Posted March 29th, 2015 by Bill Apter

THE ROCK came out during a segment where Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were running down the fans and put them in their place. The crowd reaction was deafening.

He issued a challenge for a WrestleMania moment. Triple H said he has nothing to prove to Rock that he kicked his butt already. Triple H took off his jacket (after some rank-outs) but Stephanie interceded and said “Without The McMahons there would be no Rock!” She said he would be nothing without Vince McMahon,Vince Jr., and Stephanie McMahon. She slapped Rock after he made a remark about her father. She went nuts and said this is her ring, stadium, and people and told him to get out now. He started to leave (was near the ramp). He spotted UFC’s Ronda Rousey in the first row who jumped the barrier. Rock brought her into the ring. It’s now the four of them in the ring. Rock said he would never hit a woman but has a very good friend who would be happy to do it. Stephanie said she and Ronda are friends. She tried to get Ronda to say they are friends. Stephanie said she would not fight Rhonda in UFC but this is her ring and told her to get the hell out of her ring. At that point Rhnda said she has to be forced to leave.

Triple H says it’s enough about his wife and Rock punches Triple H and Rousey flipped him out of the ring. Stephanie tried to smack Rhonda who caught her and almost broke her arm.

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