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Internet Pay Per View Details and Commentary Team Revealed for this weekend’s King Of Indies 2015 Tournament!

It’s been 14 years since the original tournament series captured the imagination of a generation of independent wrestlers and promoters, and now it’s just days away from the dramatic return of the King Of Indies tournament.
Friday March 27th and Saturday March 28th 8pm Pacific/11pm Eastern (Wrestlemania Weekend) in San Jose, Ca as part of the WWN Live Experience at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, and broadcast live to the world via Internet Pay Per View alongside incredible shows like Evolve 39 and 40, Shimmer 71, WWN Mercury Rising, and Kaiju Big Battel “Journey To The West Coast” on WWNLIVE.COM and also on demand replay and DVD.

Calling the action live for the 2015 King Of Indies will be the commentary team of “KG” Kevin Gill and Jon Roberts. Kevin Gill is a stalwart supporter of the California independent wrestling scene who is the host of a well known podcast (Kevin Gill Show) and a notable pro wrestling commentator who has extensive internet pay per view commentary experience alongside diverse talents like Mick Foley, Insane Clown Posse, and Scott D’Amore, as well as Matt Striker, and Lars Frederiksen. Jon Roberts is the standout commentator for All Pro Wrestling, and Gold Rush Pro Wrestling with 7 years experience and a lifetime of passion.

In addition to the 16 man, 2 night King Of Indies tournament experience you also get the special added attraction matches:
Friday 3/27 Ricochet Vs Matt Cross Vs Joey Ryan
plus a battle royale dedicated to Roland Alexander!
Saturday 3/28 Ultimo Dragon Vs Juventud Guerrera (KING OF INDIES EXCLUSIVE APPEARANCES)
(Ultimo and Juventud will also be available for autographs and doing photo opportunities exclusively at KING OF INDIES on BOTH nights)
plus a tag team showcase featuring Los Luchas! Vs Rock Nes Monsters (Johnny Yuma and Johnny Goodtime) Vs Classic Connection (Levi Shapiro & Buddy Royal) Vs Legacy Of Honor (Bobby Hart and Sir Samurai)

The 16 Tournament Competitors:
Brian Cage
Jeff Cobb
Rik Luxury
Rey Horus
Lil Cholo
Jody Kristofferson
Willie Mack
Luster The Legend
Adam Thornstowe
Shaun Ricker
Vinnie Massaro
El Mariachi
Dylan Drake
Timothy Thatcher

Watch Tomorrow’s superstars, TODAY!
Friday March 27th, 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern “King Of Indies Night One”
Saturday March 28th, 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern “King Of Indies Night Two”
WWN Live Experience at Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
344 Tully Road, San Jose, Ca 95111
Advance Tickets and Pay per View: WWNLIVE.COM
Additional show Details: www.KingOfIndies.Net
Pay Per View Pricing:
Live Stream Only $9.99 Advance
Live Stream AND On Demand Unlimited Replays $14.99 Advance
Live Stream, On Demand Unlimited Replays, and DVD $24.99 Advance
Commentary by KG Kevin Gill and Jon Roberts
(All prices go up $5 day of show so order now and save!)

First Round Match Ups:

Brian Cage Vs B-Boy

Jeff Cobb Vs Rik Luxury

Lil Cholo Vs Rey Horus

Jody Kristofferson vs Willie Mack

Jeckles The Jester Vs Luster The Legend

“Rock Legend Scum” Adam Thornstowe Vs Shaun Ricker

Vinnie Masarro Vs El Mariachi

Timothy Thatcher Vs Dylan Drake


The King Of Indies tournament was originally presented by Roland Alexander and All Pro Wrestling in 2000 and 2001. In 2015 three like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds with a shared passion for independent wrestling join forces with WWNLIVE to shine a spotlight on the California professional wrestling scene and bring back the tournament to the world, in the shadow of the showcase of the immortals.
Friday 3/27 and Saturday 3/28 at 8pm Pacific/11pm Eastern!

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