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Welcome back Impact Wrestling. The show has a new logo and a new network. After an all-day marathon of “Best Of” episodes, it was time for all the gold to go on the line. Plus, Kurt Angle had an announcement that would rock TNA to its very core.

The show opened with a cool video package with a note stating tonight, Destination America would become…”Destination Impact”. I love the new opening but he music is a bit annoying. We are back in New York City. James Storm said it was The Year of the Revolution. Bobby Roode gave a pep speech, while MVP told his crew it was time to seek and destroy. All Hell broke loose, in the parking lot. Guys and girls were all going to town in trying to destroy each other. The fans chanted “TNA” as the fight was all over the Manhattan Center. Taz has himself a new announce partner, a former WWE announcer. Security didn’t have a chance of keeping this from breaking down into complete and total chaos. Fans screamed that this was awesome and it was. Kurt Angle finally came out and ordered everyone to stop and instructed Security to do their job and restore order.

Kurt worked the crowd like a maestro. He called for Low Ki. He told him that he would defend the X-Title. Taryn Terrell would also defend her Knockout title. James Storm and Abyss would also have to defend. The main event was Bobby Roode vs Lashley 3…for the World Title!

MVP got up in Kurt’s face about the big announcement. The fans broke out a huge “Shut the F— Up” chant. It was hilarious as the censors kept muting the chant, which screwed up MVP’s rant. MVP turned his back to Kurt and offered him a “free shot”. MVP knew Kurt went crawling to the Board of Directors to beg not to be fired. MVP also thought Kurt was just afraid of him, after the butt kicking he got, the last time. MVP accused Kurt Angle of having “no b*lls”. MVP felt Kurt was done. Kurt agreed he was done…as Executive Director. He stepped down but he has now been reactivated as an active wrestler. Kurt said his last bit of business was to book MVP vs Kurt…in a Street Fight.

MVP vs Kurt Angle
New York City Street Fight

Kurt stomped and punched away on MVP. Running Boot by MVP. Short Arm Clothesline by MVP. Taz and Josh Mathews were at the announce position, up in the balcony. MVP blocked a German Suplex but Kurt took him down by the ankle. Kurt came back with a German. MVP with a Rolling Fujiwara Arm Bar. Head Scissors by Kurt after escaping. Kurt nailed the Hat Trick Germans. MVP blocked the Angle Slam and went for a Knee Bar Kurt would not submit. Kurt made it to the ropes.

MVP went out to the floor and drove Kurt’s knee into the ring post. MVP dragged Kurt out and cracked a chair across Kurt’s surgically repaired knee. MVP pitched Kurt back in the ring and got a series of 2 counts. Back Body Drop by Kurt led to he Angle Lock. MVP rolled over and caught Kurt in a Kesa Gatame aka Side Sleeper. Kurt go free and dodged the Yakuza Kick. Angle Slam!

Your Winner: Kurt Angle
Impact Scorecard: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Low Ki warmed up, in the back. All the other champs were getting mentally ready to defend.

MVP and Kenny King were grumbling in the hallway. MVP wanted to know where Kenny King was, during the match. MVP was also ticked that Lashley didn’t come out to help him.

Taz and Josh took a minute to chat with the fans. Backstage, Crazy Steve was being silly. Ethan Carter III and Tyrus came up and wanted to know why he was not being focused upon. He has been undefeated for 15 months. Ethan said he made a commitment to take apart Rock Star Spud. Ethan said it was time to finish this. He sent Tyrus to secure “the Target”. It came back to Taz and Josh. Josh thanked TNA for giving him a chance. They explained what Mike Tenay would be doing…Impact Unlocked, a new behind-the-scenes show. Mike sent it to an interview he did with James Storm. Storm said it was time to collect on the promises made to him by management. Storm then talked about his followers: Great Sanada, Manik and Abyss. Mike asked Storm what the long-term plans were for The Revolution. Storm would only say they were there for blood.

The Revolution (James Storm and Abyss) vs The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards)
World Tag Team Title Match

Sanada and Manik were with the champs for this one. Davey and Eddie have cool new claw mark tattoos on their chests. Before the match got going, Jeff and Matt Hardy arrived on the scene. Impact went to break before the match got going.

The Hardys were just there to watch. Storm tore into both Wolves. Davey flipped Storm out over the top ropes. Dual Suicide Dives and then three more sets of Dives. Back I the ring, the Wolves with the double team. Abyss Chokeslamemd Davey onto the apron. Storm blasted Davey in the face. Matt and Jeff chatted s they watched. Storm punched the ribs. Davey fought back and dove for his corner. Storm caught him to prevent it. Storm rolled through and made the tag. Eddie blasted Storm. Storm reversed a Whip and Abyss kneed the back. Both members of the Revolution got involved. Eddie with the Running Clutch Jawbreaker. Abyss Goozled both Wolves but they flipped through. The Wolves with Dropkicks and Thrust Kicks to Abyss. Storm came in and rocked the Wolves. Storm missed a Full Body Clothesline. Lung Blower by Davey. 2 count after a Warrior’s Way by Davey.

Manik got up on the apron to distract. He got knocked off. Revolution with a Slingshot DDT for a two count. Davey went for a Backspring Elbow but ended up I the Shock Treatment. Eddie made the save. Sanada and Manik got involved but he Hardys neutralized them. Abyss tossed out Matt Hardy. Jeff grabbed the bull rope. Eddie got accidentally hit and Storm nailed he Last Call Superkick.

Your Winners: James Storm and Abyss
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Impact looked back at Roode vs Lashley 1, from September, 2014.Lashley took the first win in this trilogy of battles.

Ethan Carter III wanted the cameras to follow him for what was about to happen.

MVP and King found Lashley and MVP screamed at Lashley. MVP took credit for Lashley’s World title win. Lashley put MVP in his place and said he was there to get his title back. MVP couldn’t believe that Lashley put his hands on him.

Jeremy Borash was in the ring. He talked about being in TNA since day one. J.B. was about to introduce a special guest but he was cut off by he arrival of Ethan Carter III. Ethan crowed about how fantastic he is. Ethan promised to become the World Champion before the end of the year. Ethan got into it with some of the fans. Ethan said he had a little unfinished business to take care of before going after the gold. Ethan apologized for slapping Jeremy, in the past. The fans with a split chant of “You Can’t Wrestle/Yes, You Can”. Ethan reminded everyone that he was going to destroy Spud. Ethan ordered Spud to come out to the ring. Spud didn’t come out, at first. He chant chanted to “We Want Spud!”. Ethan snapped his fingers and Tyrus dragged Spud towards the ring. He lifted the much-smaller man up but the belt and carried him down to the ring. Spud got free and tried to fight Tyrus. Tyrus slammed Spud on the floor. Tyrus threw Spud in the ring. Ethan said he was going to take the rest of Spud’s hair. He wanted to Scalp Spud. JB got in the middle of things. JB said Ethan had done enough. Ethan ordered JB to “Sand Down”. Jeremy would not back off. He smacked Ethan with the microphone. Tyrus with a Corner Slash to JB. Ethan then shaved part of Borash’s scalp. Really? Tyrus held Spud as Ethan did the Brutus Beefcake bit. This is just serious baloney. I’d love to see JB bring in someone to destroy Tyrus and Ethan.

In the back, Kenny King stirred the pot about Lashley putting his hands on MVP. MVP said they were better than this. MVP had a plan.

Impact looked back at the Jeremy Borash incident.

It was time to look at Roode vs Lashley 2. Roode defeated Lashley for the World Title. This happened on October 29th.

Low Ki vs Austin Aries
X-Division Championship Match

A promotional video ran for the X-Division, before the title match. It turned into a promotional video for Low Ki.

The fans were divided in their loyalty. Low Ki is a local kid, from Brooklyn. The two took their time to scout each other out. Aries went after Low Ki’s arm. Josh brought up Ring of Honor and WWE. Collar and Elbow but Ki took over on the arm. A Double rolled free and grabbed a Side Headlock. Slide Under and Arm Drag by Aries. Head Scissors by Ki. Aries worked free and hit a Dropkick. Ki nailed wicked Knife Edge Chops. Aries came back with Chops of his own. Double Kick by Ki into a 2 count pin attempt. Aries flipped Ki onto the apron and then kicked him off to the floor. Aries went for a Suicide Dive and ate a Round Kick from the champ. 2 count. The two exchanged hard kicks. Ki went for the pin but only got a two.

Ki kicked Aries dead in the chest. Ki missed a Splash. Aries finally got the Suicide Dive that he wanted. The editors had the mute button going into overdrive as the “Holy S**t” chant busted loose. They seriously need to redub Taz and Josh’s commentary. Smile. Missile Dropkick from Aries. Full Speed Dropkick by Aries. Ki countered the Brainbuster into the Bite of the Dragon (Dragon Sleeper/Octopus Hold combo). The two men ended up on the ropes. Aries sent Ki falling to the mat. Jumping Enziguri by Low Ki. The two fought on the ropes. Aries Dropkicked Aries off the op rope and hit the Brainbuster.

Your Winner (and New X-Division Champion): Austin Aries
Impact Scorecard: 4.25

Taryn Terrell vs Havok vs Angelina Love vs Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky vs Rebel
Knockout Battle Royal for the Knockout Title

DJZ welcomed back Robbie E. He has been off doing “The Amazing Race”. He didn’t win it but he had a great run with Brooke Adams/Tessmacher. The fans really chanted for Robbie. Great to see him back. He is one of the greatest small men in the business, right now. Robbie blamed Brooke for their loss on Amazing Race. He was cut off by the arrival of Taryn Terrell.

The boys left the ring. Taryn had an all new championship belt around her waist. The craziness started at warp speed. Sky put Rebel on the apron and Love hit the Botox Injection to send Revel out. Madison attacked Havok and it was going nowhere. Havok dumped Madison on the apron and then smacked her to put her on the floor. Eat Da Feet to Velvet. Suplex by Taryn to Love. Havok attacked Gail’s ribs. Taryn put Love on the apron and then eliminated her. Taryn and Gail double teamed Havok. The big girl kicked both women away. Havok tried to throw out Gai and Taryn but failed. Taryn Shouldered Havok’s ribs. Gail and Taryn with Double Missile Dropkicks. Sky Clotheslined both Gail and Taryn. Brooke came out of the crowd to attack Robbie E and DJZ. Gail and Taryn dumped Sky. Sky, DJZ, and Robbie ran like Hell towards the back.

Havok threw Taryn into the corner and then Whipped Gail into Taryn. Gail fell out while trying to bring over Havok with a Head Scissors. Taryn slipped up and sent Havok out.

Your Winner: Taryn Terrell
Impact Scorecard: 1.5

Havok jumped Taryn, after the match. She was beating on the champ until the lights went out. When they came back up, Havok was staring at…AWESOME KONG! Yes! Yes! Yes! Havok backed down. Kong vs Havok…make that happen, Booker Man! Brian Stiffler yelled at Kong, which is never a good thing. She Uranage’d him out of his tennis.

In the back, Roode walked towards the ring for his World Title Match.

Bobby Roode vs Lashley 3
TNA World Title Match

The two went after each other with fist and fury. Roode punched Lashley until Lashley slammed Roode into the corner and hit Shoulders. Back Elbow by Lashley. Next week, The Hardys will face The Wolves. Stall SUplex by Lashley.2 count. Roode avoided a kick and Elbow Drop. Shoulder Tackle by Lashley. Universal into a Hip Toss from Roode. Roode wanted the Crippler Crossface but Lashley grabbed the ropes. Roode would not be denied and grabbed the Crossface. Lashley escaped and hit the floor. Lashley stared up the ramp, as if he were looking for someone.

Roode Dropkicked Lashley off the apron. Roode with a Slingshot Crossbody. Roode rammed Lashley into the barricade and clubbed away. Roode Knife Edge Chopped Lashley. Lashley bashed Roode and sent the champ into the railing. Roode came back with a wild Clothesline. Some kind of stuff was going on backstage. Kenny King and MVP brought in a couple of masked guys. Lashley took back control of this match. TNA took a final break.

Lashley argued with the ref before sending Roode back into the ring. Lashley Paint Brushed Roode. The Champ came back with hard punches. Lashley Shouldered Roode, in the corner. Lashley dropped an elbow and then clamped on the Rear Chin Lock. Lashley put Roode in a Bear Hug. Lashley was bleeding from the mouth. Rodoe Elbowed to try and escape Lashley grasp. Lashley rolled over and used a Gut Wrench Bridge to try and pin Roode. He only got a two. Roode finally broke the hold and rocked Lashley. Roode hit several Clotheslines that had little effect. If anything, it seemed to fire up Lashley. Flying Clothesline dropped Lashley. Flying Forearm by the champ. Modified Buffbuster by Roode. 1-2-Lashley kicks out. Roode with a Knife Edge Chop into the Double R Spinebuster. 2 count. Lashley blocked the Roode Bomb and hit the Bulldog Bounce Running Powerslam. 2 count. Lashley put Roode up op and went for the Superplex. Roode fought like crazy to avoid it. Roode went for a Sunset Superbomb but Lashley held on. Roode pulled him free and hit a Running Sit Out Powerbomb. 1-2-no. Lashley surprised Roode with a Roode Bomb. 1-2-not quite. Roode avoided a Spear and hit one of his own.

MVP and his crew strolled out to ringside. Lashley stacked up Roode but only got a two. Roode put Lashley in the Crippler Crossface. Lashley powered up. Roode nailed the Roode Bomb. Could be…might be…Denied. Roode returned to the Crossface. The fans were screaming for Lashley to tap out. The ref was pulled out of the ring. Kenny King took Hebner out. Kurt Angle rushed down but he got mugged. MVP invited Roode to come down and play. The masked men pulled off their masks and it was …Samoa Joe and Low Ki. Eric Young rushed down with a chair. Out of nowhere, Eric attacked Bobby with the chair! What the Hell? Lashley caught Roode with the Spear! 1-2-3.

Your Winner (and New World Champion): Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 4.0


–Jay Shannon

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