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Adam Pearce was so determined to get another shot at the Heritage Championship that he put his entire career on the line. He faced an opponent, hand-picked, by David Marquez. Marquez really didn’t want this to happen but “Scrap Iron” would not be denied. Was this a brilliant strategy or the ultimate mistake for the multiple-time NWA World Champion?

Grant discussed the Adam Pearce vs Colt Cabana battle. These two have a long and storied history together. Grant spelled out the stipulations of the match. Pearce threw out several song lyrics and mentioned this was the 9th meeting between Pearce and Cabana. Pearce was certain that tonight Cabana was going to die.

The Hobo got in the ring to sign the contract for an upcoming title match against Willie Mack. Hobo showed massive respect to Willie Mack. Hobo invited Willie Mack to join him in the ring, to sign the contract. Willie praised Hobo for rising from the depths of nothingness to become the Heritage Champion. Willie admitted that Hobo has beaten him in the past but things were going to be different, next time. Willie knew their next match was going to be phenomenal. Hobo said Willie pushed him to the next levels. Hobo went out to find a table so they could sign the contract. Hobo brought back a garbage can, instead of a table. Hobo showed Willie where to sign. Hobo asked for a handshake. He got hat and a hug to seal the deal.

They were interrupted by the arrival of Che Cabrera and Sasha Darevko. Che took shots at Hobo and Willie. Che reminded everyone that he had already competed twice before squaring off against Willie Mack in the Finals of the Gauntlet. Grant suggested a tag team match, after the break.

Che Cabrera and Sasha Darevko vs Willie Mack and The Hobo

Che and Willie started the fight. Willie rocked Che with wild punches. Whip by Che but Willie Arm Dragged Willie across the ring. Leg Lariat by Willie into a Legdrop. Sasha made the save. Tag to Hobo. Float Over by Hobo into a Snap Mare. Hobo bit Che and almost got a three. Keylock to ground Che. Hobo with a Knee Strike after abandoning a Backslide. Sasha cracked Hobo in the back and Che nailed a Flying Clothesline. Inverted Atomic Drop by Sasha to Hobo. Bicycle Kick by Sasha but he only got a two. Sasha with a Russian Death Lock. Sasha slapped away at Hobo’s chest. Curb Stop o Hobo by Sasha. Willie made the save.

Sasha reached through the ropes to choke Hobo. Scoop Slam by Che. Tag to Sasha. Willie hit a Leg Lariat and then Scoop of Sasha. Sasha sent Hobo into the corner. Hobo with the blind tag. Boxcar Slam by Hobo. Chocolate Rain by Willie Mack. Willie let Hobo take the pin.

Your Winner: Hobo and Willie Mack
Championship Scorecard: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Grant chatted with Colt Cabana. Colt said Adam has been saying he would quit if he lost, over and over, for the last 15 years. Colt said he just needed to hurt Adam so severely that Pearce would never be able to compete, again.

Todd Kennely was there to interview Joey Ryan. Todd wasn’t happy that “Hollywood’s Own” would dare join Vermin. Todd wanted an explanation of why Joey did what he did. Joey said no one was there when he was getting beaten down by Vermin. Todd brought up the trip to TNA and how it all fell apart. Championship Wrestling from Hollywood opened their doors to hem. Joey Ryan said David Marquez fired him for going to WWE and hen TNA. Joey felt Marquez and the fans were using him. Vermin told Joey the truth. Joey said no one listened to Vermin or him. Joey lost his cool and walked away from the interview.

“Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce vs Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana
Career vs Tile Shot Match

Adam and Colt spent quite some time talking trash to each other. Adam stepped out of the ring as the fans started chanting “Tick Tock”. Adam got back in and hey went into the Collar and Elbow. They made it to the corner, which forced the break. Adam tried to accuse Colt of pulling Adam’s hair (Adam, by the way, is as bald as a billiard ball). Collar and Elbow to the corner. Knife Edge Chop by Colt sent Adam out to the floor.

Pearce finally got back in the ring and went right after Colt’s arm. Colt reversed the Arm Bar and Knife Edged Adam. Colt worked over the arm, yet again. Colt dropped Adam with a Knife Edge Chop. Pearce wanted a Time Out. Colt and Adam went back to trash talking. Colt struck several nerves and then struck Adam. Flair Flop over the ropes for Adam. The announcers felt Colt was outthinking Adam. They two fought on the floor and then Colt pitched Adam back in the ring. Top Rope Crossbody brought Colt a two. Bounce Splash by Colt. Time for a quick break.

We’re back and Colt was still ruling the roost. Colt slammed Adam’s face into the corner. Adam reversed a Whip and snapped the leg of Cabana. Adam drove Colt’s knee into the ring post and stopped to yell at a young kid I he crowd. Adam dug his fingers into Colt’s face. He fans started yelling “Boom Boom”. Pearce continued to work over Cabana’s knee. Back Heel Trip by Adam to set up the Figure Four Leglock. Colt would not submit. Colt finally reached the ropes. Colt popped Adam but Pearce nailed a Knee Strike. Adam had an evil grin on his face as he looked into the camera. Colt kicked out of a second Figure Four. Adam went for Time’s Up but Colt got the boots up.

Colt blasted Adam as Pearce charged the corner. Adam kicked Colt in the chest. Adam went up top but Colt caught him. Adam popped the knee and Colt fell to the canvas. Double Sledges by Colt but Adam went to the eyes. Colt unleashed a Bionic Elbow. Colt almost pinned Adam, after a 2nd Bionic Elbow. There was just enough time for a final break.

Colt and Adam were fighting from their knees. Colt took control of the situation. Adam wanted the Piledriver but Colt applied Billy Goat’s Curse (A Backwards Walls of Jericho). Adam reached the ropes. Adam nailed the Spinebuser and went after another Figure Four. Colt reversed it. Adam used the ref to flip back over. Adam blew his nose on Colt. Colt rocked Adam with a Go o Sleep. Colt tumbled out to the floor. Colt came back in and went for a pin but Pearce got his foot on the ropes. Adam blasted Colt and went up top. He flipped off Colt. The two both tried for pins. Colt and Adam kept reversing. Adam hit the One Last Ride Lariat but Colt managed to kick out. Small Package by Colt Cabana to counter the Figure Four. Could be…might be…IT IS!

Your Winner: Colt Cabana
Championship Scorecard: 4.75

The fans chanted “Thank You Colt”. Adam just sat in the ring, completely stunned. “Thank You Adam” was next to ring out. Adam unlaced his boots and removed them. Adam kissed the boots and left them in the center of the ring. That is a time-honored tradition in the world of wresling. Adam kissed the turnbuckles to say goodbye. He bowed to the crowd. What a touching moment. I’ve been a fan of Adam Pearce for many years and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to bring a career to a close.


–Jay Shannon

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