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Welcome to Lockdown. Team Angle vs the Beat Down Clan was the main event. Kurt Angle is going into this huge war, one man down. Who would he get to fill the 4th spot?

The show opened with a “Six Sides of Steel” promo. That so takes me back to the good old days of World Class and Mid-South. Bobby Roode was determined to make Eric Young bleed. Rock Star Spud and Mandrews were ready to go up against Ethan Carter III’s hired gun, Tyrus. Plus, The Hardys squared off against The Revolution for the tag titles.

Matt and Jeff Hardy vs James Storm and Abyss (The Revolution)
Tag Team Title Match, Tornado Rules

Khoya, Great Sanada and Manik flanked the tag champs. The fight broke out before the bell rang. Storm blasted Jeff and Abyss took on Matt. All four men were able to stay in the ring. Dropkicks from both Hardys. The Hardys rammed Storm into the cage. The Hardys then both Legdropped Abyss. Manik got in the ring and the Hardys attacked. Superplexes on Manik and Storm. The Hardys found some handcuffs and then bound Manik to the cage wall. Sanada tried to help Manik escape. Wishbone by Storm and Abyss on Jeff. Abyss chcoked Jeff through the camera hole in the fence wall. Storm and Abyss threw Jeff, face first, into the cage wall. The Revolution threw Matt into the cage as Impact took their first break of the night.

We’re back and the chaos was still going strong. Storm planted Jeff with a DDT and almost pinned him. Abyss with a Side Slam. Storm climbed the ropes and called Abyss over to do an Andre Drop. Big Splash on Matt but Matt kicked out just before the three. The Revolution with a Double Whip on Jeff. Whisper in the Wind by Jeff. Twists of Fates to both champs. Double cover but neither Hardy could hold their foe down. Matt crawled up the ropes but missed the Moonsault. Matt caught Storm trying to escape the cage and stopped him. Matt nailed a Top Rope Twist of Fate. Damn, that was nice! Khoya dragged Matt through the hole in the cage. Jeff planted Abyss with a Twist of Fate. Shouldn’t Matt being pulled out of the cage be a win? Anyway, Jeff went up the cage but Sanada blew the blue mist into Jeff’s face. Last Call SUperkick by Storm and pin of Jeff Hardy.

Your Winners: The Revolution
Lockdown Rating: 3.5 outo f 5

Khoya put Matt through a table with the Sky High Powerbomb. A table was put in the ring. Abyss broke the handcuffs on Manik’s wrist. Storm and Abyss put Hardy on the table. Manik tried for a Frog Splash but Jeff woke up and got out of the way. Jeff hit Dropkicks on everyone in sight. Jeff went to climb out of the ring but he slipped and landed on the top of the cage door. Storm cracked Jeff with a cow bell and Hardy tumbled down onto the ring steps. Nasty fall. Jeff wasn’t moving, at all. Makes me wonder if they are about to have the Hardys disappear and their alter-egos, Willow and Omega, will show up?

In the back, MVP talked to his crew. MVP said they were going to end careers, if Team Angle shows up. MVP said he had an offer for Team Angle that they just could not refuse.

Security helped Jeff Hardy to the back.

The B.D.C. and Eric Young were in the ring to talk. MVP talked about how dangerous the Six Sides of Steel is. Eric Young grabbed the microphone and screamed at Bobby Roode, claiming he would make Roode bleed. MVP asked Kurt Angle to come out and speak with him. MVP had a proposal.

Kurt, Austin Aries and Gunner strolled from the back. MVP wanted to give Kurt the chance to save his group’s careers. MVP suggested to Gunner that he could be a future World Champ. MVP wanted Gunner to protect his future. MVP also knew how selfish Aries was and wanted to let Aries walk. MVP about how delicate Kurt’s knee is. MVP warned Kurt is he didn’t back out, he would make it where Kurt would never walk again. Kurt said they were there to fight and they didn’t want to wait.

All Hell broke loose. Gunner and King were on the floor, fighting, when Samoa Joe and Low Ki got involved. They blasted Gunner’s arm. They trapped Gunner’s arm in the cage door and Joe lammed a chair into the door. The B.D.C. headed for high ground.

A promo for Havok and Awesome Kong ran. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Kong is my favorite female wrestler of ALL TIME. Havok and Kong were about to square off.

Gunner didn’t want to be checked out. The medic didn’t want Gunner to participate. Gunner not only wanted to go, but he wanted to start. Kurt said he was going to find Lashley and try, one last time, to get him to join Team Angle.

Awesome Kong vs Havok

The battle began on the floor. Kong hit a Clothesline. Havok slammed Kong’s face into the ring steps. Havok then bounced Kong off the side of the cage. The ref called for the bell to start this contest. Havok, again, bounced Kong off the side of the cage. Havok pulled back the ringside mat. Havok lifted Kong but a Bell Ringer put a stop to that. Kong Whipped Havok into the cage door. “Better than Divas” rang out. The two women got in the ring as Josh mentioned that Kong used to be Kharma in WWE. WWE had absolutely NO CLUE how to utilize this great performer. The two big women slugged away at each other. Running Boot dropped Kong. Havok shrieked and then hit a Hogan Legdrop for the two count. Kong broke he Goozle and hen Havok broke one from Kong. The two went back and forth with Goozles. Havok ran Kong into the corner and threw Forearms. Kong shoved Havok’s face into the cage wall. Kong with punches but Havok hit the Harlot Slayer. Kong jumped right up and hit her own Chokeslam. Kong climbed he ropes but got caught. Havok kicked Kong but Kong with a modified Powerbomb. Kong went back up and hit the Frog Splash to take the win!

Your Winner: Awesome Kong
Lockdown Ranking: 2.5 (would have been higher, had the match not been so short)

The Booby Roode vs Eric Young feud was highlighted. The two would go at it…next.

Before the next match, Impact looked back at Velvet Sky telling Angelina Love about her getting fired. Love put on the phony concern act for her Beautiful People partner. Love hugged Sky and grinned, big time, when she found out that Sky was leaving. Love was fighting back laughter as Sky crumbled in front of her. When Sky left, Love’s comment was “Finally”. So many words come to mind but none of them are “Family Friendly”.

Bobby Lashley was told that Kurt Angle wanted to talk to him. Lashley said he wasn’t hard to find.

“Showtime” Eric Young vs “The It Factor” Bobby Roode

Roode screamed at Eric that he took everything from him and Roode was going to kill Young. Roode punched away. Eric blocked a run into the cage. Roode did the same. Roode kicked away but Eric reversed a Whip and Back Elbowed Roode. Roode came back to hit a Lariat as the crowd started yelling “We want Blood”. Bobby punched Eric and Whipped him into the ropes. Eric with a kick and then he threw Roode into several sides of the cage. Eric slammed Roode’s head into the cage wall, a couple of times. Young then used a Crossbody to send Roode into the cage. Rolling Belly to Belly Suplex to get a two count for Eric. Rear Chin Lock by Eric but Bobby got to his feet and punched free. Eric reversed the Whip but Roode got the boots up. Powerslam by Eric. Young motioned to the back and MVP came out with a chair.

Eric took the chair and got ready to bash his former best friend. Bobby ducked and Eric hit the cage. Booby tried for the Roode Bomb but it was blocked. Roode countered the Piledriver. Bobby used a Slingshot to send Eric into the cage wall. Eric came up bloody and staggering. Bobby continued to focus on the open wound. Roode threw Eric into multiple sides of the cage. Double R Spinebuster. 1-2-no. Roode punched Eric, after putting him up on the turnbuckles. Bobby climbed the ropes and tried to set for the Roode Bomb. Eric held the cage to prevent the move. Eric pushed Bobby off and nailed the Savage Elbow. 2 count. Eric placed he chair on Bobby’s chest and screamed at the hostile crowd. Eric climbed back up the ropes. Bobby got up and Javelined the chair into Eric. Bobby then cracked Eric, several times, with the steel chair. Roode yelled “You were my brother” and then planted Eric Young with a Roode Bomb onto the steel chair.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Lockdown Scorecard: 3.5

Kurt and Lashley had a heated discussion, backstage. Kurt tried to explain that Lashley was risking being alone if he didn’t help Kurt stop the BDC.

Rock Star Spud and Mandrews vs Tyrus
2-on-1 Handicap Match

Spud and Andrews really remind me of a British Rock and Roll Express. They are much smaller than most teams but their speed and agility put them on even footing. Tyrus was led to the ring by Ethan Carter III.

Spud and Mandrews jumped Tyrus before the bell. It didn’t help much as Tyrus Double Clotheslined the team. Big Ending to Spud and Corner Splash to Mandrews Tyrus dropped his weight on Spud’s lower back. Josh kept calling the team, Spandrews. That name seriously sucks. Spud kicked away but Tyrus pulled him out of the corner. Double Goozle by Tyrus. The duo started kicking away and hit the Double Dropkick. They then took turns Dropkicking Tyrus. Double Pin but Tyrus kicked out. Exploder Suplex to the corner left Mandrews aching. Spud fought out of a Powerbomb attempt. Spud pounded Tyrus in the head and then kicked the bald dome of the bigger man. Spud went up to the very top of the cage. Spud ripped off the bow tie, flipped off EC3 and hit an amazing Top Cage Hilo. EC3 jumped up and spat on Mandrews. Mark lost it and went after EC3. Mark left he ring and EC3 tripped Mandrews. He poor kid’s head bounced off the ring steps. Ethan used Mandrews to distract Spud. Ethan slammed the cage door into Spud’s face. Tyrus took out Spud with the My Bad (Chokeslam/Asiatic Spike).

Your Winner: Tyrus
Lockdown Scorecard: 3.0

Ethan plugged in the clippers and went to shave Spud’s head. Jeremy Borash disconnected the clippers. Ethan left he ring and went after J.B.. Jeremy disappeared into the crowd.

Bobby Roode discussed the 15-year friendship that he had with Eric Young. It was all gone in an instant. Roode promised that he would make Eric bleed and pay…and he did. Roode was ready to move past this and set his sights back on the World Title.

Impact showed highlights of the Robbie E vs Brooke Tessmacher “Amazing Race Match”. They had to spin a bat, 3 times, climb into the cage, escape the cage and run to the finish line. Robbie had it won but he goof had to stop and take a “Selfie”. She used Robbie’s Selfie Stick to rock Robbie’s nethers. Brooke won the match.

MVP, Kenny King, Samoa Joe and Low Ki vs Kurt Angle, Gunner, Austin Aries and ?
Lethal Lockdown

This match is very similar to one of the greatest “Gimmick Matches” of all time…War Games. 2 men start and then a man joins the match every minute or two, alternating teams. When all 7 (or 8) men are finally in the ring, a team can win by pin or submission. I still remember one of the Road Warriors using a Flying Chicken Wing to make Jimmy Garvin submit and Sid Vicious repeatedly Powerbombing Brian Pillman during old NWA/WCW versions of this match.

Entrant #1 – Kenny King
Entrant #2 – Gunner

The cage had tons of weapons attached. Jeremy Borash read the rules of this wild match. He brought out King and Gunner and quickly left the ring.

King went right after Gunner’s bad arm with a Superkick and Arm Snap. He also dropped his weight on Gunner’s arm. Gunner began to fight back but King kicked the bad wheel. Gunner Back Dropped King into the cage. Gunner then threw King, face first, into the steel. Gunner grabbed a trash can lid and bashed King with it. King bounced off the case, yet again. Gunner choked King with a night stick. King popped Gunner in the face to escape. The countdown clock brought out…

Entrant #3 – Low Ki

The X-Division Champion got jumped by Gunner as he entered. King cracked Gunner in the back with the can lid. Ki got the lid and whacked Gunner with it. The BDC members double teamed Gunner with the night stick. Low Ki held Gunner so King could hit a Running Smash with a can lid. Ki unloaded with wild kicks to the chest. Double Stomp by Low Ki. Time was running out for the Man Up Advantage

Entrant #4 – Austin Aries

Aries with a Reality Check and Pendulum Elbow to King. Aries then hit a Running Dropkick to Low Ki. Gunner wanted the Gun Rack but couldn’t hold him. Instead, Gunner and Aries hit a modified Doomsday Device, with Aries using a can lid to make things worse for King. Aries blasted King with a night stick and can lid. Gunner went after Low Ki with a Jim Cornette Special (Tennis Racket).

Entrant #5 – Samoa Joe

Aries jumped Joe but the big Samoan recovered and took out both Team Angle members. Joe picked up two can lids and Cymballed Aries’ head. Joe smacked Gunner and then Aries. Low Ki stomped a chair into Gunner’s shoulder. King pushed Aries’ face into the steel mesh. Gunner was double teamed by Ki and Joe. Joe pulled down a hockey stick and wailed away.

Entrant #6 – Kurt Angle

Kurt rushed down and took a hockey stick to the ribs. Kurt came right back and German’d Joe. Kurt took down King and pounded away. Kurt used the boot to push King’s face into the corner turnbuckle. Warrior’s Way by Low Ki to drive Austin’s head into the canvas. Gunner choked Joe with a kendo stick.

Entrant #7 – MVP

He leader of the BDC took the kendo stick and worked over just about everyone. He forgot Kurt, who hit a German. Joe smashed a can lid into Kurt’s head. Impact took a quick break.

The BDC were taking full advantage of their man advantage. Gunner had a trash can put over his head and Low Ki Double Stomped it. They put Gunner in the corner and placed the can over Gunner’s head. Yakuza Kick by MVP to Gunner. Kurt grabbed a can lid and wacked away at anything BDDC. Gunner threw King into the cage but Joe whacked him and Kurt with the kendo stick. MVP had Joe attacked Kurt’s knee with the kendo stick. Joe threw Gunner into the cage wall. Enziguri by Kng to a can trapped Aries. Kurt tried to get feeling back in his knee. Suddenly…Bobby Lashley’s music hit. He strolled down but whose side was he on, if either? Lashley seemed to be making peace with the BDC but it was a ploy. He dropped MVP with a Short Arm Clothesline. He attacked all the members of the BDC. SO…

Entrant #8 – Lashley

Scoop Powerslam to King and Gorilla Launcher to Low Ki. King piqued the ankle so MVP could jump Lashley. Lashley was setting up for the Spear, at the time. King tried to break Kurt’s ankle. Double Team on Gunner by Joe and MVP but Aries made the save. Low Ki stayed on Lashley and King Superkicked Gunner in the face. Kurt countered the Muscle Buster and applied the Ankle Lock to Joe. Gunner had King up in the Gun Rack. Aries trapped Low Ki in the Last Chacellory. That left MVP and Lashley free. MVP nailed the Low Blow but Lashley came back, almost instantly, to catch MVP with the Spear!

Your Winners: Team Angle (Angle, Gunner, Aries and Lashley)
Lockdown Scorecard: 4.0


–Jay Shannon

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