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The Finals of the Top Prospect Tournament saw two of the best young men fight for a place of ultimate esteem. Also, the tag champs put their RoH World Tag Titles on the line.

Roll the opening montage!

We are at the 2300 Arena (FKA The ECW Arena). Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly ran down the night’s events and sent it to…

The Addiction (Frankie Kazarian and “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs The House of Truth (Jay Lethal and J. Diesel)

It was so nice to see Kaz and Daniels do a guest appearance on “Comic Book Men”, recently. Code of Honor Handshakes for one and all. Diesel and Kaz opened the contract. Kaz grabbed a Side Headlock and took Diesel down. Diesel got to his feet but Kaz just dropped him with a Side Headlock and then a Drop Toe Hold. Arm Drags by Kaz and Lethal took the tag. Lethal yelled he wanted “The Old Guy” (Daniels). He got him. Lethal mocked Daniels by pretending to limp. Knee Lift by Lethal. Crossbody by Daniels for a two, twice. Sharp shots by Daniels, followed by Knife Edge Chops. Diesel rushed in and caught Daniels. World’s Strongest Slam to Daniels. Diesel officially tagged in and unloaded with punches and Knee Lifts. Float Over by Daniels and tag to Kaz.

Kaz threw Diesel into Daniels’ boot and they double teamed the rookie. Daniels was legal and he grabbed a Side Headlock. Truth grabbed Daniels ankle and Fallen Angel stomped on Truth’s hand. The fight went to the floor and RoH went to a break.

The show returned and Diesel tagged in. Diesel pounded on Daniels and hit a Side Slam. 1-2-no. Tag back to Lethal. Ax Bomber to Daniel’s neck. Lethal wrenched away with a Rear Chin Lock. Lethal stomped Daniels’ chest. Daniels fought out of the enemy corner and went to the floor. He took down the entire House of Truth. Lethal went for a Suicide Dive and accidentally took out Lethal. Kaz finally got the tag and hit a Springboard Back Elbow on Lethal. Truth got in and taken out by Kaz. Kaz planted Lethal and played to the fans. Springboard Cutter by Kaz and then he applied a modified Octopus Clutch on Diesel. The problem was that Diesel wasn’t legal. Hail to the King to Daniels but Kaz made the save. All kinds of shots in the ropes from both sides. Uranage Slam by Daniels. KRD, the red masked figure, got up on the ropes. Lethal with the Roll Up on the distracted Christopher Daniels.

Your Winners: The House of Truth
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

A review video aired about the Top Prospect Tournament. Eight great young stars have given their all over the last few weeks. The finals will be Will Ferrara vs Donovan Dijak.

Donovan Dijak vs Will Ferrara
Top Prospect Tournament Finals

Dijak was a good head taller than Will. Collar and Elbow and Dijak pushed away his foe. Collar and Elbow to the ropes. Chest Slaps on both sides. Go Behind by Will, into a Side Headlock. Every Top Prospect, so far, has been from New England. Will tried for Shoulder Tackles but couldn’t take Dijak down. Will went for a Thesz Press but Dijak held him off. Will wanted a Backslide but couldn’t take Dijak over. Big Boot by Dijak. It was time for another round of commercials.

Dijak pounded away on the much smaller Will Ferrara. Will tried for a Whip but ate a Savate Kick instead. 2 count. Knee Lift by Dijak. Hard Whip by Dijak and Will just collapsed. 2 count, once again. Brutal Bob Evans strolled out to watch the match. Bob worked with both guys. Veda Scott came out as Will applied a Short Arm Clothesline. Veda was accompanied by Stokely Hathaway. The Decade then strolled out to watch this war. Dijak finally got to the ropes. Dijak threw wild Forearms and then sent Will across the ring. Dijak Whipped Will back across the ring but Will got he boots up. Belly to Belly Throw by Dijak. Corkscrew Float Over Drop by Dijak. Truth Martini strolled out just as Will escaped Feast your Eyes and hit the Tornado DDT. Could be…might be…Denied!

Will wanted a Sonic Boom to the floor but couldn’t take over Dijak. Donovan wiped out Will with an Apron Moonsault! Damn! Dijak missed Feast Your Eyes and almost got taken out. Sonic Boom by Will. The Sonic Boom is a variation of the Canadian Destroyer. Dijak lifted Will and connected with Feast Your Eyes (Attitude Adjustment into a Go To Sleep).

Your Winner: Donovan Dijak
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5

Veda Scott, Stokely Hathaway, Bob Evans, and Jimmy Jacobs chatted with Dijak. Truth thought about getting in the ring but didn’t. Dijak finds himself in the (Randy) Savage Bidding War position wince he is the 2015 Top Prospect!

The Decade (B.J. Whimer and Adam Page) vs reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly)
Ring of Honor World Tag Team Title Match

The champs were jumped before the bell. Whitmer and Page pounded on the champs. Double Baseball Slides by the champs. Hey followed up with a pair of Topes to the challengers. The bell still hasn’t started, since the bell did not ting. Double Knees by Kyle to Page. Kyle pitched Page in the ring and the bell sounded. Tag to Fish. Bobby snapped the arm over the shoulder and then threw hard knees. Snap Mare to Page into a Springboard Senton. Push Off into a Back Kick. Crescent Kick by Fish and then Bobby taunted Whitmer.

Tag back to Kyle. reDRagon also hold the IWFP Junior Tag Team straps. The champs kept aging back and forth. Spin Kick by Fish into a Snap Suplex. 2 count. Scoops Slam by Fish to get a two count on Page. Muta Power Drive Elbow to Page. Page tried to fight back but Kyle Kneed the back. Whitmer was taken out by Kyle. Kyle then took the tag and kicked the chest ala Daniel Bryan. Page went to the ropes but got Kneed and Slapped. Whirmer was pushed out of the ring but trapped Kyle in the ring skirting. Double team on the champs. Time for a final break.

Whitmer spat at Fish as the show returned. Snap Powerslam by Whitmer. That followed a see-saw series of punches. Page took the tag and punched away. Page with Pumphandle Knee Lifts into the Fallaway Bridge. 2 count. Tag back to Whitmer. Kyle tried to punch out of the corner but couldn’t quite get it done. Page took another tag. Page kicked Kyle in the chest. Whitmer took the tag and went to the eyes. Snap Mare by Whitmer. Whitmer locked in a Rear Chin Lock but Kyle fought to his feet. Exploder Suplex by Whitmer.

Tag to Page, who blasted Kyle in the ribs. The two went back and forth with hard blows. Page Thrusted the throat but Kyle came right back with the Cross Armbreaker. Kyle bashed and battered both challengers and tagged out to Fish. Crossbody and Falcon Arrow to Page but Whitmer made the save. Whitmer punched both champs but got laid out with Ax and Smash and a Saito Suplex. Fish and Kyle double teamed Page. Backbreaker/Knee Drop combo by the champs. Page barely kicked out. Whitmer prevented Chasing the Dragon. Page with the Sling Blade Neckbreaker to get a two. Double team by The Decade. Somersault Clothesline, by Page, but Fish made the save. Whitmer tripped as he went for the Suicide Dive. Kyle caught Page with the Triangle Choke. Fish kept Whitmer at bay. Kyle switched to the Cross Armbreaker and Page tapped out.

Your Winners (by Submission): reDRagon
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Corino and Whitmer got into it when Whitmer threw water at Corino. Steve pushed refs and others away. One of the kids took exception to being pushed around and Whiter tried to make the most of it. Fade out.


–Jay Shannon

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