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East Coast Wrestling Association
At the Woodbury Heights Community Center
Woodbury, New Jersey
Saturday January 17, 2015
Ring Announcer: Bob Artese
Referee: John Finnegan and Mike Kehner
“Spaceman” Chris Rockwell vs. Kid USA
Rockwell comes to the ring in a cool looking “spaceman” outfit. Kid USA is a tall wrestler in, of course, a US flag mask. Early in the match, Rockwell hit a nice plancha, through the ropes, to the floor. Fans began to rally the Kid, with a “USA” chant, but Rockwell stops the momentum with a running knee attack in the corner. A second attempt misses however, and Kid USA hits a great dropkick en route to the victory.
Decision: Kid USA wins via pinfall.
Candi Cartwright vs. Renee Michelle
Michelle plays a good, cocky heel, and Cartwright is her nemesis as the smiling, skipping babyface. They begin the match with a little bit of a confusing sequence, but it ends with an excellent bridge from Cartwright. They wind up in a ringside chase, and Cartwright eats a stiff boot. Back in the ring, Candi takes back over and utilizes a nice somersault shoulder block in the corner. After a 619 attempt however, Michelle hits a dropkick. Some more action on the floor ends with a Candi dive from the apron, and both ladies land with an audible thump. Back in the ring Cartwright uses a cartwheel elbow, to continue her unique offense. However, Michelle takes back over, and shows a violent streak with several stiff punches, as well as standing on her opponent’s hair. Cartwright comes back, and hits a “Miz clothesline” into the corner, followed by a nice bulldog, and surfboard like submission. There is a smattering of “Team Renee” chants in the crowd. The two women get into a forearm battle, with Renee coming out on top. This transitions into a neat exchange which ends with Cartwright hitting a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge for a two. Towards the match’s end, Cartwright locks on a single leg crab, but the time limit has expired and the result is a draw.
Decision: Time Limit Draw
Intergender Match
“Bam Bam” JD Browning vs. Gabby Gilbert
Browning comes out covered in boas to an N Sync or Backstreet Boys song to some heat. He has a lot of Joey Ryan type mannerisms. Gabby gets a quick roll up, and we almost had a very quick match, but it gets two. She comically wipes “grease” off her hands onto the veteran referee Finnegan. Gilbert keeps control with a drop toehold, and she comically rides Browning around the ring like a horse, adding some spanks for fun. Browning responds in kind with a thunderous clothesline once her gets up, to raucous boos. Gilbert continues to outwrestle her larger opponent however, and he stomps around ringside. He storms into the ring and is outsmarted once again, which leads to him taking a nasty spill to the floor.  Gabby threatens a dive, and Browning runs off in terror to the delight of the crowd. Back in the ring though, Browning takes over, with liberal use of hair pulling. A snap mare into a hair pull submission is just one of the dirty tricks he uses, as well as a hair assisted Russian Leg Sweep. Once Browning misses a charge into the corner, Gilbert makes a brief comeback with a testicular claw. Gilbert goes up to the second rope but Browning stops her with a kiss, and tastes a slap in response. Gilbert jumps down but gets hit with a quick snap flatliner for the loss.
Decision: JD Browning wins by pinfall.
ECWA promoter/booker Michael Tartaglia comes out to boos. On the mic, he wonders how many of the fans have already broken their New Years’ Resolutions, which just so happens to be the name of this show. Phil Sly comes out with his legal counsel, and “The Don,” his director of waste management. JD Browning also comes into the ring to join this heelish squad. ECWA matchmaker Joe Zanolle answers Sly’s open challenge by introducing “Mr. Oui.” Oui is Mr. Ooh La La, doing a Midnight Rider/Mr. America like gimmick, where all the heels know his identity, but cannot prove it. Sly isn’t too keen on facing Oui, and JD Browning is now scheduled to be his opponent next month.
An announcement is made that ECWA Ladies Champion Tessa Blanchard will return next month to defend her championship against Candi Cartwright and Renee Michelle next month.
“The Extreme Redneck” Chuck Payne w/ Kyle Payne vs. “The Machine” Sam Shields
Payne is a really big kid, I’d estimate 6”5 ish, and maybe 275-290 pounds. There were several Payne signs in the crowd as well. Shields appeared to be very athletic, and uses his speed to take control early on. They take is to the outside, and Payne gets posted early. Back on the mat, he takes over with a side slam, and hits a delayed vertical suplex. He may have had Shields up in the air for twenty seconds or more. It occurs to me while watching that Payne, along with his size, has a big, vicious look to him, akin to John Studd or Sid Vicious.
Shield begins a comeback with a slingshot sunset flip for two, and nails a very impressive T Bone Suplex on his larger opponent to shake the ring. At this point Kyle Payne distracts Shields, who turns around into a Baldo Bomb, and Chuck gets the win. Post-match, the Paynes double team Shields. Chris Rockwell comes down to make the save, but he winds up getting manhandled as well.
Decision: Chuck Payne wins via pinfall.
Bobby Shields vs. Kekoa
Shields begins the match in control, until Kekoa responds with a stiff back elbow. Kekoa lands a nice suplex, as “You Sold Out” chants begin, in response to his heel turn the previous month. The two men trade stiff chops back and forth. Shields takes over again, and hits a picture perfect top rope cross body for 2 3/4. Kekoa gets the advantage for the first time with a suplex onto the ropes, followed by a running boot. But Shields converts a huricanrana, followed by a dropkick from the top rope to show his dominance once again. A running boot in the corner almost gets the win for Shields, but Kekoa shows his toughness and ability to survive. Shields goes for a dive from the top, but in an impressive show of strength, Kekoa catches him in midair, and utilizes a running powerbomb. A Cactus clothesline sends both men onto the floor, and Shields appears to get the worst of that exchange. Both men wind up getting counted out, but they brawl all around the building, including whips into the walls, and some spots onto the DVD table.
Decision: Double Count out
Bloodbound Warriors (Red Scorpion & Grey Wolf) vs. Mighty Mo’s
The Warriors have been seen in both Ring of Honor and Monster Factory Pro Wrestling. I am not familiar with the Mighty Mo’s, who are both under masks. This appears like it will be a mismatch, as the Warriors dwarf their smaller opponents. However the Mo’s show their speed and cunning at first, and dump their larger counterparts to the floor. Scorpion quickly takes over though, and hits a sick spinning brainbuster. He follows it up with a corkscrew elbow from the second rope, showing that along with his muscular physique, he’s also very athletic. A Hawk like press slam keeps Scorpion in control, followed by a somersault splash directly across his opponent’s back. Grey Wolf is tagged in, and he challenges the masked man to give him his best shot. He does, and is rewarded with a running slam into the corner by Wolf. Scorpion is tagged back in, as the Warriors do an excellent job cutting the ring off, just like a great tag team should. The Mo’s attempt to come back, but it’s academic, as the Warriors hit their bad ass finisher, which is something of a fireman’s carry & blockbuster combination.
Decision: The Bloodbound Warriors win by pinfall
Kao Storm & Mark Harro vs. Chris Wylde & Breaker Morant
Early in the match Wylde is showcased with a pretty dropkick, followed by a kip up. Morant comes in and hits a big spin kick of his own. Storm and Harro show several times that they are having difficulty getting along. Breaker continues control over Kao and tags in Wylde who hits another spectacular crowd pleaser, a second rope springboard into a dropkick. Wylde and Morant only lose their advantage briefly, as Storm and Harro’s inability to team effectively costs them the match.
Decision: Wylde & Morant win via pinfall
ECWA Heavyweight Championship Match
Ricky Martinez © vs. Matt Saigon
Saigon and Martinez were an excellent pair in this one, going back and forth in ring, in several games of one-upmanship. There was a lot of interference in this one, ensuring that Saigon never got a fair chance at the title. Renee Michelle, Mike Tartaglia, and Kekoa all interfered at various points. At the end, Martinez used Michelle’s high heeled shoe on Saigon, and found himself disqualified. He hangs onto his championship, and Saigon appeared to be injured. A beat down ensued, but Saigon was saved by Shield, Wylde, and Morant as the show ended.
Decision: Matt Saigon wins by DQ
ECWA returns to Woodbury, NJ on February 21st.

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