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Smackdown in Atlanta Georgia.
Daniel Bryan came out.  As the fans were chanting Yes, Bryan started chanting No. He said that he was frustrated in the beginning and thought that no one was in his corner.  But he realized that he was wrong and saw that the fans were in his corner.  He talked about his victory at WrestleMania 30.  The fans cheered and chanted Yes.  He went on to talk about his injury and his Fastlane match.  He mentioned that people were asking him ‘is the Yes Movement dead?’  He chanted No, and the fans changed with him.  As he talked about not giving up, Bad News Barrett came out.  Barrett said that no one wanted to hear Bryan’s sob story.  He went on to say that Bryan does not deserve the spotlight.  He brought up the fact that the Ambrose stole his belt.  He threatened Bryan to leave, and Dean Ambrose came out with the Intercontinental belt.  As soon as Ambrose got into the ring, Barrett threw the first punch, and the two men started brawling.  They fought to ringside as the belt was left in the ring with Bryan.  Bryan approached the belt and picked it up. Barrett entered the ring and asked for his belt.  The fans chanted No.  Bryan handed Barrett the belt.  After Barrett turned around, he received a punch from Ambrose and a kick from Bryan.  Barrett retreated to ringside.  Ambrose collected the belt, and both Ambrose and Bryan looked at each other in the ring.

*Commercial break.

Dean Ambrose VS The Miz -
After commercial break, Ambrose was still in the ring for his match. The Miz came out.  The two men locked up.  Miz was put in a headlock and was taken down by Ambrose. Ambrose rolled him down into a pin but Miz kicked out.  Elbow drop on Miz.  Dean was in control of the match until Miz delivered a neck breaker to turn things around.  Ambrose eventually regained control with numerous moves.  He delivered punches in the corner.  Running bulldog on Miz.  Ambrose climbed the turnbuckle but Barrett came and grabbed the Intercontinental belt.  Ambrose went after the belt and attacked Barrett.  Miz grabbed Ambrose and tried to deliver the Skull Crushing Finale but Dean escaped it.  The Lunatic Fringe eventually hit Miz with Dirty Deeds for the win.  Meanwhile, Barrett took his belt and went to the back.

*Recap of the Rollins/Orton VS Reigns/Bryan match on Raw.

*Commercial break.

*Backstage – Renee Young tried to interview Barrett.  Barrett said that he will never let the belt out of his sight.

Naomi VS Natalya -
Naomi and the Usos are in the ring. Natalya came out with Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.  After the bell, Natalya had Naomi in a headlock.  Naomi punched her way out and pushed Natalya to the ropes. Natalya put Naomi down.  The match went back and forth.  Naomi had Natalya in a scissor lock around the neck but Natalya powered her way up and swung Naomi around.  Naomi regained control. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro tried to get involved but the Usos stopped them. Natalya expressed her injury but she surprised Naomi with a clothesline.  She pinned Naomi for the victory.

*Backstage Rusev and Lana are heading to the ring.

*Commercial break.

Rusev and Lana came to the ring.  Rusev said that he’s a true champion.  Lana explained her definition of a champion.  They showed what happened at Fast Lane on the titantron.  The fans were chanting USA.  Jack Swagger came out and mentioned that Rusev was scared to fight.  He entered the ring and delivered the We the People chant.  He fought Rusev and was very dominant. The fight led to ringside.  Rusev turned things around and kicked Swagger in the head. Both men went into the ring, and Rusev took control of the fight, and locked the Accolade on Swagger.  The referees tried to get Rusev to stop.  Rusev finally released the hold.

*Commercial break.

Daniel Bryan VS Bad News Barrett -
Daniel Bryan was in the ring. Bad News Barrett came out.  R-Truth was at the announce table for commentary.  Barrett was dominant in the beginning with some kicks.  He threw Bryan to the corner, ran to him but hit the turnbuckle Bryan moved out the way.  Bryan delivered uppercuts to Barrett.  He worked on Barrett’s left leg on the mat.  Barrett regained control of the match. Suplex on Bryan.  He covered but Bryan kicked out. Bryan regained control with an uppercut and some kicks.  Barrett surprised Bryan with a sideway slam.

*Commercial break.

Barrett was still in control of the match. He made the cover but Bryan kicked out.  Barrett had Bryan in a headlock. Bryan powered his way out and regained momentum with some Yes kicks.  He covered but Barrett kicked out.  While Barrett was in the corner, Bryan charged at him.  Barrett moved out of the way, and Bryan hit the corner.  Barrett knew that his title was at ringside. He went to ringside to pick up his title and placed it in his corner. Bryan regained control with some attacks. Towards the end, Barrett was put in the Yes lock.  Meanwhile R-Truth snuck over to the belt, grabbed it and hid it.  Barrett slowly crawled to the ropes to break out of the Yes lock.  He gained control and was setting up the Bull Hammer Elbow.  However, Bryan charged with the running knee and pinned him for the win.  After Bryan went to the back, Barrett revived and noticed that his belt was gone.  Barrett approached R-Truth to ask about his title but R-truth said that he didn’t see anything.

*Byron Saxton interviewed Roman Reigns prior to Smackdown.  Saxton congratulated Reigns for his win.  Reigns said that Bryan was a good competitor and basically said great things about him as a wrestler. They showed a clip of Paul Heyman talking to Roman Reigns at Raw.   Reigns mentioned that he hates the word “can’t” and said that he will beat Brock Lesner.  He brought up the idea of talking to his family to receive some advice.  He said that he had to fight to keep the opportunity.

Rosa Mendez danced in the ring.  Fandango came out and danced with her.

*Commercial break.

*The announcement of the Bushwackers entering in the Hall of Fame.

*Backstage – R-Truth was walking around with the Intercontinental belt.  He ran into Ambrose and jokingly said that he had a good match with Barrett to win the belt. Ambrose said that he will go after the belt.  R-Truth gave him the belt, said that the title changed hands twice in one night and walked away.

Fandango VS Curtis Axel -
As Curtis Axel walking out, he claimed that no one eliminated him at Royal Rumble.  There was even a timer on the titantron that showed how long he was in the Royal Rumble match which was counting up.  He talked about Axelmania.  The bell rang and Fandango grappled him but Axel escaped and was dominant in his attacks.  He threw Fandango over the rope and pointed at the WrestleMania sign.  Fandango came in and attacked Axel.  Last dance on Axel.  Fandango pinned him for the win.

*Backstage – Damien Mizdow was shooting a commercial.  Miz came in and and showed him how to act.  Miz told the director that he would be better for the commercial.  Director gave Miz the role. Miz asked for makeup before shooting the commercial, and Miz shook his head in disappointment.

*Commercial break.

*Announcement of the ladder match for the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania.

*Superstars were talking about the career of Sting.  They talked about things in Sting’s earlier career and Sting came out as a vigilante after the arrival of nWo.  They showed Sting’s arrival in WWE at the Survivor Series.  They announced the match of Sting vs Triple H at WrestleMania.

Adam Rose came out with the Rosebuds.

*An earlier backstage promo of Adam Rose and the Rosebuds.  He talked about that there will be an ultimate party at WrestleMania, and he will crash the party.   He also talked about winning the Andre the Giant battle royal.

*Commercial break.

Goldust VS Adam Rose -
Goldust came out.  Rose rushed to Goldust with a kick.  He delivered numerous attacks.  Goldust regained control with some punches and delivered a power slam.  He covered but Rose kicked out.  Rose tried to regain control but Goldust surprised him with the Final Cut and pinned him for the win.  One of the Rosebuds attacked Goldust.  The Rosebud removed his costume, and it was Stardust.  Stardust manhandled Goldust in the ring and nailed them with the Cross Rhodes.

*Backstage – Bray Wyatt delivered his message to the Undertaker. He said that he is the serpent and that and Undertaker’s ignorance mocked him.  He wanted the Undertaker to show himself at WrestleMania.  He also wanted the Undertaker to find him.

Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan came out to the ring.

*Commercial break.

Seth Rollins, Kane, Big show and J&J security came out.

*They showed the verbal feud between Seth Rollins and Jon Stewart.

Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan VS Seth Rollins, Lane and Big Show -
Kane started the match with Erick Rowan.  Rowan was dominant as he was taking down Kane.  Sideways Slam on Kane.  Rowan continued to take down Kane.  Ziggler was tagged in.  He delivered a kick but Kane tried to fight back.  Kane charged at Ziggler in the corner but missed.  Ziggler delivered a dropkick on Kane.  Ziggler covered him but Kane kicked out.  Kane backed Ziggler to a corner and tagged Rollins. Rollins took control until Ziggler regained momentum.  Rollins tagged Big Show. Big show placed Ziggler in a sleeper hold and swung him to the mat.

*Commercial break.

Kane had Ziggler in a sleeper hold.  Ziggler tried to power his way out and was punching Kane in the gut.  Kane took him down.  Ziggler tried to fight back but he received a big boot in the face.  Rollins was tagged in and delivered a few moves on Ziggler.  Big Show was tagged in.  He climbed the turnbuckle and dropped his body on Ziggler.  He covered but Ziggler kicked out.  He threw Ziggler to the corner but Ziggler fought back.  Famouser on Big Show.  Ziggler was slowly going for the tag.  Kane was tagged in, and he quickly knocked Rowan off the ring apron.  Kane continued to work on Ziggler.  Ziggler fought back and tagged Ryback.  Seth was tagged in.  Ryback was dominant over Rollins.  Meat Hook clothesline on Rollins.  J&J Security tried to interfere but they were attacked by Ryback.  Ryback was going for the Shell Shock on both Rollins and Mercury at the same time.  Rollins and Mercury fought out of it and Ryback released both men.  Big Show delivered a kick to Ryback.  Rowan attacked Big Show and clotheslined him over the rope and out of the ring.  Rollins flew out of the ring and onto Rowan.  Rollins reentered the ring and climbed the turnbuckle to he leap off but Ryback caught him  in a Shell Shock position.  Rollins escaped the move.  Kane came up and had Ryback in a Chokeslam position.  Ziggler surprised Kane with a Zigzag.  Rollins threw the Ziggler over the ropes and superkicked Ryback.  Rollins was getting ready to deliver the Curb Stomp but Rowan threw Mercury into the ring.  That distracted Rollins.  Rollins continued to go for the Curb Stop but he received a superkick by Ziggler.  Shell Shock on Rollins.  Ryback pinned him for the win.  Ryback, Ziggler and Rowan celebrated their victory in the ring.

My Thoughts -
I really enjoyed this episode of Smackdown.  This feud for the Intercontinental Title is getting real good.  Now, Daniel Bryan is getting involved in it.  Winning the Intercontinental Title could be another Wrestlemania moment for him.  The backstage segment with Dean Ambrose and R-Truth was priceless and the funniest moment on Smackdown.  I’m glad that we now see this feud between Natalya and Naomi.  Both women are impressive competitors and deserve to have a stronger feud.  Maybe we’ll get to see a Wrestlemania match between these two – or possibly a Fatal Four Way between Nikki Bella, Paige, Naomi and Natalya for the Divas Title.  Match of the night was obviously the Six Man Tag Match.  The best part of match was the chaos towards the end with the participants coming out of nowhere with their attacks.  Even though Ziggler did not make the pin, he obviously stole the show. –  Lisa Williams

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