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Samoa Joe made his in-ring return, this week.

Roll the opening montage.

“King” Corino and Kevin Kelly were your announce team.

Moose vs Caprice Coleman

Stokely Hathaway and the gorgeous Veda Scott were with Moose, as he entered the arena. Veda would not allow the Code of Honor handshakes. Collar and Elbow and Moose shoved Caprice across the ring. Moose tried the save trick but Caprice with an Arm Drag into a Seated Keylock. Moose rolled over and lifted Caprice out of the Shor Arm Scissors. Moose blocked the Sunset Flip. Moose missed a Dropkick but Caprice hit one. Moose botched a Hurancanrana move by Caprice. Moose got shoved into the ring post, outside. Moose with the Cesaro Swing to send Caprice into the barrier, a couple of times.

Scoop by Moose into Snake Eyes. 1-2-not yet. Caprice punched away and hit Clotheslines. Moose barely felt a thing. Moose went to a knee after a Jumping Leg Lariat. Modified Cutter by Caprice. Caprice with a Flying X Factor to get a 2 count. Low Bridge by Caprice. Springboard Moonsault, by Caprice, to the floor. Caprice pitched Moose back in the ring. Moose Dropkicked Caprice off the ropes. Moose came back and nailed the Spear.

Your Winner: Moose
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.75 out of a possible 5

The Decade (B.J. Whitmer and Adam Page) vs Shaheem Ali and Leon St. Giovanni

The Decade jumped their foes, before the bell. Page with a Go To Sleep into a Backbreaker. The Decade double teamed Leon. Page laid out Leon with a Clothesline. All Seeing Eye on Leon.

Your Winners: The Decade
Honor Roll Ranking: 1.0

Whitmer took the microphone and talked about scouting for Page’s replacement as the new “Young Boy”. Whitmer said he had the new member of the Decade. Whitmer offered Corino the chance to be a Young Boy. No, it wasn’t Steve Corino, it was Steve’s son, Colby. Steve got in the ring to talk to his son. Colby stood up to his dad. Jimmy Jacobs rushed in to try and talk sense to Whitmer but B.J. wasn’t listening. Colby held the ropes for The Decade.

The rise of Donovan Dijak was profiled. Dijak was offered a spot within the House of Truth. He agreed to join. Dijak has been partnered with J. Diesel Dalton Castle challenged Jay Lethal to fight hi m for the TV Title. Jay ripped Castle a new one. Dijak with his variation of Go To Sleep to Castle, which allowed Jay Lethal to retain the TV Title.

J. Diesel and Donovan Dijak vs Brutal Burgers (Cheeseburger and “Brutal” Bob Evans)

I loved Cheesy’s Burger hat. Bob and Diesel got into a shoving match. Collar and Elbow and Bob took the Side Headlock. Diesel Pie Faced Bob and got the same treatment. Back Heel Trip into a modified Fujiwara Arm Bar. Diesel made it to the ropes and tagged out to Dijak. Cheesy wanted the tag, big time. He got it. This was a serious David and Goliath type of match. Cheesy jumped on Dijak and wailed away. Dijak just threw Cossy off. Truth held onto Cheesy’s leg. Cheesy stomped Truth’s hand. Chokeslam Backbreaker but Dijak pulled up Cheesy before the three count. Cheesy was itched into the corner. Tag to Diesel. Knee Drops to Cheesy’s ribs. Scoop Slam by Diesel. Diesel threw Cheesy into the corner and tagged in Dijak. Knee Strikes by the huge man. Suplex Throw by Dijak. Tag to Diesel.

Diesel kicked at Cheesy’s head. Fallaway Slam to send Cheesy sailing. Back Elbwo by Cheesy. School Boy into a DDT by Cheesy. Cheesy crawled to his corner and made the tag. Bob exploded on Dijak with hard punches. Bulldog by Bob to Dijak. Bob then popped Diesel. Tag to Cheesy. Cheesy got up on Bob’s back and then ran to the corner. Dijak blocked a double team move. Dijak with a Big Boot to Bob and Feast Your Eyes by Dijak.

Your Winners: Donovan Dijak and J Diesel
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

After the match, Brutal Burgers partied with the crowd. Bob then Clotheslined Cheeseburger. Bob had a look of complete fury on his face. What the heck was that?

Jay Briscoe cut a promo. He was cut off by the KRD (Knights of the Rising Dawn). Weird.

Samoa Joe vs Kyle O’Reilly

Bobby Fish was with his tag team partner for this match. “Joe is gonna kill ya” rang out from the crowd. Joe is now billed from Huntington Beach, CA, not the Isle of Samoa. Decent new music for Joe. ”Welcome Back” was the next big chant for Joe. Code of Honor Handshake. RoH took another break.

Kyle kicked at Joe. Joe tied up Kyle and took the tag champ to the ropes. Shoulder Throw by the big Samoan and Kyle hit the floor to escape Joe. The two men traded hard kicks. Kyle caught Joe’s leg and took him to the ropes. Go Behind by Kyle but Joe quickly took the arm and cranked away. Kyle rolled over to take control. Joe went for the Kokina Clutch but Kyle escaped. Roll Up by Joe and then he nearly took Kyle’s head off with a Crescent Kick. “This is Wrestling” echoed off the walls. Joe unloaded with raid fire punches. Joe with a Whip into the Back Run and Jumping Enziguri. Boot Washes by Joe. Broski Boots by Joe. RoH paused for what should be the final break of the night.

The two went were out on the floor. Kyle Face Washed Joe. Kyle rushed at Joe but got decked. Running Boot by Joe as Kyle sat in a chair. Fish distracted Joe so Kyle could attack the arm. Kyle clubbed the back. Kyle then pulled Joe’s arm around the bottom rope.

Back in the ring, Kyle kept focus on the hurt arm. Joe blocked a Suplex. Joe threw wild punches with the good arm. . Leg Lariat and Arm Whip down by Kyle. Joe kicked out at the count of one. Joe took out Kyle’s legs and hit a Clothesline. Running Boot and Backsplash Senton by Joe. Snap Powerslam by Joe. Kyle blocked a Powerbomb but Joe caught Kyle on the floor and planted him. STF by Joe. Kyle inched his way towards the ropes. Joe locked up both arms to prevent him grabbing the ropes. Kyle did get a foot on the bottom rope. Kyle caught Joe in the Flying Guillotine. Bobby Fish screamed for the bell. Fujiwara Arm Bar by Kyle but Joe made it to the ropes. Joe slid out to the floor. Missile Dropkick, off the apron, by Kyle. Joe crashed into the barricade.

Kyle kicked at the bad wheel as they got back in the ring. Brainbuster by Kyle. Kyle went back to the Fujiwara Arm Breaker. Kyle really looked awesome in this match. Joe got his foot on the rope to force the break. Bobby screamed that Joe tapped out. Joe slapped away at Kyle but Kyle came back with a flurry of moves. Jumping Enziguri by Joe to drop Kyle. Both men were down and the ref started his count. Kyle missed a Corner Splash and Joe with the Uranage and a series of Knee Strikes. Joe set for it and nailed the Muscle Buster.

Your Winner: Samoa Joe
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

Handshake and Bow, after the match. Nice.


–Jay Shannon

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