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A brief look at various wrestling events held on this date.
WWWF @ Washington DC – National Arena – January 15, 1970
Gorilla Monsoon defeated Eric the Red
Mario Milano defeated the Red Demon
Karl Kovacs defeated Pete Sanchez in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0
Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Arnold Skaaland
Johnny Rodz defeated Miguel Feliciano
Ivan Koloff defeated Willie Farkas
Victor Rivera defeated Killer Kowalski via disqualification
WWF @ New Haven, CT – Coliseum – January 15, 1984
SD Jones fought Rene Goulet to a draw
Mr. Fuji defeated Swede Hanson
Sgt. Slaughter & the Masked Superstar defeated the Invaders
Jose Luis Rivera defeated Bob Bradley
Paul Orndorff defeated Tony Garea
WWF IC Champion Don Muraco defeated Jimmy Snuka in a steel cage match
Eddie Gilbert defeated Charlie Fulton
Tiger Jackson & The Haiti Kid defeated Pancho Boy & Dana Carpenter
Tito Santana defeated Iron Mike Sharpe
CWF @ Orlando, FL – January 15, 1984
Black Bart defeated Anthony Charles
Mike Graham defeated Kendo Nagasaki via disqualification
Yellow Dog defeated Ron Bass in a bunkhouse match
Kharma defeated Mike Davis
Joe Lightfoot defeated Hector Guerrero
Mike Rotundo fought NWA World Champion Ric Flair to a 60-minute time-limit draw
Billy Jack defeated the One Man Gang via disqualification
NWA @ Dallas, TX – Fairgrounds Coliseum – January 15, 1989
The Russian Assassins defeated the Junkyard Dog & Ivan Koloff
Dick Murdoch defeated Ray Candy
Lex Luger won a bunkhouse battle royal
Sting, Lex Luger, & Michael Hayes defeated NWA Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors & Paul Ellering
NWA World Champion Ric Flair defeated NWA TV Champion Rick Steiner
ECW @ Trenton, NJ – CYO Center – January 15, 1999 (500)
Axl Rotten defeated Big Dick Dudley
Justin Credible defeated Chris Chetti
Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Little Guido
Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley defeated John Kronus & Spike Dudley
Chris Candido defeated Steve Corino
ECW World Champion Taz defeated Skull Von Crush
Sabu defeated the One Man Gang
Super Crazy defeated Antifaz de Norte
ECW TV Champion Rob Van Dam defeated Balls Mahoney
ECW @ Philadelphia, PA – ECW Arena – January 15, 2000 (1,850)
ECW on TNN taping:
Spike Dudley pinned Erik Watts at the 10-second mark
Simon Diamond pinned CW Anderson
Nova pinned Mikey Whipwreck
Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated Tommy Dreamer & Raven when Doring pinned Dreamer
Super Crazy pinned Yoshihiro Tajiri in a Mexican Death Match
Angel pinned New Jack
ECW World Champion Mike Awesome pinned Spike Dudley
WWE @ Bossier City, LA – Centurytel Center – January 15, 2007
Jim Duggan defeated Cassidy Riley
Viscera defeated Eugene
Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated Robbie & Rory McAllister
Val Venis defeated an unknown
Raw – featured an opening montage celebrating Martin Luther King Day; included an in-ring contract signing for the John Cena / Umaga rematch for the Royal Rumble, hosted by Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman, in which Armando Allejandro Estrada announced the title match would be a last man standing contest; after the contract was signed, Cena attacked Umaga, knocked him out with the steel ring steps, and dropped Estrada with an FU through the table set up in the ring; featured a backstage segment with Vince McMahon and Jonathan Coachman in which McMahon tried to reach Donald Trump by phone but had to leave a message; included a promo on the stage by WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Edge & Randy Orton in which they had DX’s theme start with “Are you ready?” but then it stopped and the sound of a respirator machine flatlining was heard; after both men commented on Triple H’s injury and their plan to end Shawn Michaels’ career in a handicap match later in the show; moments later, they dragged a bloody Jim Dugan out on the stage, who was in the locker room when Michaels made his TV debut in Cajun Country more than 20 years before, and Edge hit the Con-Chair-Two as Orton held off referees and officials Dean Malenko and Mike Rotundo; featured the announcement Rob Van Dam, Test, and ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley would face each other the following night on ECW for the championship; included Todd Grisham interviewing Michaels as he arrived to the arena in which he apologized for Duggan being brought into the situation and said he would deal with Rated RKO by himself, with Ric Flair then saying he would back Michaels up; featured McMahon waiting for Trump to call him back before reading a letter to Coachman from Trump in which Trump wrote the previous week’s Trump vs. Rosie skit was not up to WWE’s standards and the fans would rather watch in-ring action than comedic satire; included an in-ring promo by McMahon defending the Rosie vs. Trump skit and saying he and Trump operate differently – Trump asks his audience what they want and then gives it to them whereas McMahon tells them what they want and they like it; he then brought out “Miss USA” (Torrie Wilson) who said she had been bad and asked what she could do to make it up to him; Carlito Caribbean Cool then appeared, said Vince wasn’t cool, Trump vs. Rosie sucked, said the crowd didn’t want to see stupid skits or hear him talk but they did want to see people fight; McMahon then brought out the Great Khali to answer Carlito’s “challenge” to a fight; Khali no sold Carlito’s offense before dropping him with the tree slam; featured a commercial advertising the DVD release of “The Marine,” available Jan. 30; included an in-ring promo by Chris Masters who said he would win the Royal Rumble and provided a signed letter from McMahon stating, due to outside interference at the Christmas in Iraq event, the Masterlock was not officially broken; Masters then opened a challenge for the Masterlock, with Ron Simmons coming out and accepting; as Simmons attempted to power out of the hold, Super Crazy came through the crowd, attacked Masters from behind – forcing him to break the hold, hit the top rope moonsault, and left ringside – with Simmons then standing over Masters and saying “Damn” on the mic; featured backstage footage of Flair knocked down and medics and Michaels standing over him with Grisham suggesting Rated RKO was responsible; it was later announced Flair was taken from the arena in an ambulance; included Michaels cutting a backstage promo on Rated RKO’s attack on Flair in which he was so worked up he hit the superkick on Todd Grisham; featured a vignette of Triple H visiting Dr. James Andrews the previous Tuesday in Birmingham, AL to have work done on his torn quadriceps tendons; Andrews said the injury was similar to the quad tear he suffered in his other leg in 2001 and would take about 4-6 months of recovery:
WWE IC Champion Jeff Hardy & Maria defeated Johnny Nitro & Melina at 4:01 when Hardy pinned Nitro with a front suplex off the top and the Swanton
Ric Flair pinned Kenny Dykstra at 3:33 with his feet on the ropes for leverage
WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James pinned Victoria with a spin kick to the face at 3:22
JTG (w/ Shad) pinned Shelton Benjamin (w/ Charlie Haas) at 2:38 when Shad tripped Benjamin as he attempted a powerbomb, with JTG falling on top for the win
Shawn Michaels defeated WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Edge & Randy Orton via disqualification in a non-title handicap match at 9:47 when Edge brought two steel chairs into the ring; prior to the bout, Rated RKO cut an in-ring promo announcing per order of Vince McMahon all the DX signs in the crowd would be confiscated or the fans with them would be kicked out by security, with security then taking many signs from people in the audience; after the bout, a bloody Michaels hit low blows on both opponents before assaulting them with a sledgehammer; moments later, Michaels scared Edge from the ring before hitting the Con-Chair-Two on Orton to close the show
WWE (Raw) @ Beaumont, TX – Ford Park Arena – January 15, 2011 (4,400)
Mark Henry pinned William Regal with the powerslam
Nikki & Brie Bella defeated Maryse & Alicia Fox
Yoshi Tatsu pinned Zack Ryder; prior to the bout, the Raw GM ordered the two to have a dance-off
Tyson Kidd pinned David Hart Smith with a sunset flip
WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov defeated Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty
WWE US Champion Daniel Bryan defeated Ted Dibiase Jr. after Brie & Nikki Bella chased Maryse backstage
John Morrison pinned Sheamus in a streetfight with the knee to the head as Sheamus sat in a chair inside the ring
WWE World Champion Mike Mizanin defeated John Cena and CM Punk by pinning Punk after Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris, & David Otunga attacked Cena and Punk dropped Cena with the Go To Sleep; after the bout, other wrestlers came out to make the save against Nexus, with Cena then dropping Otunga with the FU
ROH Only the Strong Survive – Charlotte, NC – Metrolina Expo – January 15, 2011
Caleb Konley defeated Orion Bishop
Included Kevin Kelly & Dave Prazak on commentary; featured a backstage segment with Colt Cabana speaking with Grizzly Redwood about their match later in the night; included a promo by Harlem & Lancelot Bravado, in the bathroom, in which they talked about how big their applause was, with the team then interviewing every new person that came into the bathroom about whether they had received their Bravado fan club newsletter; featured a second segment with the Bravados signing autographs for kids in the bathroom:
Harlem & Lancelot Bravado defeated Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole at 7:53 when O’Reilly was pinned with a roll up and grabbing the tights for leverage; prior to the bout, the two teams shook hands
Rhett Titus pinned Caprice Coleman at 9:05 with the inverted overdrive after pulling Coleman off the top turnbuckle; Titus’s head was heavily taped for the match; following his entrance, Titus took the mic and cut a promo on what Homicide did to him the previous week before saying he would take his frustration out on Coleman; following his entrance, Coleman took the mic and said Titus was a “good jerk” and not the kind of jerk that was nice to you in your face but a jerk behind your back, adding he would go through Titus to get a job in ROH; after the bout, Titus stuck his hand down his tights, then used it to shake the dazed Coleman’s hand; after Titus left the ring, the crowd chanted “Please come back” at Coleman
Colt Cabana defeated Grizzly Redwood via submission with the Billy Goat’s Curse at 7:23 after catching Redwood coming off the top and hitting a powerbomb; there were dueling chants for both men before the match; the two shook hands prior to and after the bout; Cabana’s right leg was heavily taped for the match
Mike Bennett defeated Cedric Alexander via submission with a standing armbar at 4:22 after Alexander struck the corner shoulder-first; prior to the bout, Bennett slapped Alexander instead of shaking his hand; after the bout, Bennett took a ringside seat
ROH TV Champion Christopher Daniels pinned ROH Tag Team Champion Claudio Castagnoli (w/ Sara Del Ray & Shane Hagadorn) at 21:27with the Best Moonsault Ever, moments after Castagnoli kicked out of the Angel’s Wings; the two shook hands to start the bout; late in the match, Mike Bennett tossed the challenger the title belt to use as a weapon
Steve Corino & Andy Ridge defeated Mike Posey & corey Hollis at 6:04 when Ridge scored the pin with a standing spin kick, moments after Corino hit the Eternal Dream and tagged out; following his entrance, Corino took the mic and said he had been in the wrestling business for 17 years, he felt guilty to what happened to Kevin Steen, and blamed himself for Steen no longer being in ROH; Corino said he would never let what happened to Steen happen to someone else and praised Ridge as the next generation of ROH; Corino then asked Ridge that, rather than wrestling him, he wanted to be his tag team partner; after Posey & Hollis came out, Corino praised them but said they had a bad attitude; after the bout, the crowd chanted for Corino, with he and Ridge shaking hands and Corino leaving Ridge in the ring to take in the applause
Davey Richards defeated ROH Tag Team Champion Chris Hero (w/ Sara Del Ray & Shane Hagadorn) at 19:03 via submission with a cross armbreaker; late in the bout, the crowd chanted “This is awesome”
El Generico defeated Mark Briscoe, Kenny King, and Homicide at 15:06 by pinning King with the brainbuster
ROH World Champion Roderick Strong pinned Jay Briscoe with the Gibson Driver at 23:09; Jay heavily bled from the head in the match
WWE @ San Antonio, TX – AT&T Center – January 15, 2013
Main Event – 1/16/13 – featured Michael Cole & Mike Mizanin on commentary; included a “Did you know?” graphic which read the previous week’s Smackdown was the most watched regularly scheduled show on SyFy for the 120th week in a row; featured an ad promoting ‘The Best of Raw and Smackdown 2012′:
Randy Orton fought WWE US Champion Antonio Cesaro to a no contest in a non-title match at around the 23-minute mark when Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, & Roman Reigns jumped the barricade and surrounded the ring, with Orton inside; during the bout, Mike Mizanin announced he would be in the upcoming Royal Rumble match; moments after the Shield appeared, Miz jumped in the ring and helped Orton fight them off; eventually, Miz was beaten down and Orton sustained the triple powerbomb; after the Shield left through the crowd, Cesaro slid back in the ring and dropped Miz with the Neutralizer; Cesaro came to the ring in possession of the American flag
Jimmy & Jey Uso defeated Darren Young & Titus O’Neil at 12:09 when Young was pinned with the splash off the top, moments after the other Uso jumped off the top onto O’Neil on the floor; prior to the bout, Brad Maddox jumped the barricade and joined Michael Cole on commentary
Smackdown! – 1/18/13 – featured an opening in-ring segment in which Ricardo Rodriguez, along with several mariachi performers and dancers, introduced Alberto Del Rio as the new World Heavyweight Champion; ADR then entered the ring and spoke about beating the Big Show the previous week, with Dolph Ziggler, AJ, & Big E Langston interrupting and Ziggler saying the only thing ADR had was a target on his head and he would use his Money in the Bank title shot to cash it in on ADR; as the two went to face off, Show walked out and also confronted ADR in the ring; moments later, Sheamus appeared, noted his history with ADR, but then congratulated him and shook his hand; the four then prepared to fight until Booker T interrupted, joined them in the ring, and said Show & Ziggler would face ADR & Sheamus later in the night; Booker then sent Show, Ziggler, AJ, & Langston backstage before ADR encouraged Booker to do the Spinaroonie in the ring; included a backstage segment with WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Kane in which they discussed Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes, with the two making fun of Rhodes’ mustache before the two yelled about Bryan’s own beard; Randy Orton then appeared to talk about their six-man tag team match for later in the show; Bryan eventually told Orton to worry about winning the Royal Rumble after their match, and that they would celebrate with a group hug; featured a backstage segment in which WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn spoke with Layla and Alicia Fox about her title win, with Booker and Teddy Long appearing and congratulating Kaitlyn on her title win; included ‘Be A Star’ comments from Ziggler, MGK, John Cena, James Durbin, Sheamus, Kellen Lutz, Carl Edwards, Fox, James Roday, Angus T. Jones, Sheamus, and Jordin Sparks; featured a video tribute to Mick Foley being inducted into the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame, to the tune of Needtobreathe’s “Keep Your Eyes Open;” included a “Did you know?” graphic which read Smackdown has aired more original shows than CSI, CSI: Miami, and CSI: New York combined; featured a video from Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, & Roman Reigns in which they discussed why they interrupted Foley’s Hall of Fame announcement, saying they held Foley accountable for the wake of kids Foley inspired to put their own bodies on the line after watching him; they then made threats to Orton, Sheamus, and Ryback; moments later, Orton and Sheamus were shown watching the video before then discussing whether they would face each other in the Rumble; included an ad promoting ‘The Best of Raw and Smackdown 2012′:
WWE US Champion Antonio Cesaro pinned Kofi Kingston in a non-title match at 3:01 with the Neutralizer after catching Kingston in mid-air; Cesaro brought a US flag to the ring before the match; during to and after the bout, Mike Mizanin was shown watching on backstage; after the match, Rosa Mendes, Primo Colon, & Epico confronted Miz backstage, noted Miz was with Ric Flair on Raw but that Miz wasn’t in Flair’s league, with Miz insulting Rosa and walking off
The Great Khali (w/ Natalya Neidhart) pinned Tensai with the chop to the head at 1:25
Randy Orton, WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Kane defeated WWE IC Champion Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow at7:46 when Orton pinned Sandow with the RKO; after the match, Bryan & Kane hugged Orton
Mike Mizanin defeated Primo Colon (w/ Rosa Mendes & Epico) via submission with the figure-4 at 5:43 after Primo and Epico collided on the ring apron
WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn pinned Aksana in a non-title match with a spear at 3:30
World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus defeated the Big Show & Dolph Ziggler via count-out at 14:29 when Show left ringside after being doused with a pail of water by ADR; Ricardo Rodriguez served as ADR’s ring announcer for the match; AJ and Big E Langston were in Ziggler’s corner but were ejected at the 4-minute mark after interfering; after the contest, red, white, and green balloons dropped from the ceiling in celebration for ADR
Saturday Morning Slam – 2/2/13 – featured a video package on Dolph Ziggler to hype his match with Zack Ryder later in the show; included Josh Matthews & Kofi Kingston on commentary; featured a “Don’t try this at home” PSA featuring Ziggler; included a ‘Saturday Morning Spotlight’ on WWE IC Champion Wade Barrett:
Dolph Ziggler (w/ AJ & Big E Langston) pinned Zack Ryder with the Zig Zag at 9:44 after avoiding the Broski Boot
WWE IC Champion Wade Barrett pinned Yoshi Tatsu in a non-title match with a spinning sidewalk slam at 5:46

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