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Smackdown in Colorado Springs

*Recap of the events on Raw.

Miz and Damien Mizdow came out to do MizTV.  Miz ordered Mizdow to sit at ringside.  He introduced Daniel Bryan, and Bryan came out.  Before Miz could introduce Roman Reigns, Reigns’s music hits.  As soon as Reigns arrived and entered the ring, he surprised Miz with the Superman Punch.  He then took the mic and said that he has no problem fighting Daniel Bryan to get to Wrestlemania.  He didn’t want to wait until Fast Lane and wanted to fight on Smackdown right away.  He removed two chairs in the ring.  Bryan took the mic and was about to say something but changed his mind.  Instead,  he removed the last chair.  Seth Rollins came out with J&J Security.   Rollins said that he has a bone to pick with both Reigns and Bryan.  He mentioned that he was on the verge of winning the Raw match but blamed Reigns for interfering.   He dragged that he brought back The Authority’s and “almost slayed the Beast”.  He said that it does not matter what happens at Fast Lane because he still holds the future in his hand.  Also, he announced that Bryan has a Handicap match against Rollins and J&J Security.

*Backstage – Dolph Ziggler and Ryback were heading to the ring.

*Commercial Break

*Backstage — Renee Young interviewed The Miz.  Miz was irate after what Reigns did to him.  He sent a challenge to Reigns.

Dolph Ziggler and Ryback VS Goldust and Stardust –
Goldust and Stardust were already in the ring.  Dolph Ziggler and Ryback came out.  Ryback and Stardust started the match.  They locked up, and Ryback put a headlock on Stardust.   He took Stardust down and tagged Ziggler.  Ziggler delivered a dropkick on Stardust.  Ryback was tagged in.  Ryback performed a bodyslam.  Followed by a bodysplash.  Stardust retreated after being doubleteamed.  Goldust was tagged in, and he took control of the match.  Ryback became injured at ringside, and Ziggler went to check on him.

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Goldust was dominant in the ring against Ryback. Stardust was tagged in, and he kept Ryback down.  After Goldust was tagged in, Ryback fought back.  After Stardust was tagged in, he leaped off the top rope to nail Ryback but Ryback surprised him with a punch to the gut.  After Ziggler was tagged in, he took control of the match.  Stardust tagged Goldust and started heading to the back.  Goldust yelled at Stardust  and asked where he was going.   Ziggler nailed Goldust with a superkick and tagged Ryback.  The Big Guy hit the Shell Shock on Goldust and pinned him for the victory.

*In honor of Black History Month, WWE paid tribute “The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd.

*Backstage — Dean Ambrose was heading to the ring

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Dean Ambrose VS Curtis Axel
Curtis Axel was in the ring.  He said that he was never eliminated from the Royal Rumble Match and that he should be headlining Wrestlemania.  He wanted fans to join the #Axelmania “movement”.  Dean Ambrose came out.  Axel was throwing punches in the corner.  Ambrose retaliated with some punches and kicks.  He even rubbed Axel’s face on the ropes.  He took Axel down to the mat, threw more punches and delivered an elbow drop.  Axel turned things around when he whipped Ambrose to the turnbuckle, blocked a kick and swung Ambrose’s legs out of the ring.  He attacked him from behind and pulled him down on the mat to deliver more attacks.  After throwing Ambrose over the top rope, he attacked him some more.  Axel was distracted by the announce team and received a clothesline from Ambrose.   Ambrose threw Axel in the ring and nailed him with a running bulldog. He tried to deliver a flying elbow drop but Axel punched him in the gut.  Axel set up the Perfectplex but Ambrose countered.   Ambrose threw a punch but missed.  Axel hit Ambrose with a punch instead.   Ambrose fell back to the ropes and nailed Axel with the Pendulum Lariat.  Dirty Deeds on Axel.  Ambrose pinned him for the win.  Bad News Barrett appeared on the titantron for BNZ (Bad News Zone) with (fake) news scrolling at the bottom of the screen.  Barrett said that Ambrose is too much of a lunatic to deserve an Intercontinental Title opportunity.  This of course angered Ambrose in the ring.

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Fandango and Rosa Mendez danced in the ring.  Adam Rose came to the ring with the Rosebuds.  Rose did a trust fall from the ring apron but the Rosebuds fell and dropped him.  Rose attacked the (male) Rosebuds.   Fandango was dominant in the beginning of the match.  Rose retaliated with some attacks.   He slammed Fandango’s back hard on the ring apron.  Rose remained at ringside and screamed at the Rosebuds.   After Rose reentered the ring, Fandango turned things around when he rolled Rose over for the pin.  Rose kicked out.  Fandango hit Rose with a side kick and finally the Last Dance for the win.

*Commercial Break

Miz VS Roman Reigns –
Miz came out with Mizdow.  Miz ordered Mizdow to give him the mic.  He said that Reigns embarrassed him and wanted him to face someone who headlined Wrestlemania (referring to himself).  Reigns came out.  Miz pushed Reigns before he entered the ring.  He threw some punches and repeated kicks after the bell rang.  Reigns fought back with some attacks.  Miz retreated to ringside.  Reigns delivered a clothesline and threw Miz into the ring.   Miz retaliated with some attacks and applied a chinlock on Reigns.   He hit him with a neckbreaker and made the cover but Reigns kicked out.  He choked Reigns on the ropes and gave him a vicious kick at the back of the head.  Miz covered him but Reigns kicked out.  Miz applied the headlock and continued to be more dominant until Reigns took him down.   Reigns went for the Samoan drop but Miz escaped.  Miz attempted the DDT but Reigns blocked it.  Reigns hit Miz with the Superman Punch and then the Spear.  He pinned Miz for the victory.

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Rusev and Lana came out.

*Recap of the ambush during the Rusev/Rowan match on Raw.

Rusev VS Erick Rowan –
After Rowan came to the ring, the two men started punching each other.  Rowan delivered a kick to Rusev’s face.  He took control of the match until Rusev surprised him with a kick and delivered more attacks.  Rowan retaliated and manhandled Rusev for a bit. Toward the end of the match, Rusev superkicked Rowan in the face and applied the Accolade for the win.

*Recap of Paige/Alicia Fox match on Raw and the Bellas spray painting Paige.

*Backstage — Renee Young interviewed Paige.  Paige said that she doesn’t get embarrassed easily but she was embarrassed on Raw.  She mentioned about being different from the other divas and said that Nikki Bella will be embarrassed at Fast Lane.

*Commercial Break

Paige VS Alicia Fox –
Fox was in the ring as Paige was coming out.  Paige took down Fox and threw some punches.  Fox took control and threw Paige out of the ring.  The Bella Twins were watching the match backstage. After Paige reentered the ring, Fox hit her with the Northern Light Duplex.  She made the cover but Paige kicked out.  Paige retaliated and delivered repeated clotheslines and kicks.  She locked the PTO, and Fox made the tap.

*Segment of a double date that happened earlier in the week.  Natalya was having dinner with Naomi and Jimmy Uso.  Tyson Kidd was not there.  Natalya mentioned that he is known to be late for everything.  Kidd finally arrived with Cesaro which made Natalya, Naomi and Jimmy very uncomfortable.  Jimmy got into an argument with Kidd and Cesaro.  Naomi stepped in with a few words.  The date ended with the table being flipped over onto Jimmy.  Cesaro and Kidd attacked him.  As Naomi was checking on her husband, Natalya said that she was trying to do something nice but Naomi and Jimmy “ruined everything”.

*Commercial Break

*Announcement that Triple H will call out Sting for face to face confrontation.

*Backstage — Bray Wyatt delivered a strange message.  He said that he is the “reaper”.  He mentioned that the person (he’s referring to) is not immune to him and the Devil (Wyatt) is knocking on his door.

Daniel Bryan came out to the ring.

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Handicap Match — Daniel Bryan VS Seth Rollins and J&J Security –
Rollins came out with J&J Security.   Mercury started the match with Bryan.  Mercury tried to pull Bryan to his corner but failed.  Bryan took down Mercury.  After Noble was tagged in, Bryan performed an arm twist on him.  Bryan delivered some kicks in the corner and took Noble down.  Bryan made the cover but Noble kicked out.  He started working on Noble’s left arm.  Rollins was tagged in.  Rollins and Bryan locked up.  Arm twist on Rollins.  Rollins nailed Bryan with the back of the elbow and forced him in his corner.  When J&J tried to attack, Bryan fought back.  Rollins attacked Bryan some more and took him down with a neckbreaker.  Noble was tagged in, and he delivered some attacks.  Bryan fought back with Yes Kicks in the corner.  He charged at Noble but Rollins moved him out of the way and caused Bryan to hit the turnbuckle.  Bryan become injured at ringside.

*Commercial Break

Rollins was in control against Bryan.  Rollins and J&J took turns tagging in and out to attack Bryan.  Rollins was working on Bryan’s neck.  Bryan fought back when all three of his opponents were trying to triple team on him.  He forced Rollins out of the ring.  He performed double Yes Kicks on J&J.  Rollins came in and performed a German duplex but Bryan landed on his feet.  Bryan clotheslined Rollins over the ropes and out of the ring.  Noble got tossed over the ropes as well.  Bryan worked the fans with Yes Chants.  Rollins jumped on the ring apron but Bryan pushed him off.  Mercury rolled Bryan over from behind for the pin but Bryan reversed it to a Yes Lock.  Mercury tapped out.  Bryan left the ring but was attacked by Kane from behind.  Kane threw Bryan into the ring, and all four men attacked him.  Kane Chokeslammed Bryan twice.  Rollins hit Bryan with the Curb Stomp.

My thoughts –
This episode of Smackdown was very well put together for Fast Lane.  I am very interested in this new feud between Dean Ambrose and Bad News Barrett.  These are two great wrestlers who are no strangers to championships.  I thought it was great when they scrolled the funny bad news during BNZ.  I cannot get enough of Bray Wyatt’s eerie promos.   Who was he talking to?  Rumor has it that he’s sending a message to The Undertaker.  Are the rumors true?  Is this a set up for a Wrestlemania 31 match between Bray Wyatt and The Undertaker?  I normally do not focus on the rumors spreading on the internet but I would love to see these two enigmatic superstars go at it in the near future.  What a Handicap match at the end.  Daniel Bryan was phenomenal fighting off Rollins and J&J Security.  I was very impressed with the performance of Daniel Bryan. — Lisa Williams

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