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Triple H had a massive announcement that would possibly change the main event of Wrestlemana. What in the world could it possibly be? And did the objections of the fans have anything to do with it?

Raw opened with a look back at the controversial ending of the Royal Rumble match. Personally, I didn’t see where it was all that controversial. A bad ending, Yes, but not really all that controversial. The Rock did get involved, after Roman eliminated Big Show and Kane. The fans were ticked that Roman wont he match, as opposed to Daniel Bryan or Bray Wyatt.

Roll the opening montage!

The fireworks and flames exploded as the fans screamed for action. Welcome to Denver, Colorado.
HHH and Stephanie came from the back. The entire locker room stood by the monitor to find out what was able to happen. Stephanie brought up the Super Bowl. Yawn. Stephanie said her team, the Patriots, won. I could care less. HHH got a joke in about the #canceltheWWENetwork movement. Stephanie said they knew the fans were outraged by the events at the Royal Rumble. They showed video of Roman dumping out Kane and Show. Now how that is a tarnished victory escapes me. HHH did admit that Show and Kane were unsportsmanlike in getting involved in the match, after being eliminated. HHH had an issue with The Rock getting involved in the match. HHH did praise Rock for his success but Rock is no longer part of the WWE active roster. HHH took some responsibility for what happened. That led to HHH talking trash about Sting and his appearance at Survivor Series. HHH issued a challenge for Sting to meet with him, face-to-face, at Fastlane. HHH was determined to end the Sting issue at Fastlane.

HHH then returned to talking about Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble. Stephanie explained that The Rock may have influenced the final outcome of the Rumble match. Reigns’ position as Rumble winner will stand but his shot at Brock Lesnar is in question…

That brought out Roman Reigns. Roman got right up in HHH’s face. Roman clarified where he stood as far as Wrestlemania. He rejected the thought of not getting to face Lesnar. Stephanie stepped in between her hubby and Roman. She brought up the Samoan family ties that Roman has. Stephanie said it was one of his family members that caused this problem.

Daniel Bryan, for some unknown reason, made his way from the back. Daniel was wearing his new shirt…which is just ugly. Daniel sarcastically welcomed back Daniel Bryan. Daniel told Roman that he was sorry that Roman was going through what he did, a year ago. Daniel complained that he never got a rematch, after he was stripped of the title. Daniel threw his hat in the ring for a shot at the World title at Wrestlemania. HHH felt Daniel Bryan should have never been in the Rumble. HHH agreed that Daniel might deserve a title shot. Seth Rollins had to stick his nose in this one. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury were at his side, as usual. Raw actually took the opening talk segment through the first commercial break. Remember when Monday Night Raw was all about the wrestling?

Welcome back to Raw Is Long, Drawn-Out, Rambling Promos. Sigh. Seth felt all these claims at a shot against Brock Lesnar were ridiculous. Seth said Brock Lesnar would eat Daniel Bryan alive. Seth then turned to Roman and said Reigns only got his shot due to The Rock. Seth pushed himself as the man who should get a shot at Lesnar. He reminded everyone he broke Brock’s rib. HHH stepped in and said they listen to the WWE Universe. HHH proposed a match for tonight: Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins. The winner of that match will face Roman Reigns at Fastlant. Whoever wins THAT match, gets Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Booker T jumped in and said Roman just got screwed. HHH suggested Roman accept this situation. Stephanie tried to persuade Roman that this was good for his family legacy. Daniel told Roman not to listen to Stephanie. Daniel just wanted to prove who deserved to be in the main event of Wrestlemania. Seth laughed and said Roman would break Daniel in half. The Authority then asked Roman if he accepted the proposal. Stephanie said this was the most defining moment in Roman’s career. Roman took a long time to think it over. “Screw It…It’s been One vs All the whole time. Let’s do it”. HHH made it official. HHH then told Roman not to go anywhere.

Big Show’s music went off and it appeared that Roman had a match on his hands.

Big Show vs Roman Reigns

The match was going strong as the show returned. Show had Roman in a Bear Hug. Show jumped Roman during the break. Roman snapped Show’s arm over the ropes and hit a Flying Clothesline. Corner Splashes by Roman. Show went to the floor but Roman caught him with the Rising Son Dropkick. Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury and Seth Rollins distracted the ref. Show nailed a Spear. Roman came back to hit the Superman Punch. Seth bashed Roman with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Show then nailed the Chokeslam.

Your Winner: The Big Show
Raw Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Seth, Show and J and J Security left as a collective unit.

HHH and Stephanie laughed about how they manipulated Roman into risking his title shot. HHH said he also knew Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins would get involved. They wanted Seth to face Brock. Then they discussed the upcoming Podcast. HHH was ready to manipulate “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, just like he did everyone else.

Curtis Axel came out and complained he never got eliminated from the Royal Rumble. He demanded justice. Axel demanded a chance to face Brock Lesnar. Dean Ambrose stormed from the back and slid in the ring. Dean beat on Axel and tossed Axel over the top rope. Dean yelled at Axel “Now you are eliminated”. Dean said he walked through the snow to get to WWE Headquarters. Dean wanted his face to be added to the Wall of Champions. Dean was ready to face Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Title. Axel came back in and attacked Dean. Dean nailed the Teeter Totter Clothesline and Dirty Deeds to silence the third generation superstar.

Michael Cole sent it to a Black History Month promotional piece about Hall of Fame member: “Big Cat” Ernie Ladd. I had the extreme honor of seeing Ladd wrestle, back when I was a kid. He was amazing Ernie was an activist who fought for the rights of African American Athletes. Ernie is the only person to be in both the Pro Football and WWE Halls of Fame.

The Ascension vs Gold and Star Dust (The Cosmic Twins)

Star got blasted with Knee Strikes by Viktor. Star slid under Viktor but Viktor nailed and STO. Gold slid in and popped Viktor and then pulled Star to his corner. Gold with a Goldustin Uppercit. Konner came in and Bum Rushed Gold into the corner. Fall of Man to Goldust.

Your Winners: The Ascension
Raw Ranking: 2.0

It is sad to see a great team get squashed like that. After the match, Gold and Star screamed at each other. Star left his brother in the ring and headed to the back.
Up Next…John Cena Welcomes Back Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan. (This is just not going to end well, I feel it in my bones)

Backstage, The Rhodes Brothers were still bickering. Star Dust freaked out when Goldust called him by his given name, Cody. Star warned his big brother to never call him that name, again.

John Cena came out to a seriously mixed reaction from the crowd. Cena will square off with Rusev at Fastlane. Cena was beaten up, half blind and almost broken but he had to come out and see the Denver fans. John pushed the Stone cold Podcast. John knew Austin would ask the hard questions that others might be afraid to ask. John then mentioned how HHH considered John Cena “The Past”. John knew HHH had a whole stable in NXT ready to try and come take John off his spot. John said HHH was afraid to fire John because HHH would have to answer to sponsors, network big shots, etc… John swore he would never give up. John showed the video where Sting appeared to distract Seth and allow John the chance to win back the jobs of Dolph, Erick and Ryback. John really pushed the appearance of Sting on Raw. John then welcomed back Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan.

John was determined to prove that Rusev can be beaten. Stephanie came on the screen to interrupt things. Dolph went off on Stephanie for putting obstacles in anyone’s way. She decided to punish Dolph, for smarting off, by putting him against Bray Wyatt. Erick Rowan would have to battle Rusev. Stephanie decided to put Ryback in action…next. His opponent was Luke Harper.

Ryback vs Luke Harper

The fans were solidly behind Ryback. Suplex by Harper after a kick to the ribs. Ryback got back up and went into a Stall Suplex. He walked around with Harper in the air. Wow! Scoop Slam by Ryback. Ryback went up and hit a Splash off the ropes for a two count. Ryback kicked and hit a Knife Edge Chop to Harper. Luke came back with a Dropkick. Running Boot with Harper to send Ryback crashing into the barricade, off the apron. Luke threw Ryback in the ring and hit a Slingshot Senton. Knife Edge Chop by Harper. Harper hen dropped Ryback with a Big Boot. Rear Chin Lock by Harper.

Ryback broke free and avoided a Corner Charge. Roll Up for a two. Harper reversed a Whip but Ryback with the Thesz Press and Splash to gain a two. Harper escaped a Scoop Slam and nailed a Spinning Side Slam. Harper got sent out to the floor. The ref began to count as someone called him “Brodie” (his old name). Ryback dropped Harper and went for the Meat Hook. Harper surprised Ryback with a Superkick. 2 count. Ryback went for Shell Shocked but Harper slid free. Ryback returned with the Meat Hook and Shell Shocked.

Your Winner: Ryback
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Jimmy Uso vs Cesaro

Jey and Naomi were at Jimmy’s side. Tyson Kidd was at Cesaro’s side. Nattie tried to set up a double date with Naomi and Jimmy, after the matches. That irritated Tyson. Jimmy worked Cesaro’s arm. Back Elbow by Cesaro, followed by Knife Edge Chops. Uppercut and Knife Edge Chops by Jimmy. Kneelift by Cesaro. Flying Back Elbow by Jimmy. Cesaro got rocked by a Spin Kick. Jimmy wanted a Suicide Dive but Cesaro moved. Jey distracted Cesaro so Jimmy could hit a Tope con Hilo. Cesaro nailed an Ax Bomber as Jimmy returned to the ring. 2 count.

Rear Chin Lock by Cesaro as Tyson wanted to see if Jimmy was giving up. Jimmy punched the ribs and Cesaro sent Jimmy into the ropes. Thrust Kick and Punch by Jimmy. Jimmy missed a Corner Splash and ended up in the Cesaro Swing. Half Boston Crab by Cesaro. Warrior’s Way Stomp by Cesaro after he released the Boston Crab. Butterfly Bomb by Cesaro to get a two count. Back Elbow and Corkscrew Moonsault by Jimmy. Cesaro escaped at two. Clotheslines by Jimmy. Cesaro threw Jimmy out to the floor. The ref was on his game and prevented Tyson from pulling any shenanigans. Cesaro came out and bounced Jimmy’s face off he announce desk. Superkick and Rikishi Run by Jimmy. Tyson and Jey got involved. Jimmy flew of the ropes and Cesaro nailed the European Uppercut.

Your Winner: Cesaro
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Tyson Kidd hit a cheap shot on Jey Uso.

The announcers pushed the free month of February for all NEW subscribers. Hmm…how about a free month for those of us who have been here since day one or close to it?

Miz and Mizdow were at catering, backstage. A fan came up and asked for an autograph…from MIZDOW. Miz was irate and tore up the photo. Miz told Mizdow that Damien just didn’t get it. Miz told Mizdow that he made Damien relevant. Miz really went off on Mizdow for being a bad stunt double. Miz then fired Mizdow. Miz had a new job for Mizdow…Personal Assistant. Miz pushed his match against Sin Cara. Mizdowo should do evil things to Miz’s smoothie. Grin.

John Cena and Erick Rowan came to talk. Erick said he has been treated like an animal, all his life. He wanted to thank John for standing up for him. Erick said he was a completely new man. Erick said he wanted to repay John by taking the fight to Rusev. John warned Erick not to take Rusev lightly.

Dolph Ziggler vs Bray Wyatt

Collar and Elbow and Dolph broke it and pounded away. Uppercut to the throat by Bray. Bray punished Dolph’s kidneys. Dolph would not give up. Bray dropped Dolph with a Back Elbow. Bray stomped away at Dolph. Dropkick by Dolph. Bray went into the ropes to force the break. Bray with a massive cheap shot. He then choked Dolph on the middle ropes.

Dolph with a nice Dropkick but missed the Famouser. Bray bailed out to the floor to break the momentum. Dolph went after Bray’s knee and then Bray’s head. Bray nailed a wicked Uppercut. Dolph barely escaped a pin attempt. Bray kicked Dolph in the lower back and then applied the Kabuki Claw. Dolph seemed to be fading but he wasn’t done, quite yet. Dolph fought up to his feet but Bray blasted the small of the back. Back Elbow and Dropkick by Dolph. Again, Bray bailed out to the floor. Bray caught Dolph with a Suplex to the floor. Raw went to a break.

We’re back and Bray was still in charge. Dolph fought up to get out of the Rear Chin Lock. Bray dropped Dolph with the Flying Elbow. 2 count. Bray went right back to the Rear Chin Lock. Dolph fought up and got free by hitting a Jawbreaker. Back Elbow by Dolph and then Dolph Side Stepped a charge. Bray hit the ring post. Dolph came off the ropes and Bray punched him in the face. Bray missed the Backsplash Senton. Both men were down and the ref started to count. They got up in plenty of time. Flying Clothesline and Corner Splash by Dolph. He followed it up with a Funk Neckbreaker. Elbow Drop to the heart brought Dolph a two. Lariat from Beyond Hell by Bray. Bray Elbowed free and hithe Flying DDT for a two. Dolph missed a Corner Splash but Bray didn’t. Bray went into Spider Mode. Dolph missed the Famousser but hit a Rolling Superkick to Bray’s knee. 1-2-Th==no.

The two men slugged it out and Bray rocked Dolph, bigtime. Famouser by Dolph but Bray shook it off and nailed Sister Abigail, on the fly.

Your Winner: Bray Wyatt
Raw Ranking: 3.75

Raw went back to the opening segment about the matches leading to the World title shot at Wrestlemania.

In the office, Seth came up to talk to Stephanie and HHH. Seth loved the plan that HHH and Stephanie put in place. He did question why put Daniel Bryan in the mix. Stephanie said she would never consider Daniel Bryan actually going to Fastlane. They just put Daniel in the mix to please the fans. They started talking trash about Randy Orton. I expect The Viper to return, very soon.

WWE’s Toughest Tackle was he Bella Twins making fun of Paige for looking like a vampire. That started a brief fight. The Bellas were at ringside to watch the next match. Nikki Bella will defend against Paige at Fastlane.

Paige vs Alicia Fox

Paige screamed at the Bellas. Paige and Fox tied up and fell out to the floor. Knee Strike by Paige. She then turned and shrieked at the Bellas. Roll Up by Fox, followed by a Big Boot. Rear Chin Lock by Fox. Fox threw Paige down to the canvas. Northern Lights Suplex by Fox. 2 count. Paige nearly lost her op. Fox went back to the Rear Chin Lock. Paige got to her feet. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Fox but Paige rolled up Fox for the win.

Your Winner: Paige
Raw Ranking: 1.25

Fox attacked Paige, after the bell. Fox put Paige in the Bow and Arrow. The Bellas Spray Tanned Paige. I happen to like the Pale Destructress’ look.

Raw showed a showcase of Miz’s appearance on Sirens.

The Miz vs Sin Cara

Miz would not allow Mizdow to mimic his entrance. Mizdow kept distracting Miz. Collar and Elbow and Miz took the Side Headlock. Takeover by Miz. The fans chanted for Mizdow. Shoulder Tackle by Sin Cara. Universal and Sin Cara jumped through. Kicks and Sprigboard Crossbody by Sin Cara. Inverted Scoop Slam by Sin Cara. Sin Cara missed the Swanton. Mizdow got up on the ropes and hat ticked off Miz. Miz snapped Sin Cara over the top rope. Miz told MIzdow not to do a thing but stand at ringside. Runing Boot by Miz. 1 count only. Miz just couldn’t get the 3. Rear Chin Lock by Miz. Mizdow had a hard time remaining still.

Sin Cara tried to punch free. Sin Cara took a bad fall off he Back Flip but recovered. Miz got a two count. Miz kept watching Mizdow to be sure his PA was behaving himself. Miz stomped away on Sin Cara. Miz took down Sin Cara and held the Rear Chin Lock. Mizdow played up to the crowd and MIz noticed it. Reality Check by Miz. Miz then took itme to show off to the booing crowd. Mizdow jumped up on the apron and posed. Miz screamed at him to get down. Sin Cara rolled up Miz and go he win.

Your Winner: Sin Cara
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Miz screamed and raised Hell with Damien. The lights suddenly went out and Bray’s voice came on the Tron. Bray said he has been watching “Him” for some time. Bray told everyone he was the Dragon and the New Face of Fear. “Find me”. Who the Hell was he talking to? Miz? MIzdow? Mizdow is my bet and he will soon become something like Lord Damien, Master of Darkness.

Rusev vs Erick Rowan

John Cena is actually going after the US title at Fastlane. Rusev jumped Eric before he could get into the ring. Rusev sent Rowan into a ring post. Rusev then tossed Erick into the ring. Knee Strikes by Rusev. Scoop Slam by Rusev. The match never officially started. Rusev stomped away on Rowan’s chest, over and over. Rusev then choked Rowan with his bare foot. Rusev appeared to be putting Rowan in the Mandible Claw. Thrust Kick to Rowan’s face, maybe. The cameraman missed the shot. Rowan worked over the lower back. Accolade! The ref tried to get Rusev to break the hold but he wouldn’t. Rusev totally ignored the ref. Lana took her time getting in the ring to call off her Bulgarian Brute. Lana said they did this to get everyone’s attention. They sent it to a video package about how dominant Rusev has been.

Your Winner: Match Never Started
Raw Ranking: N/A

The Russian flag did not completely drop and Rusev was ticked off as Hell. Rusev grabbed his regular flag and waived it violently.

In the back, Roman Reigns sat and thought. Daniel Bryan walked up to talk to him. Roman said Seth was going to get what was coming to him. Daniel made it clear that Roman would be facing Daniel Bryan at Fastlane. Roman questioned if Daniel’s comments were a threats. Roman ordered Daniel to get the Hell out of his locker room.

Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan
Winner Faces Roman Reigns at Fastlane

Collar and Elbow to the ropes. Seth Face Washed Daniel and Bryan did the same, in return. Daniel worked over Seth’s arm. He popped the arm of Brayn’s shoulder. This is such a dream match. European Uppercut and Whip by Daniel. Butterfly Bomb into the Fujiwaraa Arm Bar. Seth got a foot on the ropes to force the break. Daniel kicked the weakened shoulder of Seth Rollins. Seth fought out of the Arm Lock and threw Daniel out to the floor. Seth distracted the ref so J and J Security could attack Daniel. Seth then flew out of the ring to hit Daniel and force him into the barricade. Daniel clutched his pained neck as Raw took a final break.

Seth was still in control as Raw returned. He had Daniel’s neck in a twisting vise. Big Show was now at ringside. Funk Neckbreaker by Seth. Seth stomped away at Daniel’s chest. The ref ordered Show to back off. Show looked ready to KO Daniel but he ref caught Show, just in time. Seth with a Corner Splash and a 2 count. Seth pounded on Daniel’s bad neck. Seth missed a Corner Splash and Daniel punched away. European Uppercuts rocked Seth to his corer. Clutch Driver to send Daniel’s face into the corner. Seth stomped away, again, on Daniel. Seth distracted the ref so Jamie Noble could smack Daniel. Seth pointed at the Wrestlemania sign and went back to work on Daniel. Seth screamed it was “his time”. Daniel flipped out of the corner and hit the Flying Clothesline. Daniel nearly collapsed Seth’s chest with vicious kicks. 1-2-not yet. European Uppercut and more kicks by Daniel. Running Dropkick to the Corner. Daniel put Seth on the top and hit the Hurancanrana. Seth held on and darn near pinned Daniel. His is why I love Ring of Honor (where both men got their first stars). Daniel Dropkicked J and J Security and flipped Seth over the top. A Suicide Dive sent all three men flying over the announce table.

Daniel put Seth back in the ring and went to the Penthouse. Seth tripped Daniel and Bryan landed hard on the crotch. Seth climbed up top. Daniel slid under and tripped Seth. Daniel climbed back up and hit a Back Drop Superplex. Could be…might be…Denied! Daniel grabbed his hurt neck. Show came over to talk to Seth. Daniel drew upon the power of the fans as he went for the Knee. Buckle Bomb and Superkick, by Seth, but he couldn’t get the job done. Show shrieked at Seth to finish off Daniel Bryan. Yes Lock by Daniel. Seth tried to ooze to the ropes. Show was tempted to get involved. Seth finally got his feet on the ropes and Show yelled at the ref to look. Roman Reigns came out and Speared Big Show. Roman took out Joey Mercury. Superman Punch to Seth. Daniel took out Jamie Noble. Flying Knee and Daniel Bryan is headed to Fastlane!

Your Winner: Daniel Bryan
Raw Ranking: 4.75

HHH would explain how he felt on the Stone Cold Podcast. Michael Cole got in the ring to congratulate Daniel. Bryan thanked the fans and said he would defeat Roman Reigns and head to Wrestlemania, one more time.

I have to admit I want to see Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar However, I really think Roman Reigns deserves his time to shine.


–Jay Shannon

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