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This week was a special “Informercial” episode of Ring of Honor. Sunday, Ring of Honor presented their 13th Anniversary show from Las Vegas. This hour presented a Scorecard so those who wanted to tune in who be prepared for all the great action.

Roll the opening montage!

Our hosts were Mandy Leon and Larry Mercer. Mandy looked incredible. The first focus was Roderick Strong vs B.J. Whitmer. RoH showed how Strong and Whitmer first got together as founders of The Decade. Whitmer talked about attacking Strong. Strong mentioned being with Jimmy Jacobs at Whimer’s bedside when B.J. was dealing with a broken neck. Whitmer said he was testing Strong from day one. Strong regrets every accepting Whitmer’s invitation to join The Decade. Strong now knew that he and Jacobs were just brought in to protect Whitmer. Both men wanted to make this personal and end each other’s careers.

Flasshback to the 1st Anniversary Show, as Jay Briscoe defeaed his brother, Mark, with multiple Jay Drillers. It is amazing how young and clean cut the two brothers were a dozen years back.

After the break, we saw a clip of A.J. Styles vs C.M. Punk from the 2nd Anniversary Show. Punk looked so odd with bleached blonde hair. Styles nailed a Styles Clash off the ropes to seal the deal.

Time to profile another big match for the Pay Per View. This profile was ODB vs Maria Kanellis-Bennett. RoH looked at the debut of ODB. The Kingdom had been pulling tricks on the Briscoes. They reached out for some help from One Dirty…Briscoe! IN a clip from The Kingdom vs The Briscoes, Mark was taken down, outside the ring. Jay got bashed in the head with the pink belt known as the Title of Love (Jay’s old title belt, redecorated. Mark was neutralized with a chair and The Kingdom went for a ConChairTo. They brought out ODB, who cleaned house. Maria ran for her life. She won’t be running on Sunday.

Maria whined and whimpered about having to go from being a manager to wrestling. Maria questioned if ODB was really a female. Maria went into an evil place as she talked about being underestimated for close to a decade. Maria was confident that she would overcome the much-larger and much-tougher ODB.

RoH sent it to Sandy Fork, DE. ODB and The Briscoes were doing some…well, let’s say unusual, training.

We jumped to the 6th Anniversary show where Nigel McGuinness battled Bryan Danielson (aka WWE’s Daniel Bryan). Nigel forced Bryan to pass out to an Arm Bar Submission.

The 7th Anniversary show saw Nigel McGuinness force Kenta to tap out.

Mandy and Larry were back to talk about the next big bout. This segment was a focus on The Young Bucks vs reDRagon. I’m putting my money on reDRagon to retain, a much as I really like the Young Bucks. A fantastic highlight reel aired of past battles between the two teams. Both teams are exceptional at what they do. TNA and WWE should really take a look at these two teams to learn what Real Tag Team wrestling is all about. The Bucks and reDRagon has traded the tag belts a couple of times.

Moving into singles tile action, Ring of Honor profiled Jay Lethal defending his TV title against Alberto El Patron. Jay was insulted hat El Patron set his sights on the World title and basically ignored him. Jay cut a promo about how he is so much better than everyone else. Jay was mad that El Patron dared to put his hands on him. Jay was confident that he would retain. Truth Martini reminded Alberto about Vegas Rule #1…Never bet against The House.

Christopher Daniels vs Alberto El Patron

Roh went otthe closing moments of Christopher Daniels vs Alberto El Patron. Daniels almost got the pin after a Spinning Powerbomb. El Patron escaped he Angel’s Wings and caught Daniels with the Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. El Patron stomped away at The Fallen Angel’s shoulder. Daniel trapped El Patron in the Koji Clutch. I watched the fantastic match, the other night, between Naito and Tanahashi from NJPW, and Daniels did the move as well as they did. Flying Armbreaker, followed by a Superkick, by El Patron. 1-2-no. Northern Lights Suplex by Daniels but he only got a two. Alberto tripped Daniels on the ropes and hit his Inverted Superplex. 2 count, yet again.

Daniels missed the DME and Alberto hit he Sep Up Enziguri and Flying Armbreaker. Cross Armbreaker by El Patron and Christopher Daniels tapped out.

Your Winner: Alberto El Patron
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25 out of a possible 5

After the match, Daniels and El Patron showed massive respect to each other.

Mandy and Larry discussed Matt Sydal vs Cedric Alexander and A.J. Styles vs ACH. Ach did a rhyming promo about his hero, Styles. ACH knew the odds were against him but he was determined to beat the odds. Then they discussed Moose vs Mark Briscoe. RoH showed how Moose got involved with Mark Briscoe, a couple weeks back. Moose took out both Briscoes at a recent house show. Mat Sydal attacked Moose but got Speared into another dimension. Mark discussed how Moose was playing football while Mark was wrestling. Mark let everyone know it was “Moose Season”.

Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson were supposed to be involved in a Triple Threat Tag Match but Gallows had travel issues. Anderson did make an appearance at the PPV (or so I was told).

Another Flashback: Adam Cole and Eddie Edwards vs Kyle O’Reilly and Davey Richards. 10th Anniversary Show. Kevin Steen (Owens) cut a promo, after the match.

The final segment, of course, dealt with the Fatal Four Way for the World Title. Jay Briscoe will defend against Michael Elgin, Tommaso Ciampa and “Warbeard” Hanson. Ring of Honor showed how this four way match got set up. All four men have taken shots at each other in the weeks leading up to Sunday’s PPV. All four men gave their final thoughts on the huge match.

Larry and Mandy returned to wrap things up. I’ll bring you the final results of the Pay Per View, later tonight.


–Jay Shannon

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