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The TV title was on the line in a massive Triple Threat Match. Plus, the Top Prospect Tournament presented another great match.

Jay Lethal grumbled about having to face two men that he has already beaten. Truth Martini was ticked hat Jay was in a Handicap Match. ACH then talked about claiming something that should have been his, a long time ago. ACH showed massive respect to Matt Sydal for being an inspiration.

Roll the opening montage!

Moose vs The Romantic Touch

Moose is no longer associated with R.D. Evans. In fact, Moose finally ended The Streak of Evans. Veda Scott got rid of Evans with a Low Blow and an attack, several weeks back. Code of Honor Handshake but Touch wanted to kiss the hand. Moose took Touch to the corner. Touch blew Moose a kiss and kicked away. Moose reversed a Whip but Touch dodged a Corner Charge. Touch with a swivel to irritate Moose. Thunderlips Lift by Moose. Kick by Touch into a Bump and Grind. Shoulder Tackle by Moose. Knife Edge Chop by Touch. Big Boot by Touch. Headbutt to Touch’s chest as Touch dove at Moose. Touch pushed Moose into the corner. Knee Strike and Running Boot by Touch. Veda was tripping out. Moose threw Touch over the top rope. Touch put Veda in the arms of Stokely Hathaway and then Dropkicked then. Pounce by Moose! Spear!

Your Winner: Moose
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.0 out of a possible 5

The Decade were in the ring to cut a promo. Jimmy Jacobs, a known (Adam Rose) Rosebud, was on the stick. Jacobs brought up Kevin Steen and A.J. Styles. Jacobs said he and the others of The Decade spilled their blood to build the company. Jacobs said they were out to end Roderick Strong. They promoted Adam Page up to Full Status. They had four men set to go for a shot at being a member of The Decade.

Jimmy Jacobs, Adam Page and Chris LeRusso vs Chris Chambers, Leon St. Giovanni and Shaheen Ali
Six Man Tag Team Match

LeRusso started for the Decade team. Giovanni worked for his side. LeRusso dropped his foe over the ropes and flipped him into the ring. Legdrop for a one count for a two. Chambers tagged in and hit a nice Dropkick. LeRusso flipped over and got sent to the floor. Decade with a double team on Chambers. Page with a Fallaway Slam. Jacobs took the tag after Double Boots. Jacobs climbed on and h a Tornado Suplex. Corino and Whitmer almost came to blows. Tag to Ali and LeRusso. Ali with Chops and an Exploder Suplex. Page took the tag and hit a Clothesline. Jacobs Speared Giovanni. Vertebreaker by Page to take the win.

Your Winners: Jimmy Jacobs, Adam Page and Chris LeRusso
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.75

The Decade attacked LeRusso, after the match.

The Briscoes talked “The Duchess of the Double Wide”, ODB. She will join The Briscoes for a mixed six person tag team match, next week, against The Kingdom.

The announce team ran down the upcoming Pay-per-view coming to Las Vegas, on Match 1st. If they could just pronounce the state correctly. Jay Lethal vs Alberto El Patron has been added to the card. If Lethal still holds the TV title, it will be on the line.

Ashley Sixx vs Dalton Castle
Top Prospect Tournament, First Round Match

Caprice Coleman had joined the announce team for this mach. Dalton had several manservants, barely dressed. Castle used his servants as stairs to get in the ring. This dude is just freaking weird. I kind of like the outrageousness. The manservants undressed Castle. Castle looks, for all the world, like Lanny Poffo circa 1987.

Castle wanted his hand kissed. Sixx bit it. Knife Edge Chops and European Uppercuts by Sixx. Sixx ran Castle into the corner and pounded away. Sixx is a cancer survivor. Castle threw Sixx into the corner. Castle with a pair of Splashes. Sixx was originally set to be a member of the old S.C.U.M. group. Castle with a Rear Chin Lock. Sixx got to his feet but Castle rushed Sixx into the corner. He blew a kiss and Sixx popped him. Sixx with a Shoulder and then went up top. Castle caught Sixx on the fly and Suplexed him. Sixx Back Elbowed free and hit the Code Zero Clothesline. Castle fought free but Sixx put him on the ropes. Skidmark by Sixx. Sixx came off the ropes and hit a Running Knee. Bang-o-Rang by Castle but SIxx kicked out. Two guys in red masks watched the match.

Castle screeched like a peacock and charged. He missed and hit the floor. Sixx with a Suicide Dive. Sixx threw Castle back into the ring. Sixx-Year Itch (Jumping Modified Side Effect) to advance.

Your Winner: Ashley Sixx
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.25

Adam Cole came out to discuss his future. His arm was in a sling. Some jerk in the audience told him to hurry up because he was wasting time. Cole got out of the ring and asked for a chair. He stared at Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly. Cole tossed the chair in the ring as the fans chanted for Corino. Cole sat down in the chair and waited for a moment. He dropped the stick and flipped off the crowd. He walked out without ever saying a word.

“Rebourne” Matt Sydal vs ACH vs Jay Lethal
Triple Threat Match for the TV Title

Hugs between ACH and Sydal. Jay shook both men’s hands as a sign of respect. Jay talked trash about beating both men, in the past. That ACH and Sydal ready to beat on Lethal. Jay bailed out to the floor. Jay wanted Matt and ACH to fight each other,, not just wait on him. Collar and Elbow by Matt and ACH. Clean break and Matt jumped over the top rope to drop Lethal. He threw Jay in the ring and ACH with Knife Edge Chops. Jay got Chopped by Matt, as well. Double Dropkick to Lethal. Time for a break.

Ach hit several Knife Edge Chops. Jay used a Slingshot to send ACH into Matt. Matt fell to the floor. Knife Edge Chop by Lethal. Jay dropped Jay with the Knife Edge Chop. Jay then choked ACH with the boot. Jay threw out ACH and knocked Matt off the apron. Suicide Dives to each side by Lethal. Jay came out and hit another deafening Knife Edge Chop. Those darn things just hurt like Hell. I took one during a training session and never want to feel another one. .

Jay put ACH in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Matt stopped the Hesitation Dropkick. Matt kicked ACH back down into the Tree of Woe and hit a Slider Dropkick after a Flying Headscissors to Jay. Jay tried to Pearl Harbor Matt but Sydal took him down. He then hit a Standing Shooting Star Press to ACH. Jay tossed Matt out of the ring. Jay put ACH up op and nailed another Knife Edge Chop. Aborted Tower o’ Doom. ACH with a Warrior’s Way to Mat’s back. Jay got rocked with a Roaring Elbow but Matt made the save. El Paradiso Kick to Matt, after two failed attempts. ACH with a Jordan to the floor that took out Matt and Jay. Jumping DDT, through the ropes, by ACH. ACH climbed to the top but missed the 05.Jumping Knee Strike by Matt. Mat saw Jay coming and came off the ropes. Jay collapsed onto ACH and Mat hit the Shooing Star Press…only on ACH. Jay had moved and hit the Superkick and Lethal Injection on Mat. Sydal oozed out to the floor. Standing Switches into the Lethal Combination. Lethal Injection on ACH. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

After the match, Jay Lethal disrespected Alberto El Patron. Jay spat on Alberto’s shirt. Alberto rushed in and attacked Lethal. Jay and Truth took off at warp speed to avoid the number one contender to the TV Title…Alberto El Patron.


–Jay Shannon

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