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Bobby Lashley got his rematch against Kurt Angle. Plus, several hot feuds were (supposedly) brought to an end. Get ready for one wild ride…

It’s a Bell to Bell night of wild action, according to the opening segment. Eric Young and Bobby Roode will got fist and fire. Bram and Magnus will square off in a Falls Count Anywhere match. The Main Event was Lashley vs Angle for the World title.

Eric Young vs Bobby Roode
Submissions Match

The only way to win this one is to force your opponent to tap out or pass out. Eric threatened kids as he made his way to the ring. Nice guy, not. Eric took the microphone and let everyone know that “all good things come to an end”. Eric promised to end Bobby Roode’s career. Bobby came out with a microphone. Bobby gave a history lesson about their fractured relationship. Bobby was ready to make things between them end…forever. Eric retorted that he would break Bobby’s will, tonight. Eric promised to make Bobby submit. Bobby loved the idea of a submission match, because he was going to make Eric cry “like the little b*tch you are”.

Bobby hit the ring and sent Eric out with a La Bandera Clothesline. Bobby came out and punched and stomped away. Bobby then rolled Eric back in. Eric jumped Bobby and stomped away. Whip by Eric but Young missed the Corner Splash. Bobby kicked Eric and he came off the turnbuckle and straddled the ropes. Bobby then kicked Eric off the ropes and to the floor. The fight continued on the floor and Eric bashed his old friend. Bobby sent Eric into the corner. Flair Flop by Eric. Bobby went after the arm but Eric bailed out to the floor. Bobby came out and dropped Eric. Crippler Crossface, on the ramp, but the ref told Bobby to put Eric back in the ring. Bobby with a Float Over. Bobby jammed his knee on the landing. Blockbuster by Roode. Eric kicked Bobby in the face. Double R Spinebuster by Bobby. Bobby was barely able to stand. Impact took a first break.

Bobby with Corner Mount Punches until Eric pushed Bobby away. Eric tied up Bobby’s legs and yanked away at a Leg Bar. The two ended up back out on the floor. Chop Block by Eric to take down Bobby. Bobby kicked Eric away but it hurt his own leg to do so. Eric put Bobby back in the ring and then wrapped Bobby’s leg around the ring post. Eric with a Standing variation of a Figure Four without all the excess pressure. Eric whipped Bobby into the corner. Bobby came back to try and apply a Boston Crab. Eric blocked that but fell into the Crippler Crossface. Eric reached the ropes. Bobby returned with a Boston Crab. Eric made it to the ropes, again. Eric threw Bobby out of the ring. Eric bounced Bobby’s face off the ring steps. Eric drove Bobby’s knees into the ring steps. The bad leg took the majority of the impact (no pun intended). Eric rocked Bobby with a series of Knife Edge Chops. The two then went back and forth with hard shots. Eric went for a Whip but Bobby collapsed. Eric locked in the Figure Four. Bobby rolled over to reverse the pressure. The ref got hit and Roode put on the Crippler Crossface. Eric tapped out but the ref didn’t see it. Eric spun his knee brace around to add extra pain to the Figure Four. Bobby slapped away at Eric but had to tap out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Eric Young
Impact Scorecard: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Bobby Lashley arrived at the arena, as did Kurt Angle. That epic match would happen, a little later on.

The Wolves came out. Eddie Edwards was on crutches. Impact showed how The Wolves beat Abyss and James Storm to earn their 3rd tag team titles. Eddie broke his heel at a recent One Night Only taping. Jeremy Borash asked Eddie how his foot was doing. Eddie broke his heel in half, according to Edwards. Eddie stated he would be out for a long time. Eddie knew that The Wolves could no longer defend their championships. Davey Richards was asked if he might consider a replacement partner. Davey showed ultimate respect to his tag team partner. Davey relinquished the tag team titles for The Wolves. Davey placed the tag belts on the corner turnbuckles. Davey made it clear that whichever team has the belts when Eddie returns will be targeted by The Wolves. “This Hunt Never Dies!”

Christy Hemme interviewed Lashley. She asked Lashley about his motivation. Lashley wasn’t crying about losing to Kurt but he was ready to take back his belt from Kurt.

Angelina Love vs Gail Kim

Love took the microphone and said she looked the way she does because she is blessed. Love claimed to be a great wrestler who has held the Knockout title on six different occasions. Love was tired at hearing about Gail Kim. Love felt she was now free to be as good as Gail, if not better. Love clocked Gail and then stomped away. Hard Forearm by Love. Whip into a Brick Wall. Crossbody brought Love a two count. Gail blocked a Uranage and sent Love flying. Gail rocked Love with hard Forearms and a Running Dropkick. Love reversed a Whip and hit a Side Slam on Gail. Love worked over Gail’s lower back. Gail went up on the ropes but Love tripped her. Love with an Inverted Rope Assisted DDT. 2 count. Love tossed Gail out of the ring. Love came out and ran Gail’s back into the ring apron. Love whipped Gail into the ring steps. Gail blocked a 2nd Whip and sent Angelina into the ring apron with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. The ref counted the girls. Both men rolled back in the ring at 9.

The two girls threw hard punches. Gail took the advantage with a set of Round Kicks. Implant DDT by Gail. Drive By Crossbody into a Missile Dropkick by Gail. 2 plus. Love blocked Eat Da Feet. Love blocked Old School and almost pinned Gail with a modified Powerbomb. Love hit the Botox Injection but Gail got her feet on the ropes. Love missed the 2nd Botox Injection and Gail connected with Eat da Feet.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

A preview of Ghost Asylum that crossed over with TNA. Hey crew ran across The Revolution. I seriously dislike all these silly ghost shows. I’ve had two real experiences with ghosts and most of these shows are so fake that it makes me want to hurl day-glo.

The war between Bram and Magnus was examined. Bram took exception when Magnus took the Feast or Fired Briefcase that Bram wanted. Bram would later attack Magnus with a cue ball to the back of the head. Magnus’ fiancé Mickie James, has also got drawn into this war.

Bram vs Magnus
Falls Count Anywhere Match

The two got up in each other’s face. Magnus threw Bram up over the top. Magnus kicked Bram from the apron. Magnus dragged Bram around the ring and threw him into the ring barricade, several times. Knife Edge Chop by Magnus, followed by a European Uppercut. The two went up the ramp and Magnus continued to punch away. Bram blocked a Whip into the LED Light Wall. Back Body Drop by Magnus. Magnus tried for a Piledriver but Bram stopped it with a Low Blow. Scoop Slam by Bram, on the stage. Bram punched Magnus all the way down the ramp. Bram threw Magnus into the ring barricade and then into the ring apron.

Bram tossed Magnus back into the ring. Magnus got the boots up and then hit a Missile Dropkick off the middle ropes. Bram then blasted Magnus. 1-2-not yet. Bram rolled back out and found a steel chair. Bram got in the ring and drove the chair into Magnus’ back and then chest. They went back to the floor and Bram went for a Whip. Magnus reversed it and Bram bounced off the ring post. Bram waited for Magnus and then took out his former friend. Bram slammed Magnus’ face into the ring steps. Bram talked serious trash and then pitched Magnus back in the ring. Bram kicked and punched away at the former World Champion. Magnus missed one Clothesline but came back to nail another one, off the opposite ropes. TNA went to break.

The battle was still going strong. Magnus was sent flying into the corner. Bram Face Washed Magnus. Back Elbow by Magnus but Bram blasted Magnus as he went up the ropes. They threw Haymakers back and forth. Magnus grabbed Bram by the beard and punched away. Tornado DDT by Magnus. Mickie James came out to cheer on her man. Magnus asked Mickie to go to the back. Bram got a chair and cracked Magnus across the back. Magnus fell out of the ring and Bram came out to attack. Bram slipped he chair around Magnus’ neck and ran him into the ring post, a couple of times. Bram put Magnus on the ring steps and threatened to smash him with the chair. He stopped to stalk Mickie.

Suddenly, James Storm rushed down to go off on Bram. He would not allow Bram to hit a woman. Bram told Storm to get out of the ring. Storm screamed that Mickie was one of his friends. Bram missed a Corner Splash. Magnus hit a Clothesline to the back of Bram’s head and nailed a Uranage for a two. Bram swung up a chair to crack Magnus in the face. 2 count, yet again. Brighter Side of Suffering (Implant DDT) on a steel chair but Magnus still kicked out. Mickie pounded the mat to rally her hubby-to-be. Bram kicked the steel chair out of the ring. Magnus punched away at Bram. Magnus exploded on Bram and hit a Powerbomb. Magnus refused to take the pin and hit another Powerbomb and a huge Uranage.

Your Winner: Magnus
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Magnus and Mickie embraced and kissed. Bram was out in the middle of the ring.

In the back, Jeremy Borash interviewed Kurt Angle. JB asked how Kurt would prepare for Lashley. Kurt knew Lashley was defeatable. Kurt knew he and Lashley were headed into a war. Kurt said he is and will be the best.

Magnus and Mickie walked backstage. Magnus called over James Storm to ask what was he up to. Storm said he was just looking out for an old friend. Face Turn?

Lashley and Kurt were getting ready for the upcoming World title. TNA looked back at how Kurt won the title from “The Destroyer”.

Kurt Angle vs “The Destroyer” (Bobby) Lashley
TNA World Title Match

JB did the official introductions. Nice handshake before the action began. The two circled each other and Lashley took Kurt down with an amateur move. Shoulder Throw into a Side Headlock by the champ. Lashley Steam Rolled Kurt as Angle came off the ropes. Hammerlock by Lashley that morphed into a Side Headlock. Kurt sent Lashley into the ropes. Lashley Shoulder Tackled Kurt, who left the ring. Kurt got right back in and the two hooked up. Go Behind by Kurt. Standing Switches by both. Front Face Lock by Lashley. Kurt spun into a Hammerlock. Lashley got up to his feet and moved Kurt to the corner. Clean break, almost. Kurt ducked a charge by Lashley. Lashley took a Side Headlock and Kurt sent Lashley into the ropes. Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex. Kurt with a German to follow up. La Bandera sent Lashley sailing over the top rope.

Lashley piqued Kurt’s ankle and dragged Kurt out to the floor. Lashley rammed Kurt’s face into the ring apron. Running Shoulder, in the corner, by Lashley. Bear Hug by the challenger. Kurt punched his way free. Lashley hit Kurt in the mid-section and went back to working the ribs, this time with a Reverse Bear Hug. Kurt was not about to give up. Kurt made it to a vertical base and Elbowed his way free. Kurt kept punching away and then Whipped Lashley to the corner. Lashley Booted Kurt and TNA took a break.

Lashley kicked at Kurt’s ribs as Impact returned. Lashley unloaded with measured punches and Elbows. 2 count for the challenger. Back Elbow by Lashley. Kurt held the ropes, off a Whip, and flipped L Ashley up and over the top rope. Lashley hit the floor with a hard thud. The two went back to trading hard punches. Kurt hit a German but Lashley stopped the 2nd one. Spinebuster by Lashley. Could be…might be…Denied. Lashley missed a punch and Kurt went back to the Germans. He hit two but Lashley grabbed the ropes to stop the Hat Trick. Bulldog Bounce Running Powerslam by Lashley to get a two. Lashley felt confident and set for the Spear. Kurt dodged it and hit the Belly to Belly, followed by the Hat Trick Germans. Wow! Angle Slam! 1-2-Kick Out! Angle Lock! Lashley crawled towards the ropes. Kurt dragged Lashley back to mid ring. Lashley rolled under to send Kurt sailing out to the floor.

Lashley went out to get the champ. Lashley threw Kurt into the ring steps. Lashley bounced Kurt off the ring steps, three times. Lashley kept beating on Kurt but slid in and out of the ring to break the count. Hot Shot on the ring barricade by Lashley. The fans loved this action. Lashley took Kurt back in the ring and held him up for a One-Hand Stall Suplex. Spear! We have a new…Wait…Kurt kicked out at two. Lashley went up top but Kurt caught him. Both men were slipping on the ropes. Super Angle Slam but he didn’t hit it at full power. 2 count. Kurt missed the Moonsault. Lashley put Kurt in Angle’s Ankle Lock. Kurt wasn’t about to tap out, or was he? Angle sent Lashley into the corner and rolled up L Ashley to retain.

Your Winner: Kurt Angle
Impact Scorecard: 4.25

Lashley complained that his shoulder was up at two. Regardless, Kurt Angle retained. Kurt and Lashley shook hands, after the match. On the replay, it was completely obvious that Lashley had his shoulder up even before the two count. Lashley will have a reason to get another match…but that is for another day.


–Jay Shannon

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