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Seth Rollins will defend his World title at Extreme Rules. The question is…Who will face him? Plus, John Cena issued another Open Challenge.

I want to dedicate this week’s column to one of my closest friend. Joe turned 51 on Monday. He’s had a really rough year but I couldn’t be prouder of my “brother” for being one who both survives and thrives. Happy Birthday, my friend.

Michael Cole was still out on medical leave, after the assault by Brock Lesnar, last week. Byron Saxton stepped in to join JBL and Booker T at the announce desk. They started by discussing HHH’s win over Sting at Wrestlemania. So many people really loved this match, including myself. Then the talk turned to Seth Rollins cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the World Title. Plus, Big Show won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

Seth Rollins came out and the fans shouted him down, big time. Big Show grabbed the microphone and screamed at the fans to show some respect. Seth knew the fans were just jealous. He let everyone know that HHH and Stephanie were on vacation, this week. Seth was amused at the “You Sold Out” chant. He thought everyone was over that. Seth bragged about being the World Champ. Seth bragged how well The Authority forces did at Mania…well, except for Kane.

Show took the microphone and said he was the greatest Giant of all time. Show praised Seth for being an honorable, fighting champion. Seth said he was the Future and the Future is Now! Seth claimed to be the greatest World Champion of all time. Show thanked Seth for being a trailblazer. Seth kept trying to find something positive to say about Kane but couldn’t. He gave the microphone to Kane but Randy Orton showed up to stop this praise-fest.

Randy congratulated Seth for getting his “Wrestlemania Moment”. Randy reminded Seth that he took out Rollins with a fantastic RK O. Seth this wasn’t about Randy. Randy stated that he should get a title shot, at Extreme Rules, since he beat Seth at Mania. Randy called on Kane o make a decision, if “Mommy and Daddy (Stephanie and HHH)” would allow it. Kane went off on Randy and demanded respect. Kane told Randy that other people were worthy of consideration. Kane made a Triple Threat Match to determine the Number One Contender. Roman Reigns, Ryback and Randy Orton will all get the chance to go after Seth, if they win the main event. Also, all three men will have individual match. Kane put Randy in the first match…against him.

Randy Orton vs Kane

The Finish:

Kane hit a Suplex but Randy kicked out. Randy Booted Kane and then hit a hard Clothesline and the Snap Powerslam. Randy went into his Special Place. Kane bailed out of the ring to break the momentum. Randy Back Dropped Kane on the barricade. Kane grabbed a steel chair and cracked Randy with it. The ref called for the bell.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Randy Orton
Raw Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Kane waned a Chokeslam but Randy escaped the Goozle. Randy almost nailed the RKO but Kane ran for the hills.

The announcers talked about A.J. Lee’s retirement. That one still has me scratching my head in total confusion.

Seth Rollins stormed into Kane’s office and read him the riot act about not doing his part. Kane reminded Seth that he helped Rollins win he Money in the Bank Briefcase. Kane wondered if Seth was afraid of Randy Orton. Seth suggested Kane should step down as Director of Operations. Seth threatened to run to HH H and Steph to get rid of Kane. Kane said HHH and Stephanie could not be reached. Seth said Kane would have a lot to answer for when Steph and HHH got back. Kane put Seth in a match against a mystery opponent…next.

Next up, the announcers looked at Brock Lesnar’s reprehensible actions of last week. Michael Cole was F5’d, as was a cameraman. JBL suffered an abdominal wall tear that required immediate surgery. JBL and Booker were both extremely critical of The Beast for his behavior. Seth should also get some blame for what happened.

Seth Rollins vs Neville
Non-Title Match

Dianna watched this match with me and she was so beyond impressed with both men. Seth mocked Neville prior to the match getting started. Seth wanted Neville to tell everyone about himself but he didn’t say a word. Seth thought Neville was scared. He gave Neville the opportunity to take a pass on this match. Spin Kick to the bread basket was Neville’s answer. Arm Drag and Go Behind Roll Up by Neville. Side Headlock by Neville but Seth Steam Rolled him. Seth kicked away on the former NXT Champion. Of course, Seth is also a former NXT Champ. Whip into the Float Over into Handsprings. Hurancanrana and Tope Con Hilo by Neville. Neville rushed in the ring to avoid J and J Security. Time for a few commercials.

Seth grabbed Neville and slung him into the turnbuckles. Seth stood over his foe and talked trash. Seth stood on Neville’s neck and then Boot Choked him. Neville kicked away at Seth. Hard Whip by Seth. Knee Drops by Seth. 2 count only. Rear Chin Lock by Seth. Neville spun around and worked over Seth’s ribs. Neville Slid Under and wanted a Roll Up. Instead, he ate an Enziguri. Seth lifted Neville and hit Running Kitchen Sinks. Neville with a Pass By but only got a two. Seth punched away at Neville’s face. Seth went back to the Rear Chin Lock. Neville flipped out of a Back Body Drop. Jawbreaker by Neville. Seth reversed a Whip but took a pair of Flying Forearms and several kicks. Inside Out Clothesline by Seth. 2 count. Seth slapped Neville and talked serious garbage. Neville slapped back. Neville countered the Buckle Bomb into a Hurancanrana to the corner. Neville headed up top. J and J Security distracted. Roll Up by Neville. Seth blocked the Hurancanrana and hit the Buckle Bomb. Curb Stomp.

Your Winner: Seth Rollins
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Seth punctuated his win by nailing a 2nd Curb Stomp.

John Cena cut another promo and called for an opponent for his US Open Challenge.

John Cena vs Star Dust
United States Title Match

The Finish:

Star Dust nailed Dark Matter but Cena kicked out at two. Earlier in the match, Star hit the Star Dust Press, a staple in Japanese wrestling. John with his Springboard Stunner. That led to the Attitude Adjustment.

Your Winner: John Cena
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Nikki and Brie Bella vs Naomi and Paige

The Finish:

Brie missed a Corner Splash. Naomi got he tag. High Kick into a Butterfly Hurancanrana. Naomi knocked Nikki off the apron and hit an Enziguri. Naomi tweaked her knee on a move off the ropes. Rear View but Nikki made the save. Paige used a Thrust Kick to drop Nikki. Paige took out Brie and Naomi with the Funky DDT (Head Scissors into a Leg-based DDT).

Your Winners: Naomi and Paige
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Prime Time Players cut a funny promo about New Day and the Ascension. This takes me back to the heyday of the 1980s.

Ryback vs Luke Harper

The Finish:

Black Hole Slam by Harper but the only got a two. Luke applied a variation of the Crippler Crossface. Gator Roll by Harper. Ryback threw Harper off and dodged a charge. Shell Shocked!

Your Winner: Ryback
Raw Ranking: 1.75

Renee Young interviewed New Day. They were hurt by the negativism of the fans. All 3 mentioned “We Clap or we Snap”. New Day is right on the edge of a good Heel Turn.

New Day vs Lucha Dragons

The Finish:

Kalisto and Woods got tags. Rolling Kick by the smaller Lucha Dragon. Big E prevented a pin. Low Bridge sent Big E out of the ring. Kofi with a Jumping Enziguri but Woods could not take full advantage. Standing Sliced Bread to Woods. Tag to Sin Cara, on the fly. Kalisto flipped backwards over the ropes to neutralize Big E. Sin Cara with the Swanton to seal the deal.

Your Winners: The Lucha Dragons
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Roman Reigns vs Big Show

The Finish:

Roman pounded on Show, from the apron. Roman nailed three Superman Punches. Show blocked the fourth one. Roman escaped the Chokeslam and took out Show with a Spear.

Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Several Divas flirted with Kane to get a Battle Royal Match to determine who should face Nikki Bella. Kane saw through the baloney and just gave them what they wanted. The girls were just giddy. Kane clutched his temples as the shrieking harpies gave him a headache.

Renee had a brief interview with Roman Reigns. Renee talked about Roman’s momentum. Roman told everyone too watch what he would do next.

Sheamus came out, still sporting that odd Mohawk.

Sheamus vs Mark Henry

The Finish:

Sheamus hit several Running Knee Lifts as Mark tried to get back in the ring. Mark lifted Sheamus for the World’s Strongest Slam. Sheamus slipped free and Chop Blocked the leg. Brogue Kick. Booker decided Sheamus was a Viking who liked to fight. (Viking? I don’t think they were Irish.)

Your Winner: Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Raw looked at Ronda Rousey’s appearance at Wrestlemania. Ronda took out HHH and Stephanie.

Bray Wyatt cut one of his odd promos. I’m not exactly sure who Bray is setting his sights on now. It almost sounds like he is ready to go after his own brother, Bo Dallas.

Renee interviewed Ryback. She asked him for his feelings. He showed respect to Randy and Roman but he felt he was on a roll. Ryback let everyone know that “The Big Guy was hungry”. Feed Me More.

Miz vs Mizdow

The Finish:

Mizdow caught Miz’s foot and tripped his former mentor. Miz rolled up Mizdow, with a handful of tights.

Your Winner: The Miz
Raw Ranking: 1.25

Yawn. Boring feud that could have been so much better.

Renee had a few words with Randy Orton. Renee felt Randy would be a natural to go after Seth Rollins. Randy knew he had to jump through the hurdles to get the title shot…and the belt.

Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns vs Ryback
Triple Threat Match to determine the Number One Contender to the World Title.

The Finish:

The Authority came out to watch. Randy planted both opponents with Snap Powerslams. Roman blasted Randy as he went to hit the Rope Assisted DDT on Ryback. Ryback prevented the three count. Roman with wild Crner Clotheslines. Randy School Boy’d Roman. Superman Punch to Randy. Spinebuster to Roman. Ryback set for the Meat Hook Clothesline and nailed it. Ryback blocked he RKO and nailed he Spinebuster. Ryback wanted Shell Shocked but didn’t get it. Roman Speared Ryback. The Authority walked down to ringside. Roman flew out of the ring to take out The Authority. Roman was taken out with the KO Punch from Show. Orton wanted the Rope Assisted DDt on Seth but J and J Security got involved. Ryback took out Noble and Mercury. RKO to Ryback.

Your Winner: Randy Orton
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Seth caught Randy with a Curb Stomp. Randy gets Seth at Extreme Rules.


–Jay Shannon

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