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Smackdown in Ft Lauderdale, FL

*Recap of  the Roman Reigns/Kane match and the Daniel Bryan/Big Show match on Raw.  Ended with a brawl between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.

Daniel Bryan came out.  Miz came out with Damien Mizdow.

*Earlier backstage clip of Miz talking about his upcoming match against Daniel Bryan. He lectured Mizdow about his services as a personal assistant.

Daniel Bryan VS Miz -
Miz tried to impress the crowd by removing his sunglasses. Mizdow did the same but he was lectured by Miz.  Bryan started the match with attacks and was very dominant in the beginning.  He worked the crowd with Yes kicks in the corner.  He set up for the running knee but Miz got out of the ring.  Bryan went after Miz but Miz retaliated with an attack.  As Miz was building momentum, Bryan recovered by applying the Yes Lock on Miz.  Miz tapped out, and Bryan got the win.

For the next match, Ryback came out.

*Commercial break.

Ryback VS Kane -
Kane was in the ring.  The two men locked up.  Kane put Ryback in a headlock but Ryback took him down.  Ryback was in control.  Kane attacked Ryback with the top rope to gain control. Vicious punches on Ryback.  Back elbow on Ryback from the ropes.  Kane had Ryback in a sleeper hold but Ryback fought and threw punches.  He delivered a Press, a Splash and a Spine Buster on Kane.  Ryback climbed the rope but Kane knockef him off.  At the end, Ryback retaliated and delivered the Shell Shock.  He pinned Kane for the win.

*Recap of Dean Ambrose forcing Bad News Barrett to sign a contract on Raw.

Dean Ambrose came out and joined the announced table for commentary.

*Commercial break.

R-Truth came out.  Ambrose talked about the history of the Intercontinental Title at the announced table.  Bad News Barrett delivered the first attack but he was being  distracted by Ambrose.  He was in control of the match as he shouted some words at Ambrose.  Ambrose continued to ignore the trash talk from Barrett.  Barrett was setting up his finisher and wanted Ambrose to watch.  Ambrose continued to ignore the IC Champ as he turned his back and sat on the table to show that he was not impressed.  He went on to speak with the other commentators.  This angered Barrett and distracted him as well.  R-Truth rolled Barrett from behind for the pin and victory.

*Commercial break.

*Recap of the feud between John Cena and Rusev and the brawl that took place on Raw.

*Backstage – Bray Wyatt was singing a song about “walking with the Reaper”.  He ended his eerie by saying “find me or I’ll find you.”

*Commercial break.

*Promo of Sheamus’ return.

New Day came out.  The Ascension came out.

*Backstage promo with The Ascension. They talked about Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes being the “past”.  And they also warned New Day about their upcoming match.

The Ascension VS New Day -
The match started with Xavier Woods and Viktor.  Viktor had Woods in a headlock.  Viktor backed Woods in the corner and tagged Konnor.  Konnor took control of the match and tagged Viktor. Uppercuts on Woods.  The Ascension went back and forth tagging in and out to work on Woods.  Woods eventually fought them off and tagged Big E to face Viktor.  Big E tried to deliver the big splash on Viktor but Viktor lifted his knees up to hit Big E in the gut.  Konnor was tagged in, and The Ascension nailed Big E with the Fall of Man for the win.

*Commercial Break.

Roman Reigns VS Luke Harper -
Luke Harper was in the ring.  Roman Reigns came out.  Harper charged at Reigns but Reigns delivered the first attack and repeated kicks in the corner. Reigns threw some punches and more kicks.  Harper retreated to ringside. Reigns charged at Harper with a vicious clothesline at ringside.  Both men got back into the ring.  Harper eventually turned things around and took control of the match.  He kept Reigns on the mat and made a few covers.  Headlock on Reigns.  Reigns punched his way out and attacked with a pump handle action.  He delivered pounds in the corner.  Reigns ran to the ropes and knocked Harper down with a punch.  He covered but Harper kicked out.  Harper recovered with a big right to the face.  Sideway Slam on Reigns.  Harper set up a powerbomb but Reigns reversed it to a Samoan drop. Reigns set up for the Superman punch but Harper kicked him in the face . That caused Reigns to bounce from the ropes and Spear him for the pin.

*Recap of Triple H talking to Ric Flair on Raw.

Big show came out.

*Commercial break.

Erick Rowan came out.  Big Show kicked Rowan in the face before he could get in the ring.  He manhandled Rowan at ringside.  Both men reentered the ring.  Big Show viciously threw punches and kicks at Rowan in the corner.  Body slam on Rowan.  More kicks in the corner. Big Show ended the match with a Chokeslam on Rowan for the victory.

*Commercial Break.

Cameron came to the ring.  The Bella Twins were at the announced table.  Paige came out to the ring.

*Raw clip of Paige’s clothes being stolen by the Bella Twins.  Recap of Paige/Summer Rae match on Raw.

After Cameron briefly talked trash to Paige, Paige grabbed Cameron by the hair and started dominating the match with some attacks.  Cameron turned things around and delivered a few moves on Paige.  The Anti-Diva regained control with a few drop kicks and a clothseline.  She nailed Cameron with a big kick to the face.  She applied the PTO, and Cameron tapped out.  Nikki tried to get into the ring but Brie pulled her back.

*Recap of Dusty Rhodes trying to help his sons reconcile and Stardust attacking Goldust on Raw.

*Backstage – Renee Young interviewed Goldust.  Goldust said that darkness has taken over Cody and Stardust is a cancer eating Cody alive.  He said that he has to beat Stardust at Fast Lane.  Stardust replied from a monitor backstage.  He said that the universe will forget the name Goldust.

The Usos came out with Naomi.

*Commercial Break.

Tyson Kidd came to the ring with the Cesaro and Natalya.

*Earlier promo of Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.  Kidd said that teaming up with Cesaro was the best thing he ever did in his life.  This, of course, caused Natalya to have a very disappointing look on her face.

Jimmy Uso VS Tyson Kidd -
Kidd fired with some attacks.  Jimmy threw a punch and delivered a bodyslam.  He started pounding Kidd in the corner.  At ringside, Rusev attacked Jey Uso.  He entered the ring and attacked Jimmy and Kidd.  Jey entered the ring to help his brother but Rusev fought back.  Rusev started pounding Jey viciously on the mat.  Rusev grabbed the mic and spoke angrily in Russian.

*Commercial Break.

Dolph Ziggler came out.

*Recap of Ziggler and Rollins match on Raw.

Dolph Ziggler VS Seth Rollins -
Rollins came out without J&J Security.  Both Rollins and Ziggler locked up, and they grappled each other.  When Ziggler was in control, Rollins went for the ropes to break the hold.  Rollins put Ziggler in a headlock and took him down to the mat.  Both men rose up, Rollins ran to the ropes, and Ziggler took him down.  Rollins ended up in the corner.  Ziggler charged at him but his head hit the top turnbuckle after Rollins moved out the way.  Ziggler went down on the mat, and Rollins started stumping on him.

*Commercial Break.

After commercial break, Ryback, Rowan, Kane, and Big Show were already at ringside as Rollins was in control of the match.  Rollins kept Ziggler down on the mat and took his time attacking him as he taunted Ryback and Rowan.  Ziggler fought back.  After hitting Rollins with a snap breaker, he delivered an elbow drop and made the cover.  Rollins kicked out. Ziggler attempted a few more pins after some moves but Rollins would kick out.  He threw Rollins over the ropes.  Rollins tried to get back into the ring but received a kick in the face by Ziggler.  After Rollins confronted Ryback and Rowan at ringside, Ziggler attacked him.  Ziggler and Rollins got back into the ring.  Ziggler was in control until Big Show and Kane tried to get involved.  Rollins took control and hit Ziggler with the Curb Stomb.  He pinned Ziggler for the win.  J&J Security came out and celebrated the win with Rollins at ringside.  Rollins decided to go attack Ryback and Rowan because they were outnumbered.  They attacked and Ryback and Rowan tried to fight back.  Rowan fought off J&J but Kane and Big Show Chokeslammed Rowan.  Rollins took Rowan out with a Curb Stomp. Ryback re-entered the ring to retaliate.  As J&J and Kane were holding Ryback up, Big Show delivered his Knockout punch. Curb Stomp on Ryback.  Rollins, Big Show, Kane and J&J Security stood triumphantly in the ring.

My thoughts -
Another good Smackdown episode.  My only disappointment is there was no collision between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan.  I was hoping these two men would somehow go at it some more – either verbal or physical.  I loved it when Dean Ambrose joined commentary during the Barrett/R-Truth.  In many cases, you never know what Ambrose will do next, and this match was a good example.  First, he forced Barrett to sign the contract on Raw.  Then on Smackdown, he didn’t really do anything to Barrett to make him lose the match -but ignored him.  A loss like that is something you don’t see every day.  A great match between Ziggler and Rollins.  Both men looked awesome in this match.  What happened at the end definitely added more fuel to the fire for the Six Man Tag Match at Fast Lane.  If Rollins ever become the World Heavyweight Champion (which I’m sure will happen in the near future), I would love to see Dolph Ziggler be the #1 Contender so they can continue the feud. – Lisa Williams

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