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Lashley had to face his former running buddy, MCP, for the World title.

Last week’s comments by Kurt Angle about being the Number One Contender aired. That led to highlights of the 20-man Gauntlet Battle Royal. Kurt ended up against all 4 members of the Beat Down Clan. Kurt threw out Low Ki, Samoa Joe and Kenny King. MVP used a Running Big Boot to send Kurt out of the match and earn himself a shot at Lashley, this week.

Kurt strolled out to the ring and called out Lashley. The TNA World Champion answered without hesitation. Kurt didn’t ask Lashley to like or respect him. Kurt was mad that Lashley did nothing when the BDC screwed him over. Kurt made it clear that he wanted to defeat Lashley for the World title. The fans popped huge for the possibility of that match. Kurt explained to Lashley that he would be facing the entire BDC, without Kurt’s help. Kurt threw down the microphone and walked away.

The Beat Down Clan came out to their new entrance music. The quartet arrived in full force. Samoa Joe had the microphone and he wished Lashley “Good Luck”. “You Sold Out” rang out from the fans. Joe turned it and said Lashley sold them out. Joe said all credit for Lashley’s success belongs to MVP and the other members of the BDC. Joe assured everyone that MVP would do everything necessary to take the World Title.

MVP took the stick and said his group was a collective clan. MVP reminded Lashley that the champ was standing alone. MVP kept taking shots at the Manchester (England) fans. MVP was certain that the World title was returning to the BDC.

Taz sent it back to last week when Tyrus got what little hair he had on his skull removed…by Rock Star Spud.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus vs. Mr. (Ken) A nderson and Rock Star Spud

Ken did his typical Drop Mic intro. Rock Star Spud kind of spoiled it , a little, by grabbing the mic and making sure everyone knew he was there too.

Tyrus and Ken opened the contest. Tyrus was wrestling in a snow cap/beanie. Tyrus removed it and the fans laughed. Ken ducked Tyrus and popped the massive wrestler. Ken with punches and chops but Tyrus caught Ken and attacked him in the corner. Tyrus missed a Corner Splash. Corner Mount Punches by Anderson. Spud took the tag and did his own Corner Mount Punches. Tyrus walked out of the corner with Spud. World’s Strongest Slam by Tyrus. Tag to Ethan. Scoop Slam by Tyrus before the big man left he ring. The ref snatched the clippers from Ken. Enizguri by Spud. Tags on both sides.

Ken dropped Tyrus with Flying Back Elbows. Rolling Neckbreaker by Anderson. Tyrus got out at two. The fans called for Spud. Shoulder Tackle by Tyrus. Tyrus with a Low Blow. Tyrus pushed Spud off the apron to prevent the tag. Scoop Slam by Tyrus and tag to EC3. Ethan grabbed Ken and taunted his foes by faking out a tag attempt for Ken. Back Elbow by Ethan and tag to Tyrus. Heart Punch by Tyrus. Scoop Slam by Tyrus. Tyrus climbed the ropes but missed the Avalanche Splash. Spud took the tag and laid out Tyrus with a Shining Wizard. Underdog (Acid Drop) by Spud but Ethan made the save. Huge Low Blow and Mic Check by Anderson. Spud covered Tyrus.

Your Winners: Mr. Anderson and Rock Star Spud
Impact Scorecard: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Impact flashed back to May 15, 2015 when Lashley joined Kenny King and MVP. Just over a month later (June 19th), Lashley defeated Eric Young to become the World Champion. That alliance would crumble, several months later.

Impact looked back at the last segment. Ethan was irate backstage. Ethan promised to shave Spud’s head…tonight.

Taryn Terrell came out to the ring. Taryn said winning the Knockout title was a dream come true. Taryn knew Awesome Kong wanted her title. She straight up called out Kong to come and face her. Instead of Kong, Taryn got Gail Kim. Gail said she respected Taryn, as do the fans and those in the back. Gail didn’t think Taryn knew what she was facing in Awesome Kong. Gail considers Kong to be the toughest woman to ever compete in the business. Gail admitted that Kong shortened her career…by years. Taryn explained she wanted and needed to face Kong.

Taryn Terrell vs Awesome Kong
Knockout Title Match

Taryn took the fight to Kong. Taryn nailed a Missile Dropkick but Kong did not fall. Steam Roller by Kong led to the Impact Buster. The match never officially got started. Kong picked up the title belt and stood over Taryn.

Your Winner: Match Never Began
Impact Scorecard: N/A

In the back, the BDC talked strategy. MVP wanted to make sure the title came back to the BDC. They noticed the cameraman and slammed the door in his face.

Impact looked back at Roode v Lashley III, from January. The BDC got seriously involved in the match. That was the night that the BDC was born. Eric Young attacked Roode, which allowed Lashley to hit the Spear. Low Ki and Samoa Joe, as well as Kenny King and MVP, were out there. MVP said the title belonged to the BDC. Lashley reminded them it was his title. January 21st was when the BDC went after Lashley, Gang Style.

Austin Aries was walking the halls. Aries was asked about his thoughts on the World title match. Aries said he wanted to stir the pot and give the fans a surprise ending.

Robbie E and Angelina Love vs Brooke and Chris Melendez
Mixed Gender Tag Team Match

I love Melendez’s Hendrix-esque entrance music. The guys began the match. Robbie disrespected Brooke and Chris calmed her down. Robbie then jumped Chris. Sarge got up and dropped Robbie with punches and a Hip Toss. Suplex by Srage but Robbie kicked out. Brooke tagged in and Robbie had to leave. Robbie acted as if he was going to fight Brooke but tagged out. Love took the tag but stood in the corner. Love grabbed Brooke’s hair as she passed by. Love got in the ring and clubbed Brooke. Samoan Drop by Love for a two. Love sent Brooke into the corner but missed the Splash. Brooke tore into Love with wild shots. Flying Forearm and Dropkick by the Texas Princess.

Robbie with the tag but Brooke still hit he Flapjack. Chris rushed in but the ref sent him out. Robbie pushed Brooke off the top rope and covered his former girlfriend. Seriously?

Your Winners: Robbie E and Angelina Love
Impact Scorecard: 1.5

Ethan burst into Spud’s locker room with the shears. Would Spud ended up bald? Impact went to break.

Anderson rushed in, at the last moment, and saved Spud. Ken and Spud were ready to buzz cut Ethan until Tyrus rushed in and pulled EC3 out of harm’s way.

Impact went back to the opening segment between Kurt Angle and Lashley. Gunner got up in Kurt’s face and asked the former Olympian what was going on. Kurt was ticked at Lashley’s attitude. Gunner couldn’t believe Kurt would stand back and let the BDC take the title from Lashley. Gunner slapped Kurt to motivate him (as Kurt had done to Gunner, a few weeks back).

Austin Aries came out in his wrestling gear. He was carrying his Feast or Fired Briefcase, which will allow him a future World Title shot. Aries joked with the fans about their chanting his (last) name. Aries showed off his briefcase and reminded everyone that he had all the power. Aries hinted that he might Cash In, tonight. The BDC music hit again and Samoa Joe strolled out to face Aries. Joe asked for a microphone. The “You Sole Out” chants rose from the Brits. Joe couldn’t believe Aries would consider being able to cash in. Joe threatened to beat Aries’ *ss all over the arena. Joe mentioned he had assassins at a finger snap away. Aries wanted to know what happened to Joe. Aries called Joe “MVP’s Little Lap Dog”. Aries mocked Joe for being MVP’s flunky. Joe said Aries and the fans knew nothing about loyalty. Joe said he was going to do the damage, himself. Joe threatened to snap Aries’ neck. Aries caught Joe with a Suicide Dive and wild punches. TNA went to break before this battle really got going.

Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe

Aries snapped Joe’s arm over the ropes and hit a Springbaord Senton and Dropkick. Whip by Aries into a Flying Back Elbow and Snap Mare. Missile Dropkick to a seated Joe. Aries wanted the Brainbuster but couldn’t get Hoe up. Joe lifted Aries and dropped him over the top rope. Running Boot by Joe. The fight went to the floor and Joe sent Aries into the ring steps.

They got back in the ring and Joe stomped a Mudhole in Aries’ chest. Aries chopped away but Joe nailed a Kitchen Sink to stop Aries. Joe swaggered around the ring. Joe Headbuted the kidneys and then threw a wild Forearm. The two went back and forth with Forearms and punches. Inverted Atomic Drop and Running Kick led to the Backsplash Senton. Joe clamped on the Bear Hug. Aries punched to get free and hit several Bell Ringers to rock Joe. Joe went to the eyes. Joe kicked Aries in the chest but Aries Low Bridged Joe to the floor. Aries nailed the Ax Bomber from the top turnbuckle to the floor. Aries went back up top and nailed a Missile Dropkick. Joe stumbled back into the corner. Full Speed Dropkick by Aries. Aries still couldn’t lift Joe for the Brainbuster. Joe put on a Full Nelson but Aries reached the corner. Joe placed Aries in position for the Muscle Buster but Aries escaped. Discus Elbows into a School Boy. 1-2-not yet. Last Chancellory by Aries. Kenny King rushed over and grabbed Aries’ briefcase. Joe went for the Rear Naked Choke but Aries ran Joe’s head into the briefcase. Crucifix Driver by Aries. A Double went up top and nailed the 450 Splash!

Your Winner: Austin Arries
Impact Scorecard: 3.75

Low Ki and Kenny King jumped Aries, after the match. Spinebuster to Aries. A table was brought from under the ring. Joe put Aries in the Kokina Clutch. The table was set up and Aries was placed on it. Low Ki went up top and hit a Warrior’s Way. Joe followed up with the Backsplash Senton when the table didn’t break. Aries was out, big time.

In the locker room, Lashley was asked about his thoughts on his chances in the main event. Lashley said MVP would have to go through him to be champ and no one has done it yet. Lashley was asked about Kurt Angle. Lashley didn’t need Kurt Angle.

MVP talked with Eric Young. MVP praised Eric for sending Roode to the hospital. Eric said he still had a hole to fill with revenge. MVP reminded Eric that it was Lashley that put Eric in the hospital. MVP told Eric that the title match was a no-disqualification match. MVP wanted Eric to get his revenge, tonight. MVP urged Eric to make history and help make another title change hands.

The BDC showed MCP how they took out Austin Aries. MVP was ready to take the World title from Lashley.

Rampage Brown vs Noam Dar

This match just never really got started. They did a few opening moves. Dar seemed to be ready to take the advantage but they were stopped by the arrival of Bram. He took out both men. Rampage was planted with the Impaler DDT, as was Dar.

Your Winner: No Contest
Impact Scorecard: N/A

Bram grabbed the microphone and screamed for Magnus to get out to the ring. Magnus was not in the house but Grado was. Grado danced down to the ring and checked on his British Boot Camp competitors. Bram allowed Grado to do his schtick and waited. Grado got up in Bram’s face. Grado punched away and went for the Bionic Elbow. Bram knocked out Grado with the Impaler DDT. Bram yelled again for Magnus. The former World Champion never showed.

It was time for the Main Event!

Lashley vs MVP
World Title Match

Low Ki, Samoa Joe and Kenny King flanked the Number One Contender. Lashley emerged from the back, solo. The BDC put their heads together to talk a few last minute ideas.

Collar and Elbow to the ropes. MVP went for he cheap shot but Lashley stood his ground. Double Clotheslines but neither man fell. Lashley dropped MVP with a Clothesline. Corner Clothesline and Corner Spear by Lashley. MVP worked over the arm. Nice Universal into a Lashley Clothesline. Stall Suplex by the Champ. MVP bailed out to the floor to break the momentum. Lashley followed MVP out and Low Ki jumped Lashley. Brian Stiffler ejected Low Ki but Lashley got Pearl Harbored by a Running Boot from MVP. Time for a break.

As impact returned, Snap Mare and Yakuza kick by MVP. Slider Leg Lariat by MVP. Lashley began punching away but MVP hit a Clothesline for a two. MVP worked over Lashley’s arm. Lashley fought back with his injured arm. MVP unleashed several hard kicks. Lashley was thrown out of the ring and Kenny King and Samoa Joe jumped Lashley. MVP came out to get Lashley. First, he dropped MVP over the barricade. Back in the ring, MVP got a two count. High Keylock by MVP. Lashley refused to submit. Lashley punched hi way free but MVP blasted the Champ. Clotheslines from both sides put champ and challenger on their backs. Lashley got the advantage in a battle of punches. Lashley hit a Clothesline and Back Elbow. Corner Splash by Lashley. MVP got the Back Elbow up but fell to the Spinebuster. 2 count. Lashley set for his Spear but Kenny King held the ankle. Straight Kick by MVP into a series of Clotheslines. Exploder Suplex by MVP. Lashley came back to nail a Spear. The ref got knocked out. Eric Young ran in and attacked Lashley. Eric went for the Piledriver but Bobby Roode rushed down and took Eric to the back with wild punches. Funk Neckbreaker by Lashley. Stiffler was still down and out. Corner Clothesline by Lashley. Lashley caught MVP and hit the Bulldog Bounce. 1-2-Kenny King pulled the ref out of the ring and decked him. Samoa Joe rushed in and attacked. Gunner took out Samoa Joe. Kenny King flew off the top but Lashley dropped King over the top rope. Playmaker by MVP. Still there was no ref. Brian Hebner rushed down but the champ kicked out. Drew Galloway hit he ring and dropped MVP with a Leg Lariat. Spear!

Your Winner: Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

I want to end this week by saying good-bye to one of my childhood heroes, Leonard Nimoy. I watched him from the earliest days of my watching television. Nimoy lived nearby (Lake Tahoe) and I got to see him a few times, over the last two decades. Never got to actually speak with him but just seeing him was enough. Enjoy your voyage to Sha Ka Ree.


–Jay Shannon

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