Posted March 9th, 2015 by 1Wrestling News Team

By Herb Simmons …
My good friend and business associate Larry Matysik has been recovering from some health issues over the past several months.  Recently  along with WWE Legendary Hall Of Famer Cowboy Bob Orton we visited Larry and have this exclusive video to show you CLICK HERE
Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling  is continuing to keep our promise to the SICW fans that things were going to be bigger and better in 2015.  Our Wrestling Program, SICW Wrestling Explosion has 300 episodes in the can, our website www.sicw.org is operating, and our commitment to help organizations raise funds is in full swing.  We continue to bring in the Legends of this great business, just as we will  March 21st when Nicolai Volkoff joins SICW.
The purpose of  Bob  Orton’s visit was two fold as he wanted to visit with Larry Matysik, and second;y I  made an offer to Orton to join the Staff of SICW.  I believe the offer I made to him will earn his consideration, and I’m confident that in the next few days I will receive his answer, and then we can make if official.
Orton will bring a variety of new ideas and leadership into our thus  flawless operation.  I must say that having Orton visit  with Larry was  great medicine for him, just as all the cards and letters that the fans have been sending to him.
Should anyone wish to share a letter or card to Larry Matysik they can do so by sending it to,  c/o Herb Simmons P.O. box 351 East Carondelet Illinois, 62240.
SICW continues to provide their loyal fans with the Legends, the good local talent, and those that will someday by the Legends in this great business that we all grew up on and truly enjoy, the business some call Wrestling, or RASSLIN’

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