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The Top Prospect Tournament continued. Also, Alberto El Patron (fka Alberto Del Rio) made his debut…and ruffled a feather or two.

Jay Briscoe was ready to fight whichever member of The Kingdom that he would face…Matt Taven or Michael Bennett. Jay waned back his property…the redesigned Title of Love.

Roll the Opening Montage!

Steve Corino wanted to know who the top contender was for the World Title.

Cedric Alexander vs Frankie Kazarian

Christopher Daniels joined the announce team. The streamers absolutely filled the ring. Daniels joked about No Alcohol at the announce table, in Nashville, as ordered by Jerry Jarrett…decades ago. Code of Honor Handshake. Go Behind by Cedric. Standing Switch into a Leg Trip by Kaz. Cedric escaped and held his own against the veteran, Kazarian. Collar and Elbow into Deep Arm Drags from both sides. Cedric with a Spin Kick. Float Over into a Leg Lariat by Kaz. Kaz attacked, in the corner. Outer Limits Dropkick by Kaz led to the first commercial break.

Cedric Suplexed Kaz out of the ring and onto the floor. Knife Edge Chops by Cedric. Cedric pitched Kaz back in but Kaz jumped Alexander and cinched in a Cravat. Knee Strikes, followed by the Rolling Neckbreaker, by Kaz. 2 count. Side Russian Leg Sweep off a Whip sent Cedric crashing to the mat. European Uppercuts and kicks by Cedric. Three Amigos by Cedric failed o the third time as Kaz blocked it. Springboard Tornado DDT by Cedric brought a two count. Jumping Enziguri by Kazarian but Cedric caught Kaz with a Michinoku Driver. Belly to Belly by Kaz but he just couldn’t get the three. Both men blocked each other’s finishers. Kaz wanted he modified Fujiwara but Cedric rolled over and got the ropes. Cedric flipped Kaz onto the apron. Springboard DDT by Kaz. 1-2-not quite yet. Kaz struggled to put Cedric up on the top turnbuckle. Cedric bashed Kaz as Frankie climbed the ropes. Springboard Powerbomb but Cedric rebounded and hit El Paradiso. Junping Enziguri by Cedric. Cedric flew off the ropes and Kaz hit a Cutter on the fly and hit Ride the Lightning (Unprettier).

Your Winner: Frankie Kazarian
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Marr Raven announced he was the member of The Kingdom that would be facing Jay Briscoe for the World Title, later in the hour. Typical “Worthless and Weak” promo by Taven.

Donovan Dijak vs Jake Dirden
Top Prospect Tournament Match, Round One

Jake was the first man to be sent home from a Ring of Honor Try-Out Camp for injuring people. Jake is kind of RoH’s answer to Luke Harper, looking a lot like a thinner version of Bruiser Brody. Caprice Coleman joined the announce team for this one. Dirden went right for the Asiatic Spike but Donovan blocked it. Dijak with hard punches and kicks. Corner Rush by Dijak. Dijak was trained by Brian Fury. Dijak kept Dirden off his game with punches. The Decade came out to scout these two powerhouses. Back Elbow by Jake but Donovan with a Big Boo. La Bandera Clothesline into a Flip Dive by Donovan! Donovan put Jake back in and went for eh Discus Forearm. Jake blocked it and hit a Chokeslam. 2 count. Saito Suplex by Jake. Jake wouldn’t take the pin. Jake wanted to finish Donovan with the Spike. Jake went for the Asiatic Spike but Donovan with Feast Your Eyes (Attitude Adjustment into a Go To Sleep).

Your Winner: Donovan Dijak
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.0

A weird “We Are Coming” video aired. The speaker’s voice was audio distorted but you could understand him/her to say “They” were bringing change with hem. Interesting.

Kevin Kelly introduced Alberto El Patron. He got a massive pop from the crowd. I love his Matador music. Sounds like something out of a Robert Rodriguez movie. Yes, I’ve spent way too much time watching the El Rey Network. Grin. The fans broke out with an “”El Patron” chant. That was followed by a “Si” chant. Kevin asked Alberto what his plans were…in Ring of Honor. Alberto cut a wild promo which was laced with jabs at the WWE (albeit masked ones). Alberto made it sure that everyone knew they were wrestlers…not {BLEEP} Sports Entertainers. He showed massive respect to Christopher Daniels, his opponent, next week. El Patron stated he was there to go after the most important title…The World Title.

Jay Lethal and Truth Martini strolled from the back. Jay looked seriously upset. Kevin wondered why the TV Champ had come to the ring. Truth explained to El Patron that he never cared about anything Alberto has done…until 20 seconds ago. Jay took over and said he, not Jay Briscoe, was the top man in the company. Jay elevated his TV title not only above RoH’s World title but EVERY title in the world. Jay demanded an apology from Alberto. Yeah…that’s going to happen. Alberto corrected Jay that the World Champ is always the main man. Alberto was ready to go ahead and kick Jay’s butt. He called Jay “Perrita” (Little girl dog) and challenged him to “Dance”. Truth called off the match before it happens. Truth explained that El Patron would have to climb the ladder just like everyone else. Time for another round of commercials.

RoH looked back at last week’s wild Triple Threat to determine the number one contender to the World Title. Hanson, Michael Elgin and Tommaso Ciampa were all involved and it broke down into total chaos. Todd Sinclair, the ref, was taken out and the match was eventually thrown out. There was not a clear winner so it is still very unclear who should challenge Jay in my old stomping grounds of Las Vegas in a few weeks.

Nigel McGuinness rushed down to issue a statement about the Number One Contender situation. Nigel asked Jay Briscoe to come out to hear the decision. The fans really exploded for the World Champion. Jay gave Nigel the decision….throw all Three guys into the ring with him. Someone needs to teach these people how to pronounce my home stage…Nevada. Jay called for Matt Taven to get his butt to the ring.

Jay Briscoe vs Matt Taven
World Title Match

Michael and Maria Bennett came down with Matt Taven. Adam Cole was nowhere to be seen. Todd Sinclair was your Zebra in Charge. I prefer the Kingdom’s new purple shirts. Jay took the fight to Matt with wild punches and kicks. Jay choked Matt with his boot. Matt punched away and nailed the Knife Edge Chop. Jay reversed a Whip but Matt with the Jumping Enziguri. Matt slipped aw he went for a Springboard. Jay covered it well with a Running Boot. The fight went to the floor and Jay unloaded with Headbutts. Jay with the in and out to break the count.

Jay tossed Matt back into the ring and pointed at Maria and the pink title belt. Crash and Burn by Taven. Jay didn’t see it coming. Michael Bennett got a few cheap shots in as Sinclair was distracted. Raven rolled Jay in the ring and kicked away. Mat turned around and tossed Jay out of the ring. Superkick to Jay. Michael tossed Jay back in the ring. Matt with a Frog Splash but Briscoe got the knees up. Jay threw jabs but Matt with a shot to the mid-section. Maria tripped Jay and Matt hit the Disaster Kick. 2count. Time for a final break.

Rolling Neckbreaker by Taven. Jay ducked a Leg Lariat but ate a Superkick. 1-2-kick out. Taven went for Climax but Jay blocked it. Jay dropped Matt into the corner. Jay ducked and then blasted Matt with European Uppercuts and Headbutts. Back Body Drop by Briscoe into a Superkick and Neckbreaker. Jay kicked Matt in the face and unloaded with Corner Mount Punches. Matt slipped under and Superkicked Jay, who was on the ropes. Jay crashed badly to the canvas. Matt put Jay on the top turnbuckle and climbed for the Superplex. Jay pushed out of a Hurancanrana and nailed the Jay Driller to retain.

Your Winner: Jay Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5

Michael Bennett rushed in and cracked Jay in the face with the Title of Love. Michael stomped away on the World Champ. Maria took the stick and said the pink belt belonged to her. Maria said Jay didn’t have the b*lls to fight her. Mark Briscoe rushed down to clear the ring. Mark said this had gone on long enough. He challenged The Kingdom to face The Briscoes, next week. The Kingdom agreed. Should be absolutely off the charts.


–Jay Shannon

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