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WWE Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week 2.16.15
By Neil Borenstein
Each week here at 1wrestling.com, I will select three of the top wrestlers from the MondayNight RAW brand and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week.
Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week for February 16, 2015
3. Naomi — for scoring the pinfall in a tag team match between married couples:
With the relationships from Total Divas spilling over into main WWE storylines, the husband-wife combinations of Tyson Kidd and Natalya and Jimmy Uso and Naomi have been going at each other over the past few weeks. The heat was really turned up when Kidd and his tag team partner, Cesaro, left Uso laying following a confrontation at a restaurant that was supposed to be a double date.
The married couples got their hands on each other in the ring this week on RAW, and it proved that Uso and Naomi have the more cohesive relationship.
After Natalya went on the offensive and delivered a low dropkick that resulted in a two count, she offered to tag Kidd back into the match. He declined, and she remained in the ring to attempt a Sharpshooter. Naomi blocked it and countered by flipping Natalya over for a pinning combination. Natalya reversed the cover at two, but Naomi reversed that cover at two as well and finally kept her opponent’s shoulders pinned to the mat for the three count.
Kidd and Cesaro showed complete disappointment with Natalya following the loss, while Naomi gained some serious satisfaction in getting the job done in a battle between married couples.
2. Paige — for not allowing the Bella Twins to get to her as she went on to beat Summer Rae in some interesting ring attire:
The Bella Twins have showed little remorse in making fun of Paige for being different as we head into Fastlane and Nikki Bella puts the Divas Championship on the line against her. They’ve called her out over her appearance and even doused her a few weeks back with spray tan.
This week, they tried to take things to another level when they stole Paige’s ring attire while she was in the shower. Paige came out in a towel looking for a solution since she had a match coming up, and she was quick on her feet in doing so. The Rosebuds happened to be standing by as Paige was looking for something to wear, and she “borrowed” one of their outfits so she wouldn’t have to go out naked for her match.
That outfit was a very colorful dress, much the opposite of her normal, mostly black, clothing. However, Paige made the most of it and didn’t let the Bellas’ antics get to her while she worked toward a victory over Summer Rae.
As Rae seemed to be gaining momentum, Paige took it back by moving out of the way of a leg drop attempt and following with a series of short-arm closelines. She hit the ropes and delivered a dropkick to the midsection of Rae. When Rae returned to her feet, Paige ducked a closeline and countered with a kick to the midsection. Paige then locked Rae up in the PTO, which forced Rae to tap out for the submission victory.
The Bella Twins came out after the match and tried to talk down to Paige, but she cut them off and explained that the difference between her and them is that she doesn’t need an outfit to make her look good. She only needs to win, and she will be wearing something even better at Fastlane: the Divas Championship.
Good on Paige for taking a bad situation courtesy of the Bellas and making the best of it to not only get a win, but also the last word in a postmatch exchange between the two. Paige certainly isn’t lacking in confidence heading into her title opportunity on Sunday.
1. Dean Ambrose — for defeating Luke Harper and making good on his word to get Bad News Barrett to sign a contract for an Intercontinental Championship match at Fastlane:
Dean Ambrose is always one to stir the pot and he generally has a way of getting what he’s after. He happens to be chasing an Intercontinental Championship opportunity for Fastlaneon Sunday, and he promised to get current titleholder, Bad News Barrett, to put his signature on the dotted line of a contract this week on RAW.
Ambrose had some in-ring obligations to take care of first when he went one-on-one with a former Intercontinental Champion, Luke Harper. A tall challenge, for sure, Ambrose proved he was up for it.
Harper almost had things put away when he delivered a big boot to Ambrose after thwarting an aerial maneuver. Harper only got a two count from that, though, and Ambrose got out of a powerbomb attempt to counter with some punches and chops. Harper took back control with a back elbow followed by a side slam that resulted in another two count.
Harper moved to the corner and waited for Ambrose to get up so he could go for the discus closeline, but Ambrose managed to get a rollup instead that went to the two count. Harper nailed Ambrose after, but Ambrose hit the ropes and rebounded for a hard closeline. He then pulled Harper in for the Dirty Deeds, which was good enough to get the three count on the ensuing cover.
Ambrose re-emerged later on RAW after Barrett put away Damien Mizdow, which was largely thanks to constant distractions from The Miz on the outside. Ambrose attacked Barrett after the match and tied his hands around the ring post. With contract in hand, he forced Barrett to sign it by basically guiding his hands through a signature.
While that wouldn’t hold up in the court of law, it’s apparently good enough to make the Intercontinental Championship match official at Fastlane between Ambrose and Barrett.

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