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Lockdown is next week. This week, Kurt Angle began putting together his squad to battle the Beat Down Clan. Plus, Lashley decided to defend his World title, in a big way. To top that, Jeff Hardy and Abyss squared off in one of the most brutal Monster’s Ball Match in recent history.

The show opened with a look at how the Beat Down Clan stole the World Title and claimed it as their property. Last week, Lashley and MVP went at it on 34th Street. The BDC got involved and Bobby Roode jumped in to help Lashley. Roode ended up with possession of the title belt.

Flash forward to this week and Bobby Roode strolled from the back, carrying the title belt. Roode asked for the microphone. Roode acknowledged that the belt he held did not belong to him. Bobby talked about how precious the title was to him. Bobby talked about how the title was stolen from him by his best friend, Eric Young. Roode was determined to spill E.Y.’s blood. Roode then asked Lashley to come join him in the ring.

Lashley didn’t need to be asked twice to join Bobby Roode in the ring. Before giving the belt back to Lashley, Roode explained he didn’t blame Lashley for the title switch. He blamed Eric Young and the BDC. Roode handed the belt back to Lashley but reminded Lashley that Roode still has a rematch coming…and he wants it tonight. Lashley was cool with that idea. Roode wanted to go ahead and do it right now.

They were cut off by the arrival of Austin Aries. Aries won the World Title shot in the Feast or Fired Match, last week. Aries was amused that the fans were chanting his name. Aries made it clear that he could cash in…anytime. Aries considered cashing in the case but thought he should watch Lashley and Roode beat the Hell out of each other and then cash in. Aries wasn’t sure what option would be his best choice.

MVP then decided to join the party. MVP insulted everyone in sight. MVP wanted to fight Lashley, one on one. Lashley told Aries to hang onto the briefcase. He would give all three men a shot at the World Title. Roode didn’t like it but Aries and MVP thought it was a great idea.

After a promo for the Lethal Lockdown Match, Kurt Angle talked about being awakened, since returning to active wrestling. Kurt was determined to have his team assembled by the end of the night.

Madison R ayne vs Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell
Triple Threat Match for the Knockout Title

Taryn will be in the new Will Ferrell movie. It’s basically a glorified cameo but it’s still a premium spot.

Gail and Taryn both double teamed Madison. . Madison bailed out and Taryn Rolle Up Gail for two. Gail with a Sunset Flip for a two. Running Dropkick sent Gail into the corner. She came back with the Drive By Crossbody, in the corner, to Taryn. Madison pulled Gail off the apron and then took the fight to Taryn. Snap Suplex by Taryn but she couldn’t keep Taryn down. Madison applied a Cravat to Taryn. Northern Lights Suplex by Madison but she only got a two. DDT/Diamond Cutter combo by Madison. Madison couldn’t get the three on either opponents. Gail with a brutal Single Leg Crab to Madison. Taryn with a Modified Dragon Sleeper. Gail ran Taryn to the corner. Madison charged and got Double Elbowed. Madison dumped Gail and Taryn out to the floor. Madison tried for her Push Ups Face Plant to Taryn, on the ring steps. Gail pulled Taryn out of harm’s way. Madison did drop Gail on the ring steps. Madison flew out of the ring and hit the ring barrier. Taryn rolled Madison in the ring. There were several Near Falls but Taryn hit her Cajun Cutter to retain.

Your Winner: Taryn Terrell
Impact Scorecard: 2.5 out of a 5

Magnus was headed to a bar to meet with his mate, Bram. Bram and Magnus had a falling out after Magnus claimed one of the briefcases, last week.

Tommy Dreamer was walking around. He would have something to say later tonight.

Rock Star Spud and Mandrews were looking around. Spud and Mandrews got a little confused about what monuments and such were in NYC. Spud and Mandrews will have a tag battle later.

Tommy Dreamer strolled out to the ring. Tommy called out Eric Young to try and talk some sense into Young. Eric blew off Tommy’s comments about how important friendship and the fans are to a person’s career. Eric insulted the Hardcore Legend and Tommy was ready to fight. Eric blasted Tommy and then hit the Piledriver. Bobby Roode rushed out to make the save.

Backstage, The Hardys talked about getting to go after Storm and Abyss for the tag team titles. Jeff Hardy discussed his upcoming Monster’s Ball Match. Jeff said it was time to take out Abyss.

Magnus found his buddy at the bar. Bram had had like four beers before Magnus arrived. Break time.

Kurt Angle came up to Gunner to recruit him for Team Angle. Kurt slapped Gunner to “wake him up”. Kurt would like to fight Gunner but he would much prefer to fight with him. Gunner accepted.

Bram was still fuming that Magnus screwed him out of the briefcase. Magnus stated he made a split-second decision and it earned THEM a tag team shot. Magnus warned Bram about Bram’s temper. That is what has held Bram back, since they were kids. Bram was grateful for all Magnus has done for him. Magnus reminded Bram they were adults and had more responsibilities now. Magnus brought up his son and Bram wanted to see a picture. Bram told Magnus that they were good. Bram invited Magnus to go have dinner with him. Bram sent Magnus down an alternate path as he supposedly settled his bar bill. In the deserted corridor, Bram attacked Magnus. He cracked Magnus in the back of the head with a cue ball. Bram admired his evil work and hen left.

Abyss vs Jeff Hardy
Monster’s Ball Match

The fight started backstage. Jeff ran Abyss into a wall and slammed a door into Abyss, over and over. He fight moved into the main arena. Jeff blasted Abyss with a steel chair. Jeff then dragged abyss around and slammed Abyss’ head into the ring steps. Jeff went under the ring and gound a table. Abyss Goozled Jeff but Hardy Elbowed ou of he Chokeslam attempt. Abyss whipped Jeff into the ring steps. Abyss went looking for toys and pitched several into the ring. My favorite was the cheese grater. Abyss wedged a chair into one of the corner. Jeff blasted Abyss in the face with a trash can. Double Leg Drop and Dropkick by Jeff for the two count. Jeff hit a modified version of the Twist of Fae. One Man Poetry in Motion, thanks to a steel chair. Jeff flew over the top rope…and crashed through the table. Jeff grabbed the cheese grater as Abyss found the Black Bag o’ Doom. Jeff drove he cheese grater into Abyss’ crotch and yanked. Jeff hen charged and struck the chair in the corner. Abyss headed back out to find…Janice. Janice swung at Jeff and Janice go tuck in the turnbuckle. Twist of Fate! The Revolution hit the ring to attack Jeff. Matt Hardy rushed in with a kendo stick to attack Manik, Khoya, Sanada and Storm. Storm had Manik and Sanada hold Matt. Last Call Superkick to Matt. The Wolves rushed down to even the numbers. Double Suicide Dive to take out The Revolution.

Back in the ring, Abyss poured out the thumbtacks. Abyss wanted to Superplex Hardy ono the tacks. Hardy planted Abyss with a Sunset Bomb into the tacks. Jeff then Iced the Cake by hitting the Swanton.

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Storm went off on Abyss for the loss. Abyss came close to going off on his tag partner but just walked away. Abyss had 3 or 4 tacks jammed into his elbow. I’ve stepped on a tack and it hurts like Hell. I just can’t imagine having dozens of them inserted into me. Actually, Abyss mentioned, when he worked with us out here in Reno, that the tacks going in were not as bad as the agony of having them removed.

Jeff and Matt talked about that last match. Jeff knew that he might have been in his last battle but he wasn’t nearly ready to call it quits. Matt explained he rushed out to help his brother get a much deserved win.

Austin Aries was asked if Lashley did him a favor by giving him a title shot. Aries felt Lashley may have made a mistake giving him the shot. Aries suggested that he had two shots at winning.

Rock Star Spud and Mandrews vs ?

Spud and Mandrews thought they were going to be fighting Ethan Carter III and Tyrus. EC3 came out and explained that he was not about to face Spud, right now. He called in a couple of buddies to handle their light work. DJZ introduced the BroMans.

Rock Star Spud and Mandrews vs Robbie E and Jessie Godderz

Angelina Love was with the Bromans. Josh Mathews claimed Robbie E was the smartest wrestler on the planet, by getting Velvet Sky fired instead of him. The BroMans attacked, before the bell. Gorilla Press by Jessie to Mandrews. Tag to Robbie E. Double Slam by the BroMans. Double Knee Strikes by BroMans. Robbie stomped Mandrews’ hand. Mandrews got the boot up and dove for his corner. He didn’t make it but slid under to tag in Spud. Spud rocked Robbie with hard shots and then applied Testicular Claws to both BroMans. Pele Kick and hen Sliced Bread #2 to Robbie. Tag to Mandrews. Shooting Star Press.

Your Winners: Rock Star Spud and Mandrews
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Tyrus attacked the Brits, after the match. EC3 swore he would never allow Spud to face him. EC3 made a Handicap Match, next week. Mandrews and Spud vs Tyrus…inside a steel cage…next week.

Backstage, Rock Star Spud questioned Mandrews if he could trust him. Spud shrieked about how Ethan was his best friend and then he spat in his face and made the last year mean nothing. Spud had a meltdown as Impact went to a preview of Lockdown.

Lashley vs Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries vs MVP
Fatal Four Way for the World Title

MVP was the common target as the match kicked off. He bailed out to the floor to avoid getting beaten silly. Aries and Roode blocked MVP’s exit and he had to get back in the ring with Lashley. MVP tried to jump Lashley but the champ started a Ping Pong beat down on the master of the Beat Down Club. Corner Shoulders by Lashley. Roode took down Aries with a Dropkick. Lashley with a Push Off and Shoulder Tackle. Corner Stomps by Lashley on Roode. Roode dropped Lashley but Roode got rocked by a Missile Dropkick from Aries. Roode took out Aries but MVP jumped Roode. SPinebuster to MVP.Aries prevented Roode from pinning MVP. Break time.

Roode and Aries were going hot and heavy.Roode ran Aries into the corner. Float Over, by Aries, failed. Lashley with a Running Powerlslam to Roode. Lashley blocked the Brainbuster and dropped Aries. Aries hi a Suicide Dive o Lashleya dn then MVP rocked Aries with a Forearm. MVP punched and stomped on Roode as Aries and Lashley caught their breaths on the floor. MVP with the Yakuza Kick and Exploder Suplex. Roode threw bombs to MVP and lifted him for the Roode Bomb. He abandoned the idea to attack Aries. Jawbuster and Ballin’ by MVP. Fisherman’s Suplex by MVP but Aries made the save. Last Chancellory by Aries but Lashley easily lifted Aries and hit the Dominator. Aries flew off the top and hit MVP, on the floor.

Back in the ring, MVP was trapped in the Crippler Crossface by Roode. Lashley stomped Roode to stop Roode. Lashler went to the corner. It turned into the Tower o’ Doom Slam, involving Lashley, Aries and Roode. Eric Young came out and attacked Roode. Lashley went for a Spear but Aries turned it into the Last Chancellory. MVP made the save. He then stomped away on Aries. 1-2-no.Discus Forearm by Aries to MVP. Aries went for another Suicide Dive but Lashley cut him off with the Spear!

Your Winner: Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 3.75

The other members of the BDC came down to attack. Eric Young was with them. Kur Angle and Gunner rushed down to force the BDC to make tracks. The fans chanted for Kurt.

After the break, Kurt was ready to announce his team. Gunner was obvious. Bobby Roode wanted to fight Eric Young, in a singles match (First Blood?). Austin Aries then rushed in and demanded to be part of Kurt’s squad. Kurt was a bit miffed that Aries took the microphone from him but accepted Aries as the third member. Kurt asked Lashley to join him but the World Champ didn’t want to take sides. With Roode already busy and Lashley refusing, who would Kurt find to join his team. Would who be The Chosen One? (that was kind of a hint. Smile).


–Jay Shannon

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