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Smackdown in Baton Rouge, LA

In the ring, Byron Saxton introduced Daniel Bryan. Bryan came out in his wrestling gear, and he was in good spirits being back in the ring. Saxton reminded Bryan about what Kane did to him last year.

*A clip of Kane attacking Bryan on Raw last April.

Bryan talked about his history with Kane and how Kane stabbed everyone in the back to join The Authority. He said that he will prove that he is ready to fight and that not only will he win his Smackdown match against Kane but the Royal Rumble and his match at Wrestlemania 31. The Authority, Seth Rollins, J&J Security, Big Show and Kane came out to get ready for the Kane/Bryan match.

*Promo for Royal Rumble.

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*Promo for Raw Reunion with Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Scott Hall.

Daniel Bryan VS Kane –
Bryan charged at Kane with a double kick and fired at him with more attacks. Bryan was dominant in the beginning until Kane gave him an uppercut. Kane delivered more attacks to keep Bryan down. He nailed him with a neckbreaker twice. He made the cover but Bryan kicked out. He put a lock on Bryan’s neck. Bryan tried to fight back but Kane nailed him with a big boot. Bryan turned things around to gain control, and the fans were hyped – until Kane attacked his neck at ringside. The Authority mocked Bryan at ringside.

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Kane was still in control. He struck him with the DDT and covered him but Bryan kicked out. Sideslam on Bryan. Kane made the cover but Bryan kicked out. He set up to suplex Bryan from the top rope. Bryan threw some punches to push him off. He delivered a flying body cross and covered Kane. Kane kicked out. Bryan was controlling the match with the Yes Kicks. Kane tried to chokeslam him but Bryan escaped and applied the Yes Lock. J&J Security entered the ring and attacked Bryan, and that caused Bryan to win by DQ. Bryan fought back. Big Show stepped on the ring apron to interfere but Bryan kicked him off the ring apron. Rollins entered the ring and tried to hit Bryan with the MITB briefcase but missed, and Bryan left the ring to go to the back. The Authority were making their way to Bryan but Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns came out on the ramp to join Bryan as backup. Triple H announced a Six-Man tag match.

*Promo of WWE Immortals.

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*A tribute to the Macho Man Randy Savage after he was announced as the first inductee of 2015 Hall Of Fame.

*Backstage – Bray Wyatt delivered another cryptic message. He talked about not being a human being. He said he was an “ideology”, the “forbidden fruit” and “the cure”. He mentioned that society labeled him as a threat and that it will be too late to run after Royal Rumble.

The Usos and Naomi came out to the ring.

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*Miz, Damien Mizdow and Alicia Fox came out to the ring.

*Recap of Naomi/Alicia Fox match from Raw.

The Usos and Naomi VS Miz, Damien Mizdow and Alicia Fox –
Miz started the match with Jimmy. Miz was in control but Jimmy turned things around. Jey was tagged in. The Usos were ready to deliver their double elbow drop on Miz but they were distracted by Mizdow imitating Miz on the mat. Double Elbow Drop on Miz. Naomi and Fox were tagged in. Naomi dominated the fight with highflying attacks. Miz and Jey were tagged in, and they went at it for a bit. Jimmy was tagged in. The match ended with Jimmy being distracted by Mizdow, and the Miz nailed Jimmy with the Skull-Crushing Finale for the win.

*Backstage – Renee Young interviewed Roman Reigns. Young asked Reigns how he will coexist with Ambrose and Bryan at the Six-Man tag match knowing that they will be participants at the Royal Rumble. Reigns replied that at the Royal Rumble, they would be in a world of pain – but it is not the Royal Rumble and all of them have problems with The Authority.

*Backstage – Paul Heyman is powerwalking backstage, and he looked very upset.

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Paul Heyman came out and walked to the ring.

*Recap of the contract signing on Raw and ended with Rollins hitting Brock Lesnar with the Curb Stomp.

Paul Heyman said that he was a scared man for the first time and mentioned that Lesnar is seeking revenge on Rollins. Rollins came out with J&J Security. He said that he wasn’t afraid of Lesnar and was ready to cash in the briefcase to prove that. He threatened to Curb Stomp Heyman. However, Heyman talked his way out of it by saying that each time Lesnar made an accomplishment, Heyman gained power. He also mentioned that he could protect the future champ when he says that the future is now.

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*Total Divas promo.

Nikki Bella came out with Brie. Natalya was already in the ring, and Paige was on the ring apron by her.

*Recap of the Paige/Brie match from Raw.

Nikki Bella VS Natalya –
The match went back and forth. Nikki dominated with an arm lock. Natalya fought back and delivered a spinning clothesline. She made the cover but Nikki kicked out. Natalya was ready to apply the Sharpshooter. Brie hopped on the ring apron. Natalya and the referee were distracted as Paige slapped Nikki in the face from ringside. Natalya hooked the Sharpshooter again, and Nikki tapped out which made Natalya the winner.

*Backstage – Renee Young was interviewing Big Show. Big Show took control of the interview and said that he will knock out his opponents in the Six-Man Tag Match. He also said that no one will be able to eliminate him in the Royal Rumble. Kane appeared and told him that he will be in the Royal Rumble match.

*Commercial Break

Sin Cara came out to the ring.

*Recap of the Sin Cara/Bad News Barrett match from Raw.

Intercontinental Title Match – Bad News Barrett (Champion) VS Sin Cara –
After BNB came out, Sin Cara rolled him over for the pin twice, and BNB kicked out each time. Sin Cara climbed the turnbuckle but BNB knocked him off the top ropes. The match went back and forth. BNB hit him with the Winds of Change. He set up the Bull Hammer but missed. Sin Cara grabbed him, rolled him up and nailed him with the powerbomb. He made the cover but BNB kicked out. BNB tried to hit him with the Bull Hammer again but missed again. Sin Cara bounced off the ropes but BNB finally caught him with the Bull Hammer. He pinned Sin Cara for the win.

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*Backstage – Dean Ambrose cut a promo. He talked about not playing well with other kids and being very disruptive in school during his childhood. To him, Royal Rumble is similar.

All of the participants of the Six-Man Tag Match came out to the ring.

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*Promo for Raw Reunion.

Ambrose and Rollins started the match. Rollins fired away with kicks and punches to the corner. Ambrose pulled Rollins into the corner and attacked him. He took control of the match. Reigns was tagged in, and he dominated Rollins. Kane was tagged in. He put Reigns in a lock. Reigns gained control and tagged Bryan. Bryan delivered Yes attacks but he was thrown out of the ring. All six men were fighting at ringside.

*Commercial Break.

Bryan was in control with a knee to Rollins’ gut. Bryan tagged Ambrose, and Ambrose delivered repeated blows and chops. He hit Rollins with the running dropkick against the ropes. After he climbed the ropes, Rollins pulled him back. Ambrose’s legs were stuck on the turnbuckle as he was hanging upside down –which affected his injured left knee. Big Show was tagged in, and he started working on Ambrose’s left knee. Rollins was tagged in, and he attacked Ambrose some more. Big Show was tagged back in, and he continued to dominate him. Ambrose tried to fight back but Big Show overpowered him. Kane was tagged in, and delivered some attacks to keep Ambrose down. Rollins was tagged in, and he trash talked Ambrose. Ambrose slapped him in the face. Kane was tagged in. He hit Ambrose with an uppercut. Ambrose staggered back and nailed Kane with the pendulum lariat. Rollins was tagged in. Ambrose tried to make the tag but his injured knee was slowing him down and that caused Rollins to catch up to him. Rollins whipped Ambrose to the ropes. Ambrose held onto the ropes and flipped Rollins over the ropes and out of the ring. Ambrose made the tag to Bryan. Bryan kicked Kane off the ring apron and delivered some impressive maneuvers on Rollins. Rollins was able to gain control and tag Kane. Kane nailed Bryan with a Chokeslam. He made the cover but Reigns broke the count and rolled out of the ring. Big Show superkicked Reigns at ringside and opened the announce table. Reigns speared Big Show to the announce table. Kane went for the Chokeslam but Bryan grabbed the arm and hooked the Yes Lock. Rollins broke it up. Ambrose came in and dropkicked Rollins. He knocked J&J off the ring apron and clotheslined Rollins out of the ring. He hit Rollins and J&J with an elbow drop from the top ropes at ringside. Back in the ring, Kane was setting up the piledriver but Bryan escaped and delivered the running knee to Kane. He pinned Kane for the win. After the match, Triple H came out and said that Kane and Bryan will have a rematch next week. If Bryan loses, he will not participate in the Royal Rumble.

My Thoughts –
I am very pleased with this Smackdown episode – especially with the return of Daniel Bryan. He continues to win the hearts of the fans with his impressive moves and his passion to perform for the crowd. I will say that I am a little bit concerned about his next match against Kane. If he loses, he will not be a participant at the Royal Rumble. It was good to see Ambrose and Reigns ally with Bryan to rebel against The Authority. Of course, both Ambrose and Reigns have some unfinished business with Rollins after his betrayal last year. I have a feeling that this feud between Bryan/Ambrose/Reigns and the Authority will last until WM31 (at least). – Lisa Williams

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