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After a brief break for the holidays, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is back on MavTV. David Marquez had several huge surprises for the members of Vermin, and they weren’t going to like any of them.

Stu Stone welcomed us all to the show. The main event would be a Six Man Scramble to determine the number one contender to the TV Title.

Grant talked with David Marquez. David’s interview was being piped into the locker room. David swore he would make the company ‘Vermin Free”. Johnny Yuma said he would take a spot in the Scramble. David warned Yuma if he lost, someone in Vermin would be fired. David then upped the ante by forcing Ryan Taylor, the TV Champ, to defend against a surprise returning star. Yuma was not happy that Taylor would not know who he was facing. David sent it to ringside.

Anderson Cruz vs Steven Andrews

Cruz has been on a massive losing streak. Croz blasted Andrews and Whipped he kid into the corner. Scoop Suplex by Cruz. Cruz hit another Scoop Suplex. Andrews surprised Cruz with a Crucifix Backslide.

Your Winner: Steven Andrews
Match Rating: 1.5 out of a possible 5

Cruz was interviewed. He was having a meltdown when music started playing. Ty Mathews strolled out and shook hands with everyone in sight. Ty took over the interview as people started yelling “Who are you?” This guy used to be Jerod Mathews. Ty said he wanted to share a positive attitude with Cruz. Ty asked Cruz to visualize what would make him happen. Ty then told Cruz to go do it. Cruz attacked Andrews, who was still in the ring. Cruz choked out Andrews as Ty grinned like the Cheshire Cat. The fans yelled “You still lost”. Big hug for Cruz and Mathews. Ty took the stick and said Anderson Cruz was now “New and Improved”. Just don’t drink any Kool-aid if it is offered to you from this guy.

Tyler Bateman came out to the ring. He’s from Moore, OK. My mother and grandmother used to live there, years ago.

Tyler Bateman Step-Up Challenge

Tyler went all Carnival Barker to the crowd. Tyler’s challenge was an old-fashioned Shooter Challenge. Back in the days, the carny’s wrestler would offer money if they could last 5 minutes. Tyler picked a kid from the audience. The kid will get $1000 if he lasts. He had to sign a waiver before doing this. Tyler called the kid “Tony Two Shirts” and the crowd picked up on it. Tyler drew a line in the sand…err…ring canvas. Tyler kept offering a handshake. The crowd told him not to fall for it. He did shake hands and got Headbutted. Tyler clubbed away and kicked the kid. Knee Drop to “Tony’s” head. Tony moved Tyler to the ropes but Bateman beat o the kid and drove a knee into Tony’s face. Abdominal Stretch variation by Tyler. Tony pushed Tyler away but ate a Big Boot. Tyler slapped Tony’s back. Tyler lifted Tony by the mouth and punched away. Tyler would not allow the pin as he wanted to hit Headbutts. Tyler put Tony in position for Death From Above. Tyler then locked in a Sleeper.

Your Winner: Tyler Bateman
Match Ranking: 1.25

Evan Thomas vs Ian Sutton

Step Daddy Sutton was at ringside. Evan and Ian went back and forth with Arm Bars and Side Headlocks. Ian with a Wristlock but Evan turned it into a Hammerlock. Thomas twisted he arm as Step Daddy yelled at his kinsmen. Evan rocked Ian with a Forearm and kick. Ian danced, looking quite silly. Inverted Atomic Drop and Big Boot by Ian. Legdrop by Ian but he only got a two count. Evan held the ropes to avoid a rebound from a Whip. Baseball Slide by Ian but Evan caught him. Inside Out Legdrop by Evan. Wishbone to Ian’s legs. Evan with a wild kick to the face. 1-2-not yet. Evan stomped on Ian’s head. Ian blocked a Hurancanrana and hit a Powerbomb. He only got a two count. Ian lifted Evan but Thomas punched his way free. Evan reversed a Whip and kicked Ian in the face. Sep Daddy accidentally tripped Ian. Wild Rolling Crucifix by Evan Thomas.

Your Winner: Evan Thomas
Match Ranking: 2.5

Sep Daddy said Ian shouldn’t blame him for this loss, even though it was Step Daddy’s fault. Ian got ticked off and went off on Step Daddy. Step Daddy said it was time to find a new member of the Sutton Family. Step Daddy said Kylie agreed with him. Step Daddy said fans should go to the YouTube channel, themsuttons, and upload a video of why you should be a Sutton. There is also a The Sutton Family page on Facebook where people can explain why they should be considered to be the next Sutton.

Ryan Taylor vs PINKY
TV Title Match

Ok, how do I describe Pinky? Imagine, and this is a serious stretch, Maxx Payne (of WCW) crossed with Jim Neidhart (with a little Paige thrown in). This guy is huge, wearing pink and black and doing some serious goth makeup. Smile. Pinky hasn’t been on CWfH for quite some time. Ryan did not look pleased to see the behemoth walk down the steps.

Ryan quickly bailed out to stall. Taylor said he would take his title and go home. Pinky wanted to go after Taylor. Ryan snuck around the outer concourse and came in the opposite side to attack. Corner Splash and kicks by Ryan. Ryan showed off as Pinky drew a second breath. Ryan threw Forearms but Pinky blocked. Pinky rocked Ryan with a punch. Huge Side Slam by Pinky. Pinky bashed Ryan’s chest, over and over. Pinky with wild Forearms. Ryan booted Pinky and pushed Pinky into the ring steps. Pinky was sent into the ring post. Ryan was focused almost exclusively on the bad shoulder of Pinky. Modified Abdominal Stretch by Ryan. Ryan hit a Forearm and took Punky to the corner. Knife Edge Chop and punches by the TV champ. Yakuza Kick by the champ but he only got a two. Ryan twisted Pinky’s arm to try and neutralize the Pinky Bomb. Ryan rocked Pinky with Spin Kicks. Pinky Full Nelson into a Waist Lock into a German Suplex by Pinky.

Ryan came back to throw Forearms. Pinky gave as good as he got. Pinky went for a Uranage but Ryan with a Jumping Knee Strike. Exploder Suplex by Pinky but he couldn’t get a three count. Pinky went onto the turnbuckles. Bicycle Kick by Ryan. Taylor wanted a Fireman’s Carry and got it. Samoan Drop by Tayler. That was impressive. Pinky kicked out at two. Ryan with an Inverted Fujiwara Arm Bar. Pinky got free and went for a choke. Ryan locked in a Triangle Choke. Pinky lifted Ryan, just a bit, to slam the TV Champ. Slumber Uranage by Pinky but Ryan got his foot on the ropes. Pinky called for the Pinky Bomb but Taylor slipped free and hit the Perfect Circle (modified 1%er) to retain.

Your Winner: Ryan Taylor
Match Ranking: 3.5

Johnny Yuma vs Scorpio Sky vs Eli Everfly vs Todd Chandler vs Fidel Bravo vs Suede Thompson
Six Man Scramble Match

Christian Cole was at Sky’s side. His was an elimination match. Sky has a 3-0 record in MMA combat. The fans were solidly behind Scorpio. Yuma took the fight to Sky. The other four ook the fight to the floor. A Back Elbow sent Sky to the floor. Suede came in to fight Yuma. Suede hit a Buffbuster on Yuma. Shotgun Knees by Bravo onto Suede. Bravo with a version of a Cutter. Eli slipped in the ring and nailed a Standing Hurancanrana. Odd attacked Eli. Everfly tried to fight but Todd hit a Neckbreaker off the ropes. Sky returned and rolled up Todd for a two. La Magistral Cradle by Sky but Todd kicked out. Sky with a Flip Dive to the outside. It was time for a break.

Suede tripped odd and hit a 619. Jumping Enziguri but Suede slipped on the ropes. Suede missed he Shooting Star Press. Todd with a Tombstone Code Brkeaer.

Suede Thompson – Eliminated

Todd attacked Eli. Sky was jumpe don the floor. Todd dumped Eli to the floor. Bravo and Yuma jumped Todd. Todd kicked both men away. Air Bourne by Eli o Todd. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by Bravo. Sunse Flip to Bravo but he only got a two. Eli hit he corner. Running Clothesline. Eli was planted by Bravo with a Powerslam.

Eli Everfly – Eliminated

Bravo and Yuma took the fight to each other. Bravo with a Jumping Hurancanrana. Bravo hit a Cutter but Yuma bailed out. Todd came in and hit Double Flying Knees to take out Bravo.

Fidel Bravo – Eliminated

Odd attacked Sky but could not pin him. Jumping Knee by Sky. Ace of Spades by Sky.

Todd Chandler – Eliminated

Yuma and Sky were the last two men. Knee Strike by Yuma. Rear Chin Lock by Sky. Yuma stomped Sky in the chest, quite a few times. Sky stomped away on Yuma until I lost count. The ref almost disqualified Sky but didn’t. Yuma countered the Ace of Spades. Sky pinned Yuma with a Jackknife Pin.

Your Winner Scorpio Sky
Match Results: 4.0

Which member of Vermin is gone? Ryan Taylor came out to join his “Brother”. The announcement of who is leaving will have to wait until next week.

Just a reminder, if you happen to be in the Miami area, this week-end, you can meet Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Alumni, Colt Cabana. He and several other wrestlers will be at Magic City Comic Con at the Miami Airport Convention Center. If I didn’t have a previous commitment to teach a class, this week-end, you can know I’d be there.


–Jay Shannon

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