Posted March 29th, 2015 by Bill Apter

Rusev came down the ramp in a war tank led by Lana and Russian Soldiers — very “movie like” entrance. Cena’s entrance was preceded by a video of many former United States Presidents with words about how proud we are as Americans.

Rusev demanded to be introduced first. Cena’s introduction was met with many loud boos.

Cena comes out fast with a clothesline and pin attempt but Rusev comes back quickly … Rusev with a waist-lock suplex and pin attempt … Rusev charges at Cena in the corner … Cena with shoulder tackles and he is going for the “You Can’t see Me” … Tries an Attitude Adjustment but Rusev gets out … Rusev takes Cena up to the top but Cena punches him down and double legdrop and pin attempt but only a two count…Rusev with a superkick and pin attempt … Cena with a Tornado DDT and pin attempt ..Vicious slams and kicks by Rusev … STF by Cena! Lana tosses her shoe in but Rusev cannot reach it but gets to the ropes … Flying headbutt and pin attempt by Rusev.

Accolade locked in … Cena gets onto his feet and smashes Rusev into the corner and gets Rusev in the STF! … Lana distracts the referee, Rusev goes to attack Cena who move out of the way — crashes into Lana sending Lana to the floor … Cena puts on the Attitude Adjustment and pins Rusev to win the title!

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