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Two of TNA’s best went head to head for the World Title. Bobby Lashley defended his title against the former Olympian and multiple-time World Champ, Kurt Angle. Buckle Up, campers, this one’s going to be amazing.

Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards (The Wolves) vs Jessie Godderz and DJZ (The Bromans) vs Manik and The Great Sanada (The Revolution)
3-Team Ultimate X Match for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Robbie E could face the crowd after getting beaten by Brooke Tessmacher, last week. Robbie asked DJZ to take his place.

Manik and Sanada jumped The Wolves as the bell sounded. The Bromans so got in the middle of things. Manik was sent into Sanada and a Double Dropkick caused a DDT. Eddie Dropkicked Sanada to the floor. Double Team on Jessie. Knee Drop to the back of Jessie’s head. Eddie and Davey wanted to do a Double Suicide Dive but Angelina Love got on the apron and shook her…err…assets. DJZ charged the Wolves and got flipped over Love and onto the mass of humanity on the floor. Davey and Eddie tried to scale the Ultimate X structure but Jessie stopped them. Jessie choked Eddie but Edwards started to fight back. Manik came in and tried to form an alliance with Jessie. It worked, at least at first. Manik hit a Suplex on Davey and had everyone else attack Davey. Sanada and DJZ went out to take out Eddie. Mani started across the ropes but Jessie hit a Dropkick to send him off the Ultimate X structure. Nice Double Team Backbreaker by the Bromans. Jessie tried to hoist DJZ up to get the titles. Jessie then tried to jump off the back. It was a game of Chicken as the Bromans and Revolution went for the belts. The Wolves hit Missile Dropkicks to both opposing teams.

Davey started up the structure but Sanada caught him. Davey kicked away. Manik climbed over Davey to get out he ropes. Eddie pulled Manik down and they hit a Powerbomb/Back Stabber combo. DJZ started up but he was shoved into the metal structure. Jessie Clotheslined both Wolves. Sanada stopped Jessie from climbing the structure. Jessie and Sanada traded hard punches. Green Mist to Jessie’s face. He fell from the rigging. Eddie stopped Sanada, just in time. Eddie started across the ropes and used them to hit a Hurancanrana. Davey with a Warrior’s Way to Sanada. The Wolves scooted across the ropes and retrieved the tag belts.

Your Winners: Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards
Impact Scorecard: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Backstage, Kurt Angle and Bobby Lashley prepared for their epic confrontation.

Austin Aries came out to the ring. He didn’t have his Feast or Fired Briefcase, because it was stolen by the Beat Down Clan. Aries threw out major respect to the fans. He mentioned being out for a couple weeks, thanks to being put through a table. Aries brought up his briefcase. Aries demanded his property back and would not leave the ring until he got it back. Low Ki and Samoa Joe strolled out. Low Ki had the briefcase in hand. Low Ki clarified that Aries felt they had something of his. Ki said that as long as they hold his briefcase, Aries couldn’t cash in. Aries noticed the X-Division Title. Aries wanted a Winners Takes All Match—X-Division Belt vs Briefcase. Wow! Low Ki didn’t think Aries deserve an X-Title Shot. Low Ki had Samoa Joe attack Aries. Low Ki said Aries would have to go through Joe before he could face Low Ki. Quick break.

Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe

The two men went fist and fire from the opening bell. Joe with a wicked Knife Edge Chop. Headbutts by Joe. Joe clubbed the back of Aries’ head. Corner Splash by the big Samoan. Aries ducked a punch and bashed away at Joe’s head. Float Over into a Dropkick by Aries. Front Drop Suplex by Joe. Aries fell to the floor and low Ki taunted Aries. Joe ran Aries into the ring steps. Elbow Drops to Aries’ neck and shoulder. Aries punched back as they got in the ring. Aries’ left arm was nearly useless. Bear Hug German Suplex by Joe. Locked Arm Crossface by Joe. Low Ki yelled at Joe to finish Aries. Joe reversed a Whip and hit the Jumping Enziguri, in the corner.

Snap Mare by Joe into the Kabuki Claw to the neck. Aries got up to his feet and elbowed the ribs. Joe raked Aries’ eyes. Running Boot by Joe but he missed the Backsplash Senton. Aries threw Forearm and chops. Corner Mount Punches by Aries. Neckbreaker in the ropes by Aries. A Double with a Missile Dropkick that sent Joe into the corner. Hesitation Dropkick by Joe. Joe rolled into the modified Fujiwara Arm Bar. Joe put himself between Aries and the ropes. Joe released the hold and put Aries up top. Aries escaped the Muscle Buster and hit a pair of Discus Forearms. Suicide Dive by Aries. Low Ki attacked Aries, pulling the DQ for Joe.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Samoa Joe
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Low Ki accidentally took out Samoa Joe with the Briefcase. Aries blasted Low Ki and got back his briefcase. Rock Star Spud Cashed In his Briefcase!

Rock Star Spud vs Low Ki
X-Division Title Match

Spud hit the Underdog (Acid Drop) and took the win!

Your Winner (and NEW X-Division Champion): Rock Star Spud!
Impact Scorecard: 2.0 (Major Points for the Swerve)

Joe chased after Spud but the Brit was still able to get his title belt. The fans partied with the new champ. Joe chased Spud to the back.

Bobby Lashley warmed up in the backstage area.

Out in the loading dock area, Magnus beat the daylights out of Bram. The fight worked its way into the backstage area. Magnus put Bram on a rolling cart and shoved him into trash cans. Magnus punched away at his old friend. Magnus and Bram fought into the main arena. Magnus was in almost complete control. Magnus had vowed to split Bram open and spill his blood on the Hallowed Ground of London. Flying Clothesline by Magnus. Magnus grabbed steel chair and worked over the lower back with it. Several refs and security members rushed out to stop Magnus. Magnus broke free and kept beating on his old mate. Magnus screamed at Bram and then broke loose to keep punching away. Mickie James rushed down to try and calm down her man, Magnus. Micke then went over and kicked Bram in the nethers and punched away. Bram rolled out of the ring as Earl Hebner tried to restrain the former Knockout champ. Magnus got loose and chased Bram up the ramp. Powerbomb on the stage and Bram made one Hell of a thump when he landed. Magnus and Mickie left the main arena as Bram tried to breathe.

Several TNA stars weighed in on who would win between Kurt Angle and Bobby Lashley.

Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell
Triple Threat Knockout Title Match

Taryn and Gail both jumped Kong. They took her down but Kong kicked them away. Gail dove at Kong but she moved and sent Gail crashing into Taryn. Swinging Sleeper by Kong to Gail. Taryn tried for a Suplex but failed. Kong dropped Gail on Taryn. The two smaller women kicked Kong away. Kong turned and dropped both women. Kong pitched Taryn aside and then Bieled Gail across the ring. Kong kicked away at Taryn and then pushed Taryn’s face into the turnbuckle. Kong then clubbed Gail’s back. Gail escaped the Impact Buster. The two women almost pinned Kong. Double Clothesline by Kong. Kong missed a Corner Splash but ran Gail into a different corner. Taryn rocked Kong with a Missile Dropkick. Flying Crossbody but Kong kicked out at 2. Kong blocked the Cajun Cutter.. Kong tore off her gloves and climbed up the turnbuckles. Kong missed a huge Splash and Taryn nailed the Cajun Cutter. 1-2-Kick Out.

Taryn just couldn’t believe that Kong kicked out. Taryn tied Kong in the ropes and pounded on the big woman’s back. A Dropkick sent Kong to the floor. Gail pushed Taryn away and hit a Crossbody from the top to the floor. Gail and Taryn fought on the turnbuckles. Sunset Powerbomb by Gail. Taryn countered the Eat Da Feet into a School Girl.

Your Winner: Taryn Terrell
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

James Storm flipped a coin to determine what fate Matt Hardy would face. He didn’t give the outcome but neither option was particularly beneficial to Matt Hardy. That match was on deck…

TNA ran a “Survival of the Fittest” video package about Lashley and Angle.

Kurt was asked, backstage, about his feelings regarding his upcoming title match. Kurt knew Lashley was one of the most dominant men in the company’s history. Beating him would prove he still had it.

James Storm vs Matt Hardy
No-Disqualification Match

Storm was accompanied by the entire Revolution group. Storm and Matt went to blows, on the floor. Matt dropped Sanada and then threw chairs into the ring. He pitched a few more toys in. Manik held Hardy’s leg so James could pound away. James wedged a chair in the corner and then looked around. Matt cracked Storm with a trash can and Storm wailed away with the can’s lid. Matt threw the can into Storm’s chest. Can Lid Legdrop by Matt that cased Hardy to limp. Matt sent up top but was tripped. James set up a pair of chairs and then went after Matt. Enziguri by Storm was the setup for a Superplex through the chairs. 2 count, only.

Abyss went under the ring to find the Red Bag o’ Doom. Storm punched away and then took the bag. Storm struggled getting the bag open and then poured out the silver and golden thumbtacks. Hardy nailed numerous Headbutts and pushed Storm off the ropes. Storm landed on the tacks. Savage Elbow by Matt for a 2 count. Twist of Fate by Matt. Abyss pulled the ref out of the ring. Matt Dropkicked Abyss. Matt blasted Khoya and Sanada. Twist of Fate to Manik. Storm rolled up Matt and almost got the win. Storm lost it when he learned it was only a two count. Twist of Fate, again, to Storm. Abyss woke up Storm and handed him the cowbell. Sanada with the blue mist. Double Last Calls by Storm.

Your Winner: “Cowboy” James Storm
Impact Scorecard: 3.25

Storm screamed into the microphone that he was the reason Jeff Hardy was out of TNA. Storm was ready to send Matt to the hospital but stopped to offer Matt membership in The Revolution. Matt did not respond.

Lashley and Angle were getting in the right mind set before the World Title Match. That massive Main Event is next!

Kurt Angle vs Bobby Lashley
TNA World Title Match

The cameras followed both Kurt and Lashley from the locker room to the ring. Jeremy Borash did all the official introductions for this incredible match. Brian Hebner was the Zebra-in-Charge. TNA took a quick commercial break.

The bell sounded and the two men tested the waters before locking up. Lashley went after Kurt’s legs but couldn’t take Angle off his fee.t He dropped Kurt with a Shoulder Tackle. Collar and Elbow and Lashley took Kurt down with a Leg Sweep. Clothesline by Lashley. Kurt stopped to slow things down. Go Behind into a High Crotch. Kurt took the Go Behind and hit the Belly to Belly. He then nailed the Hat Trick of Germans. Drop Toe Hold into the Angle Lock. Lashley reached he ropes to force he break. Kurt sent Lashley out to the floor.

Kurt and Lashley went in and out of the ring. They started fighting on the floor. Lashley dropped Kurt off the guard rail. Lashley grabbed Kurt and ran his back into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Lashley pounded on Kurt and tried for the pin. Kurt kicked out at 2. Boot Choke by the champion. Lashley hit a Vertical Suplex. Bow and Arrow by Lashley but Kurt would not submit. Universal into a Lashley Clothesline. Kurt kicked out at two. Keylock by the champ to Kurt’s right arm. Whip by Lashley but Kurt hit a Back Elbow. Flying Shoulder off the ropes by Kurt. The two men slugged it out in the middle of the ring. Germans by Kurt, yet again. He made the Hat Trick (3 Germans). Lashley nailed a Spinebuser after avoiding he Angle Slam. Lashley set for the Spear but Kurt dodged him. Kurt went back to the Germans. This time, Kurt hit five Germans in a row. Kurt dropped he strap and applied the Angle Lock. Lashley kicked loose with his free leg. Running Bulldog Bounce Powerslam by the champ. TNA went to a final break.

We’re back and Kurt was seriously on the offensive. Lashley was sent into the ring post. School Boy into the Angle Lock. Lashley rolled through and sent Kurt into the ring turnbuckles. Lashley wanted the Spear but Kurt got a boot up. Angle Slam brought a two count. Back Elbow and Clothesline by the champ. Stall Suplex by Lashley. Lashley again made it clear he wanted the Spear. He nailed it but Kurt still managed to kick out at two. Lashley took a chance by going up the ropes. Kurt ran the ropes to try and throw Lashley. The champ knocked Kurt down. Lashley missed the Frog Splash. Kurt rallied himself up and started up the ropes. Lashley rolled through the Crossbody and applied Kurt’s Angle Lock to the challenger. Kurt considered tapping out but didn’t. Kurt reached the ropes to make the break.

Kurt hit another Angle Slam. Could Be…Might Be…Denied! Cross Armbreaker by Lashley. That move is horribly painful, trust me. Kurt reversed his way back into the Angle Lock. Kurt pulled Lashley to mid-ring and grapevine the leg. Bobby had nowhere to go. LASHLEY TAPPED OUT!

Your Winner (and NEW World Champion): Kurt Angle
Impact Scorecard: 4.0

Kurt cried at the realization that he had won. He then helped Lashley to his feet and the two men hugged. That was so great to see.


–Jay Shannon

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