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Fans chanted “Undertaker” over and over.
Wyatt tried an attack and ‘Taker met him with a big boot to the face and began an attack of punches.’Taker walked the ropes and punched Wyatt. Bray caught him with a clothesline and then one that took Undertaker onto the floor but he landed on his feet. With Wyatt on the apron ‘Taker did his signature legdrop. A headbutt and tossing Wyatt back in the ring and a toss into the corner.

A flying elbow takes ‘Taker down. Wyatt had ‘taker trapped in the corner and uses punches and kicks to weaken him…Wyatt goes for a pin after a clothesline … Wyatt pounds ‘Taker who is face down on the mat … With Undertaker’s head on the steps Wyatt ran at him but also hurt himself while injuring ‘Taker as well.

Hell’s Gate by ‘Taker but Wyatt punches out … Wyatt with a slam and mid-section drop … Wyatt does his bridge back and then when he tries Sister Abigail he is met with a huge chokeslam by Undertaker Tombstone Piledriver and pin but Wyatt kicks out! … Bray gets Sister Abigail and tries the pin but ‘Taker kicks out!

Bray does the backward walk — ‘Taker sits up — Wyatt is terrified — ‘Taker can barely stand and they go punch for punch with Bray taking the lead … Bray mocks ‘Taker with the cut throat move … Sister Abigail try but ‘Taker gets the Tombstone again for the win! Great match.

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