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Adam Pearce demanded a shot at the Heritage Title. David Marquez offered “Scrap Iron” the ultimate offer. Plus, P.P. Ray got a chance to become 3-time ag team champs, but who would they face…since Johnny Goodtime is out injured?

Stu Stone welcomed everyone to the show. Stu was interrupted by Adam Pearce. He ordered David Marquez, owner of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. He fans started chanting for Mikey O’Shea but he is gone from the company. Pearce demanded a Heritage Championship title shot. Marquez reminded that Pearce lost in the steel cage match against Mikey. Pearce said he was the best to ever step inside a Championship Wrestling from Hollywood ring. Marquez explained that Pearce needed to work his way back into title contention. Pearce was not willing to accept Marquez’s order. Pearce demanded the title shot, next week. Marquez told Pearce what he could do was put Adam in a match, next week. If Adam wins that match, he will get a title shot. But what if he loses? Adam Pearce will be forced to retire from independent wrestling, forever. Marquez was given the opportunity to pick anyone he wanted to face Pearce. David didn’t want to see Adam lose his career. David clarified that Pearce would fight anyone that Marquez chose. David had someone in mind for Adam. David wished Adam “good Luck!”. Pearce looked a bit confused. Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana was out with the fans. Would he be the one?

Ty Mathews and Anderson Cruz joined Grant for an interview. Ty sounded like a motivational speaker as he discussed plans for Cruz. Mathews said it would be the greatest year for Cruz. Anderson grinned as CWH went to break.

Grant was back to interview Ray Rosas and “Pretty” Peter Avalon. They were set to go after Vermin for the tag belts. Johnny Goodtime is injured and won’t be able to compete. Ray gave Vermin three option:

1. Have Yuma come down and forfeit he titles
2. Let Yuma fight P.P.Ray 2-on-1
3. Have Ryan Taylor sub for Johnny Goodtime.

Omar Asif vs Shaun Ricker

Shaun reminds me of Razor Ramon, back in he day. Ricker took Omar to the corner. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Omar wanted a Tornado DDT but Shaun was too big. Shaun escaped a Roll Up and nailed a Clothesline. Leap Frogs on both sides. Shaun with a Reverse Cutter to Omar. Omar snapped the neck and pounded away. Shaun caught Omar with the Gravy Train (White Noise) to take the win.

Your Winner: Shaun Ricker
Championship Scorecard: 2.0 out of a possible 5

Shaun had a special announcement. Shaun wanted to pay tribute to the late, great Percy Pringle III. Shaun was determined to win the PP3 Cup to honor his former manager. Shaun is he first entrant in the Cup.

Grant spoke with Vermin about the upcoming tag team title match. Yuma decided to have Ryan Taylor join him in the ring to defend. He warned Marquez that P.P.Ray’s blood would be on David’s hands.

Todd Chandler vs Matthew Scott

Todd still comes out to his old “Footloose” theme music. Collar and Elbow into an Amateur takedown by Todd. Whip by Todd but Matthew with a Float Over and Arm Drag. Todd went out to the floor. Todd tripped Scott and pulled him out to the floor. Scoop Slam and Kneedrop by Todd. 2 count. Todd threw wild Forearms to Scott’s chest. Snap Suplex by Todd for a two count. Todd choked Scott with the boot. Back Drop Suplex by Todd. Todd choked Scott with the boot. Scott barely kicked out of a pin attempt. Todd charged the corner but missed. Todd took out Scoot with Just Ribbin’ Ya (Tombstone into a Double Knee Gutbuster).

Your Winner: Todd Chandler
Championship Scorecard: 2.5

Grant asked Todd why he broke up Footloose. Todd just walked past, without comment.

The Hobo did an interview with Grant. Next week, Willie Mack and Hobo will sign the contract for the Heritage Title Match. Hobo wanted to congratulate Willie for earning the shot. Hobo was looking forward to fighting Willie Mack.

Matt Cage and Jacob Austin Young vs Othello
2-on1 Handicap Match

Earlier in the evening, Cage and Young were in a Dark Match. Their match was stopped by Othello. Othello decimated both kids. Young felt the Heart Punch. Now they would both battle Othello. Stu Stone had somewhere to go.

Discus Clothesline and Dropkick didn’t work. Hey took Othello down but he Ebony Goliath threw them around like they were nothing. Heart Punch to Young. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Othello
Championship Scorecard: 1.75

Othello grabbed Stu and pulled him into the ring. Othello ripped Stu’s jacket and shirt off. He wanted to destroy his former manager. Stu begged off from the fight. Othello Goozled Stone but James Morgan rushed in and blasted Othello with a baseball bat. Morgan was an early member of the Family Stone. “Main Event” Morgan is back and ready to kick behind. Stu yelled that the Family Stone was back.

Johnny Yuma and Ryan Taylor vs Ray Rosas and “Pretty” Peter Avalon
Heritage Tag Team Title Match

The crowd turned their backs on Vermin as the Exorcist-like theme music. Avalon came out with his new buzz cut, thanks to Vermin. P.P. Ray are two time tag champs. Avalon wanted to start against Yuma but Taylor said he would do this. Rosas also started. Crotch Chop by Rosas towards Yuma. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Go Behind by Rosas but Taylor quickly escaped. Taylor and Yuma went to the floor to take strategy and kill the momentum.

Taylor came back in and kicked away on Rosas. Rosas with a Step Up Headscissors. There was a quick interruption of the action, thanks to Charter. When the feed continued, all four men were going hot and heavy. Avalon Knife Edge Chopped the daylights out of Yuma. He two men punched away and Yuma Shouldered Avalon. Rosas took the tag. Poetry in Motion by P.P. Ray. Vermin tried to escape but he challengers hit the Double Dive. Yuma and Rosas got back I the ring. Modified Mandible Claw by Rosas as CWH took a quick break.

Taylor had taken the tag, as had Avalon. Taylor showed off to irritate the crowd. Taylor slapped Avalon in the face, over and over. Avalon was seriously out of it. Whip by Taylor but Avalon with a Low Bridge. Taylor was knocked off the apron. Rosas tagged in and hit a Springboard Dive to the floor. Taylor clutched his knee. Rosas pitched Taylor in and kicked away. Yuma attacked Rosas but Rosas hit Hesitation Dropkicks to both foes. Rosas missed the Smash and Dash. Double Team by Vermin. 1-2-no.Taylor was totally confused that he didn’t get the pin. Yuma and Taylor with massive Double Team on Avalon. 2 count. The fans chanted for the challengers. Roses with a Morningstar Uppercut to send Taylor to the floor. Springboard Crossbody by Avalon. Avalon missed the Double Martinis but Yuma hit the move. Avalon nailed Yuma’s Sex Factor Faceplant finisher. 2 count.

Taylor came back in and took Avalon to the corner. Avalon was placed on top. Vermin wanted the Double Superplex but Rosas topped it. All four men were up on the ropes. Taylor and Rosas fell. Avalon with Double Martini off the ropes but Yuma kicked out. Tag to Rosas. Rosas set for the Gory Bomb aka Drop Dead Gorgeous but Taylor kicked Rosas in the head. Taylor accidentally kicked Yuma in the head. Low Bridge. Double Martinis and a Bearded Wizard by Rosas. 1—2—3!

Your Winners (and NEW Heritage Tag Team Champions): P.P. Ray (“Pretty” Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas)

After the match, Ryan Taylor attacked the new champs. Joey Ryan made his return to protect the new champs. Joey Ryan then Superkicked both champs and flashed the “V” sign to make it clear he was now a member of Vermin! Seriously? Vermin took out Joey, several months ago, but now he was part of this sleazy group. Both announcers called Joey “a piece of garbage”.


–Jay Shannon

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