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Hobo needed a new top contender for his Heritage Championship. David Marquez had a great idea on how to find the new top contender.

Grant was backstage to interview the Big Boss. Grant asked David about who lost his job, due to last week’s match stipulations. Tito Escondido is out. Vermin just lost 25% of their force. David said everyone has been grumbling about wanting a chance. David set up an Open Door Challenge…starting right now.

Peter Avalon was attacked in the back and will not be able to compete. Roll the opening montage and let’s get down to business…

Ian Sutton vs Othello
Gauntlet Match #1

Othello is just massive, standing over 7 foot tall. Ian popped Othello and danced. Othello ripped off Ian’s hat. Ian tried to stick and move but eventually got caught. Othello threw Ian into the corner. Ian Dropkicked Othello’s knee and then his face. Legdrop by Ian for a 2. Othello laid out Ian with the Heart Punch…on the Fly.

Step Daddy Sutton lambasted his kinfolk. Ian got his fill of his and decked Step Daddy.

Othello vs Sasha Darevko
Gauntlet Match #2

Sasha got up in Othello’s face. Sasha came off the ropes, twice, but couldn’t move Othello. Collar and Elbow but Othello tossed Sasha aside, easily. Test of Strength. Sasha tried to kick Othello but the giant dropped the Russian. Sasha hit a ton of moves but Othello shook them off. Chokeslam by Othello.

Othello called out Stu Stone. Stone was not afraid of the big man. Sgt. Major set Stu Stone aside to take the fight to Othello.

Othello vs Sgt. Major
Gauntlet Match #3

Sarge was in much better shape than he was in the past. Othello talked trash but Sarge didn’t back down. Othello clocked Sarge but Major popped right up. La Bandera Clothesline by Major. Othello pulled Sarge to the outside. Sarge sent Othello into the ring post. The ref began the count. Both men ended up counted out. CWfH took a break while the Powers-That-Be figured out where to go from here.

Eric Cross vs Shaun Ricker
Gauntlet Match #4

The fans were solidly behind Ricker. Cross jumped Shaun and pounded away. Cross choked Shaun and then Whipped him across the ring. Shaun rebounded with a brutal Clothesline. Shaun was once managed by the late, great Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer). Standing Switch by Ricker. Swinging Neckbreaker by Cross but couldn’t get more than a one count. Cross stood on Shaun’s throat and then drove the knee into the throat. Scoop Slam by Cross. Cross took way too long to go for a pin. Cross dug at Shaun’s face and then went to a Rear Chin Lock. Shaun got to his feet and escaped. Cross hit a hard Kneelift to Shaun’s ribs. Cross then choked Shaun with the knee. Snap Mare by Cross into a Shin Choke. Shaun kicked Cross but Eric kept the pressure on. Cross popped Shaun on the jaw and then choked him on the top rope. Eric went for his Cross Out finisher but Shawn avoided it and hit the Gravy Train (White Noise) to move on.

Shaun Ricker vs Che Cabrera
Gauntlet Match #5
Collar and Elbow and Che took the Side Headlock. Shaun sent Che to the ropes and Cabrera Shoulder Tackled him. 1 count only. Another Collar and Elbow and Che grabbed the Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle brought Che a 2 count. A third Collar and Elbow by Che. Cabrera with another Shoulder Tackle. Hip Toss, Arm Drag and Standing Dropkick by Shaun. Corner Clothesline and Scoop S lam by Shaun. 2 count. Che choked Shaun until the ref forced him to stop. Che nailed a Headbutt and popped the chest with a Knife Edge Chop. Che choked Shaun on the middle rope. Che with a series of Back Elbows and Chops. Spin Chop by Shaun but Che went to the eyes. Headbutt by Che. The fans asked for a big move. Che with a Roll Up. 1-2-not yet. Time for a quick break.

Che had a Rear Chin Lock deeply cinched in. Shaun got to his feet but Che threw him down. Stu Stone said he had a new find that he will announce….soon. Che with a Whip but Shaun brought up the knee. Clothesline by CHe but Cabrera missed eh Elbow Drop. Shaun reversed Whip and sent Che to multiple corners before hitting a Back Drop and a Scoop Powerslam. Jumping Elbow Drop by Shaun. 1-2-Denied. Shaun waited and then tried for eh Gravy Train. Che countered it. Both men tried to advance but failed. Inside Cradle by Che Cabrera and Shaun is gone.

Che Cabrera vs Biggie Biggs
Gauntlet Match #6

Biggs is massive. The fans love this huge dude. Che nailed with several Headbutts. Biggs rubbed all over Che and then danced with Che. Corner Backsplash by Biggs. Snap Mare by Biggs and slapped the chest. B iggs made Che disappear as he covered him. Motor Boat by Biggs. Corner Splash that moved the ring. Biggs climbed the ropes and punched away. Che pulled Biggs, who hit the ring post. Che thumbed the eye. Che rocked Biggs with Headbutts and Elbow Drops. Che kicked Biggs in the face. CHe with a weird modified Buffbuster. It was time for another break.

Che was pretty much exhausted but he refused to give up. Che went for a Samoan Drop but couldn’t lift Biggs. Che recovered and climbed the ropes. Che finally hit the Buffbuster to advance to the final match.

Che Cabrera vs Willie Mack
Gauntlet Match #7

The Revolution came out and jumped Willie Mack. He got blasted by Sasha, who had a chain wrapped around his arm. Che ordered the bell o be rung. Willie got his foot on the ropes, completely out of instinct. Che clubbed the back and then threw Willie’s shirt out into the crowd. Che choked Willie on the middle rope. The fans began to chant for Willie. CHe went back to his trusty Headbutt. Willie began to fight back. Willie missed a Dropkick but Che didn’t. Che went to the floor to get Willie. The ref counted but Che went in and out to restart the count. Che pitched Willie back in the ring. Che went up top but Willie with a Jumping Enziguri. Willie climbed the ropes and hit a wild Superplex. It was time for a final break.

Willie with aCorner Splash and Clothesline. Spinning Scoop Slam by Willie. 1-2-no. They ran a video clip from Vermin, showing how they destroyed Peter Avalon. They even shaved “Pretty” Peer’s head.

Back to the ring and both men are still down. They got to their feet at 9. Che threw Willie onto the apron and then hit Swinging for the Fences (Top Rope-Assisted DDT). Willie got his fingers on the rope to prevent the three count. Willie planted a Flying Che with an Inverted DDT. Che got his foot on the bottom rope. Willie put Che in the Sullivan Tree of Woe and stomped away. Willie climbed up top and went Coast to Coast. Seriously! Che fell out to the floor. Willie went to the floor and punched away. Willie bounced Che off the announce desk. Willie took Che back into the ring. Che hit an Outside In Spike DDT. Could be…might be…Denied! They threw in an extra break before the final decision came down.

Che went into the Rear Chin Lock. He ref checked to see if Willie was out. The arm dropped twice but it didn’t hit the third time. Willie Hulked Up and worked off the apron. Che with a Flying Shoulder Block but Willie kicked out. Willie applied the Vise after Che got planted again. Che just would not tap out. Che went to the eyes to escape. Che hit another Headbutt. Float Over failed and Willie hit the Chocolate Thunder Driver.

Your Winner: Willie Mack
Championship Scorecard: 4.75 out of a possible 5

Willie absorbed the love of his fans as Championship Wrestling from Hollywood called it a night.


–Jay Shannon

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