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NOTE: the thoughts and opinions in the video above are those of Tony Atlas – they do not necessarily represent those of Boston Wrestling, John Cena Sr., Dan Mirade or Neil Manolian.

After The WWE Spotlight: Tony Altas takes an in-depth look at the Hall of Famer’s career & what’s really like for these superstars known around the world when their days on national TV ends.

All winter, Tony has had a difficult time paying his home mortgage and other bills. He never made seven figures in a year; his biggest year was $125,000 – in the 1980′s, before you figure in tax, plus the cost of hotels (that wrestlers pay for out of pocket), rental car (that wrestlers drive and pay for out of pocket), food (that wrestlers pay for out of pocket) and other road expenses. Like many wrestling legends, he had the fame of a millionaire but not the income of one due to the finances available in the professional wrestling industry.

Even when he returned to WWE to manage Mark Henry a few years back, post tax / expenses, he was left with $40k plus – a nice middle class living, but not much to put away into savings to live off of post career. Does WWE “owe” any superstar a living for life?? Not at all. But there should be a better way for so many of the all time greats that never made seven figures in any given year.

Tony Atlas is NOT looking for a handout – that’s the important part. Tony wants to work as often as possible, still wrestling in the ring in his 60′s, at fanfests and other personal appearances. Unlike a lot of “video production” type campaigns, Tony is paid in cash each time he’s here at the studio (like he will April 18th) – not when the final video is produced. Fans support since December has made a difference in his life as we’ve taped seven plus hours of original content and he’s received cash at each taping he can use NOW – not when the final piece is produced (along with other bookings we’ve been able to set up for him).

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