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WWE Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week 2.2.15
By Neil Borenstein
Each week here at 1wrestling.com, I will select three of the top wrestlers from the Monday Night RAW brand and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week.
Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week for February 2, 2015
3. Ryback — for scoring an impressive victory over Luke Harper:
John Cena’s victory over Seth Rollins a few weeks ago — with the help of Sting — enabled three previously fired Superstars to return to the WWE with their jobs intact. Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback, who fought for Team Cena at Survivor Series, were back in the fold.
Cena wanted to address them this week on RAW. But as he did so in the middle of the ring, Stephanie McMahon interrupted and wanted to see each of them fight for themselves instead of having others fight for them.
Ryback was first on her list, and he was put in a bout between two powerful “big guys” against Luke Harper. Harper managed to counter a Meat Hook closeline with a big boot that netted him a two count. Upon getting back to their feet, Ryback lifted Harper up onto his shoulder suddenly, but he couldn’t turn it into a Shell Shocked because Harper countered out with a rollup that again went to a two count.
Ryback shot up after kicking out and dropped Harper with the Meat Hook. Then he finished it by hitting the Shell Shocked and covering up to get the three count.
Harper is a tough foe, but Ryback pushed through and got a win to shove in The Authority’s face.
2. Bray Wyatt — for picking up another win by defeating Dolph Ziggler:
Bray Wyatt is doing decently well as of late. He’s coming out on top of a feud with Dean Ambrose and, despite not winning it, put in a hell of an effort in the Royal Rumble match.
Wyatt had a chance on Monday to keep the good times rolling when he was Stephanie McMahon’s chosen opponent for Dolph Ziggler. Unlike Ryback, Ziggler was not able to fare as well in his bout.
Toward the end of the match, Wyatt put Ziggler down with a closeline and then lifted him up, only for Ziggler to quickly elbow out and drop Wyatt with a DDT. When they got to their feet, Wyatt was near the corner and Ziggler unsuccessfully went for a running splash. Wyatt countered with one of his own that did connect, and Wyatt just sent Ziggler falling to the center of the ring.
Wyatt got a look on his face and held himself upside down from the corner. He called for Ziggler to get up, but once he did, he went for a Fameasser. He couldn’t connect on it, but Ziggler ducked a closeline from Wyatt and came back with a superkick. Wyatt kicked out at two, and both men exchanged some shots as they made it to their feet. Wyatt seemed to win that exchange with a nice uppercut, but when he pulled Ziggler in, Ziggler pushed away and connected on a Fameasser.
Unfortunately, hitting that move mattered little. When he ran back, Wyatt caught him quickly and dropped him with a Sister Abigail. Wyatt covered up and got the pinfall to close out a great match.
Ziggler put up a solid effort. But The Authority succeeded in this one, as Wyatt has been pretty hot lately and seems primed for some big things as we head toward WrestleMania.
1. Daniel Bryan — for defeating Seth Rollins to move onto Fast Lane for a match against Roman Reigns to determine the contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania:
The manner in which the Royal Rumble ended two weeks ago didn’t exactly leave very many people pleased. Roman Reigns came out the victor and earned his opportunity to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately, that didn’t sit well with a number of folks.
The cries for Daniel Bryan to be in that position by the WWE Universe started the instant he was eliminated. And the fact that Reigns won with some assistance from The Rock after Big Show and Kane roughed him up didn’t have The Authority feeling great about how everything went down.
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon addressed this situation at the top of RAW. They were naturally interrupted by Reigns when they started questioning his victory, but a couple of other Superstars made their way into the discussion. Bryan and Seth Rollins also strutted down to the ring when they knew the status of the WrestleMania contender spot was on the line. After some convincing to Reigns that he could end the debate over whether his win at the Royal Rumble was deserved, a system was put into place that has the ability to change things up for WrestleMania.
Bryan and Rollins were put into a match on RAW, with the winner moving on to face Reigns at Fast Lane. The winner of that match at the pay-per-view would then move onto WrestleMania for the main-event bout against Lesnar.
The Rollins vs. Bryan bout served as RAW’s main event, and while the wrestling was naturally spectacular, it wasn’t without some backhanded maneuvering by Rollins and his goons.
Bryan had Rollins in a Yes Lock, but Big Show was on the outside making sure the referee knew when Rollins made his way to the ropes to break the hold. Rollins rolled to the outside, where Show tried to get him regrouped, but Reigns came down darting down the ramp and delivered a massive spear that took Show out of the equation. Reigns starting walking toward Rollins and ran for a spear, but Joey Mercury took that one as Rollins moved back into the ring. With the referee distracted from Rollins yelling at Reigns on the outside, Jamie Noble snuck into the ring on the other side with the Money in the Bank briefcase. The referee saw him before he could do anything to Bryan and quickly ran over to stop him. As that happened, Reigns leapt up with a Superman Punch to Rollins that sent him to the canvas.
Bryan delivered a kick to the side of Noble’s head that ended that threat for good, and he waited anxiously in the corner for Rollins to get to his feet so he could deliver a running knee. It connected and Bryan covered up for the three count.
With that, Bryan moves right back into the WrestleMania discussion, as he will vie for that main-event slot against Lesnar for the heavyweight title when he meets Reigns at Fast Lane. Reigns seems pretty steamed at this point considering his guaranteed championship opportunity was basically ripped away from him by The Authority. And he should still have some cause for concern even though he can maintain his position considering Bryan has consistently shown the ability to win big matches like this.

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