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A brief look at various wrestling events held on this date.
WWWF @ Worcester, MA – Memorial Auditorium – January 13, 1977
Johnny Rodz fought Pete Austin to a draw
Arnold Skaaland defeated Sylvano Sousa
Doug Gilbert defeated Pete Sanchez
Nikolai Volkoff defeated SD Jones
Tor Kamata & Stan Stasiak defeated Jose Gonzalez & Manuel Soto
WWWF Tag Team Champions Chief Jay Strongbow & Billy Whitewolf defeated the Executioners
JCP @ York, SC – York Comprehensive High School – January 13, 1983
Tommy Gilbert vs. Jim Nelson
Mid-Atlantic TV Champion Mike Rotundo vs. Larry Lane
Sweet Brown Sugar vs. Dick Slater
Jimmy Valiant, Bob Orton Jr., & Jay Youngblood vs. Jos LeDuc, Paul Jones, & the One Man Gang (w/ Oliver Humperdink)
Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Jack Brisco vs. NWA US Champion Greg Valentine
JCP @ Asheville, NC – Civic Center – January 13, 1985 (matinee) (2,000)
Keith Larson fought NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Denny Brown to a draw
Cowboy Lang defeated Lord Littlebrook
Charlie Brown defeated Superstar Billy Graham
The Assassin defeated the Barbarian
Ole Anderson & Buzz Tyler defeated NWA US Champion Wahoo McDaniel & NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard
NWA Tag Team Champion Manny Fernandez vs. Harley Race
Don Kernodle defeated Ivan Koloff in a flag match
WWF / IW @ Montreal, Quebec – Forum – January 13, 1986 (20,000+; sell out)
The show originally featured a Hulk Hogan / Dino Bravo match but that was changed shortly before the card took place
Dennis Goulet defeated Yvon Laverdue at 8:19
The Fabulous Moolah defeated Suzan Starr at 12:33
Tony Parisi & Gino Brito Jr. defeated Frenchie Martin & El Lobo #1
Tony Atlas defeated El Lobo #2 at 7:28
King Tonga defeated Don Muraco
Dino Bravo defeated Big John Studd
WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Bob Orton Jr.
Clash of the Champions XXII – Milwaukee, WI – Mecca – January 13, 1993 (4,000)
Shown live on TBS – featured an opening segment on the interview platform with Tony Schiavone & Bill Watts in which Watts announced Van Hammer sustained a muscle tear and would not be at the show, would not appear in the Thundercage main event, and would be replaced by Tony Atlas in his scheduled arm wrestling contest against Vinnie Vegas; Watts then commented on the recent altercation between Erik Watts and Arn Anderson and said he had suspended his son for the night and a complete report on the investigation would come that weekend on WCWSaturday Night; included Larry Zbyzsko conducting a backstage interview with Erik regarding his suspension and not being able to face Cactus Jack as scheduled; Erik was heavily booed during the segment; featured Jim Ross & Jesse Ventura on commentary; included Schiavone announcing the Great Muta defeated NWA World Champion Masahiro Chono to win the title Jan. 4 in Tokyo and that footage would air that weekend of the title match; featured footage of Paul Orndorff joining WCW World Champion Big Van Vader’s team for Thundercage Jan. 10 during The Main Event – subbing for the injured Rick Rude – as well as Cactus returning later in the show to run off Vader, Orndorff, and Harley Race; included a video package on SMW Tag Team Champions Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson and their rivalry with Jim Cornette’s team of Tom Prichard & Stan Lane as well as the announcement Morton & Gibson would appear at SuperBrawl III; featured footage from a recent Rock ‘n’ Roll Express / Heavenly Bodies match in SMW with Bob Caudle & Dutch Mantell on commentary; included a vignette of Vader challenging Sting to a White Castle of Fear match at SuperBrawl; featured Zbyzsko introducing an update on the No. 1 contender tournament for WCW US Champion Rick Rude, with footage of Dustin Rhodes beating Vinnie Vegas, Tony Atlas beating Van Hammer, Barry Windham beating Johnny B. Badd, WCW/NWA Tag Team Champion Ricky Steamboat beating Dan Spivey, Rhodes beating Atlas, and Steamboat beating Windham; after the footage, it was announced that if Rude could not defend against the tournament winner on Jan. 23 then the winner of the tournament would become the new champion; included Zbyzsko conducting a backstage interview with Steve Austin & Brian Pillman regarding their tag team title shot later in the show; featured Schiavone conducting an interview with Sting on the platform in which he accepted and was then joined by Dustin Rhodes and Ron Simmons; included Zybzsko conducting a backstage interview with Race, Windham, Orndorff, the Barbarian, & Vader in which Race said Cactus would pay and then fired Barbarian for being associated with Cactus; Barbarian grabbed Race but was then triple teamed by Vader, Windham, and Orndorff; featured a video package highlighting the history of the SuperBrawl pay-per-view – Dustin Rhodes vs. Terrence Taylor, Sid Vicious, Missy Hyatt in the men’s locker room, Sting & Lex Luger vs. Rick & Scott Steiner, Ric Flair vs. Tatsumi Fujinami, Brian Pillman vs. Jushin Liger, Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes vs. Steve Austin & Larry Zbyzsko, the Steiners vs. Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton, Rick Rude vs. Ricky Steamboat, and Sting vs. Luger; included Zbyzsko conducting a backstage interview with WCW/NWA Tag Team Champions Steamboat & Shane Douglas regarding their upcoming match against Austin & Pillman; featured footage from the Dec. 30 match in Baltimore in which Vader beat Simmons for the WCW World Title; included Ventura conducting an in-ring interview with Vader & Race regarding the title win, with Simmons then appearing and laying out Vader before assaulting Race on the floor; moments later, Vader attacked Simmons from behind and twice hit a shoulderbreaker onto Simmons’ injured shoulder before Sting and Rhodes appeared:
Cactus Jack pinned Johnny B. Badd (sub. for Erik Watts) at 2:53 with an elbow drop after avoiding Badd’s sunset flip off the top; prior to the bout, footage was shown of Cactus and Badd teaming at Starrcade during the Lethal Lottery
2 Cold Scorpio pinned Scotty Flamingo with the 450 splash at 4:14; prior to the bout, a vignette of Scorpio aired in which he drove past a park in a limo and walked the kids at the park to school; the vignette led to a music video to the tune of Scorpio’s theme song and clips of him wrestling
Chris Benoit pinned Brad Armstrong with a reversal into the dragon suplex at 9:15 (Benoit’s singles debut)
Vinnie Vegas defeated Tony Atlas (sub. for Van Hammer) in an arm wrestling contest; Jesse Ventura was the MC for the contest; after the bout, Ventura interviewed Vegas on the win, with Vegas then cutting a promo on Van Hammer
The Wrecking Crew defeated Johnny Gunn & Tom Zenk at 6:07 when Rage pinned Gunn following the Wrecking Ball (debut of the Wrecking Crew)
WCW/NWA Tag Team Champions Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas defeated Steve Austin & Brian Pillman via disqualification at 13:44 when – as Douglas had Pillman covered with a roll up – Austin hit Douglas in the face with one of the title belts, busting him open; after the bout, Pillman whipped Steamboat with one of the belts until Brad Armstrong, 2 Cold Scorpio, Marcus Alexander Bagwell, and officials appeared
Sting, Dustin Rhodes, & Cactus Jack (sub. for Ron Simmons) defeated WCW World Champion Big Van Vader, Paul Orndorff, & Barry Windham in a Thundercage match at 11:23 when Cactus pinned Orndorff after coming off the top and hitting him in the head with his boot as Orndorff attempted to hit the piledriver on Rhodes; Cactus appeared at the 10-minute mark, using bolt cutters to open the cage door; after the commercial break, Jim Ross conducted a ringside interview with Cactus regarding his brewing feud against Orndorff and Vader and his match that weekend on WCW Saturday Night against Orndorff; Cactus then scaled the side of the cage as the show came to a close (The Best of Clash of the Champions Blu-ray)
WWF @ Rock Hill, SC – Winthrop Coliseum – January 13, 1994 (1,000)
WWF Tag Team Champion Marty Jannetty pinned Fidel Sierra with a superkick at 12:41
Owen Hart pinned Bastion Booger at 7:21 with a crossbody off the top
Rick & Scott Steiner defeated the Quebecers (w/ Johnny Polo) via disqualification at 10:45 when Jacques hit the referee
Men on a Mission defeated the Black & Red Knight at 12:25
Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Luna Vachon) pinned Doink the Clown (w/ Dink) at 10:26 with a roll up and putting his feet on the ropes for leverage
The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) defeated Adam Bomb (w/ Johnny Polo) in a casket match at 5:04 with Wippleman also being thrown in the casket when he tried to interfere
WCW @ New Orleans, LA – Superdome – January 13, 1997 (10,034)
Monday Nitro – featured an opening backstage segment in which the Giant stormed into the nWo dressing room, in an attempt to get at WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan, until he was forced out of the room by police and nWo members; during the segment, the Giant yelled “Coward” at Hogan after learning Hogan wasn’t going to face him as scheduled at Souled Out; included the announcement that Arn Anderson would face the Barbarian, Lex Luger would face Scott Norton, and WCW TV Champion Lord Steven Regal would be in action on WCW Saturday night; featured the announcement that the WCW Executive Committee, in town for the NAPTE Convention, would make a ruling on the claim Hogan would not face the Giant at Souled Out; moments later, Eric Bischoff, Ted Dibiase, and Vincent came out, with Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyzsko leaving the broadcast booth while the nWo members took their seats; during the incident, Zbyzsko told Bischoff that if he kept making bad decisions then he would be mowing Verne Gagne’s lawn again; included a vignette on Sting attacking Jeff Jarrett and Rick Steiner after both spoke badly about him; featured an nWo vignette in which WCW Tag Team Champions Scott Hall & Kevin Nash cut a promo on facing Rick & Scott Steiner at Souled Out; Aaron Neville was shown in attendance:
Chavo Guerrero Jr. pinned Mr. JL at 4:17 with a moonsault onto a standing JL
Jim Duggan fought Super Calo to a no contest when Sting attacked Duggan before Calo’s entrance and dropped him with the Scorpion Death Drop; prior to the contest, Gene Okerlund conducted an interview in the aisle with Duggan in which he discussed his standing up against the nWo and called out Sting for not siding with either WCW or the nWo
Chris Jericho pinned Sgt. Craig Pittman with a missile dropkick at 1:07; the match was said to be a stand-by match, subbing for Duggan vs. Calo
Harlem Heat (w/ Sister Sherri) defeated High Voltage at 4:06 when Booker T pinned Kenny Kaos following the Heat Seeker; during the bout, the Giant was shown again barging into the nWo dressing room, claiming Hogan gave him his word he would defend the title at Souled Out; moments later, after security again pulled the Giant out of the room, Hogan and Eric Bischoff made fun of the Giant for thinking he had a match without first having a contract
Diamond Dallas Page pinned Mark Starr with the Diamond Cutter at the 54-second mark; Eric Bischoff & Ted Dibiase did guest commentary for the match, with both claiming DDP was now a part of the nWo; after the contest, WCW Tag Team Champions Scott Hall & Kevin Nash came out and handed Page an nWo t-shirt; after putting on the shirt, Page dropped Hall with the Diamond Cutter and caused Nash to fall over the top to the floor before then celebrating in the crowd (The Very Best of Nitro)
Dean Malenko pinned WCW US Champion Eddie Guerrero in a non-title match at around the 12:15 mark with a powerbomb as Guerrero stood on the middle turnbuckle, distracted by Syxx who appeared on a ladder in the crowd mid-way through the match; prior to the bout, Schiavone & Zbyzsko returned to the commentary table; during the ring entrances, Schiavone announced the WCW Executive Committee was on their way to the arena, from the NAPTE Convention, to make a ruling in the Hogan vs. Giant match; during the contest, Schiavone said what Roddy Piper said following the attack by the nWo weeks earlier was Gaelic; moments later, it was announced the committee had ruled not only would Hogan face the Giant at Souled Out but the two would also wrestle later in the show; the finish was not show due to a technical glitch in the final seconds of the bout
Konnan (w/ Jimmy Hart) (sub. for Jim Duggan) pinned Super Calo at 2:59 with the cradle DDT; during the bout, it was announced a 6-man lucha libre match would take place at the Clash of the Champions
Jeff Jarrett pinned Chris Benoit (w/ Woman) at 3:33 when Steve McMichael accidentally hit Benoit in the back with the haliburton during a struggle over the weapon with Debra; prior to the bout, Kevin Sullivan cut a promo in front of a chess set in which he said he was going to take “the (chess) board” back the following week in Chicago, then slapped the chess pieces off the boat; during the match, it was announced the match later in the show between the Giant and Hogan would be a non-title match because you have to give the champion 48 hours notice before a title match; mid-way through the contest, McMichael, Debra, and Arn Anderson appeared ringside; after the contest, Michael and Anderson were upset over the loss while Debra was happy; moments later, Gene Okerlund conducted an interview in the aisle with Benoit, Woman, Anderson, McMichael, and Debra in which Benoit claimed McMichael “fumbled the ball” and then said he didn’t care if Debra badmouthed him or the Horsemen but badmouthing Woman would get her in trouble; McMichael then apologized for his actions, with Benoit then asking Anderson where Ric Flair was; Anderson then said Flair wanted them to work it out on their own, with Benoit telling McMichael to shape up; moments later, Anderson stepped between Benoit and McMichael before McMichael and Debra went backstage; Benoit and Woman then left after Benoit said he had pulled his weight and expected the rest of the group to do the same
Scotty Riggs pinned Billy Kidman with a fishermans suplex at 2:16 after avoiding Kidman’s Shooting Star Press, moments after Marcus Alexander Bagwell appeared at the entranceway to watch the contest; during the match, it was announced Riggs would face Bagwell at Souled Out
Lex Luger defeated Rick Fuller via submission with the Torture Rack at 2:57; after the bout, the Giant appeared in the entranceway, with he and Luger circling one another before Luger went backstage and the Giant went out to the ring; moments later, Okerlund conducted an in-ring interview with the Giant regarding his match later in the show against Hogan
Rick Steiner (w/ Scott Steiner) defeated Arn Anderson via count-out at 2:59 when Anderson walked backstage after he couldn’t get any members of the Horsemen to come out and help him; during the bout, it was announced TNT would air the remainder of the Hogan vs. Giant match during the commercial breaks of “The New Adventures of Robin Hood” immediately after Nitro goes off the air; Anderson motioned to the dressing room for the other Horsemen to come out with the commentary team saying there was a shouting match backstage involving the Horsemen; after the bout, Okerlund conducted an in-ring interview with the Steiners regarding their title shot against Hall & Nash at Souled Out (Scott’s first appearance after a 5-month absence)
The Giant defeated WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan (w/ Ted Dibiase) via disqualification in a non-title match when the nWo interfered as the Giant set Hogan up for the chokeslam, with the Giant easily clearing the ring; only the opening minute aired during Nitro, with the remainder of the match being shown, on tape delay, during the first two commercial breaks of the premiere episode of “The New Adventures of Robin Hood”
WWE (Raw) @ Dayton, OH – Hara Arena – January 13, 2006 (5,000; sell out)
Val Venis pinned Gregory Helms with a full nelson slam
Shelton Benjamin pinned Viscera with his feet on the ropes for leverage
Chris Cage & Mike Mizanin defeated Tyson Tomko & Gene Snitsky following a double dropkick after Snitsky accidentally kicked his partner
WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus pinned Victoria with the Chick Kick after avoiding the Widow’s Peak; Mickie James came out before the match but was sent backstage by the champion; after the bout, Mickie again came out but Trish ignored her
Shawn Michaels pinned Carlito Caribbean Cool with the superkick
Kane pinned Chris Masters with the chokeslam at around the 1-minute mark
Triple H pinned the Big Show in a No DQ match after hitting him with the steel ring steps
John Cena defeated WWE World Champion Edge via disqualification after receiving a low blow; after the bout, Edge attempted the spear but Cena avoided it and hit the FU
TNA @ Orlando, FL – Universal Studios – January 13, 2009
Xplosion – Jay Lethal pinned Kip James (w/ Angelina Love & Velvet Sky)
iMPACT – 1/22/09 – featured a promo with Main Event Mafia members Kurt Angle, TNA World Champion Sting, and Scott Steiner promising to take over iMPACT next week Angle also responded to the match challenges made by Team 3D the week before, saying that he and Sting would only wrestle who they wanted and when they wanted Sting said that he could speak for himself, sarcastically referring to Angle as “Mr Godfather” Jim Cornette then came to the ring and made a Four-Way match for the TNA World Heavyweight Title at Against All Odds between Sting, Kurt Angle, and Team 3D members Brother Ray and Brother Devon Team 3D was later interviewed “via satellite from Japan,” where they had just won the IWGP Tag Team Titles The satellite feed was abruptly lost after Mike Tenay asked Team 3D which of them would win the Four-Way match at the pay-per-view Also featured a “Rough Cut” segment on Sojourner Bolt
Alex Shelley defeated Chris Sabin, Sheik Abdul Bashir, and Sonjay Dutt (w/ So Cal Val) in a Fatal Four-Way match to retain the TNA X-Division Title Shelley pinned Dutt with a Magistral Cradle after Dutt was hit with Sabin’s Cradle Shock move After the match, Sharmell came to ringside and told referee Shane Sewell that Booker T wanted to speak with him in his locker room Booker then offered Sewell a job as the Main Event Mafia’s car washer if he would show favoritism in Booker’s tag team match later that night, causing Sewell to walk out with a disgusted look on his face
ODB defeated Sojournor Bolt by disqualification when TNA Knockout Champion Awesome Kong attacked her
TNA Legends Champion Booker T & Scott Steiner defeated Petey Williams & Eric Young in an elimination tag team match; Booker T eliminated Young with the Axe Kick, giving he and Steiner several minutes to beat on Williams in a handicap match situation; Booker eventually pinned Williams after two Axe Kicks, and after the match slapped referee Shane Sewell Sewell retaliated and attacked Booker, but Steiner joined the fray and the two beat Sewell down
TNA Tag Team Champions James Storm & Robert Roode defeated Abyss & Matt Morgan in a non-title First Blood match after Morgan hit Abyss in the head with a folding chair After the match Morgan continued to attack the bloodied Abyss Following a commercial break, footage was shown of Abyss going crazy in the backstage area and attacking agents and cameramen
Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles in a tables match at around the 11-minute mark with an Angle Slam through a table set up in the ring, moments after Styles missed a dive off the top and hit his face against the table; early in the match, there were dueling chants for both men; after the contest, Angle attacked Styles’ ankle, put his ankle in a steel chair and repeatedly stomped it, and then applied the ankle lock into the heel hook (TNA: Best of 2009)
WWE (Raw) @ Yakima, WA – Sun Dome – January 13, 2012 (4,800)
R-Truth defeated Jack Swagger
World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan defeated Jamie Noble via submission in an impromptu match with the LeBell Lock; prior to the bout, Bryan cut an in-ring promo on Yakima making Jan. 13 ‘Daniel Bryan Day;’ moments later, David Otunta interrupted and brought out Noble as Bryan’s opponent
Brodus Clay defeated Tyler Reks
WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne defeated Epico & Primo Colon
Ryback pinned Alex Riley with the spear
WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix pinned Eve; Nikki & Brie Bella served as the guest referee and timekeeper
John Cena defeated Kane via disqualification when Kane hit Cena with a steel chair
WWE World Champion CM Punk defeated Dolph Ziggler

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