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A brief look at various wrestling events held on this date.

February 20

JCP @ Greensboro, NC – Coliseum – February 20, 1983
Red Dog Lane defeated Ricky Morton
Dizzy Hogan & Sweet Brown Sugar defeated Ricky Harris & Bill White
Jack Brisco defeated Paul Jones
Dick Slater defeated Jerry Brisco
Jimmy Valiant defeated the One Man Gang in a New York Streetfight
Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood defeated NWA World Champion Ric Flair & NWA US Champion Greg Valentine when Steamboat pinned Flair
NWA Tag Team Champions Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle defeated Terry Funk & Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk Jr.

Toronto, Ontario – Maple Leaf Gardens – February 20, 1983
Rudy Kay & Nick DeCarlo fought Jim Nelson & Tim Gerrard to a draw
Johnny Weaver defeated Bobby Bass
The Destroyer defeated Terry Kay
Leo Burke fought Tony Parisi to a no contest
Salvatore Bellomo defeated Ray Stevens via disqualification
Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood defeated NWA Tag Team Champions Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle in a bootcamp match
NWA World Champion Ric Flair pinned Terry Funk (sub. for Roddy Piper) at 17:28

JCP @ Norfolk, VA – Scope – February 20, 1988 (8,000)
Tiger Conway pinned Mark Fleming
Misty Blue defeated Linda Dallas
Shane Douglas pinned Pez Whatley
Rick Steiner defeated Kendall Windham
Larry Zbyzsko pinned Sting after Baby Doll hit Sting with her high heel shoe
NWA US Tag Team Champions Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane defeated Barry Windham & Jimmy Garvin after Kevin Sullivan interfered
NWA US Champion Dusty Rhodes, Lex Luger, & Ole Anderson (w/ Magnum TA) defeated NWA World Champion Ric Flair, NWA Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard when Luger pinned Anderson after hitting him with Magnum TA’s baseball bat
WWF @ Worcester, MA – Centrum – February 20, 1989
Paul Roma pinned Jose Estrada with a missile dropkick
Bret Hart defeated the Honkytonk Man (w/ Jimmy Hart) via disqualification after Honky hit Bret with Jimmy Hart’s megaphone
Conquistador #1 defeated Lanny Poffo
Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard defeated Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty
Ted Dibiase defeated Hercules in a steel cage match

NWA Chi-Town Rumble – Chicago, IL – UIC Pavilion – February 20, 1989 (about 7,500; 5,500 paid)
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Jim Ross & Magnum TA on commentary; included a music video package which included many of the wrestlers and feuds featured in the show; featured Bob Caudle conducting a backstage interview with Michael Hayes about his upcoming match against Russian Assassin #1, during which Hayes hyped the entire card; included Caudle conducting a backstage interview with Ricky Steamboat, with his wife and child, in which he discussed his upcoming match with NWA World Champion Ric Flair; featured Caudle conducting a backstage interview with Paul E. Dangerously, with Randy Rose & Jack Victory, about Victory replacing Dennis Condrey and how Jim Cornette’s Midnight Express didn’t have time to prepare for the change; included Caudle conducting a backstage interview with Cornette, Stan Lane & Bobby Eaton about their upcoming match; featured Caudle conducting a backstage interview with Flair, with Hiro Matsuda, about his upcoming title defense against Steamboat; included Caudle conducting a backstage interview with Scott Steiner about NWA TV Champion Rick Steiner and his “condition” (Scott’s surprise debut); featured Caudle conducting a backstage interview with NWA Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors & Paul Ellering about their upcoming match against NWA US Tag Team Champions Kevin Sullivan & Steve Williams; included Caudle conducting a backstage interview with Mike Rotunda about regaining the NWA TV Title; featured Caudle conducting a backstage interview with Luger, his head bandaged, about his winning the NWA US Title; included a video package recapping Flair and Steamboat’s recent altercations since Steamboat’s return to the NWA; featured Caudle conducting a backstage interview with Steamboat about his title win, with Luger, Rick Steiner, Michael Hayes, Stan Lane, Sting, and others pouring champagne on him in celebration:
Michael Hayes pinned Russian Assassin #1 (Jack Victory) (w/ Paul Jones) with the DDT at 15:48
Sting pinned Butch Reed (w/ Hiro Matsuda) at 20:07 with a sunset flip into the ring
Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane, & Jim Cornette defeated Randy Rose, Jack Victory (sub. for Dennis Condrey), & Paul E. Dangerously in a loser leaves town match at 15:51 when Lane pinned Rose following the Flapjack; stipulations stated the loser of the fall would have to leave the promotion (Legends of Wrestling: Heetseekers, Legends of Wrestling Collection)
Mike Rotunda (w/ Kevin Sullivan) pinned NWA TV Champion Rick Steiner (w/ Scott Steiner) to win the title at 16:21 when Steiner pinned himself as he had a sleeper applied
Lex Luger pinned NWA US Champion Barry Windham (w/ Hiro Matsuda) to win the title at 10:43 by lifting his shoulder out of a back suplex and bridge by Windham; after the contest, Windham attacked Luger with the title belt before leaving the ring
NWA Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) defeated NWA US Tag Team Champions Steve Williams & Kevin Sullivan at 8:27 when Road Warrior Hawk pinned Sullivan, the legal men, with the clothesline off the top as Williams had Road Warrior Animal covered at the same time
Ricky Steamboat pinned NWA World Champion Ric Flair (w/ Hiro Matsuda) to win the title at 23:07 with an inside cradle as Flair attempted the figure-4, moments after the champion avoided Steamboat’s crossbody off the top; prior to the bout, Steamboat came ringside with his wife and baby boy while the champion was escorted by several women; during the bout, the Chicago Bears’ Brad Muster and Curt Beckler were shown in attendance; replacement referee Teddy Long made the pinfall after referee Tommy Young had been knocked down, with Young raising Steamboat’s hand in victory after recovering; after the contest, Steamboat grabbed the mic and called for his wife and son to return to the ring so he could celebrate with them (Flair and Steamboat’s first singles match in 5 years) (WCW Fan Favorites, The Rise and Fall of WCW)
Dark match after the show: Kendall Windham defeated Steve Casey at around the 25-minute mark; reportedly, the match went on so long because those in charge forgot they were out there and didn’t give them the signal to finish

WWF @ New York City, NY – Madison Square Garden – February 20, 1989 (20,000; sell out)
Televised on the MSG Network – featured Rod Trongard & Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary (Trongard’s last appearance):
Jim Powers pinned Iron Mike Sharpe with a small package at 12:14; during the ring introductions, Howard Finkel accidentally referred to Sharpe as “Canada’s strongest man” instead of “Canada’s greatest athlete”
The Brooklyn Brawler (w/ Bobby Heenan) pinned the Red Rooster at 14:40 when Heenan grabbed Rooster’s foot and held his leg down as he attempted a suplex into the ring, with Brawler falling on top for the win; after the match, Rooster cleared Brawler from the ring; later in the show, Brawler returned ringside and challenged Rooster to a rematch anytime and any place, noting how easy it was to beat him
Big John Studd fought Akeem to a double count-out at 7:49 when both men began brawling on the floor; after the match, Studd challenged Akeem to come back out so he could slam him, which he did after pulling Akeem into the ring while he was on the apron (Studd’s MSG return after more than a 2-year absence; his final MSG appearance)
The Bushwhackers defeated Jacques & Raymond Rougeau at 12:15 when Butch pinned Jacques after Luke hit Jacques with an axe handle behind the referee’s back as Jacques had Butch covered after being tripped from the floor by Raymond (The Most Powerful Families of Wrestling)
Brutus Beefcake pinned Rick Rude (w/ Bobby Heenan) at 18:48 with a reverse roll up; after the match, Rude threw Beefcake out of the ring, with Beefcake chan chasing Rude out of the ring using his scissors
Prime Time Wrestling – 2/27/89: Rick Martel fought King Haku (w/ Bobby Heenan) to a 20-minute draw as Martel attempted to apply the Boston Crab; after the bout, Martel cleared Haku from the ring with two dropkicks
Prime Time Wrestling – 6/26/89: Greg Valentine pinned Jim Neidhart at 8:06 after pulling off his shinguard and hitting Neidhart with it after Neidhart shoved the referee down
WWF World Champion Randy Savage defeated WWF IC Champion the Ultimate Warrior via count-out at 9:34 in a non-title match when Savage came off the top with a double axe handle as the Warrior was attacking Rick Rude on the floor, who came ringside mid-way through the contest; after the match, Savage and Rude shook hands and hugged before Warrior tossed the world champion to the floor and hit the gorilla press slam on Rude (Wrestling Super Heroes)

WCW @ Macon, GA – February 20, 1991
WCW Tag Team Champions Doom vs. WCW TV Champion Arn Anderson & Barry Windham did not take place as advertised
WCW Six-Man Tag Team Champion Ricky Morton defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker
WCW Six Man Tag Team Champion the Junkyard Dog defeated El Cubano
Terrence Taylor defeated Dutch Mantell
Tom Zenk defeated Dr. X (Randy Culley)
WCW Tag Team Champion Ron Simmons defeated Buddy Landel (w/ Teddy Long)
El Gigante defeated Barry Windham (sub. for WCW World Champion Ric Flair)
Also included a Japanese women’s tag team match

WCW @ Dallas, TX – Reunion Arena – February 20, 1992 (800)
Ricky Morton pinned Mike Graham
Van Hammer defeated Abdullah the Butcher via disqualification when a weapon fell from Abdullah’s tights
Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Steve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers when Scott pinned Smothers with the Frankensteiner
Tom Zenk pinned Terrence Taylor with a roll up
Sting & Ricky Steamboat defeated WCW US Champion Rick Rude & WCW TV Champion Steve Austin when Steamboat pinned Austin after Barry Windham hit Austin with Paul E. Dangerously’s phone, after interference from Madusa and Larry Zbyszko; Windham (sub. for El Gigante) was handcuffed to Dangerously at ringside for the bout
Ron Simmons, Dustin Rhodes, & Barry Windham defeated Larry Zbyszko & WCW Tag Team Champion Arn Anderson in a steel cage match

WWF @ Macon, GA – Coliseum – February 20, 1995 (2,751; heavily papered)
Monday Night Raw taping:
Included an announcing tryout by Michael Hayes; included Man Mountain Rock playing the national anthem to begin the show
Jeff Barber & Jim Steele defeated Barry Horowitz & the Brooklyn Brawler; Barber & Steele used Jimmy Hart’s “Crank it Up” song as theme music
Mike Unabomb (Glen Jacobs) defeated Reno Riggins
Hakushi defeated Bobby Hayes
Charlie Hunter defeated Bob Cook at 13:00
Razor Ramon defeated Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Ted Dibiase) via disqualification when Dibiase tripped Razor from the outside as he was attempting the Razor’s Edge on Bigelow
Bret Hart defeated Owen Hart via submission with the Sharpshooter
2/20/95 – featured opening pre-taped comments from WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett and WWF World Champion Diesel regarding their match later in the show; included Jim Cornette doing guest commentary; featured footage from WWF Superstars in which Bret Hart won the WWF Magazine “Award of the People” and was awarded the distintion from the publisher and a fan by the name of Amy Stuart; moments later, during the opening of the King’s Court, Jerry Lawler made mention of Hart’s award and said he only won because WWF Magazine excluded the votes from the Japanese fans and that Hart is a racist; as soon as Lawler said the word “racist,” Shawn Michaels’ music hit to bring Michaels to the ring so he could introduce his new bodyguard as Psycho Sid; moments later, after coming out to the ring, Sid said he would be by Michaels’ side when the times are good and when the times are bad, and there would be no bad times (Sid’s surprise return after a nearly 3-year absence); included footage of WWF world Champion Diesel appearing during the NBA All Star Weekend; the segment showed clips of Diesel alongside Conan O’Brian, Salt n Peppa, David Justice, Cal Ripken Jr., David Robinson, and several other celebrities; featured a closing segment in which Cornette interviewed Michaels, with Sid, at ringside where Michaels said Sid was big enough to fill Diesel’s shoes and he could also knock him right out of his shoes; included the announcement that Lex Luger would face Tatanka the following week:
Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Ted Dibiase) pinned Gary Sabough at 3:54 with the diving headbutt; prior to the bout, recent footage was shown in which Lawrence Taylor’s representation asked Bigelow stop goading LT into the ring; after the match, Bigelow cut an in-ring promo saying LT was hiding behind his lawyer and manager, called LT a wimp and a punk, and again challenged him (Bigelow’s TV return match following the Royal Rumble and the 30-day suspension he suffered after that show)
Adam Bomb pinned Rip Rogers with a clothesline off the top at 3:25
Jacob & Eli Blu (w/ Uncle Zebakiah) defeated Leroy Howard & Mark Starr when Starr was pinned following a legdrop at 4:20; during the bout, Todd Pettingill was shown at WWF Studios and announced Lawrence Taylor would appear on Raw the following week to respond to the comments made by Bam Bam Bigelow earlier in the show
WWF World Champion Diesel pinned WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett (w/ the Roadie) with the powerbomb at around 10:30 with a boot to the face and the powerbomb; after the bout, the champion kicked an interfering Roadie in the face and hit the powerbomb on him as well, with Jarrett then pulling the Roadie out of the ring; moments later, Shawn Michaels & Psycho Sid appeared in the aisle, with Diesel eventually locking eyes with them
2/27/95 – included Jim Cornette doing guest commentary; featured Vince McMahon and Cornette speaking with Lawrence Taylor via sattelite in which he was interrupted by Bam Bam Bigelow who challenged him to appear at the Harley Davidson Cafe in NYC during the WrestleMania Press Conference, with LT agreeing to show up before walking off the set; featured a closing segment in which McMahon and Cornette spoke with Davey Boy Smith backstage regarding his match with Shawn Michaels the following week:
Lex Luger (w/ Chief Jay Strongbow) defeated Tatanka (w/ Ted Dibiase) via count-out at 9:24 when Tatanka left ringside; prior to the bout, Luger & Strongbow were led ringside by a guest flagbearer
Owen Hart defeated Larry Santo via submission with the Sharpshooter
Doink the Clown (w/ Dink) pinned Bob Cook with the Whoopie Cushion
Kama defeated Ken Raper via submission with a modified STF
3/6/95 – featured Vince McMahon & Jim Cornette on commentary:
Shawn Michaels (w/ Psycho Sid) pinned Davey Boy Smith at 17:43 with the superkick moments after Sid rammed Smith into the ringpost on the floor behind the referee’s back (Raw Hits, Shawn Michaels: His Journey)
Bob Backlund defeated Buck Quartermaine via submission to the Crossface Chicken Wing
Duke Drose pinned Steven Dunn (w/ Harvey Wippleman) at 3:55 with the tilt-a-whirl slam

WWF @ Huntington, WV – Civic Center – February 20, 1996 (4,500)
WWF Superstars taping:
In a segment never aired, Vince McMahon interviewed Roddy Piper, where he announced that Razor Ramon would meet Goldust in an alley fight at WrestleMania and the fight would originate from Miami and would be shown via satellite; this was after Ramon had confronted Piper about why Goldust was allowed to be on TV and he was unfit for kids to watch with Piper slapping Ramon during the segment
Ahmed Johnson defeated Tatanka (sub. for Jeff Jarrett) in a steel cage match
Razor Ramon & Jake Roberts defeated the 1-2-3 Kid & WWF IC Champion Goldust when Roberts pinned Kid with the DDT
Herman the German defeated Mark Kyle
Ahmed Johnson defeated Gary Scott; the match was later redone before airing
Shawn Michaels pinned Davey Boy Smith at 8:23 with the superkick
WWF World Champion Bret Hart pinned the Undertaker after Diesel interfered and hit the challenger with a steel chair; the bout was to have been a triple threat match involving Diesel but he was too injured to compete
WWF Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter-Finals: Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated Hakushi & Barry Horowitz when Smith pinned Hakushi with the running powerslam after Hart hit Hakushi in the back of the head; prior to the bout, still photos from the Smith / Yokozuna match at In Your House were shown along with the post-match attack Yoko sustained from Vader; during the match, Diana Hart Smith cut an insert promo asking WWF President Roddy Piper to find better competition for her husband
Duke Drose pinned Scott D’Amore with the tilt-a-whirl slam
Skip & Zip (w/ Sunny) defeated AC Conner & Major Yates when Conner was pinned following a Skip Frankensteiner off the top and a Zip sit-down splash off the top
Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Derek Stone with the Pedigree; prior to the match, Duke Drose came out to confront Helmsley but was sent backstage by several referees; after the bout, Drose returned ringside with his trashcan and ran Helmsley off
Shawn Michaels pinned Shinobi (Al Snow) (w/ Jim Cornette & Owen Hart) with the superkick after Shinobi accidentally hit Owen on the ring apron; after the bout, Michaels fought off an attack from Hart and hit a sunset flip, with referee Earl Hebner counting Owen down for three; moments later, Michaels pinned Cornette with a punch to the face
Owen Hart (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated Barry Horowitz via submission with the Sharpshooter
WWF Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter-Finals: Henry & Phinneas Godwinn defeated Marty Jannetty & Leif Cassidy when Phinneas scored the pin by rolling through on a flying crossbody attempt (Al Snow’s debut as Leif Cassidy)
Steve Austin (w/ Ted Dibiase) defeated Tony Williams via submission with the Million $ Dream (Austin’s last TV appearance under the ‘Ringmaster’ persona)
WWF IC Champion Goldust (w/ Marlena) pinned Hakushi with the Curtain Call (Hakushi’s last Superstars appearance)
Jake Roberts pinned Sherdell Taylor with the DDT; after the bout, Jake released Relevations onto Taylor
Justin Bradshaw (w/ Uncle Zebakiah) pinned Fatu at the 3-second mark with the lariat; after the bout, Zebakiah branded Fatu while Bradshaw demanded a second match
Justin Bradshaw (w/ Uncle Zebakiah) pinned Scott D’Amore with the lariat
Ahmed Johnson pinned Gary Scott with the Pearl River Plunge
Davey Boy Smith (w/ Jim Cornette) pinned David Haskins with the running powerslam
Yokozuna defeated Reginald Walker, Mark Kyle, & Denny Parton in a handicap match by pinning all three men simultaneously with the Bonzai Drop
WWF Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter-Finals: Razor Ramon & Savio Vega defeated Tatanka & the 1-2-3 Kid (w/ Ted Dibiase) when Razor pinned Tatanka after hitting the Razor’s Edge off the top

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