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The Aftermath of Wrestlemania saw three new champions. One of the former champions exploded and destroyed several people, none of which were wrestlers. Plus, Sheamus finally returned and to say he had a new look would be the underestimate of the year.

Roll the opening montage!

Brock Lensnar and Paul Heyman came from the back. Neither man was happy about Seth Rollins taking the World title by pinning Roman Reigns. Seth, you see, cashed in Money in the Bank…during the main event. He Curb Stomped Roman after Reigns hit a Spear on Lesnar. Lesnar was poised to F5 Seth, at the time. Paul introduced his client and then got right down to business. The fan started a “Suplex City” chant. Paul corrected them that it was “Suplex City…B*tch”. Paul showed some respect to Roman and stated Brock almost respected him, but Roman still has a way to go. Paul explained that Brock was about to leave to go get some dinner when Seth Rollins slithered into the match, Curb Stomped both opponents and pinned the challenger. Paul felt Seth was the most undeserving champion, ever. (I kind of agree). Paul, the son of a lawyer, knew he could tie the World title up in legal wranglings for months but Brock didn’t like Lawyers. Paul said there would be no injunction filed against Seth…Brock would just invoke his rematch clause…tonight!

Stephanie McMahon came out to a huge round of boos. She explained to Brock and Paul that Seth hadn’t made it back from New York, yet. Stephanie pushed how great Wrestlemania was. She praised Brock for his performance. That fans were chanting “Ronda Rousey”, the MMA fighter that kicked Stephanie’s *ss at Mania. Stephanie mentioned that Seth was on Monday’s Today Show. Stephanie was certain that Seth would be willing to fight Brock, when he showed up. Paul said he had a “spoiler”, Brock Lesnar will wrestle on Monday Night Raw, for the first time in a decade. Paul said Brock would defeat Seth to become the new World Champion.

Raw showed a few stills from Wrestlemania.

Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler
Intercontinental Title Match

The Finish:

Both men fought to try and Backslide the other. Dolph threw Daniel’s shoulder into the post. Daniel blocked the Zig Zag. Superkick by Dolph to earn a two count. Bad News Barrett watched this one. Both men were down and stunned. The two threw punches as they rose to their feet. That led to a Headbutt-a-Thon. So cool. Daniel hit the Flying Knee to take the win and retain his title.

Your Winner: Daniel Bryan
Raw Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Bad News Barrett rushed in the ring and attacked Daniel. Sheamus made his return. He now has a red Mohawk and a braided beard. Sheamus shocked everyone when he hit the Brogue Kick on Daniel and then beat the stuffing out of Ziggler. White Noise to Dolph. Brogue Kick to Dolph. The fans rang out with a “You Look Stupid” chant towards Sheamus. Sheamus took the microphone and said only “I’m Back”.

Raw looked back at the Hall of Fame ceremony. I loved the Bushwackers induction, most of all. I really loved how Madusa/Alundra made sure everyone knew she was ALSO Madusa. Smile. The most touching moment of all was the Conner “The Crusher” induction. If anyone saw that and didn’t tear up, check your pulse. The Lanny Poffo poetry was well-done but I wish someone would have shown Miss Elizabeth the respect SHE deserved.

Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and The Ascension vs New Day and the Lucha Dragons
8-Man Tag Team Match

The Finish:

Kalisto hit a Corkscrew Crossbody on one of the members of the Ascension and then hit a Hurancanrana DDT. It all broke down into chaos. Big E tossed both champs around. Kofi was flipped out. Kalisto hit the Selena Del Sol (A Sliced Bread into a Reverse X-Factor) on Connor.

Your Winners: Kalisto, Sin Cara, Big E and Kofi Kingston
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Paul Heyman le Brock now that Seth Rollins had arrived.

A promo ran for Neville. I guess he lost his first name when he made the jump to the main roster.

Raw aired more stills from Wrestlemania.

Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins
WWE World Title Match

Seth got up in Brock’s face and showed off his title belt. Seth then refused to give the strap to the ref. Seth slinked out of the ring and made up some bogus excuses about Jet Lag and a Boo Boo Foot (the term I use for my little PitCow, Princess, when she gets a thorn in her foot). Seth said he would not fight, tonight.

Your Winner: Match Never Started
Raw Ranking: N/A

Brock snapped and charged after Seth. Brock took out Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Brock also hit a Clothesline to Seth and then Suplexed Seth. Seth landed on his feet and hit an Enziguri. Brock No Sold it…big time. Seth took off when Brock dropped Jamie and Joey. Brock tipped over the announce table, knocking out Booker T and JBL. Brock grabbed Michael Cole and pitched him in the ring. F5!. That was ridiculous. Brock then beat up a cameraman. Stephanie tried to get Brock to stop but he hit the F5, anyway. Stephanie totally lost her cool after that. Stephanie suspended Brock, indefinitely. (Nice trick to keep the belt away from Brock). The fans started a “B.S.” chant. Brock then hit a 2nd F5 on the poor camera guy. Paul and Brock then left the arena.

Backstage, Renee Young ran into Stephanie. Stephanie elaborated on her comments by saying Brock would also be facing a substantial fine. Stephanie reminded Brock that Lesnar just signed a new contract, which means “I own that Son of a B*tch”.

Even more stills from Mania aired. It was a great show.

Star Dust vs Damien Mizdow

Byron Saxton stepped in to be the solo announcer. Let Damien go back to being Damien Sandow, will you? Mizdow turned on Miz at Mania, eliminating him from the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Mizdow would then lost to Big Show. Star didn’t like Mizdow wearing the sunglasses. Star jumped Damien but Mizdow came back with an explosive volley of moves. Reality Check and Kip Up by Mizdow. Star reversed a Whip and hit the Exploding Star Kick. Star freaked out when the fans started chanting “Cody”. Front Drop Suplex by Star Dust. Cravat but Mizdow rolled around to relieve the pressure. Mizdow punched away but took a kick. Snap Mare to avoid Dark Matter. Skull Crushing Finale!

Your Winner: Damien Mizdow
Raw Ranking:

Miz attacked Mizdow with a Skull Crushing Finale, after the match. Miz screamed at Mizdow, saying it was all Mizdow’s fault. Miz repeatedly told Mizdown that Damien was nothing.

Raw showed a few newspaper headlines and then showed the Rock/Rhonda vs Stephanie/HHH confrontation. Byron then sent it to a video package about the whole Wrestlemania Week of Activities. I was hoping to be there but Work Obligations kept me close to home.

Curtis Axel was in the ring, whining about being the 1st man eliminated in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Yes, he was my choice to win it. So, I was wrong. I am very happy to see Big Show, an actual Giant, won it.

Curtis Axel vs Neville

This kid, Neville, is just beyond words. I like the nickname “The Man that Gravity Forgot”. Low Bridge into a Top Rope Moonsault…to the floor. Neville ducked a punch. Float Over into a trio of Handsprings. Neville with 2 Flying Crossbodies. Lightning quick strikes into a Rolling European Uppercut. Scoop Slam led to the Red Arrow! (Corkscrew Falcon Arrow). Damn!

Your Winner: Neville
Raw Ranking: 3.0

It was announced that Michael Cole may have a fractured cervical vertebrae…aka…a broken neck.

John Cena Open Challenge

John Cena cut a good promo about winning the title, the most important match of his career. John got the crowd to signing “John Cena Sucks”. Everyone expected Rusev to accept but it was Dean Ambrose that emerged from the back.

John Cena vs Dean Ambrose
United States Title Match

Collar and Elbow and John took Dean down with a Side Headlock. Dean pushed John, which seemed to anger the new champ. Side Headlock Takeover by Cena. Dean got up and Pushed off. Tackle by John as the split Cena chants erupted. Universal into a Hip Toss by Dean. 1 count, only. Cena went out to the floor. Break Time.

John had Dean in the Rear Chin Lock. Jerry Lawler was out to help Byron announce. John dropped Dean. The crows was so hostile towards the new US champ. Dean ran over John, twice. Corner Splash into a Bulldog by Dean. Dean went up top and waited. Dean missed his move and Cena hit the Protobomb. Dean kicked John in the face and then went off with punches and chops. Big Boot by John. A 2nd Protobomb by Cena. Five Knuckle Shuffle. Dean escaped the STF and nailed the Teeter Totter Clothesline. 1-2-no.

Dean wanted Dirty Deeds but John blocked it. The two threw wild Haymakers. Back Elbow by Dean into a massive Tornado DDT. 1-2-Kick Out! Dean hit a Savage Elbow, from the top, to the floor. Both men were down and wiped. Dean lifted John to throw him back in the ring. Dean then got in but got surprised by an Attitude Adjustment. Could be…might be…Denied. John moved Dean up onto the top turnbuckle. Dean escaped a top rope AA. Dean kept fighting as John rushed up. Dean screwed up the Sunset Flip Powerbomb and the fans let Dean know about it. Dean hit a Powerbomb but John went into the STF. Dean barely made it to the ropes, forcing the break. Dean escaped another AA and put John in the STF! Dean held John’s hand to prevent John from reaching the ropes. Dean nailed Dirty Deeds. 1-2-Kick Out! The fans were livid that John didn’t go down in defeat.

The two went back to trading hard shots. Dean poked John in the eyes, which ticked off Cena. Lots of reversals. John rolled through a Crossbody to nail the Attitude Adjustment.

Your Winner: John Cena
Raw Ranking: 4.0

After the match, both men showed respect to each other.

Highlight stills of Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns were shown. Both men gained a ton of respect from each other and from the fans, including myself. Seth was brilliant in Cashing In, just at the right moment.

Renee Young interviewed Seth Rollins. Renee asked Seth for his thoughts on Brock’s suspension. Seth thought it was a great thing that Stephanie did. Seth wanted to be focused upon, not Brock. Randy Orton walked in and said he wanted a shot at Seth’s title. Randy never got a rematch, when he lost. Seth told Randy that Orton had 3 problems. Seth instructed Randy to find two partners to face him, Kane and Big Show. Hmm…

A.J. Lee, Paige and Naomi vs Natalya, Nikki and Brie Bellas
Six-Diva Tag Team Match

The Finish:

Naomi hit a Body Block off he top. Nikki then planted Naomi with the Alabama Slam. Paige made the save. German Suplex by Nattie to Page. Nikki accidentally hit Brie and Naomi nailed the Rear View to pin Nikki.

Your Winners: Naomi, Paige and A.J. Lee
Raw Ranking: 2.5

In the locker room, Randy was approached by Ryback. The Big Guy volunteered his services to The Viper. They shook hands on it. Who would be the third partner?

Raw had a few more photos from The Big One.

Goldust vs Rusev

Rusev came out without Lana (BOO!). Goldy had a whole new face paint design, this week. Gold ducked Rusev and threw wild punches. Rusev exploded on Gold with punches and kicks. Rusev clubbed Gold in the back of the head and stomped away. Rusev boxed the ribs, in the corner. Knee Strike by Rusev. Rusev drove Gold’s face into the canvas. He shrieked at Goldy in Bulgarian or Russian. Jumping Thrust Kick by Rusev. Accolade!

Your Winner (by Submission): Rusev
Raw Ranking: 1.25

Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane vs Randy Orton, Ryback and Roman Reigns
Six-Man Tag team Match

Seth quickly bailed out of the ring. Seth stood next to Big Show and the Andre trophy. Seth placed the title belt next to the trophy. Kane kicked and punched away at Ryback. Ryback revered Whip but ate a Big Elbow. Spinebuster by Ryback. Kane left the ring to avid the Meat Hook Clothesline. Roman flew over the top rope and out of the ring to take out his foes as Raw went to break.

Randy put down Kane and punched away. Tag to Ryback. Suplex by the Big Guy. Randy came back in and kicked away. Kane pushed Randy to the corner and tagged in Seth. Seth punched away at The Viper. Corner Stomps by the World Champ. Whip by Seth but Randy exploded out of the corner and punched and Clotheslined the new champ. Jumping Enziguri by Seth. 2 count. Seth choked Randy in the corner. Tag to Big Show. Show cracked the ribs and then stood on Randy’s chest. Show then sat down on Randy’s chest.

Headbutt by Show and then a hard series of Elbow Drops. 2 count. Skillet Slap by Show. Tag to Kane. Uppercut and punch by Kane. Snap Mare into a Slider Dropkick by Kane. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Kane. The two went back and forth with hard punches. Ag to Seth as he crowd did a Wave around the arena. I love it. The wrestlers actually stopped to watch the Wave!

Seth then started kicking away at Randy. Corner Splash Forearm by Seth. Seth with the DX Crotch Chop. He snapped Randy’s neck on the top rope. Randy climbed up and punched Seth. Superplex. That was Randy’s dad’s finisher, all those years ago. Smile. God, I’m getting old. Kane and Roman got tags. Samoan Drop to Kane. Show got laid out. Corner Clotheslines by Roman. Runk Neckbreaker abandoned as Roman decided to switch to the Superman Punch. Show sopped Roman, but only for a second. Superamn Punch to Kane. Show laid out Roman. Ryback with a Shell Shocked to Show. Curb Stomp to Ryback. Seth Lead Frogged a Spear. RKo to Kane, who had grabbed Roman. Spear!

Your Winners: Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Ryback
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Wow, I just about wore out my “R” key with that one. Smile.


–Jay Shannon

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