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It was time to finish the feud between Ethan Carter III and Rock Star Spud. Someone was going to lose their hair…but which one? Plus, Bobby Roode and Eric Young fought in a Last Man Standing Match.

The show opened with a look at long-term friendships that has dissolved into sheer violence. Bobby Roode vs Eric Young, Magnus vs Bram and Ethan Carter III vs Rockstar Spud. This week’s show was still in England.

Eric Young vs Bobby Roode
Last Man Standing Match

The two started slugging it out even before the bell. Each man took turns assaulting the other. Eric reversed an Iris Whip but Bobby took him down with a Running Clothesline. Bobby with brutal Knife Edge Chops. Eric tried to fight back but failed. Flair Flop but Bobby sent Eric to the floor with a Dropkick. The ref began the 10 count but didn’t get all that far. The battle went to the floor and Bobby just beat the stuffing out of Eric. Young went to the eyes to fight back. The crowd was very vocal with their “You Sold Out” chants. Eric knocked Bobby down and stood on Bobby’s neck. Bobby blocked a Suplex, on the ramp, and hit one of his own. Stiffler began to count down Eric. Roode decked Eric with a Full Sprint Clothesline, up he ramp.

Bobby bounced Eric off the metal railing. Bobby went under the ring and found a table. Eric crawled toward Bobby. Roode hit a Knee Lift but Eric stopped Bobby from putting him through the table. Impact took a commercial break.

Bobby with a Knife Edge Chop and whip. Eric came back with a Flying Neckbreaker. Eric rammed Bobby into the corner and stood on the neck. Eric blasted Roode, taking him to the floor. Funk Neckbreaker by Eric. Eric missed a Clothesline and Bobby just beat the bejesus out of E.Y.. Eric sent Bobby crashing into the ring steps. Eric bounced Bobby’s face on the ring steps and set for a Piledriver. Roode blocked it and Back Body Dropped Eric off the steps. Both men barely got back to their feet. Both men had chairs and they cracked them against each other. Double Clothesline took both Eric and Bobby down. Each man made it to their feet at the 9 count.

Both men traded heavy blows to the face. Bobby got the better of that one. Eric nailed the Piledriver. It didn’t seem possible but Bobby made it back to his feet, just in time. Eric couldn’t believe that Bobby got back up. Running Back Elbow by Eric. Young went out and got a steel chair and rammed it into Bobby’s ribs. Eric then bashed Bobby’s back with the chair. Eric would not allow the ref to count. Bobby surprised Eric by nailing a Piledriver on the steel chair. Bobby wanted a Roode Bomb but Eric got the ropes. The two ended up on the apron. Eric noticed the able, on the floor. Bobby blocked the Piledriver and hit a Roode Bomb, off the apron and through the table. The ref began the count, yet again. Bobby made it to his feet but Eric didn’t.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Impact Scorecard: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Jeremy Borash tried to talk sense with Rock Star Spud. JB explained that Spud didn’t have to do this. Spud made it clear that he had to stand up to Ethan’s bullying ways. Spud didn’t even care if he lost his hair, he had to stand up to Ethan. Jeremy told Spud to go get Ethan.

Impact looked at Drew Galloway’s campaign to “Stand up for Wrestling”. Drew came out to speak to the UK fans. Drew felt the passion from the real fans of professional wrestling. Drew let everyone know he was a fan, first. He went out into the crowd. Drew wanted to share story time. Once Upon a Time, it used to matter what the fans thought about who should be on TV. Drew was taking shots at his old stomping grounds, I gather. Drew wondered how many fans wanted to take back Pro Wrestling. Everyone did.

Drew then began talking about MVP. Drew felt MVP had a “God Complex”. Drew was cut off by the arrival of MVP and the other members of the B.D.C.. MVP, of course, had to insult the fans. MVP told Drew that he (MVP) Was God. MVP bought up when Drew was “The Chosen One”. MVP claimed Drew was stupid, because he ran afoul of the Beat Down Clan. MVP asked his “Brothers” to step to the back…as a sign of respect for his and Drew’s past friendship. Their war was ready to go…after another commercial break.

Drew Galloway vs MVP

Collar and Elbow to the corner. Drew tore into MVP with chops and clubbing blows. The fans loved it. Drew kicked away but MVP got a cheap shot in to drop Drew. Snap Mare by MVP into a kick to the back. Slider Leg Lariat got MVP a 2 count. MVP Elbowed he neck of his foe and then choked him on the ropes. MVP rammed Drew into the corner and then Whipped him across the ring. Drew ripped MVP’s shirt and Chopped away. MVP held the ropes to avoid a Big Boot. He did fall to a Dropkick. Drew set for the Future Shock DDT but Kenny King and Low Ki rushed in and attacked. King hit a Dropkick, after a mugging. Black Out Kick by MVP.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Drew Galloway
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

MVP took Drew out to the floor. King and MVP held Drew against the ring post. Samoa Joe would not let Low Ki hit the Running Dropkick. He handed the pipe to Low Ki that Drew had used on Low Ki, weeks ago. Drew’s forehead had been busted open by the steel pipe. The BDC left.

Mickie James talked with her fiancé, Magnus. She was worried if he was ready for this. Mickie wanted to be at ringside but Magnus asked her to stay in the back.

Impact ran a video package about the feud between Ethan Carter III and Rock Star Spud. Tonight, the men will fight in a Hair vs Hair Match. Ethan was asked about the match. Ethan bragged about his 16-month winning streak. He insulted Spud by talking about how he was not good enough. He said it wasn’t going to be Spud’s night.

From there, TNA examined the insanity within Bram. Bram wants to completely eliminate his former best mate, Magnus.

Bram vs Magnus

Bra rushed out to attack Magnus but the former World Champion was ready for him. Magnus bounced Bram off several sections of ring barrier. They got in the ring and Bram went for a Dropkick. La Bandera Clothesline sent Bram back out to the floor. Magnus whipped Magnus into the ring steps. Back in the ring, both men hit Big Boots on each other. Bram pushed Magnus into the corner and Clotheslined the back of Magnus’ head.

Bram slammed Magnus’ head onto the ring apron, over and over. Bram pushed the neck and shoulder of Magnus into the ring post. Bram dropped Magnus with the Funk Neckbreaker. Bram hit another Neckbreaker and wanted another one. Magnus lifted Bram but his strength gave out and Bram crashed down on top of Magnus. Bram dropped Magnus and got a two. Magnus pushed out of a DDT. Magus brought up the boot and hit a Dropkick, off the ropes. Mickie rushed down to check on her future hubby. The two men traded wild punches. Running Clothesline by Magnus. Universal into the Flying Clothesline. Savage Elbow by Magnus. Gram nailed he Low Blow, pulling the DQ.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Magnus
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Bram got a chair and blasted Magnus, over and over. Bram then slid out of the ring and found his trusty cue ball. He ref kept Mickie outside the ring. Bram used a zip tie to secure Magnus to the ring rope. Mickie slid in the ring and covered her man. Bram lled Mickie up by the hair. Mickie slapped he taste out of Bram’s mouth. Bram grabbed Mickie and taunted Magnus. Bram said he made it where Magnus had to look up to him. He promised to take everything away from Magnus, unless he kissed Bram’s boot. Mickie held Magnus’ hand and begged Magnus not to kiss he boot. Magnus considered kissing the boot but he anger welled up inside him. He did eventually kiss the boot. Gram released Mickie and exited the ring.

MVP screamed about how the blood had just begun to flow. Low Ki wanted more of Drew Galloway. Samoa Joe told Drew that they warned him and apologized that things got a bit rough for him.

DJZ introduced Robbie E.

Robbie E vs Brooke Tessmacher. Jessie Godderz and Angelina Love seconded Robbie. It felt like a boxing match. Next week, James Storm will battle Matt Hardy in a No-DQ Match.

Robbie ducked a pair of Clotheslines. Robbie slipped between the ropes and then sat down on his boxing stool. Robbie tossed Brooke aside and Cartwheeled over and sat down. Even Taz felt this match was stupid. Knuckle Lock and Brooke fought back. Go Behind by Brooke into a Headlock. Universal with a pair of Leap Frogs. Brooke rocked Robbie with a punch and a series of chops. Brooke grabbed the chair and took a seat. Robbie rushed the corner but Brooke was out of harm’s way. Angelina Love got on the apron to distract. Robbie with a Suplex on Brooke. Robbie headed up the ropes and flew. There was no water in the pool. Angelina grabbed Brokke’s ankle. Brooke stomped on the hand and hit a Tope Con Hilo to the former Knockout champ. Robbie tried for some move. Jessie came in to Dropkick Brooke but hit Robbie, instead. Jackknife Pin by Brooke.

Your Winner: Brooke Tessmacher
Impact Scorecard: 1.5

Josh Mathews introduced a video package about Kurt Angle and his dream to regain the TNA World Championship. Angle defeated Bobby Roode and Eric Young to become the Number One Contender to Lashley’s title. The package also looked at Lashley and his training routine. That title match is going to be epic, straight up.

Rock Star Spud vs Ethan Carter III
Hair vs Hair Match

Spud tore into Ethan at the bell. He punched away and rocked Ethan to his rotten core. Spud then stomped he chest into oblivion. The fight headed out to the floor. Spud bounced Ethan’s face off the apron. Knife Edge Chops and punches kept Ethan off his game. Spud bit Spud in the face. Ethan was sitting in the barber’s chair and Spud Dropkicked him.

Back in the ring, Ethan kicked Spud in the face. Slaps and Knees by Ethan. Carter then pounded on Spud’s skull. The two traded fists, back and forth. Spud ducked and dodged until Ethan connected with a Discus Clothesline. Time for a break.

The show returned with a warning about pending graphic violence. We’re going red. Spud Dropkicked Ethan out of the ring. Spud climbed the ropes and then hit a Cannonball Senton Splash onto Ethan. Nice. Spud rolled Ethan back in the ring. Tyrus rushed out and Powerbombed Spud on the floor. The ref, of course, didn’t see a thing. Tyrus slid Spud back in the ring. Ethan went for the pin but only got a two. Tyrus was still at ringside. Ken Anderson rushed down and blasted Tyrus with repeated punches and a Mic Check. Ethan left the ring and clocked Ken with the arm brace. He also smacked Spud with it. Spud’s face was lacerated. Ethan took Spud back in and ran him from pillar to post. Spud refused to give up. EC3 popped Spud in the face and then went to taunt the crowd. Stinger Splash by Ethan. Spud just crumbled as Jeremy Borash watched in horror. Ethan came out and yelled at J.B. that this was all Boarash’s fault. Ethan pitched Spud back in the ring. J.B. screamed at Ethan. J.B. slid in and hi a Low Blow. Stunner by Spud but Ethan kicked out at two. Impact went back and forth between black and white and color to mask all the blood. I always thought that was so dumb. I watch zombie shred people every week on a certain AMC show and wrestling wants to make blood go from red to dark gray. Seriously?

Ethan bounced Spud’s face off the canvas, several times. Spud Hulked Up at the abuse. Ethan yelled at Spud to stay down. Spud got that Warrior Look. He did the Hogan “You!” point qnd punch. Spud through numerous forearm shots and a Shining Wizard. Straight jabs by Spud into the Testicular Claw aka 5-on-2. Spud kicked Ethan in the back of the head. Warrior/Batista Rope Shake. Ethan blocked the Underdog (Acid Drop). Ethan took down Spud but Spud kicked out at two. Spud crawled up Ethan’s body Ethan it the 1% to end this torture.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Ethan took the microphone and actually praised spud for his heart and spirit. Ethan initially said he would not shave Spud’s head. Ethan admitted he was misguided in his recent actions. He knew he had done wrong to Spud and so many others. Ethan said Spud that the small man could become a World Champion, someday. Ethan said Spud proved he was a fighter and a man. Ethan offered his hand to Spud to end this situation on good terms. It wasn’t a fake out as the handshake was legit. Ethan raised Spuds hand and even held the ropes for him. And that’s when I all changed. Ethan punched away on Spud and said it was time to pay. He put Spud in the Sullivan Tree of Woe and then shaved his bloody head. Ethan then shrieked that the company and the world belonged to Ethan Carter III.


–Jay Shannon

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