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A.J. Styles returned to Ring of Honor to battle Mark Briscoe. Also, Hanson and Raymond Rowe had a very busy night.

The show began with a look back at the shocking event when Colby Corino joined The Decade. Steve Corino, Colby’s dad, flipped out to think his eldest child would align himself with B.J. Whitmer.

Welcome back to Baltimore, MD.

Will Ferrera vs Michael Elgin

Elgin jumped Will, right at the bell. He threw a hard Forearm and then kicked away at the young kid. Will came off a Whip to hit a Clothesline. Unfortunately, Elgin No-Sold it. Elgin held the ropes to block an O’Connor Roll and laid out Will with a vicious Clothesline. Will threw a flurry of Elbows but Elgin pitched Will up in the air to let him Free Fall to the canvas. Elgin took Will down and clamped on a Rear Chin Lock. Will eventually made it back to his feet and punched away. A knee from Elgin slows down Will but only for a moment. Will connects with a Jawbreaker and attempts a Tornado DDT. Elgin blocks that and picks Will up for a Stall Suplex. Will Knee Bombed Elgin to get free. Elgin ran at Will, who Low Bridged the ropes. Elgin quickly got back in the ring and charged, again. He missed Will and nearly lost to a Roll Up. Will almost defeated Elgin with a Code Red. Will then attempted an Electric Chair Drop but couldn’t lift Elgin’s weight. Elgin almost destroyed Will with his Package Michinoku Driver. Elgin hopped out of the ring, retrieved a table and tried to put Will through it with a Piledriver. Will escaped back into the safety of the ring. It wasn’t safe for long as Elgin attacked and finished off Will with his Spinning Sit-Out Powerbomb.

Your Winner: Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.25 out of a possible 5

After the match, Elgin punctuated his win by planting Will with a Powerbomb. Break time.

War Machine (Hanson and Raymond Rowe) vs Anthony Greene and Cam Zagami

Welcome back, Ray Rowe. He was injured, months ago, in a horrific motorcycle accident. Rowe took Cam down with a Double Leg, followed by a Waist Lock Takedown. Rowe hits a Backbreaker/Gutbuster combo that led to a Razor’s Edge-like move. Rowe pitches Cam into the corner and Greene makes the tag, after seriously thinking it over. Rowe uses an Overhead Belly to Belly to send Greene into enemy territory. Hanson took the tag. There was a brief double team on Greene. Greene put up a meager bit of offense but Hanson Cartwheeled around and nearly decapitated Greene with a Clothesline. Cam rushed in as Rowe took the tag. Cam got planted with a Double Chokeslam. War Machine finished off Greene with their Leg Lariat variation of the Doomsday Device.

Your Winners: War Machine
Honor Roll Ranking: 1.5

Michael Elgin returned to ringside. He grumbled at how Nigel McGuiness talked about punishing him after Elgin’s actions at the 13th Anniversary show. Elgin decided to Flip the Script and be the punisher not the punished. He told Rowe and Hanson “I brought you into this and I can take you out”. He challenged War Machine to face him, two on one.

Michael Elgin vs Raymond Rowe and Hanson
Handicap Match

Elgin quickly set his sights on Rowe. Unfortunately for Elgin, Hanson was the legal man. Elgin switched focus and put Hanson in a Waist Lock. Hanson Elbowed free and blocked a Bicycle Kick. Elgin dodged the Spin Kick o’ Doom and bailed out of the ring. Elgin got double teamed on the floor and planted with a Side Slam. Back in the ring, Hanson whipped Elgin into a Rowe Dropkick. Elgin fell into the corner. Hanson crushed Elgin, in the corner, with a Bronco Buster. Elgin barely kicked out at two. Rowe took the tag and Hanson Whipped Rowe at Elgin. Elgin managed to catch Rowe with an Enziguri. Elgin planted Hanson with a modified Curb Stomp. Rowe rocked Elgin with a Uranage. Hanson Powerbombed Rowe onto Elgin. Elgin slid out to the floor and grabbed a steel chair. He clocked Rowe with it, drawing the DQ.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): War Machine
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

Security had to rush down to keep the three men from continuing to fight.

Jay Briscoe cut a promo about his title match against Samoa Joe that happened at Supercard of Honor in California. I won’t spoil the outcome. We’ll all just have to wait until it airs, next week.

Q.T. Marshall vs ACH

The ref called for the Code of Honor Handshake but Marshall kicked and punched away at ACH. ACH sent Marshall to the apron and nailed him with a Back Heel Kick. ACH ended up on the apron and blasted Marshall with another hard kick that sends Marshall sailing off the apron. ACH then jumped at Marshall. Marshall caught ACH and turned it into a Powerslam, on the arena floor. Marshall pitched ACH back in the ring and rocked him with Elbows and punches to the chest area. Marshall surprised ACH with a Dropkick and Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. 1-2 not yet.

Marshall kept the pressure on with kicks and punches in the corner. Marshall used a Irish Whip to send ACH across the ring. Marshall took a moment to pose for the crowd and then caught ACH with a nasty European Uppercut. The two went back and forth with hard shots. ACH used a Flying Headscissors to send Marshall crashing into one of the corners. Marshall almost immediately got back up and kept fighting. ACH almost got the win with a Bridging German Suplex. ACH went to the Penthouse but abandoned his plan when Marshall got to his feet. Instead, he rocked Marshall with a Round Kick. Marshall came back and nearly ended ACH with a Corkscrew Suplex. Even though he didn’t get the pin, Marshall was confident that this was a done deal. That overconfidence spelled his doom. He missed a 450 Splash but ACH didn’t.

Your Winner: ACH
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

B.J. Whitmer, Adam Page and Colby Corino came out to the ring. Whitmer taunted ACH for his fancy moves and strut. B.J. played mind games by saying that no one, in the back, liked “Albert” and yet the kid is getting all kinds of chances. Whitmer said Page, not ACH, should be getting the shots at people like Alberto El Patron and A.J. Styles. As Whitmer continued his comments to break ACH’s spirit, Colby bashed ACH from behind. Page then nailed his finisher, the Adam’s Apple. Steve Corino had a look of disgust and pain as he watched his son associate with his mortal enemy. Time for another round of commercials.

Mark Briscoe cuts a promo about fighting A.J. Styles.

A.J. Styles vs Mark Briscoe

The two went into the Collar and Elbow, twice. Styles seemed to get control with a Waist Lock but Mark countered with a Drop Toe Hold. Mark takes a Front Face Lock but Styles spins into a Hammerlock. Mark went for a Fireman’s Carry but Styles countered into Head Scissors. Mark takes a Side Headlcok and holds firm. Eventually, Styles moves into another Hammerlock. Mark got free and put styles in a Sleeper. Mark would move that to a Rear Chin Lock. Styles reversed things by grabbing the Waist Lock. Mark with the Standing Switch. He went for a German but Styles landed on his feet. Styles took control by Arm Dragging Mark over and putting on a painful Arm Bar. Styles hit a Back Body Drop but Mark landed on his feet.

Mark used a Shoulder Tackle to put Styles in position for another Side Headlock. Styles got free and hit an amazing Dropkick. Mark rebounded from that to send Styles out of the ring and then nail a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Mark went for a Cannonball, off the apron, but Styles caught him. A.J. wanted a Styles Clash but Mark’s movement made it impossible for Styles to keep Mark in position. Instead, Styles ran Mark into the barricade. Styles then nailed a Uranage that sent Mark into the guardrail. RoH took a final break.

Mark unloaded with a Knife Edge Chop and hard kicks, in the corner. Mark continued the assault with a Boot Choke and more punches. Styles finally came back with a Backbreaker/Gutbuster combo. Styles choked Mark on the ropes and then slammed and Knee Dropped Mark. Styles tied up Mark with the Muta Lock but Mark was able to escape. Styles continued to focus on Mark’s hurt knee. Mark took Styles to the corner and punched and kicked away. Styles rolled Mark down with a Body Scissors and locked in the Calf Killer. Mark grabbed Styles by the head and slammed it into the canvas. Mark kicked at Styles to give distance. Styles tried to apply a Figure Four but Mark kicked free. Mark took a boot from Styles but rebounded with a Clothesline. The ref started to count down both men. They struggle to get back to a vertical base.

Mark went off with Chops and Palm Thrusts. Mark nailed a Dropkick and went back to chops. Styles ducked them and hit a bunch of Chops of his own. Mark planted Styles with a Uranage and almost pinned Styles with after a Fisherman’s Buster. Mark went for an Electric Chair but Styles escaped and hit a Hammerlock variation of a Belly to Back Suplex. Awesome. Styles almost got Mark in the Styles Clash but Mark rushed A.J. to a corner. The two fought in the corner and Styles pushed Mark out. A.J. popped Mark with an Elbow and then planted him with the Springboard Inverted DDT. Love that move. Mark used a Jackknife Pin to almost gain the win. Styles connected with another Enziguri but Mark hit a Back Elbow. Both men went for Clotheslines and the bodies hit the mat. Mark crawled out onto the apron and went for a Springboard move. It didn’t happen as Styles hit a Forearm Smash. Pele! Styles tried to Suplex Mark out onto the apron but Mark resisted. Mark nailed a Headbutt but Styles instantly came back to kick Mark’s inner thigh, just avoiding the Nether Regions. Mark Dropkicked Styles off the apron. Mark did the Cactus Jack Elbow to Styles, who was laid out on the floor. They both barely made it back in the ring. Styles flew off the ropes but Mark caught him in a version of the Spicoli Driver. Mark went for the Savage Elbow but Styles got the knees up. Styles finished the day by using Bloody Sunday as the precursor to the Styles Clash.

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5


–Jay Shannon

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