaro delivered Big Swing on Big E. Kofi was finally tagged in, and he took charge of the match. The match ended when Cesaro nailed Kofi with an uppercut and Kid delivered his finisher. He pinned Kofi for the win.
*Recap of the events that happened on Raw relating to Seth Rollins and the triple threat match between Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Ryback.
Neville VS Curtis Axel -
Curtis Axel was talking about Neville in the ring.  Neville came in the ring.   He delivered some dynamic moves on Axel. Axel retaliated with a few aggressive attacks.  Neville turned things around. He delivered his aerial finisher onto Axel and pinned him for the win.
*Backstage – Renée Young questioned Alicia Fox, Cameron and Natalya about Naomi.  Natalya and Cameron got into a disagreement and things became physical.  Cameron tried to break them up.
Natalya VS Alicia Fox (Cameron as the Special Guest Referee) -
The three ladies were in the ring, ready to start the match. Natalya took down Alicia Fox and took control. Then Alicia Fox turned things around. She showed her dominance and made a few pinfall attempts. She had Natalya in a headlock but Natalya tried to fight her way out. Natalya fought back and applied the sharpshooter on Fox and caused her to tap out.  After the match, Cameron attacked both Natalya and Alicia Fox. She demanded for her mirror to look at herself.
*A segment of Erick Rowan being part of the Wyatt family.
Bray Wyatt VS Erick Rowan -
Bray Wyatt came out and talked about the history of Erick Rowan.  He vowed to teach Rowan a lesson.  Erick Rowan came out. The match was even but Rowan was a little more dominant. Wyatt eventually took control and had Rowan in a headlock. Rowan tried to fight out but Wyatt overpowered him and was able to be on top.  Wyatt went to the ropes and tried to drop on Rowan but Rowan brought his knees up to injure Wyatt. Rowan retaliated with some attacks. He made the cover but Wyatt kicked out. Wyatt retreated to ringside. As a Rowan was running after him, Wyatt struck him in the face with the forearm and entered the ring.  After Rowan entered the ring, Wyatt set up Sister Abigail but Rowan fought out.  Rowan tried to deliver his finisher but Wyatt was able to escape. The match ended with Wyatt finally hitting Rowan with the Sister Abigail.  He pinned Rowan for the win.  After the match, he placed Rowan’s head on his lap and spoke softly to him.
* Backstage – Miz was heading to the ring for Miz-TV.

Miz was in the ring for Miz-TV.  Miz talked about his new film “The Marine 4: Moving Target”.  The trailer of the film was shown on the Titantron.  Miz kept implying that it was his action movie.  Summer Rae came out and said that it was “our action movie”.  Miz mentioned that Summer Rae was a “feature extra” like Mizdow was his stunt double. Summer Rae brought up that Mizdow eliminated Miz during the battle royal at Wrestlemania 31.   Miz went on to talk about Mizdow.   Damien Mizdow came out.  Miz lectured Mizdow that he needs to get his life on track and that he was willing to forgive him.  Miz wanted Mizdow to say sorry and he will forgive him in order for everything will go back to where it was. The fans were behind Mizdow all the way. Miz asked Mizdow if he wanted his career to be in the hands of Miz or the fans. He offered his hand out and wanted Mizdow to shake his hand and apologize. They shook hands, and Mizdow said that he was sorry that he didn’t do “this” sooner.  He attacked Miz, and Miz hurried to the back.  Damien grabbed Summer Rae, pulled her closer and gave her a kiss.
Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler VS Sheamus, Big Show & Bad News Barrett -
Big Show came out.  Followed by Bad News Barrett.  And then, Sheamus came out.  Roman Reigns came out.  Then, Dolph Ziggler, and finally, Daniel Bryan came out.   Ziggler and Sheamus started the match.  They locked.  Sheamus backed to Ziggler into a corner and slowly backed away. They locked up again, and Sheamus backed Ziggler into a corner again. They started slapping each other, and Sheamus took control of the match until he tagged Big Show.  Big Show threw a punch in Ziggler’s gut. He threw Ziggler to a corner and delivered a heavy chop. He whipped Ziggler into a corner and charged at him again but Ziggler was able to retaliate.  Ziggler charged at Big Show but Big Show knocked him down.  Bad News Barrett was tagged in.  He delivered a neck breaker and made the cover but Ziggler kicked out.  He put Ziggler in a sleeper hold.  Ziggler punched his way out.  However, Barrett hit them with the Winds of Change.  Sheamus was tagged in.  He kept Ziggler down on the mat.  Then, he moved Ziggler to a corner and started bullying him around with some slaps.  Ziggler fought back with some punches.  Daniel Bryan was tagged in.  He charged at Barrett with his knees to knock him off the ring apron.  He was in control of the match against Sheamus and delivered some Yes kicks.  Sheamus was thrown out of the ring. Bryan ran to the ropes and charged at Sheamus.   He leaped out and fell onto him.  After he threw Sheamus into the ring, Barrett delivered a big boot to Bryan’s head.  After the commercial break, Big Show was given Bryan a bear hug and slammed him down.  He delivered an elbow drop and made the cover but Bryan kicked out. Barrett was tagged in. He threw some punches at Bryan in the corner.  He charged at him with the kick and made the cover but Bryan kicked out.  Big Show was tagged in as Bryan was trying to tag someone in his corner.  Big Show was taking his time hurting Bryan.  He kept Bryan down on the mat.  He knocked Ziggler off the ring apron and signaled for the chokeslam. When Bryan got to his feet, Big Show set him up in a choke slam but Bryan escaped and applied the Yes Lock.  Big Show escaped the lock. Sheamus was tagged in. He delivered an uppercut on Bryan and set him up on the turnbuckle.  Bryan fought back with some punches.  He leaped off to perform a flying body cross but Sheamus caught him and put him in a fireman carry.  Bryan countered with a DDT.  Roman Reigns was tagged in.  Barrett was tagged in.  Reigns delivered repeated clotheslines to Barrett in the corner and threw some punches on the mat.  He knocked Big Show off the ring apron with the Superman Punch.  He hit Barrett with the Superman Punch and made the cover but Sheamus stopped the count.  Dolph Ziggler came in to attack Sheamus.  Sheamus had him on his shoulder but Ziggler escaped and delivered a super kick to Sheamus’s face.  Ziggler clotheslined Sheamus out of the ring and fell with him at ringside. Bryan leaped from the corner and nailed Big Show with his knee.  Back in the ring, Barrett kicked Reigns. He was setting up the Bull Hammer but Reigns speared him and pinned him for the win.
My thoughts -
I thought this episode of Smackdown was okay. It would’ve been a lot better if superstars like Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and John Cena were included. However, it’s understandable that these superstars were sent out to be on tour in Europe.  As much as I love the Bella Twins, Paige, Naomi and Natalya, it was good to see other divas involved in the division.  Cameron may not be a favorite but I am very interested in seeing more of her in the division, and I’m curious to see how the feud for the divas title will progress.  I really enjoyed the Miz-TV segment.  Standing up to the Miz and planting a kiss on Summer Rae’s lips made me a bigger fan of Damien Mizdow.  Good match at the end. I’m happy to see the fans being more behind Roman Reigns.  After all, he earned it after his Wrestlemania 31 match. – Lisa Williams

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