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TNA was still in Scotland. The main event was a 20-Man Battle Royal under “Rumble” rules. Plus, a former WwE Superstar made his first appearance on Impact. Also, one of the most famous Divas/Knockouts of all times returned to discuss the health of her fiancé.

A promo started the show. It discussed how the Battle Royal was going to be set up. The TNA Top Five would get the final five spots, in reverse order. (#1 would be #20, #2 in at #19, etc…).

Kurt Angle’s music hit and the Olympian strolled out from the back. Kurt explained that he returned to active status to win the World title. Kurt was overly confident in his chances to win the Battle Royal. Kurt Angle will get the valued #20 spot. After the brief promo, Lashley was asked, backstage, about Kurr’s comments. Lashley felt Kurt talked too much and he decided to go speak with Angle.

Matt Hardy, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards vs James Storm, Abyss and Manik
Six Man Tag Team Match

The fight began on the floor. Abyss was sent into the ring post. Matt ran Manik into a corner and Whipped him across the ring. Poetry in Motion modified by the Face Trio. They took turns dropping legs on Manik. Eddie, Davey and Matt tore off their shirts and yelled. Elbow Drop by Matt. Matt Whipped Manik to the ropes but Manik put himself in the ropes. He dropped down and Matt flew out of the ring. Manik began pounding away on Matt when Storm pitched Hardy back in the ring. Tag to Abyss. Whip by Abys, who then hit a Corner Clothesline. Storm tagged in and went off on Matt. Storm then taunted The Wolves.

Abyss choked Matt as the ref tried to keep The Wolves out of the ring. Manik tagged in and nailed a Suplex. Manik clamped on a Rear Chin Lock. Side Effect by Matt. Both men were down and exhausted. Storm rushed in and Matt tagged both Wolves. Double team Chop/Kick on Storm. Double Whip and a Flying Clothesline and Leg Lariat. Manik rushed in and The Wolves laid out Mannik with reDRagon’s Chasing the Dragon move. Abyss rushed in. Davey went for the Muta Backspring Elbow but Abyss caught Davey in the Torture Rack. Eddie rushed in to prevent Shock Treatment and the two threw Storm into Abyss and Dropkicked Abyss…which DDT’d Storm. Khoya and Sanada rushed the ring and got sent out. Matt with a Side Russian Legsweep on Manik. Modified Twist of Fate with help for Eddie’s Warrior Way.

Your Winners: Matt Hardy and The Wolves
Impact Scorecard: 3.0 out of a possible 5

After the match, Storm unleashed The Revolution on Hardy and the Wolves. He also had Abyss take out Manik with a Black Hole Slam for daring to lose.

Impact looked back at Mr. Anderson’s return, last week, to prevent Ethan Carter III from shaving Rock Star Spud’s head. Back to tonight’s show and EC3 was whining that he was not in a good mood. He complained how “Someone” interrupted his “Hair Party”. That someone, Ken Anderson, came out when Ethan started to issue a public warning. Ken called for the Drop Mic and did his typical introduction with the crowd chanting along. Ken couldn’t believe Ethan shaved J.B.’s head and wanted to do the same to Spud. Ken decided he was going to take Ethan’s hair.

Ethan laughed at the concept of having Ken shave his head and take his dignity. Ken reached in his back pocket and brought a pair of clippers. Ken didn’t care about Ethan’s dignity, he just wanted the mop of hair on Carter’s skull. Ke started down to the ring but Ethan sent Tyrus out to block Anderson. Rock Star Spud and Mandrews slid in the ring, behind Ethan, and beat down the cocky Carter. Tyrus rushed back in the ring and got Triple Teamed. Ken hit the Mic Check and Tyrus got the tiny little bit of hair of his Mohawk removed. Spud manned the shears. Do I smell a Hair vs Hair match, somewhere down the road? Spud said Ethan was next on his list to scalp.

MVP talked with his crew, the BDC, about stopping Kurt Angle. Low Ki, Kenny King and Samoa Joe all agreed that they could and would take out Kurt, later in the night, because they could.

The cameras caught up with Mickie James, who was there to talk about Magnus (her fiancé).

Al Snow vs Grado

Snow did not look happy as Grado danced his way into the arena. Josh Mathews explained how Grado got kicked off the show for missing a meeting. Snow jumped Grado at the bell and nailed the Kitchen Sink. Snow with a Back Elbow off the Whip. Grado threw a few punches but Al dropped Grado with a Clothesline. Grado Bum Rushed Snow to the corner but Al popped the Scottish kid. Snow stomped away on Grado. Al taunted Grado’s mom, who was in the front row. Michinoku Driver by Al Snow. 2 count.

Grado began to psych himself p but Snow kept the pressure on the rookie. Scoop Slam by Al and then he stopped too go off on the crowd. Al went up top and hit a Moonsault. 2 count, once again. The chants for Grado grew in strength. Al went for a 2nd Moonsault but missed. The Straps dropped and Grado hit the Wee Boot and the Roll and Slice (a Running Cannonball). Grado with the Flip, Flop and Fly. Grado missed the Wee Boot and almost got struck by Head. Grado surprised everyone by nailing the Wee Boot and pinning Al Snow.

Your Winner: Grado
Impact Scorecard: 1.75

After the match, the Beat Down Clan hit the ring and began to trash Al and Grado. A hooded figure slid in the ring and cracked Low Ki behind the ear with a pipe. When he dropped the hood, the person turned out to be…Drew Galloway (FKA Drew McIntyre). The BDC took off for higher ground. Low Ki had a horrible bash behind his ear. It was questionable if Low Ki would be able to go in the Battle Royal.

Angelina Love and the BroMans were getting ready for the title match that Love was about to have. The snapped an “Us-ie” (a group Selfie). Awesome Kong watched this idiocy from the shadows.

Angelina Love vs Taryn Terrell
Knockout Title Match

DjZ, Robbie E and Jessie Godderz escorted Love to the ring. Love whacked Taryn and knocked her over the ropes. Love partied with her guys. Taryn slammed Love’s face and yelled at the guys. Samoan Drop by Love, on the floor. Love tossed Taryn back in the ring and got a two count. Love bashed away at Taryn’s head. Taryn Rocket Launchered Love and then hit a series of Clotheslines. Rolling Neckbreaker and Snap Suplex by the Knockout Champ. Sky Rocket Clothesline, off the ropes, by Taryn. Love pushed out of the Cutter. Botox Injection by Love. Taryn still managed to kick out at two. Taryn came out of nowhere to hit the Cajun Cutter.

Your Winner: Taryn Terrell
Impact Scorecard: 1.5

The lights went out and Awesome Kong showed up in the ring. Taryn tried to fight he big woman but Kong just rocked her to the core. Shoulder Block sent Taryn down hard. Implant Buster! Gail Kim rushed out to protect Taryn. Big stare down before Kong left he ring.

Impact showed the Instragram photo of the gash in Low Ki’s neck. That was just hard to look at.

Various people talked about why they were going to win the 20-Man Gauntlet Battle Royal.

Tommy Dreamer vs Eric Young
Hardcore Match

Tommy came out and told everyone that he wanted to fight E.Y.. Tommy called out Eric. The music played, twice, but Eric didn’t show. Tommy was ticked off and yelled that he would just come and get Eric. Tommy went to the back and started looking for Young. Eric jumped him and the fight was on. They fought from the “Gorilla Position” back out into the arena. Tommy screamed for a ref as Tommy told everyone that they were going “Old School” Tommy threw all kinds of toys into the ring. Tommy spat beer into Eric’s face. Eric lifted Tommy and straddled him over the barricade. Eric bit Tommy’s forehead until he split him open. Eric gnawed at the skin and went for a Whip. Tommy reversed the move as the blood flowed from the open wound.

Tommy pulled Eric into the ring post. Tommy tossed Eric in the ring and got a table. He started to lift it into the ring but Eric Dropkicked the table into Tommy. Eric hit the open wound and threw Tommy into the ring. Eric stayed on the attack with clubbing blows to the back of Tommy’s head. Tommy blocked a Piledriver and turned it into a Back Body Drop. Eric swept the leg to block the DDT. Repeated Kneedrops to Tommy’s face. Eric sat up the table and placed Tommy on it. Eric went up top but got caught. Tommy adjusted the table and Superplexed Eric through it. Actually, Tommy misjudged the distance and took the majority of the impact (no pun intended). The two started throwing wild Haymakers back and forth. Bionic Elbow from Tommy. Tommy placed a chair on Eric’s chest and Elbow Dropped it. Eric escaped the Spicoli Driver and sent Tommy into a chair that was wedged between the turnbuckles. Piledriver!

Your Winner: Eric Young
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Mickie James was headed to the ring.

The Bram vs Magnus situation was examined. Bram lost it when Magnus grabbed a briefcase that Bram thought was his, at Feast or Fired. Bram attacked Magnus with a cue ball in a bar, after making Magnus think all was cool.

Back to live events, Mickie James came out to talk about her man. She began by talking about her little boy (Donovan). I met her, last year, while she was still expecting. She was just the sweetest lady. Mickie was heart-broken about what happened to her fiancé, Magnus. Mickie really went off on Bram for being a “Coward”.

That brought out Bram, complete with cue ball. Bram apologized…for interrupting her. Bram blew off MIckie as she read him the riot act about being an ungrateful bum. Mickie was ticked that Magnus could hold his own son. Bram told Mickie to shut up. The fans shouted down Bram. Bram blamed Mickie for changing Magnus into a watered down version of who he used to be. Bram said Magnus was stick Mickie and a dirty kid at home. Bram said Mickie was a redneck that ruined Magnus’ life. Mickie told Bram that Bram was half the man that Magnus is. She told Bram he was nothing but a little b*tch. Bram looked ready to attack Mickie. She stood up to him and slapped the taste out of his mouth. Several refs rushed out to prevent something bad from happening. If looks could kill, Bram would be needing a pine box.

Lashley talked with Kurt, backstage. Lashley knew Kurt felt unstoppable. Kurt warned Lashley that Bobby hasn’t faced anyone like him. Lashley promised to sit back and watch what was going to happen in the Gauntlet. That match is on deck.

20 Man Gauntlet Battle Royal

Entrant #1 –Kenny King
Entrant #2 –Austin Aries

The bell rang and King kneelifted Aries. Aries reversed a Whip but King hit a modified Enziguri. STO by Aries with the Pendulum Elbow. Aries tried to get rid of King but Kenny wasn’t done just yet. King pounded Aries’ ribs. Elbow Drop and Bell Ringer by Aries. Aries punched the face of King and sprang off the ropes for another Elbow Drop.

Entrant #3 –Crazy Steve

The oddball got stomped on by King, right away. Whip by King but Steve moved to avoid the Corner Clothesline. Running Back Elbow and Cannonball by Steve. Steve tried to be buddies by Aries but Austin sent him flying with a Back Drop off the Kneebreaker.

Entrant #4—Jessie Godderz

Jessie went right after Aries. He pounded away and held up Austin. Aries got free and almost eliminated Jessie but Godderz was able to Skin the Cat to return.

Entrant #5—Bram

Bram took the fight right after Steve. He just pounded away and tried to throw out the clownish competitor. King actually helped Steve survive.

Entrant #6—Khoya

Steve charged Steve and got pushed away. Steve came back to jump on Khoya. Khoya flipped Steve out.

Crazy Steve—Eliminated

Aries went after Khoya as the next entrant was announced.

Entrant #7—Chris Melendez

The former military man hit a Bubba Bomb on King. Bram took the fight to Sarge as the countdown revealed.

Entrant #8—Mr. Anderson

Ken tore into just about everyone in sight, except Melendez. Time for a commercial break.

The next entrant was Tyrus. Samuel Shaw, DJZ and Great Sanada came in during the break. Chris Melendez was eliminated by Bram. Tyrus went after Jessie. Next out was Rock Star Spud. Tyrus eliminated Samuel Shaw. DJZ and Jessie were also eliminated by Tyrus. Spud went right after Tyrus. The Asiatic Spike took out Spud and eliminated him from the match. Robbie E joined the party, next. Tyrus dumped Kyoya out of the match. Sanada blew the green mist in Tyrus’ face. Anderson knocked Sanada off the apron and out of the match. Tyrus tried to Skin the Cat to get back in but Ken Anderson bit the fingers and Tyrus fell. Gunner was the next to join the brutal party. Bram and Gunner went at it. Next out to battle was…Ethan Carter III. He rushed at Ken Anderson and choked him on the ropes. Robbie E was eliminated. Bram was tossed out. EC3 was dumped out, quickly. Samoa Joe (#17) was out to fight. Number 18 to join the fight was Low Ki.

Low Ki tore into Aries and Gunner. Gunner blasted Low Ki but then took a Thrust Kick. Gunner flipped Low Ki onto the apron. Number 19 was MVP. Mr. Anderson was thrown out over the top. The entire BDC was in the ring. Gunner was double teamed by Joe and MVP. Low Ki threw a Dropkick into Gunner’s chest. The final competitor to enter was Kurt Angle. Gunner was eliminated just before Kurt came out. Kurt launched Low Ki and Kenny King with Germans. Time for a final break.

The final six were in the ring but Aries was quickly dispatched. That left Kurt Angle to fight all four members of the BDC. MVP pounded away on Kurt Angle. Bobby Lashley strolled out to watch the ending of this match. Each member of the Beat Down Clan took turns decimating Kurt.

Kurt began to fight back but a mugging by all four members of the BDC stopped Kurt’s momentum. Joe with hard Knife Edge Chops. Low Ki with a European Uppercut but Kurt almost flipped Low Ki out of the ring. Corner Uranage by Joe. Joe charged but Kurt Low Bridged him and got rid of Samoa Joe. Kurt then flipped Low Ki over the ropes and out of the match. MVP missed his Yakuza Kick. Kurt threw out Kenny King.

Kurt and MVP threw wild Haymakers. MVP pointed at Lashley and dropped an elbow. Jawbuster by MVP. Ballin! MVP lifted up Kurt to try and toss out Kurt. The BDC members never went to the back. Kurt pounded on MVP and rocked him with a European Uppercut. Kurt tossed MVP over the ropes but he didn’t go to the floor. MVP fell back through the ropes and into the ring. MVP set his sights on Kurt’s knee. Kurt avoided the Blackout Kick and fell to a Kurt Angle German. The BDC kept getting involved. Yakuza Kick by MVP sent Kurt Angle over the top and made MVP the number one contender to Lashley’s title.

Your W inner: MVP
Impact Scorecard: 3.25


–Jay Shannon

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