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A brief look at various wrestling events held on this date.
February 15

WWF @ Harrisburg, PA – Zembo Mosque – February 15, 1980 (matinee)
The scheduled bout between Bulldog Brower and Johnny Rodz was cancelled due to Rodz no-showing; other matches which were advertised but did not take place included: Larry Sharpe vs. Mike Masters, Baron Mikel Scicluna vs. Frankie Williams, and John Buford vs. Steve King
Larry Zbyszko defeated Bulldog Brower (sub. for Baron Mikel Scicluna)
Lone Eagle & Cowboy Lang defeated Little Tokyo & Dirty Morgan
The Wild Samoans fought WWF Tag Team Champion Tito Santana & Rene Goulet to a draw
Hulk Hogan defeated Dominic DeNucci
WWF Tag Team Champion Ivan Putski defeated Hussein Arab (sub. for Bobby Duncum)

CWF @ Tampa, FL – Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory – February 15, 1983
Charlie Cook defeated Jake Roberts
Ron Bass defeated Kevin Sullivan via disqualification
Charlie Cook (sub. for Mike Graham) & Barry Windham defeated Angelo Mosca & Roddy Piper via disqualification
The Midnight Rider & Terry Allen defeated Florida Global Tag Team Champions the Fabulous Kangaroos to win the titles
Rufus R. Jones fought Leroy Brown to a double count-out in a lights out match
NWA World Champion Ric Flair defeated Scott McGhee at 24:03

JCP @ Rockingham, NC – Richmond High School – February 15, 1984
TV taping:
Championship Wrestling – 2/18/84:
NWA TV Tournament Quarter Finals: Assassin #2 (w/ Paul Jones) defeated Johnny Weaver at 8:41 when, as Jones distracted the referee, Assassin #1 – who came ringside late in the bout – interfered, hit a headbutt on Weaver, and scored the pin himself
Ernie Ladd vs. Keith Larson
Angelo Mosca Sr. & Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Angelo Mosca Jr. vs. two unknowns
Worldwide – 2/18/84:
Mark Youngblood, Angelo Mosca Jr., & Tim Horner vs. Russo, Gary Royal, & Bill White
Ivan Koloff defeated Dave McCoy
NWA TV Championship Tournament Quarter Finals: NWA US Champion Dick Slater pinned Dory Funk Jr.
Ernie Ladd defeated Bubba Smith
Tully Blanchard defeated Vinnie Valentino

JCP @ Hampton, VA – Coliseum – February 15, 1985
Brian Adidas defeated Scott Casey
Buzz Tyler defeated Black Bart
NWA Tag Team Champion Manny Fernandez defeated the Barbarian
Dick Slater defeated Ron Bass
NWA Tag Team Champion Dusty Rhodes fought NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard to a draw
Ivan & Nikita Koloff defeated Magnum TA & Don Kernodle
Jimmy Valiant defeated Superstar Billy Graham via disqualification

WWF @ Phoenix, AZ – Veterans Memorial Coliseum – February 15, 1986 (12,000)
Pedro Morales defeated Bret Hart
Sivi Afi defeated Rene Goulet
Terry Funk defeated Jose Luis Rivera
Hercules defeated SD Jones
Saturday Night’s Main Event #5 – 3/1/86 on NBC (10.0) – featured Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura on commentary; included the debut of Hulk Hogan’s “Real American” music video:
Mr. T defeated Bob Orton (w/ Roddy Piper) via count-out at the 1-minute mark of the 2nd round of a boxing match after fighting off both Orton and Piper and knocking Orton over the top rope with an uppercut; after the bout, Piper attacked Mr. T from behind and began whipping him with his belt (Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event)
King Kong Bundy (w/ Bobby Heenan) pinned Steve Gatorwolf with the Avalanche at the 41-second mark; after the bout, Bundy stole the microphone from Howard Finkel and said he wanted Hulk Hogan
WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Don Muraco (w/ Bobby Heenan who filled in for a sick Mr. Fuji) via disqualification at 6:53 when Heenan prevented the pinfall following the legdrop; after the bout, King Kong Bundy came to the ring and brutally attacked the champion, giving him three Avalanches in the corner and two splashes – one on Hogan’s chest and the other on his back, until the British Bulldogs and Pedro Morales made the save; moments later, the champion was taken from ringside to a local hospital; later in the broadcast, Gene Okerlund interviewed Dr. Bob Ponavich outside the hospital
WWF Tag Team Champions Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake (w/ Johnny V) defeated Davey Boy Smith & the Dynamite Kid (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) when Valentine pinned Dynamite at around 12:00 after both men were knocked down from a double shoulderblock, with Valentine’s leg landing on top of Dynamite for the win; Valentine & Beefcake came to the ring to Queen’s “We Are the Champions”
The Junkyard Dog pinned Adrian Adonis (w/ Jimmy Hart) at around 8:45 after Adonis ran into Hart on the apron, who was holding up the megaphone to use on JYD; after the bout, Adonis attacked JYD with the megaphone (Legends of Wrestling CollectionLegends of Wrestling: Jerry Lawler and the Junkyard Dog)

WWF @ Omaha, NE – Civic Center – February 15, 1988 (4,158)
Scott Casey pinned Terry Gibbs
Danny Spivey pinned Lanny Poffo
Jim Duggan pinned King Harley Race
The Conquistadors defeated B. Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell after the Conquistadors switched places in the ring; Earl Hebner continued the role of heel referee for the bout
WWF IC Champion the Honktytonk Man, Bret Hart, & Jim Neidhart defeated Randy Savage, WWF Tag Team Champions Rick Martel & Tito Santana in an elimination match; Martel and Neidhart were both counted-out; Bret pinned Santana; Honky was disqualified for hitting the referee; Savage was counted-out after both Honky & Neidhart interfered, with referee Earl Hebner refusing to call a disqualification
Sam Houston pinned Danny Davis
Ken Patera & the Crusher (sub. for Billy Jack Haynes) defeated Demolition via disqualification when Mr. Fuji tripped the Crusher with his cane at around the 3-minute mark
Ron Bass pinned the Junkyard Dog

NWA Clash of the Champions V “St. Valentine’s Massacre” – Cleveland, OH – CSU Convocation Center – February 15, 1989 (5,000)
Shown live on TBS – featured Jim Ross & Magnum TA on commentary; included Bob Caudle interviewing Ricky Steamboat, with his son, in which Steamboat talked about the family unit, challenging for the NWA World Title at Chi-Town Rumble, and his match later in the show; during the segment, Caudle & Steamboat reviewed recent footage of NWA World Champion Ric Flair attacking Steamboat on World Championship Wrestling, with Steamboat eventually dominating; featured Bob Caudle conducting an in-ring interview with Flair, alongside Hiro Matsuda and several women, regarding his upcoming title defense against Steamboat; moments later, Flair called for Steamboat to come out, which he did, and made fun of Steamboat going to bed each night with the same woman; after the two shared words, Steamboat tore off Flair’s suit jacket, shirt, and pants with the two brawling until Steamboat sent Matsuda to the floor and fought with Flair into the crowd; Steamboat then returned to the ring and wrapped the remains of Flair’s suit around his own body and put on Flair’s sunglasses; included Caudle conducting a backstage interview with NWA TV Champion Rick Steiner, with Michael Hayes bringing Steiner in for the interview, with Steiner discussing his match later in the night and his upcoming title defense at Chi-Town Rumble against Mike Rotunda:
Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated the Russian Assassins (w/ Paul Jones) at 13:16 when Eaton scored the pin with the Rocket Launcher after Lane kicked the Assassin in the head; during the bout, Paul E. Dangerously cut an insert promo in which he said Cornette would be out of the NWA after Chi-Town Rumble; moments later, Dangerously joined the commentary team for the remainder of the match
Butch Reed pinned Steve Casey with one knee on the chest at 17:43 after a gorilla press slam and shoulderblock off the top (the end of Casey’s undefeated streak)
Lex Luger pinned the Blackmailer (Jack Victory) (w/ Hiro Matsuda) at 12:59 with a superplex (Blackmailer’s sole appearance)
NWA US Tag Team Champions Mike Rotunda & Steve Williams (w/ Kevin Sullivan) defeated Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton at 13:24 when Williams pinned Fulton after Rotunda came off the middle turnbuckle behind the referee’s back with a stomp to the head as Fulton had Williams covered; earlier in the show it was mentioned that any member of the Varsity Club could defend the titles; during the bout, NWA TV Champion Rick Steiner cut an insert promo about his title defense against Rotunda at Chi-Town Rumble
Ricky Steamboat pinned Bob Bradley at 6:25 with a karate chop off the top and the crossbody off the top; prior to the bout, Steamboat was escorted to the ring by his wife Bonnie and son; during the match, there were several chants of “We Want Flair”
NWA TV Champion Rick Steiner pinned Rip Morgan in a non-title match with a belly to belly suplex at 4:41; during the bout, Mike Rotunda cut an insert promo about his upcoming match with Steiner at Chi-Town Rumble
NWA Six-Man Tag Team Champions – Genichiro Tenryu & NWA Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) fought Mike Rotunda, NWA US Tag Team Champions Kevin Sullivan & Steve Williams (sub. for Sting, Michael Hayes, & the Junkyard Dog) to a double disqualification at5:47 when Sting, Hayes, & JYD appeared and all three teams began brawling; prior to the bout, Bob Caudle conducted a backstage interview with Sting, Hayes, & JYD regarding their title shot; moments later, after the challengers went back to their dressing room, Sullivan appeared and locked a gate behind them; security finally unlocked the gate mid-way through the contest
ECW @ Revere, MA – Wonderland Greyhound Park – February 15, 1997 (950)
Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten fought Nova & the Blue Meanie to a no contest
Little Guido defeated Chris Chetti
Taz defeated Scott Taylor
Louie Spicolli defeated Bobby Duncum Jr.
The Sandman pinned D-Von Dudley
The Great Sasuke, Gran Hamada, & Gran Naniwa defeated Taka Michinoku, Dick Togo, & Mens Teioh when Sasuke pinned Michinoku (ECW: Unreleased Vol. 2)
Buh Buh Ray Dudley defeated Spike Dudley
Tommy Dreamer & the Pitbulls defeated ECW World Champion Raven, Brian Lee, & Chris Candido
ECW Tag Team Champions Perry Saturn & John Kronus defeated Rob Van Dam & Sabu

No Way Out of Texas – Houston, TX – Compaq Center – February 15, 1998 (16,110)
The Headbangers defeated Marc Mero & TAFKA Goldust (dressed as Marilyn Manson) (w/ Luna Vachon) at 13:53 when Thrasher pinned Mero with an inside cradle after the Headbangers switched places while Mero and Goldust attempted to seperate Luna and Sable on the floor; prior to the bout, Mero ordered Sable backstage but she returned in the later moments of the match; after the bout, the two women had to be held apart by officials as well; moments later, Sable shoved Mero to the mat
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku pinned Pantera with the Michinoku Driver at 10:13; Sunny was the guest ring announcer for the bout; Brian Christopher did guest commentary; after the bout, Michinoku took out both Christopher and Jerry Lawler from the top rope and escaped through the crowd (Wrestling’s Highest Flyers)
Henry & Phinneas Godwinn defeated the Quebecers when Phinneas pinned Pierre after a clothesline from Henry; after the bout, the Godwinns attacked the Quebecers with their slop buckets
Bradshaw defeated NWA North American Champion Jeff Jarrett (w/ Jim Cornette) via disqualification when Jarrett used Cornette’s tennis racquet as a weapon; after the bout, the Legion of Doom made the save for Bradshaw against Jarrett, Barry Windham, and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express
Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson, Skull, 8-Ball, & Chainz defeated Farooq, WWF IC Champion the Rock, D-Lo Brown, Kama, & Mark Henry in a War of Attrition match when Shamrock forced the Rock to submit to the ankle lock
Kane (w/ Paul Bearer) pinned Vader with the tombstone; after the bout, Kane brutally hit Vader in the face with a wrench
Steve Austin, WWF European Champion Owen Hart, Cactus Jack, & Terry Funk defeated Triple H (w/ Chyna), Savio Vega (sub. for WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels), & WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn in an unsanctioned match when Austin pinned Road Dogg with the Stunner; after the bout, Austin hit Chyna with the Stunner as well (DeGeneration XThe Best of In Your House)
No Way Out 09 – Seattle, WA – Key Arena – February 15, 2009 (matinee) (11,362)
WWE Women’s Champion Melina pinned Beth Phoenix
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Jim Ross & Tazz on commentary for Smackdown!, Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler on commentary for Raw, and Todd Grisham & Matt Striker on commentary for ECW; included a backstage segment with Edge and Vickie Guerrero in which Edge asked for the Elimination Chamber to be restarted because his shoulder was up, with Vickie then blaming him until she then apologized; featured a backstage promo by Randy Orton in which he said he would make his legacy as the expense of the McMahon family and would take Shane McMahon apart piece by piece; included a video package highlighting the first WrestleMania; featured the announcement that Shane had been taken to a hospital following his match with Orton; featured an ad promoting WrestleMania 25; included Todd Grisham conducting a backstage interview with Chris Jericho regarding his participation later in the Elimination Chamber, during which Jericho said after he regained the World Heavyweight Title he would challenge Ric Flair to come out of retirement and face him at WrestleMania; moments later, Jericho said he would leave Flair alone but he would take back the title:
Triple H defeated the Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, the Big Show, Vladimir Kozlov, and WWE World Champion Edge to win the title in an Elimination Chamber match at 36:01; Hardy pinned Edge at 3:03 with an inside cradle as Edge attempted the spear; Taker pinned Kozlov with a powerbomb out of the corner at 23:01; Triple H pinned Show at 26:14 after Show sustained a superplex from Taker, Pedigree from Triple H, and Swanton from Hardy off the top of a pod; Taker pinned Hardy with the tombstone at 28:33; Triple H pinned Taker with the Pedigree after avoiding the powerbomb; during the final minutes of the match, the crowd was split with chants of “Undertaker” and “Triple H” (Kozlov’s first pinfall loss on TV)
Randy Orton pinned Shane McMahon in a no holds barred match at 18:18 with the RKO after avoiding a kick to the head by Shane; prior to the bout, Stephanie McMahon was shown watching on backstage; mid-way through the bout, Ted Dibiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes interfered on behalf of Orton but were fought off by Shane, with Shane eventually hitting the Van Terminator on Rhodes; moments later, Orton ordered Dibiase to take Rhodes backstage and make sure he was OK; after the contest, Orton acted as though he was going to kick Shane in the head but instead left the ring
ECW World Champion Jack Swagger pinned Finlay (w/ Hornswoggle) with the gutwrench powerbomb at 8:00 after sending Finlay into Hornswoggle on the ring apron, knocking Hornswoggle to the floor
Shawn Michaels pinned John Bradshaw Layfield at 13:20 with the superkick; Rebecca, Michaels’ wife, sat ringside for the match; stipulations stated JBL would own Michaels’ likeness if JBL won and Michaels would recieve all the money owed to him by JBL and be released from working for him if Michaels won; after the bout, Michaels kissed his wife at ringside before lifting her over the ringside barrier and the two walking backstage
Edge (sub. for Kofi Kingston) defeated World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, Kane, Mike Knox, Rey Mysterio Jr., and Chris Jericho to win the title in an Elimination Chamber match at 29:49; Mysterio pinned Kane at 9:40 with a senton off the top of a pod, moments after Kane sustained Mysterio’s 619 and Jericho’s Code Breaker; Jericho pinned Knox with the Code Breaker at 14:44; Edge pinned Cena at 22:22 with the spear after Cena sustained Jericho’s Code Breaker and Mysterio’s 619; Mysterio pinned Jericho by reversing the Walls of Jericho into a roll up at 23:54; prior to the bout, Edge attacked Kingston from behind as Kingston made his entrance, laid him across the ring steps, and hit a Con-Chair-Two; moments later, Edge jumped in the ring and barricaded himself inside one of the pods as Mysterio came out to tend to Kingston, who was then helped backstage by officials

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