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Smackdown at the University of Texas in Austin, TX
*Recap of main event on Raw Reunion.

Daniel Bryan came out to speak.  He brought up certain topics he could talk about but he rathered not.  Instead, he introduced Ryback, Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler.  Ryback thanked Cena, Sting and the fans to remind everyone that The Authority “sucks”.  Rowan said that it was sort of a blessing because he took the time to realize that he was naive and he changed.  Ziggler talked about his passion and he is back where he belongs.  Seth Rollins, J&J Security, Kane and Big Show came out.  Rollins and Ziggler exchanged words.  Rollins said that he will be victorious at the Royal Rumble.  Kane reminded Bryan about their Smackdown match.  Bryan showed a clip of Lesnar attacking Kane and Big Show at Raw Reunion.  Big Show had a few words to say about the Royal Rumble.  Kane announced the match of Ziggler versus Wade Barrett being next.  It was a Qualifying match for Ziggler to enter the Royal Rumble.

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Dolph Ziggler VS Wade Barrett -
The match went back and forth.  Barrett focused on Ziggler’s left arm.

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Barrett was dominant.  Ziggler fought back with a jawbreaker, neckbreaker and elbow drop.  He made the cover but Barrett kicked out .Ziggler attempted the Zigzag but Barrett held onto the ropes.  Barrett went for the Bull Hammer but Ziggler nailed him with a dropkick.  Zigzag on Barrett.  Ziggler made the pin for the win.

*Recap of The Ascension getting beat up by New Age Outlaws and the Clothesline From Hell by JBL on Raw Reunion.

*Backstage – Roman Reigns was standing by and talking to one of the crew members.

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*Backstage – Renee Young interviewed Roman Reigns.  They showed a clip of Reigns attacking Big Show on Raw Reunion.  Reigns said that Big Show is an insecure man in a form of a giant.  He talked about Royal Rumble being “one versus all” and said that he is the one.

Ryback came out to the ring.

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*Backstage – Fandango picked an entry number for Royal Rumble.  It was not revealed what the number was but it seemed very good based on Fandango’s reaction.  Fandango and Rosa Mendez celebrated with a kiss.  While they were kissing, Dean Ambrose appeared from behind and pulled out his number.  He switched his with Fandango’s without him knowing and walked away.

Rusev VS Ryback -
Rusev came to the ring with Lana.  After the bell, Rusev and Ryback locked up.  The match went back and forth until Rusev became more dominant.

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Rusev manhandled Ryback after hurting his left leg.  Ryback fought back and built some momentum after hitting Rusev with a slam.  USA chants were being heard as Ryback delivered some vicious blows.  Rusev turned things around when he knocked Ryback off the top rope.  Rusev applied the Accolade but Ryback broke free.  Rusev tried to leave but Ryback chased after him at ringside and attacked him.  The ref was counting them out but Ryback made it back to the ring in time and won the match by countout.  Rusev attacked Ryback but The Big Guy fought back and nailed him with the Meat Hook Clothesline.  He went for the Shell Shock but Rusev escaped.

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Naomi came out to the ring.  Paige and Natalya were sitting at the annouce table doing commentary.  Brie Bella came out with Nikki.

*Early clip of The Bellas doing a backstage promo.  They a few hurtful words about Paige and Natalya.

Brie Bella VS Naomi -
The match went back and forth.  It ended with Brie hitting Naomi with a Sitout Facebuster for the win.

*Backstage – Luke Harper had a few disturbed words to say to Rowan.

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* Backstage – Stardust and Goldust picked their entry winnings.  They reminded each other that it’s every man for himself and glared at each other.

Erick Rowan VS Luke Harper -
This was a Royal Rumble qualifying match for Rowan.  Both men came out.  Rowan took control.  Harper tried to come back but Rowan overpowered him.  The match ended with Harper delivering a kick and a spinning clothesline.  He pinned Rowan for the win.

*Backstage – Rollins, Kane, Big Show and J&J Security were talking.  Kane said that he needed to borrow J&J Security.  Rollins agreed and said that they’ll do whatever it takes to keep Bryan out of the Royal Rumble.

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*Backstage – Miz lectured Damien Mizdow about his imitation of X-Pac on Raw.  He said that the fans were not cheering for him.  After Miz walked away, The Usos appeared.  They gave Mizdow a pep talk about not imitating Miz during the Royal Rumble match and advised that he should eliminate Miz so he could be the star.

Daniel Bryan came out to the ring.

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Kane came out to the ring with J&J Security.

*Recap of the Bryan/Wyatt match on Raw and Kane getting involved.

Daniel Bryan VS Kane -
Bryan delivered kicks and punches but Kane fought back.  Bryan regained control.  J&J tried to got involved.  Kane manhandled Bryan at ringside.  He pulled out a kendo stick from under the ring and attacked Bryan with it.  Both men went back into the ring.  Bryan fought back and hit Kane with the kendo stick.   Kane surprised Bryan with an uppercut.

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Kane was in control.  He hit Bryan with a steel chair.  Bryan fought back with more punches and kicks.  Kane regained control with a punch at ringside.  J&J opened the annouce table.  Kane set Bryan up for a piledriver through the table but Bryan escaped.  Bryan fired back with more attacks at ringside.  He attacked J&J as well.   Bryan and Kane went back in the ring, and Bryan applied the Yes Lock.  J&J entered the ring and broke the lock.  Bryan fought them off.  Kane surprised Bryan with a Chokeslam.   He made the cover but Bryan kicked out.  Kane brought in another steel chair but was not able to attack Bryan with it.  Bryan surprised Kane with a running knee and pinned him for the victory.  After the match, Big Show attacked Bryan on the ramp and carried Bryan to the ring.  He attacked Bryan some more.  Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan came out to save Bryan.  The majority of the guys from the locker room came out, and they started fighting each other.  It looked like the Royal Rumble match began.  Dean Ambrose came out and threw some hits.  Roman Reigns came out and also started attacking.  The ring was almost cleared, and Bryan,  Ambrose, Reigns, Ziggler and Ryback were left standing.

My thoughts -
This was a good episode of Smackdown but I wish they did more to really hype up the Royal Rumble.  A great match between Bryan and Kane.  It is possible that Bryan could win the Royal Rumble but I doubt that will happen because The Authority’s failure to keep him out from qualifying – and this will anger The Authority even more.  The best part was when we got a preview of the Royal Rumble with the participants going at it. – Lisa Williams

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