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The Kingdom was facing a serious challenge in Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe and One Dirty Briscoe (ODB). This match would be disturbing in so many ways. Warning! This will not be exactly a Family Friendly kind of match.

Roll the New and Improved Opening Monage!

We are at the 2300 Arena (Formerly Known as Viking Hall or the ECW Arena). Caprice Coleman joined Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly for the first match.

Donovan Dijak vs Ashley Sixx
Top Prospect Tournament, Semi-Finals Match

Dijak was nearly a foot taller than Sixx. Code of Honor Handshake. Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Sixx ducked under and Chopped away. Dijak blocked a Whip and threw Sixx into the corner. Sixx punched, kicked and Chopped away. Drop Toe Hold sent Dijak into the ropes. Skidmark! Dijak caught Sixx on the Springboard. Dijak hit a Sidebreaker and pitched Sixx up and over the ropes. Gorilla Press to send SIxx sailing back into the ring.

Sixx with a flurry of shots. Dijak shook off the Muay Thai attack and hit a Big Boot. Sixx bailed out of the ropes. Back Kick by Dijak and Back Flip to the floor. Sixx with a Faceplant to the apron and Sixx hit a Stage Dive. Sixx with a modified Swanton to Dijak’s back but Donovan kicked out at two. Feast Your Eyes by Dijak (F5 into a GTS).

Your Winner: Donovan Dijak
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0 out of a possible 5

Beer City Bruiser vs Will Ferrara
Top Prospect Tournament, Semi Final Match

BCB could be best described as the offspring of The Crusher and The Sandman. BCB pushed out of the Code of Honor Handshake and Will slapped the big man in the face. Will punched and chopped away. Will broke a Goozle and tried for a Fireman’s Carry. BCB missed a Corner Splash. BCB blocked the Monkey Flip and dropped Will into the corner. Crossbody by BCB into a One Bourbon, One Shot, One Beer (variation of the Three Amigos). He didn’t get all three Suplexes. Bruiser drove Will into the canvas. Corner Clotheslines by Bruiser. Rikishi Run aka Tapping the Keg in the corner by Bruiser.

Will avoided a 2nd Tapping the Keg and did a bit of Hit and Run. Bruiser flipped Will over the ropes and floor. BCB missed a Senton to the floor. Suicide DDT by Will. Wow! Will finally got Bruiser back in the ring but could only get a two. Lariat by Bruiser. BCB calls it the “Hair of the Dog”. Will lifted Bruiser and hit Death Valley Driver and then finished off the Bruiser with Eyes Wide Shut!

Your Winner: Will Ferrara
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Live Edition of The Fish Tank

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly now hold both the IWGP Junior Tag Championships and the RoH World Tag Championships. Kyle caught Hell when he called Philly “The Windy City” (Chicago). Kyle introduced Fish and he got a wonderful reaction from the crowd. Fish said tonight was a celebration of the success of reDRagon. Fish said they were ready for Vegas on March 1st.

Kyle asked their opponents to come out: Nick and Matt Jackson, the Young Bucks. These young men are part of the Bullet Club, the latest Super Faction (mostly seen in Japan). I’ve followed these kids for the past five years. I even had the honor of ring announcing their championship match in Reno, about 3 years back. Fish was ticked off that the Jacksons looked like a couple of bums. Fish said the fans wanted to know the Bucks better. Kyle and Fish taunted the Bucks by asking questions and not letting them answer. Double Superkick to Kyle. Security rushed in and got laid out in a Superkick Party. Yes! I know it ticks off some of my dear friends but I like it. The two guys in red masks watched as Nick and Matt flew out of the ring to take out refs and security members.

Tommaso Ciampa cut a rambling promo about being ready to destroy Jimmy Jacobs, next week.

Q.T. Marshall vs Roderick Strong

Marshall (pronounced Mar—Shall or Mar-Shawl, depending on who is speaking) uses the nickname “God’s Gift”. Puh-lease. Marshall talked trash to the fans and then pushed himself. Strong cut off the tirade and got covered in streamers. Code of Honor Handshake, with some added trash talking. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Clean break but Marshall had to scream at Roddy. Collar and Elbow took both men to another corner. Shove by Marshall. Q.T. slapped Roderick. Roddy hit a Jumping Knee, Stiff Forearm and Sick Kick.

Your Winner: Roderick Strong
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.0

B.J. Whitmer came out and thought it was cute that Strong felt he could run with Whitmer. Strong was sick of hearing Whitmer’s mouth and challenged Whitmer to fight. Whitmer said he would set the time for their fight. Strong warned Whitmer that he would eventually get Whitmer and end his career. Steve Corino loved that idea.

The Kingdom talked serious garbage. Matt Taven said The Briscoes brought in ODB because Mark and Jay are scared. Michael Bennett felt ODB was a man.

Michael Bennett, Matt Taven and Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs Mark and Jay Briscoe and ODB
Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match

It was an amazing shower of streamers for the Briscoe Clan. Jay and Taven started he match. Huge Dropkick by Jay. Tag to Mark. Matt got rocked with hard punches. Redneck Kung Fu by Mark. Tag to ODB. Corner Splash by ODB. Tag back to Mark after a Skillet Slap. Tag to Michael. Jay tagged back in and got rocked by a European Uppercut. Taven got the tag but he got rocked. Tag to ODB. Whe slapped the chest and brought in Mark. Maria distracted Mark and ODB was out to get the Queen of the Kingdom. Jay took down Michael and Mark nailed the Cactus Elbow off the apron. Matt took out the male members of the Briscoes. ODB kicked Matt in the nethers. Maria hid under the ring to avoid ODB. ODB got her flask and found a little Liquid Courage. Maria oozed out from under the other side of the ring. Knife Edge to Matt as Adam Cole walked out with his arm in a sling. Matt kicked ODB in the face and tagged in Maria. Cole joined the announce team. Maria blasted ODB and then ran like Hell. ODB took down Michael and brought Matt to the corner. Mark tagged in but Maria tripped him. Maria tried to pin Mark but failed. Cole was silent as RoH went to break.

Michael took the but got rocked by Mark Briscoe. Huge Clothesline off the Michael Bennett Whip. Adam Cole still remained completely silent. Jay took the tag and the fight went back and forth. Superkick and Discus Forearm by Jay to Matt. Funk Neckbreaker by Jay to get a two count. ODB took the tag. Both men ended up crashing into ODB’s crotch. Thesz Press by ODB. Michael threw out ODB and then Jay took out Michael with a La Bandera. Matt blasted Mark with a Springboard Enziguri. Jay with a Jawbreaker to Matt. Jay wanted the Jay Driller but Michael countered into the Twist of Fate. Swanton by Taven. ODB jumped on Michael’s back. Bennett slammed ODDB down hard. Maria grinned at the carnage. The male Briscoes took the male members of the Kingdom up and ODB hit the Doomsday Device…on both! 2 count but Maria made the save. The Briscoe clan were ready to hit another version on the Doomsday Device. Cole jumped up on the apron and Maria hit Low Blows the Briscoe Brothers. ODB caught Maria and went to Powerbomb her. Double Superkicks to ODB by the men of The Kingdom. Maria covered ODB! That sucked.

Your Winners: The Kingdom
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

During the main event, it was announced that B.J. Whitmer will battle Roderick Strong at the Vegas show on March 1st.


–Jay Shannon

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