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TNA’s European Tour is underway. This week, the stars were in Scotland for some fantastic action. We will also get an update on Jeff Hardy.

The show opened with a look at Lethal Lockdown, from last week. Lashley, after stating he would have no par of Team Angle, came down at the last minute and helping Team Angle defeat the Beat Down Clan.

MVP and his crew arrived at the arena in their new “BDC” snow caps. MVP told his gang that last week never happened. They were ready to unleash revenge on everyone involved with Team Angle.

Kurt Angle strolled down to the ring. Kurt was all smiles as he began to speak. He mentioned being drawn to individual successes, but he knew that he needed help, last week. He thanked his teammates for helping him defeat the BDC. Kurt knew the BDC wanted to control the World Tile but Kurt felt the Best Wrestler in the World should hold it. Kurt invited the current champ, Lashley, to join him in the ring.

Lashley got a great pop from the locals. Kurt explained that Lashley had a BDC Target on his back. Kurt shook Lashley’s hand after thanking him for being part of his team. Lashley clarified that he didn’t join Team Angle as much as he came doe to get his hands on MVP. Kurt said he wanted to go after the World Title and he wanted to challenge Lashley, to his face. Lashley nodded in agreement but he didn’t get a chance to verbalize his agreement.

The Beat Down Clan came out, en masse, to confront Kurt and Lashley. MVP explained that Lashley was not an official member of Team Angle, so the win over the BDC was not real. MVP warned that he united BDC were ready to destroy Kurt Angle and Lashley. MVP wanted to know which man in the ring (Lashley or Kurt) wanted to catch he *ss Whuppin’. Lashley said he and Kurt would face any two members of the BDC. Kurt looked a little taken aback by Lashley accepting on his behalf.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode discussed their history and tonight’s match. Bobby made it clear this match would be to determine who should be the number one contender to the World Title. Both agreed to go out and give their best.

Impact showed how Jeremy Borash cut the cord on Ethan Carter III’s clippers, last week. EC3 was about to shave Rock Star Supd’s head. J.B. had to make a mad dash to avoid being caught by EC3. Ethan was asked about the situation. He stated is that he was from wealth and always gets what he wants. What Ethan wants is to scalp Spud. Ethan made a challenge: Spud, Mandrews and Borash vs Ethan and Tyrus, in a Handicap Match. Ethan promised to shave Spud’s head by the end of the night.

Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries
Number One Contender Match

Next week’s Gauntlet Match will be affected by the Top Five. There will be a 20-Man Gauntlet. 1-15 will be randomly assigned. 16-20 will be based on the Top Five. Number One will get to enter at the 20th position.

The two thought about going into the Collar and Elbow but backed off. When they committed to the move, Aries took over on the arm. Japanese Arm Drag by Aries. Aries countered out of the Head Scissors but Roode went right into the Crippler Crossface. Aries flipped over to almost pin Bobby. Las Chancellory by Aries but Roode got to the ropes. Bobby thought about the Roode Bomb but Aries escaped. Flying Elbow Drop by Aries to ge a two. Roode went to the floor and Aries flew off the top turnbuckle. Bobby rolled back into the room and Dropkicked Aries as Austin flew off the turnbuckles.

Bobby drove his knee into Aries’ back and hit a Front Drop Suplex. Corner Shoulders by Bobby. Aries go free and threw Forearms. Bobby came back with a Double R Spinebuster. Reverse Bear Hug by Bobby that led to a Seated Abdominal Stretch. Aries unloaded on Roode with shots to the face. Bobby came back and Shouldered Aries. He then whipped Aries to a corner. Aries came out of the corner swinging for the fences. Corner Mount Punches but Roode pushed him away. Buffbuster by Roode but he only got a two count. Roode kicked away and went for the Roode Bomb. Aries elbowed his way free. The two went up on the ropes. Aries blocked the Superplex and boxed Bobby’s ears. Aries nailed a Top Rope Missile Dropkick. Roode barely escaped he Brainbuster but fell to the Discus Elbow. Roode ended up on the floor. Aries missed he Suicide Dive and his left arm hit hard on the guard rail. Bobby rolled Aries back into the ring. 2 count for Bobby. Roode, again, tried for the Roode Bomb. Aries rolled down his back but Roode caught him in the Crippler Crossface. Aries tried to roll over but Bobby kept bringing him back into position. Aries tapped out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Bobby Roode
Impact Scorecard: 4.0 out of a possible 5

After the match, Bobby Roode showed incredible respect to Austin Aries. They shook hands and Bobby applauded his foe as Aries headed towards the back. Roode yelled that it was time for the “It Factor” to get back his World Title. Roode expressed to Lashley that he never got his rematch but he wanted it. Eric Young hit the ring and took out Roode with the Piledriver. Eric hen spat on his former best friend as Impact took a break.

Impact did a quick recap of the attack on Bobby Roode. Bobby was being helped to the back when Eric struck again. He hit a 2nd Piledriver, this time on the ramp.

Al Snow was in the ring. He was ticked off about a kid from British Boot Camp. Al feels that Grado has no respect for the business. Al introduced himself to the crowd and did a major heel promo. Al bragged about training some of the best and brightest. A “Grado” chant grew in strength. Al went off on the crowd for not being able to do what he does. Al ordered Grado to get out to the ring and quit. If Grado doesn’t quit, Al will kick his *ss, next week. Al just can’t get along with anyone. I remember his feuding with Joey Ryan, a couple of years back. Grado came out and Al told the kid that Grado didn’t have the heart. Al had no respect for this young kid. Al demanded that Grado quit. Grado snatched the mic and told AL he was in Glasgow. Al grabbed the stick back and said Grado was brave while being surrounded by friends and family. Al went out and got up in the face of Grado’s mum. She B*tch Slapped him and then Grado jumped Al. Al made it official. Next Week: Al Snow vs Grado!

Crazy Steve vs Bram

Bram charged Steve and then stalked the painted oddball. Bram threw Steve into the corner. Bram yanked Steve off the ropes. Steve’s head hit the turnbuckle in a bad way. Bram punched away on Steve. Bram went out and grabbed the house mic. He screamed for Magnus to come and face him. Bram kept yelling as he stomped away on Steve. Bram begged Magnus to come and fight him. Steve punched away and bit Bram. Bram dropped Steve with a Double Sledge and then finished him off with the Impaler DDT.

Your Winner: Bram
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Jeremy Borash was nervous about fighting Ethan Carter III and Tyrus. Rock Star Spud spurred J.B. on and reminded him they were lions and tigers (and bears?). He also let J.B. know that he had “Back Up”. Would this be the huge return that they discussed in the teaser commercial?

Gunner came up to talk with Kurt Angle. Gunner admitted that Kurt woke him up, last week. Gunner appreciated that Kurt believed in him. He did question if teaming with Lashley was a good idea. Kurt knew he was going to fight Lashley, soon, so he wanted Lashley at his best.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus vs Rock Star Spud, Mandrews and Jeremy Borash
2-on-3 Handicap Match

Ethan brought rechargeable clippers to the ring to shave Spud’s head. Spud was dwarfed by Tyrus. EC3 had a protective sleeve on but no one knows why. Mandrews tagged in and Tyrus launched him with an Exploder Suplex. Jeremy tagged in and Ethan wanted to fight. Ethan did the old “You” point ala Hulk Hogan. JB threw knees and wild punches at Ethan. EC3 rushed JB to another corner and pounded away. Ethan missed the Corner Splash and Mandrews took the tag. Springboard Dropkick by the British Boot Camp winner. Tyrus tagged back in and clubbed Mandrews down. Tyrus threw Mandrews around and tagged Ethan back in.

Ethan pounded on Manders’ chest and taunted Spud. Ethan kept slamming Mandrews’ face into the canvas. He also pulled at the nose of the young Brit. Mandrews flipped out of a Back Drop Suplex and hit a Jawbreaker. Mandrews nailed an Enziguri and tagged Spud. Spi\ud went wild on Ethan with punches, stomps and kicks. Tyrus Vised the head of Spud. Spud laid out Tyrus with the Acid Drop. Jeremy climbed up to the top turnbuckle and jumped off. Awesome! Back in the ring, Ethan hit the 1%er.

Your Winners: Ethan Carter III and Tyrus
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

After the match, Ethan started to scalp Spud. The lights went out and when they came back up…Mr. Anderson stood behind Tyrus and Ethan. Anderson went to Tyrus’ eyes and then decked Ethan. Massive Low Blow to Tyrus. Anderson then turned and threw Overhand Rights and Knife Edge Chops to Ethan. EC3 took off for the hills.

Gunner talked, in the back, about how close he has been to being World Champ. Gunner mentioned the BDC and they jumped him. Kenny King and Low Ki laid out Gunner and mocked him as they walked away.

Madison Rayne came out to criticize the Knockout Division, as well as the fans. A couple of times during her rant, a loud drum went off. The fans instantly knew what that meant but Madison was clueless. Eventually, the music was added and Awesome Kong came down to the ring…

Madison Rayne vs Awesome Kong

Madison tried to hide behind Earl Hebner but it was no use. Madison charged and Kong Stone Walled her. Corner Splash by Kong. Scoop Slam, followed by a missed Splash, by Kong. Madison pounded away at Kong and showed off. Madison went for a Missile Dropkick but Kong side stepped her. Implant Buster!

Your Winner: Awesome Kong
Impact Scorecard: 1.5

Kurt Angle came in and told Aries to get out of his chair. Kurt mocked Aries for tapping out to Roode, earlier in the night. Aries said he wanted to be at his best when he cashes in the Feast or Fired Briefcase for eh World Title. They both discussed how they would be World Champion, again.

Impact looked back at how Jeff Hardy was injured, in NYC, in the Lockdown Tag Team Match. Jeff tumbled from the top of the cage door and landed on the steel ring steps. He didn’t move for some time.

Mat Hardy came out to talk with the crowd. Matt was saddened that his brother, Jeff, couldn’t be with him tonight. Matt talked about the emptiness in Jeff’s eyes and a broken version of his brother. Matt was cut off by the arrival of James Storm and the Revolution. The Revolution surrounded the ring as Storm got inside. Storm mentioned doing something that a lot of people couldn’t do…including The Undertaker. Storm said he put down Jeff Hardy. He was happy to take away a hero from the fans. Storm made it clear that “Heroes never win”. Storm offered Matt Hardy two options:

1. Join the Revolution
2. Join Jeff Hardy in the hospital

Matt jumped Storm but he rest of the Revolution ganged up on Matt Hardy. Manik applied the Fujiwara Arm Breaker (Cross Armbreaker). Storm told Manik to let go and then ordered Matt to be picked up.

The Wolves rushed down to protect Matt Hardy. Sanada got laid out by the double team. Storm looked fit to be tied as his crew scampered away.

Austin Aries was interviewed, backstage. He was asked if he had a timetable of when he was going to cash in. “Half past a monkey’s *ss and a quarter to his little monkey b*lls”. The BDC then jumped Aries. They then pitched Aries outside of the arena, along with his briefcase.

Kurt Angle and Lashley vs the BDC’s MVP and Samoa Joe

Kenny King and Low Ki were at ringside. Kurt and Joe opened the match. Kurt went right after he arm but Joe reversed things. Kurt took back over with a Hammerlock but Joe Elbowed free. Arm Drag by Kurt into an Arm Bar. Lashley took the tag and worked Joe’s ribs. Joe with straight jabs to he World Champ’s jaw. Corner Shoulder Run by Lashley. Joe Knife Edge Chopped and Headbutted Joe. Universal into a Lashley Clothesline. Lashley knocked MVP off the apron. Joe went back to straight punches before tagging in MVP.

Knee Strikes by MVP and a Snap Mare. Kick to the back of Lashley’s head. Slider Leg Lariat by MVP. He only got a two. Joe tagged back in and Knife Edge Chopped Lashley. Back Rush and Jumping Enziguri by Joe. MVP came in and boxed the ribs. Low Ki and Kenny King got involved as the ref was distracted. Sleeper by MVP but he didn’t have it fully locked in. Lashley made it to the ropes and Joe tagged in. Joe punched the jaw, over and over. Lashley reversed a Whip and fought out of the Uranage.

Kurt got the tag and hit Germans to both opponents. Angle Slam to Joe but MVP made the save. Joe raked Kurt’s eyes and MVP tagged in. Wild Knee Strikes by MVP. He threw Kurt into the ring post. MVP wanted the pin but didn’t get it. Kurt came up swinging. MVP hit a hard Clothesline but only got a two count. MVP stayed on Kurt with hard punches. Low Ki got involved, behind the ref’s back. MVP pulled Kurt out and tried for a pin. Joe tagged back in and hit a massive Headbutt. Joe tied up Kurt with a Standing Crossface and Arm Bar. Kurt spun under and punched away. Joe unloaded with another huge Headbutt. Dropkick by Kurt off the middle ropes.

Lashley and MVP tagged in. Lashley hit a Clotheslien and Scoop Slam. Lashley prepped for eh Spear but hit a Corner Version. Stall Suplex by Lashley. MVP with a High Elbow but Lashley nailed the Spinebuster. Joe made the save but Kurt took Joe out. Kurt put Joe in the Angle Lock. In all the confusion, MVP rolled up Lashley for the win. MVP did have the tights.

Your Winners: MVP and Samoa Joe
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Kurt and Lashley had a major disagreement, after the match. They didn’t get physical but it came darn close.

I always like to end a column on a happy note. Saturday morning was a very special day for indy wrestler, Tyson Raines. Tyson and his girl, Lyesa, were one of 16 couples to get married on a huge Ferris Wheel in Sparks, Nevada (on Valentine’s Day). Tyson aka Scooter has been a dear friend to me and Dianna for the past five years. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to be there (due to work obligations). I wanted to send my absolute best wishes out to two wonderful people who happened to find love amidst all the chaos of this crazy world. Congrats to you my “Brother” and my new “Little Sister”. Smile.


–Jay Shannon

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