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Fastlane is this Sunday. A few final pieces were put in place. Plus, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan were both seriously tested in wild battles. The American Dream was also there to try and fix the “Hard Times” that his boys were facing.

John Cena came out to cut a typical Cena Promo. He will be facing Rusev for the US title on Sunday. After rambling on about overcoming odds and such, he called out Rusev. Lana and Rusev mocked Cena for being ignorant and foolish in facing an unbeatable force like Rusev. Rusev did the “You C“n’t See Me” hand sign and John rushed up the ramp. John hit a pair of Thesz Presses and pounded away. He then threw Rusev, twice, into the LED board. This was payback for what Rusev had done to Cena, last week. Rusev was knocked completely out.

Dean Ambrose did a fun news report promo. Dean made it crystal clear that Bad News (Wade) Barrett would sign the contract for the Intercontinental title. Dean was also set to battle Luke Harper.

Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper

Dean came down with the contract and clipboard in hand. Shoulder Tackle by Harper. Harper blocked a Hip Toss so Dean settled for a Side Headlock Takeover. Harper got up and threw Dean down, by the hair. Double Thrust and European Uppercut by Harper. Harper rocked Dean with a Headbutt. Flying Crossbody and rights by Dean. Muta Power Spin Elbow Drop by Dean. Dean boxed the ribs of the former IC champ. Dean with a Whip and Bulldog. 2 count for Dean.

Dean stomped at Harper, in the corner. Harper reversed Whip but ate a boot and Morningstar Uppercut. Dean tried for a Suicide Dive but Harper caught him and ran Dean into the ring apron. Raw took a break.

Harper had Dean trapped in a Side Headlock as Raw returned. Luke took control, during the break. Back to live action and Dean got up to his feet. Harper took Dean right back down. Dean made it to his feet and bit Luke’s hand. The two men ran into each other and then Dean Low Bridged the ropes. Tornado DDT by Dean when Harper got back in the ring. Dean Hulked Up and punched and kicked away at Harper. Harper came back with a hard boot. Dean with the Kitchen Sink and Running Clothesline. Savage Elbow to a standing Luke Harper. 2 count.

Dean slid out to the apron and went up tp. He jumped down and took a Superkick to the jaw. Harper only got a two. Dean recovered and punched away. Harper blocked the Teeter Totter and hit a Black Hole Slam on Dean. Again, Harper only got a two. Small Package by Dean but Harper kicked out. Teeter Totter into Dirty Deeds!

Your Winner: Dean Ambrose
Raw Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

The announcers discussed the implosion of the “Cosmic Twins”, Stardust and Golduust. Dusty Rhodes is in the house to try and solve the problems between his kids.

Kane and Big Show were in The Authority office. Neither Kane nor Show wanted the other one there. They grumbled about the Tag Team Turmoil match, last Friday. Kane complained that Show didn’t follow orders at Royal Rumble. HHH told them both to shut up. Big Show got a shot in on how Sting made HHH look foolish, last week. HHH said he would take care of Sting. HHH ordered Kane and Big Show to find solutions, not excuses.

Bray Wyatt cut a promo about the tragedy of his mystery person. It is so obvious who he means but hey are stretching it out. Bray said he once had fear for this person but it has turned to pity.

Stardust and Goldust were in the dressing room. Dusty Rhodes walked up to talk to his kids. Dusty called Star “Cody” and told him to stop. Dusty said he was determined to get through to his son. Dusty tried to explain that it was all about family. Goldust asked Star if he could do this. Dusty told his boys to sand together. Dusty really wasn’t looking good. Don’t know if he is sick or what but I had to look twice to be sure it was actually him.

New Day vs Cosmic Twins

Dusty watched the match from the back. Kofi and Woods worked this match for New Day. Star and Woods started the match. Universal into a Go Behind by Woods. Kitchen Sink to Star. Tag to Gold. Whip but Gold Steam Rolled. Arm Drag by Woods but Gold took possession of the arm. Star tagged back in and stomped Woods to the mat, from the turnbuckles. Gold came back in and stayed on the arm. Woods with a Jackknife Pin after holding he ropes to avoid a Dropkick. Enziguri by Woods. Tag to Kofi. Kofi laid out both members of the Rhodes brothers. Boom Drop by Kofi. Kofi with a Cossbody off the top. Low Bridge by Star. Trouble in Paradise by Kofi after some miscommunications between the brothers.

Your Winners: Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston
Raw Ranking: 2.75

After the match, Stardust helped his brother up. Star then planed Goldust with Dark Matter. Another Brother Feud? Seriously?

Byron Saxton interviews Roman Reigns about his path to Wrestlemania. Roman said he won the Rumble, had to go up against The Authority and Brock Lesnar is on the horizon. Roman was asked about being manipulated by The Authority. Roman said The Authority’s plan to get Seth Rollins in the main event failed. Roman knew Daniel Bryan was just riding the wave of public opinion to try and get a shot at Lesnar. Roman said Daniel should take his Rumble loss like a man. Roman did have respect for Daniel but he knew Bryan was using Roman to get back to the top.

Backstage, Dusty ran across his younger son, Cody/Stardust. Star screamed at his father that Cody was gone. Star said Cody couldn’t take the pressure of living in the shadow of his father and older brother. Star told his father “Cody Rhodes is dead and so is his father”. That was harsh.

Daniel Bryan led the crowd in a “Yes” chant. Raw looked back at the ending of Tag Team Turmoil. Daniel used the Flying Knee to take out Big Show. Daniel was out to scout Roman’s match against Kane.

Roman Reigns vs Kane

Daniel Bryan heard Roman’s comment about Daniel being a man. Michael Cole explained Roman’s comment. Daniel discussed how he never lost the title. In the ring, Roman stomped away at Kane, in the corner. Roman blocked a Suplex and hit one of his own. 2 count. Daniel got a “Yes” chant going. The distraction allowed Kane to take over. Kane choked Roman on the middle rope. Kane unloaded with an Uppercut and kicks. Kane with the Running DDT. Kane applied the Rear Chin Lock. Roman punched his way free. Back Elbow by Kane. Slider Elbow Drop by Kane brought only a one count. Kane went back to the Rear Chin Lock.

Roman with a Side Slam to break the hold. Roman nailed a Back Elbow but Kane blasted Roman. Kane rammed Roman into the corner. Snap Mare and Dropkick by Kane but Roman still kicked out. Roman hit Corner Boots to Kane. Kane reversed a Whip but Roman hit a kick and Flying Clothesline. Modified Ax Bomber by Roman. Corner Clothesline and kicks by Roman. Daniel started the “Yes” chant again. Kane kicked Roman out of the ring. Kane dismantled the announce table. Roman escaped the Chokeslam. Roman rolled in just before 10.

Your Winner (by Count Out): Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 2.5

After the match, Daniel got up on the announce table t taunt Roman. Roman invited Daniel to get in the ring with him but Daniel just danced around the ring. As much as I’ve been a Daniel Bryan fan, I really want to see Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar. I know I flip-flopped from my original desire but the Rumble winner deserves the shot, not just someone the fans grumble about to get him the shot.

Renee Young interviewed Daniel Bryan, backstage. She asked him about getting the fans to chant “Yes” to get under Roman’s skin. Daniel said there would be tons of chants at Fastlane.

Bray Wyatt was back to discuss his wanted foe. This person was supposedly in limbo.

Byron Saxton was ready to talk with Paige. The Bells stole her ring gear. Paige asked Cameron if she could borrow some gear. Paige had an interesting idea when she saw the Rosebuds. She grabbed one of the girls and pulled her into the dressing room.

Summer Rae vs Paige

Paige came out in a wild fairy costume. Dang she looked so very mega-cute. Summer made fun of Paige’s look and the Pale Destructress exploded on Summer Rae. Back Elbows ala Matt Morgan. The Bella couldn’t believe Paige was working in this outfit. Knee Strikes from the apron by Paige. Summer reversed a Whip and hit a Leg Lariat. 2 count. Inverted Leg Scissors by Summer. She rolled Paige over to try and pin her. 2 count. Legdrop by Summer Rae. She missed a 2nd one. Paige with a series of Short Arm Clotheslines. PTO!

Your Winner (by Submission): Paige
Raw Ranking: 1.5

The Bella came out to taunt Paige. Paige mocked the Divas champion. Nikki stormed off on the verge of having a hissy fit. In the back, Seth Rollins talked with Jaime Noble and Joey Mercury about his match against Dolph Ziggler…next.

A promo ran for Sheamus. He’s returning soon. Will he come back as a Face or Heel? I’m hoping for Heel.

Raw showed the chaos, from last week, when Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan got involved in the 5-on-2 battle. Seth cut a promo about moving from being “The Future” to being the “Right Now”. Seth said there was no one that could stop him. Seth bragged about what he could do, if he tried. Seth, instead, wanted to cash in his Money in the Bank Briefcase to become World Champion. Seth whined about not being in the main event of Wrestlemania. Seth went off on how Dolph was so below him…

Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins

Dolph’s arrival shut down Seth, big time. Dolph mocked Seth’s bad Valentine’s Day. Seth said the only joke around was Dolph’s career. Seth swore Dolph was nothing, compared to him. Dolph wanted Seth to know who he (Dolph) is. Dolph explained that he raises the bar and also took out The Authority. Dolph told “The Hobbits” to back off.

Dolph tore into Seth with wild punches. Back Elbow off a Whip by Dolph. Seth bailed out to the floor as Raw went to break.

Seth had Dolph in a Rear Chin Lock. The two had fought on the floor, during the break. J and J Security did not get involved but seemed ready to do so. The ref sent Noble and Mercury to the back. Seth came out and threw Dolph into the barricade. “Hey Hey Goodbye” rang out from the fans. Seth rolled Dolph back in the ring. Small Package by Dolph but it only brought a two. Seth stomped Dolph in the chest. Jawbreaker by Dolph. Dolph nailed a Back Elbow. Seth charged and hit he ring post. Corner Splash into a Neckbreaker by Dolph. Heart Breaker Elbow Drop by ZIggler. Dolph rolled up Seth but only got a two. Jumping DDT by Dolph but he still couldn’t get the three. Seth pushed out of the Zig Zag. Seth came right back and dropped Dolph a Spinning Enziguri. 2 count for Seth.

Seth with Full Mount Punches to Dolph. Seth then stomped Dolph, over and over. Seth went to the corner and climbed up top. Dolph ran the ropes and caught Seth. Dolph missed the Famouser but missed. Dolph hit the Zig Zag after avoiding the Curb Stomp. J and J Security hit the ring. Ryback and Rowan also came out.

Your Winner (By Disqualification): Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Ryback, Roman and Dolph cleared house.

HHH watched all the chaos and did not look happy.

Triple H came out to discuss the Sting situation. He didn’t have Stephanie at his side, this week. As HHH came to the ring, Raw ran a promo about HHH’s history with the WWE. HHH blamed Sting for the recent negative happenings for The Authority. HHH wants revenge against The Vigilante, Sting. Sting accepted HHH’s demand to face him, one on one, at Fastlane in a discussion.

Back to this week and HHH just did not look like a happy camper. The fans were chanting “We Want Sting”. HHH laughed at the concept that he was afraid of Sting (as many fans were suggesting). HHH said it would be The Icon vs The Game…

Suddenly, Ric Flair made his way from the back. I had heard the rumors but it’s still a thrill to watch he greatest mic master of all time do his thing. HHH held the ropes for “Naitch”. Flair said he came out because he loved HHH and respected him. His was where HHH inducted Flair into the Hall of Fame. Flair has all the respect in the world for HHH. HHH knew Flair wanted to talk about how great Sting is. Flair warned HHH not to take Sting lightly. Flair asked HHH not to put himself in a position to fail. HHH admitted Sting was the Icon of WCW. HHH made it clear that WCW was dead, just like Sting. HHH respected Sting for going down with the ship (WCW). HHH said if Sting had come to WWE, back in 2001, HHH would have run Sting out of the company. HHH said Sting earned his place off the back of Flair. HHH felt Sting wanted to take the WWE away from HHH. Flair asked HHH to take a deep breath and relax. Flair said the fans and Sting can get under HHH’s skin. Flair just didn’t want Sting to sneak up on HHH. HHH said he might not be a Rick Flair but when it comes to kicking Sting’s *ss, Flair is no HHH. Flair asked HHH to get up off his *ss at Fastlane. HHH shoved Flair down. Huh? HHH said, other than his wife and kids, nothing is more important to him than the WWE. HHH stormed out of the ring. Flair then headed towards the back to a roar of love from the crowd.

Darren Young and an unnamed partner vs The Ascension

Viktor and Conner jumped their foes and beat the daylights out of them. The Ascension just annihilated Darren Young until Titus O’Neil rushed in to help his former tag partner. The Prime Time Players reunited to clear the ring.

Your Winner: Match Never Officially Started
Raw Ranking: N/A

Miz asked Bad News Barrett to teach Damien Mizdow a lesson. Miz offered to watch out for Dean Ambrose. Barrett felt they could reach an arrangement.

Damien Mizdow vs Bad News Barrett
Non-Title Match

Collar and Elbow and Mizdow took control with a Side Headlock. Wade took Damien to the corner and punched and kicked away. Mizdow reversed things until MIz rang a bell to order Mizdow to come outside and buff Miz’s show. Seriously? This is such crap. Mizdow started to get back in the ring but MIz distracted him. Barrett kicked Mizdow out o the floor. Barrett ran Mizdow into the ring apron. Mizdow with the Reality Check. Miz ordered Mizdow to stop and clean Miz’s sunglasses. You have to be kidding me. Wade loaded up for and hit the Bull Hammer Elbow. What baloney!

Your Winner: Bad News Barrett
Raw Ranking: -4.5

Dean Ambrose rushed the ring and threw Wade into the ring post. Dean used a Zip Tie to keep Wade trapped in place. Dean got the contract and held Wade’s hands to force him to sign “B.N.B.” Dean gets his IC title shot on Sunday!

Bray Wyatt was back for yet another promotional video. He was working on a casket (hint hint). Bray told “The Angel with the Burnt Wings” to find him or he would go and find the Angel.

Raw re-ran the Sheamus video package.

Naomi and Jimmy Uso vs Natalya and Tyson Kidd
Husband and Wife Mixed Tag Team Match

Raw looked back at the failed “Double Date” from a couple weeks back. The Usos will defend the tag belts against Tyson Kidd and Cesaro at Fastlane. There hasn’t been a Husband and Wife mixed tag team match since Chris and Toni Adams vs Steve Austin and Jeannie Clark, way back in the old World Class territory (though I’m not quite sure if Steve was married to Jeannie at the time of the match. I know he married her at some point). Anyway, back to this week’s action…

The men began the match. Tyson tried to hide in the ropes but Jimmy wasn’t having any part of it. The girls tagged in. Collar and Elbow and Naomi sent Nattie over with a Side Headlock., a couple of times. Nattie flipped Naomi over but Naomi got free, easily.. Tag to Jimmy. Tyson didn’t like coming back in the ring but he did. Go Behind into a Side Headlock by Tyson. Kidd held the hair and kicked away. Tyson quickly tagged out to avoid a fight.

The girls went into a nice Universal and both tried for Dropkicks. Excellent Kip Ups by both girls. Butt Buster by Nattie into a Running Knee. Nattie asked Tyson if he wanted in. He didn’t want to participate. The girls went back and forth with pin attempts. In the end, Naomi got he win.

Your Winners: Naomi and Jimmy Uso
Raw Ranking: 1.25

Tyson and Cesaro gave Natalya grief for losing. Tyson was especially harsh on his better half. Nattie seemed to be fighting back the tears as the trio left the ring.

Roman Reigns retuned to ringside to watch the main event.

Daniel Bryan vs Big Show

Daniel ducked and dodged to avoid the Giant’s grasp. Daniel kicked the thighs of Show. Daniel avoided the Skillet Slap to the chest. Roman giggled as Show slapped Daniel’s back. Skillet Slap to Daniel’s chest. Show was distracted by Roman’s presence at ringside. Chop Blocks and kicks by Daniel. Show shoved Daniel away, easily. Scoop Slam by Show. Daniel got out of the way of another Skillet Slap and kicked away. Show dropped Daniel with a hard blow to the head. Gorilla Press by Show but Daniel slid down into a Sleeper Roman got up and started talking with the fans and even signed some autographs.

Show dropped to his knees, still in the Sleeper. Show finally flipped Daniel over. Daniel returned with massive kicks to Show’s chest. Show caught the leg and popped Daniel in the chest. Raw went to break as Roman continued to interact with the crowd.

Show had Daniel trapped in the Shinu Numaki Sleeper. Daniel tried to Elbow free but Show just tossed him down. Show stood on Daniel’s surgically repaired neck. Open Hand Slap to the chest, from the floor. The fans began to yell out that he match was boring (It kinda was). Show clubbed Daniel’s back and then stopped to scream at Roman. Daniel punched and kicked away at Show. Bear Hug by the ginormous grappler. Daniel slipped around and cinched in the Cattle Mutilation. Show tumbled out to the floor as Roman threw t-shirts to the crowd.

Daniel went for the Suicide Dive but Show caught him. Daniel threw Show into the ring post. Show then sent Daniel into Roman. Show Speared Roman and nailed a Thrust Kick to Daniel. Show pitched Daniel back in the ring. Show Whipped Daniel into the corner. Daniel came back to Dropkick Show’s knee. Hesitation Dropkicks by Daniel. Show caught Daniel on the third run. Daniel put Show in the Yes Lock. Show tried to crawl to the ropes. He made it, just barely. Daniel went back to kicking Show in the chest. Knockout Crescent Kick but Show still kicked out at two. Roman rushed in the ring and knocked out Big Show with the Superman Punch.

Your Winner (By Disqualification): Big Show
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Daniel, who was still on the top turnbuckle, was ticked off. Missile Dropkick by Daniel that sent Roman to the floor. Roman rushed back in the ring and exploded on Daniel He tossed Daniel out to the floor. Daniel rushed back in the ring and the fight was on. The two fought in and out of the ring. This match is going to steal the show on Sunday. Make book on it. Refs rushed out to beak things up. Hey were totally useless. “Let Them Fight!” rose from the crowd. Daniel kept pointing at the Wrestlemania sign. The two eventually shook hands…only to start slugging it out, again. Daniel hit a Dropkick and Suicide Dive to drop Roman. Roma tossed Daniel out into the crowd. Daniel got a chair and bashed Roman with it. Roman shrugged it off and busted Daniel in the face. Hey flew over he announce desk as the refs kept trying to break them apart. They were finally kept apart by security, refs and execs.

I’ll have my predictions for Fastlane, later this week.


–Jay Shannon

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